IBNS Journal 60-4

Articles include: Postwar Banknote Design III, Overprints mark the demise of Private Banks in Paraguay, The Privileged Bank of Epirothessaly, The Romanian Royalty Bloodlines Illustraed on Banknotes. Login to download your copy.


Bulgaria's 10 Lev Note

Nominated by Andrian Chekanov, IBNS Member 11980

NoteBulgaria B236 (PNL): 10 лева (levs) (US$5.80)
Predominant Colour(s)Olive green, yellow, and blue
FrontBulgarian text; educator Petar Beron; two globes; rhinoceros and whale from Beron’s Primer Containing Diverse Instructions, aka The Fish Primer
BackBulgarian text; telescope; map; ringed planet; phases of the moon; scientific equipment
WatermarkPeter Beron and electrotype БНБ
Additional SecurityHolographic stripe
Size126 x 70 mm Paper
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book