IBNS Journal 60-1

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Lebanon's 100,000 Livres Note

Nominated by Ayman Dayekh, IBNS Life Member 240


Image provided courtesy of Banknote News

NoteLebanon B548 (PNL): 100,000 livres (pounds) (US$67)
Predominant Colour(s)Light green, light blue, and yellow
FrontArabic text; cedar tree and cones; Cinema feature in entrance to baptistry of Saint-Jean de Jbeil Church, Byblos; Clock Tower in Nejmeh Square (Parliament Square), Beirut; Vivid Colour UV feature cedar tree
BackFrench text; cedar tree; natural arches of Pigeon Rocks, viewed from Raouché Corniche in Beirut; Phoenician ship
Additional SecurityNo security thread
PrinterPolska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych
Size147 x 82 mm Polymer (Guardian)
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book