Lost and Stolen Banknotes

Russell Waller (Member 10249)

Missing 2010 Jersey Banknotes

In June 2010 two complete low number sets of the new Jersey 2010 issue banknotes were ordered from a Jersey dealer and sent via registered mail to me. On arrival some of the notes had been removed from the envelope containing the notes. The low numbers sets were numbered 000069 and 000070. The denominations and serial numbers that were missing from the sets are as follows:
PNL Jersey 2010 £20 AD 000070
PNL Jersey 2010 £50 AD 000069

Missing 2007 Fiji Banknotes

In September 2010 a low number set of the Fiji 2007 issue banknotes (P109 -P114). On arrival some of the notes had been removed from the folder the note came in. The low number set was AC 000201. The denominations and serial numbers that were missing from the set are as follows:
P109 Fiji 2007 $2   AC 000201
P110 Fiji 2007 $5   AC 000201
P112 Fiji 2007 $20 AC 000201
P113 Fiji 2007 $50 AC 000201

Missing Rare Mauritius Banknote

In June 2009 I purchased a Mauritius P28 10 Rupee 1954 serial no. F 092843 banknote from an Australian dealer. The note was sent but never arrived. Any information regarding this note would be appreciated.


Kind regards
Russell Waller
Member 10249

Allan Tohv (Member 9998)

Missing Rare Estonian Banknotes

I wish to advise my fellow IBNS members that some rare Estonian notes belonging to me have been lost in the mail or stolen. These notes are:

1) P-49   500 Marka 1920 W/o Ser. No 000004;

2) P-58   100 Marka 1922  Ser.  E   No 933667;

3) P-59  1000 Marka 1922  Ser.  D   No 576425.

If any member is offered these notes or comes across them, can they please contact me.

Best regards
Allan Tohv 9998

Audrius Tomonis (Life Member 189)

Stolen Banknote

$10 Dollars issued by Citizens National Bank of Lebanon Kentucky in 1909 VF-XF condition.
Serial # A258456H / S 3988. Other number: 10834.


Audrius Tomonis has advised that this note was obtained by deception or fraud. The matter has been reported to the FBI and the US Postal Inspectors. For full details please contact Audrius directly.

Please inform Audrius if you come across this banknote or know who owns it. His email is audrius[at]equay.com

Dave Mills (Member 9960)

I've been the victim of a theft, and would like the IBNS community to be aware and on the lookout for a couple notes.

Two French banknotes:

  1. SCWPM P.2/Fayette F.02.33 alph Serial C.8688, #267 217177267
  2. SCWPM P.131c/F.48.08 Alph P.130 #37204

were purchased by me from the Compagnie Generale de Bourse (CGB, Paris France) Papier Monnaie 14 auction of June 25, 2009 as auction lots 47 and 247.

For a variety of reasons, they were not shipped to me until August 7th.

Upon delivery to me on August 20, 2009, I found the package empty. I will be pursuing this through the postal services, of course.

These notes are quite rare, both are in UNC condition. If you come across these notes through a dealer, auction, eBay, or other source, I would certainly appreciate contact through www.FrenchBanknotes.com

Dave Mills
IBNS Member # 9960

William Kanowsky (Member 1914)

William Kanowsky recently had his collection of banknotes stolen. Fortunately the thief was discovered. He was selling the items on eBay and most of the items were recovered.

The information below shows those notes that were not recovered. Any information about these still missing notes would be welcome. William's email address is wkanowsky@sbcglobal.net


196b Germany 50 mark 056454673 1944 XF
196d -97910042 1944

20a Gibraltar 1 pound J 294100 20/11/1975 Unc
5 pounds E 128090 20/11/1975 Unc
10 pounds A 353099 20/11/1975 Unc
20 pounds A 160605 20/11/1975 Unc

36 Hawaii 1 dollar S 44195611 C 1935A Unc

27a Iceland 5 kronur A 1189504 L.1928 VF

26a Israel 5 lirot N 610376 1955 XF

110a Mozambique 500 ecudos 1334224 22/08/1967 Unc

31b Rhodesia 2 dollars K/134 165821 15/04/1977 Unc
32c 5 dollars M/22 308908 1/05/1979 Unc
33c 10 dollars J/54 815982 2/01/1979 Unc

198 Scotland 5 pounds C/M 090886 1/03/1966 Unc

359b U.S. 5 dollars G 53453675 A 1914 Unc
1 dollar A 00000133 A 1928 Unc
10 dollars A 002361 (428) 1929 Unc
397 20 dollars E 001242 A (12444) 1929 Unc
1 dollar J 77318860 A 1928A Unc
1 dollar F 61944154 A 1934 Unc
5 dollars T 89620292 A 1934D Unc
1 dollar C 73195202 A 1957A Unc
20 dollars K 02802079 A 1928 Unc

25 Yugoslavia 10 dinara H.465 / 958 26/05/1926 AU
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