IBNS Journal 61-4

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Uzbekistan's 200,000 So'm Note

Nominated by Tobias Klaer, IBNS Member 12566

Image provided courtesy of Banknote News

NoteB223 (PNL): 200,000 so’m (som) (US$22)
Predominant Colour(s)Turquoise, orange, green, purple, and red
FrontUzbek text; registration device; Xudoyorxon O’rdasi (Khan’s Palace) in Kokand, Fergana region; caravan routes on mapof Uzbekistan; coat of arms
BackUzbek text; Axsikent Arxeologiya Yodgorligi (ancientarchaeological monument) in ancient Fergana state; pomegranate as SPARK Liveelement; double-headed snake and ceramic bowl; registration device
WatermarkCamel and eletrotype 200000
Additional Security4-mm wide greenRollingStar i+ Wave green-to-gold windowed security thread with demetalized UZB
PrinterGiesecke & Devrient
Size152 x 69 mm Paper
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book