IBNS Journal 61-4

includes articles on Cuban Complementary Notes, Romanian 500 Lei 1949, Queen Victoria & Family on Paper Money, The Horse Fair, Other Euro Notes. Login to read your copy.


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Midwest Banknote Supply Lee Gordon LM-100 United States of America  
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Crutchfield Currency William Crutchfield LM-128 United States of America Confederate States of America, Republic of Texas & Mexican Revolutionary Currency
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Paper Money Market Giovanni C. Pettinaro LM-166 Italy  
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Chequemate 4 Collectors Roger Outing 1434 United Kingdom  
WPM Store & Auction Donald Arnone 2747 United States of America  
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Mayfair Bonds Derek Davison 7565 United Kingdom J. M. J. M. Seems 7584 Netherlands  
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Collectors World Mark Ray 8373 United Kingdom  
Numismondo, World Paper Money Picture Catalog Garry Saint., Esquire 8419 United States of America  
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George H LaBarre Galleries Inc George LaBarre 8562 United States of America  
Dmitrij and Son Dimitri Efremov 8597 Belarus Banknotes and Coins from the ex-USSR Republics
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Robert's World Money Robert Bird 9540 United States of America  
Archives International Auctions Robert Schwartz 9548 United States of America  
Angora Numismatics Selim Dogan 9606-G Turkey Turkish, Ottoman and World Banknotes
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Cristiano Coins Cristiano Michelangelo 10425 Italy  
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Russian Bank Notes Michael Webber 10600 United Kingdom Russia
Banknotes Collection Liu Feng 10740 China  
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Cash 4 Coins Andrew Ross 11008 United Kingdom Buyers of old and leftover foreign and UK coins and banknotes
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