Latest Banknote of 2023 Nominations

Latest Nominations for the Banknote of 2023 are Solomon Islands: 10-Dollar Note, Peru: 200-Sol Note, Egypt: 20-Pound Note,Kazakhstan: 10,000-Tenge Note, Tonga: 10-pa'anga Note

Do you know of a banknote that was issued to the public that should be nominated for the Banknote of 2023?  Send your nominations to the Banknote of the Year Co-Ordinator (

IBNS Journal 62-4

includes articles on Banknotes following WWII, Royal Cypher on British India Banknotes, Sir John Houblon and the £50 Note, Confessions of a (Mauritian) One-Dollar Note, 1843 and the full list of World Heritage Sites on Banknotes.
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Peru: 200-Sol Note

Nominated by Petar Blagojevic, IBNS Member 11912

Note B541 (PNL): 200 soles (US$52)
Predominant Colour(s) Purple, green, and orange
Front Spanish text; Tilsa Tsuchiya; gold-to-green SPARK Live element
Back (vertical) Spanish text; Bella abanquina flower of Abancay; gallito de las rocas (Andean cock-of-the-rock) Rupicola peruvianus; Peruvian coat of arms
Watermark Tilsa Tsuchiya, pixelated background, and electrotype 200
Additional Security 4-mm wide green windowed security thread with demetalized 200
Printer Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW)
Size 140 x 65 mm Paper
Introduced 15/12/2023
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book