Banknote of 2019 Nominations

The Nominations received so far are

IBNS Journal 58-4

Topics include: WWII Italian Checks and Notes in the Greek Dodecanese Islands; Thailand's approved but never issued 100 Baht Note; $100 Malaya JIM; Green Gold in Mexico's Yucatan Login to download your copy.


Hong Kong's 100 Dollar (Bank of China) Note

Nominated by William Norris, IBNS Member 12229

Note B923 (PNL): 100 dollars (US$13)
Predominant Colour(s) Red
Front Chinese and English text; Bank of China building in Beijing; BOC logo; Bauhinia flower; denomination as registration device; stringed musical instrument (yue qin) with 100 in green SPARK Orbital
Back (vertical) Chinese and English text; woman in traditional costume with paper fan
Watermark Bauhinia flower and electrotype 100
Additional Security Galaxy windowed security thread with Saturn effect and demetalized 100 and yue qin
Printer Hong Kong Note Printing Limited
Size 153 x 76 5 mm
Introduced 09/03/2019
Information provided courtesy of The Banknote Book