IBNS Journal 61-4

includes articles on Cuban Complementary Notes, Romanian 500 Lei 1949, Queen Victoria & Family on Paper Money, The Horse Fair, Other Euro Notes. Login to read your copy.


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Banking & Currency Museum Mick Vort-Ronald 3002 Australia
The Paper Money of Sonora Simon Prendergast 3541 United Kingdom
The Paper Money of Chihuahua Simon Prendergast 3541 United Kingdom
Islamic Banknotes (Reference Site) Peter Symes 4245 Australia
Collect Paper Money Cael Chappell 7882 United States
Banknotes of Guinea, Mali & French Antilles Dan Bellan 7931 Canada
Bank Note News and Updates Owen Linzmayer 7962 United States
World Paper Money Picture Catalogue Garry Saint, Esquire 8419 United States
Bruno's Paper Money Collection Bruno Buriani 8432 Italy
World Bank Notes For Sale Patrick Smeekens 8492 Netherlands
Catalog of World Paper Money Vincenzo De Rosa 8695 Italy
Bank Notes of Jordan Mahdi Bseiso 9012 United States
Dutch Paper Money Patrick Plomp 9205 Netherlands
Paper Money Indonesia Rob Huisman 9221 Netherlands
Osmanli Paralari Kaan Uslu 9232 Turkey
Ottoman Coins Kaan Uslu 9232 Turkey
POLYMAT - World of Polymer Notes Thomas Krause 9282 Germany
African Banknotes Murtaza Karimjee 9336 United States of America
Marudhar Arts Rajender Maru 9736 India
French Banknotes Dave Mills 9960 USA
Cédulas - Alexandre Costa Alexandre Costa 9961 Brazil
The Banknote Den David Lok 9984 USA
Geldschein - Österreichische Banknoten von Gulden bis Euro Johann Kodnar 10021 Austria
Stefano Poddi and Paper Money Stefano Poddi 10087 Italy
Indian Coins and Paper Money Chetan Jinadatha 10114 India
Nepal Banknotes from 1945 onwards Shankar Shrestha 10264 Nepal
Banknote Index Kyle Mathers 10286 Australia
Monnaies du Monde David Nison 10347 France
Monnaies et Banques du Monde Eric Baudelet 10448 France
Mohammed's World Banknotes Mohammed Al dahleh 10495 Kuwait
Dani's Paper Money Collection Daniel Mendea 10508 Romania
Je Collectionne Alain Maccio 10563 France | Michael Webber 10600 United Kingdom
Tom Chao's World Paper Money Gallery Tom Chao 10607 United States
Papier Monnaie Association Française pour l'Étude du Papier-monnaie 10881 France
Cash 4 Coins Andrew Ross 11008 United Kingdom
Cape Town Banknote Club Lucas Wolmarans 11057 South Africa
Greek Banknotes Evangelos Fysikas 11195 Greece Michael Fuchs 11449 Germany
Coins and Banknotes of Vietnam and French Indochina Sema Kachalo 11530 United States
Ceylon & Sri Lanka Banknotes Kavan Ratnatunga 12165 Sri Lanka
Best of Banknotes Gerson Calderon 12227 United States
Collection de billets polymères [Collection of Polymer Banknotes] Pascal Hellenbrand 12314 France
Banknoty świata Marta Mikołajczak 12639 Poland
Buntetsu, Bills, and Coin Museums Akina Wada 12749 Japan
MRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency Arnoldo Efron LM-042 United States
Paper Money of Lebanon Michel Prieur LM-081 France
Paper Money of Syria Michel Prieur LM-081 France
A World of Polymer Banknotes Roberto Cacciamani LM-172 Italy Audrius Tomonis LM-189 United States
Money - Das Geld der Welt Hans-Dieter Müller LM-198 Germany
Polymer Banknotes of the World Stane Štraus LM-203 Slovenia
Indian Banknotes Rezwan Razack LM-214 India
NumiLand Banknotes Shop Serhiy Trushyn LM-259 Ukraine