IBNS Journal 61-3

includes articles on Three Women for Nicaragua, Einstein and Bohr, Anomalies and Errors in the Numbering of French African Banknotes, Alexander The Great and Cyrus The Great, Keys, Locks, Arabic Rotators and Other Ways to Collect Banknotes. Login to read your copy.


Mexico's 50 Pesos Note

Nominated by Marco de Silva Freire, IBNS Member 12487

NoteB714 (PNL): 50 pesos (US$2.60)
Predominant Colour(s)Purple
Front (vertical)Spanish text; denomination in gold-to-green SPARK; city of Tenochtitlan, from Diego Rivera’s mural, ““La Gran Tenochtitlan;” eagle perched on a cactus with “Atl tlachinolli” in its beak, from fragment of monolith known as “Teocalli de la Guerra Sagrada” (pyramid surmounted by the temple of the sacred war)
Back (vertical)Spanish text; ecosystem of rivers and lakes; Mexican salamander (ajolote); corn field within the landscape of Xochimilco, Mexico City
Additional SecuritySimulated security thread with printed 50 PESOS
PrinterBanco de México
Size125 x 65 mm Polymer (Guardian)
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book