IBNS Journal 61-3

includes articles on Three Women for Nicaragua, Einstein and Bohr, Anomalies and Errors in the Numbering of French African Banknotes, Alexander The Great and Cyrus The Great, Keys, Locks, Arabic Rotators and Other Ways to Collect Banknotes. Login to read your copy.


Northern Ireland (Ulster Bank) 50 Pound Note

Nominated by Christopher Nield, IBNS Member 9638

Note B942 (PNL): 50 pounds (US$73)
Predominant Colour(s) Red
Front (vertical) English text; pine martin; cryptic wood butterfly; gorse flower
Back (vertical) English text; female scientist with pipette and vials; female mill worker with textile loom; two male workers; outline of sea plane; pine martin
Watermark None
Additional Security No security thread
Printer De La Rue
Size Size: 77mm x 146mm Polymer (Safeguard)
Introduced 15/06/2022
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book