IBNS Journal 61-4

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Scotland's (Bank of Scotland) 100 Pound Note

Nominated by Stavros Bilis, IBNS Member 11997

Note BNL (PNL): 100 pounds (US$124)
Predominant Colour(s) Green
Front English text; thistle; bank crest; Bank of Scotland’s headquarters building on The Mound in Edinburgh; thistle; bank logo as registration device; Sir Walter Scott
Back English text; female stretcher bearers and soldier with truck outside Covent Garden hospital; Flora Murray; Bank of Scotland’s headquarters building; female stretcher bearers with truck; bank logo; Flora Murray writing at desk; thistle
Watermark None
Additional Security  
Printer De La Rue
Size 153mm x 81mm Polymer (Safeguard)
Introduced 09/05/2022
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book