IBNS Journal 61-3

includes articles on Three Women for Nicaragua, Einstein and Bohr, Anomalies and Errors in the Numbering of French African Banknotes, Alexander The Great and Cyrus The Great, Keys, Locks, Arabic Rotators and Other Ways to Collect Banknotes. Login to read your copy.


Albania's 10,000 Leke Note

Nominated by Adam Spikes, IBNS Member 12493

NoteB327 (PNL): 10,000 leke (US$90)
Predominant Colour(s)Orange, brown, and green
FrontAlbanian text; poet Asdreni (Aleksandër Stavre Drenova); outline of Bank of Albania building; coat of arms as registration device; open book and quill in gold-to-green OVI
BackAlbanian text; coat of arms; Albanian flag; staff of music notes eminating from trumpet of wind-up record player with verse of national anthem below
WatermarkAsdreni and electrotype 10000 with coat of arms
Additional SecurityHolographic stripe
PrinterDe La Rue
Size153 x 72 mm Paper
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book