IBNS Journal 60-1

Includes articles on: First Bank of Finland Banknotes; Taiwan's Triple Stimulus Vouchers; 1821 Greek War of Independence Bonds; Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London and China, Ceylon Branch 1857-1884. Login to download your copy.


The IBNS Books of the Year

These pages describe the IBNS Books of the Year, from the latest winners to the earliest award winner, way back in 1979. For the later award-winning books, the Press Release prepared for the announcement of the award is available through the hyperlinks (on the title of the relevant books). All award-winning books have been well-deserving winners of the IBNS award and all collectors of paper money can be assured that the addition of these books to their library will be well worth the investment.

The criteria for selecting the Book of the Year can be viewed here.

In the following list, the first date refers to the year the award was made, while the second date, in parentheses, refers to the year in which the book was published and became eligible for the award.

  • 2019 (2018) Catalogue of Travellers Cheques of the World (1st Ed.) and Catalogue of Circular Notes and Circular Letters of Credit (2nd Ed) by Ilkka Maktitie, Stadio Ltd, Finland.
  • 2018 (2017) Paper Money of Scotland (Volumes 1 & II) by Jonathan Callaway and David Murphy. Pam West, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • 2017 (2016) New Zealand Trading Banks and Early Paper Money Currency by Andrew Clifford, New Zealand Banknote Guild, New Zealand
  • 2016 (2015) The Encyclopedia of Dry Rubber Export Coupons: Malaya, Ceylon and Netherlands East Indies, 1922-1942 (Second Edition) by Saran Singh, Kelab Warison Numismatik Malaysia.
  • 2015 (2014) Isle of Man Paper Money by Pam West and Alan Kelly
  • 2014 (2013) MWR Mehilba World Replacement by Dr. Ali Mehilba
  • 2013 (2012) Printed in Palestine: The Second World War Emergency Notes of Syria, Lebanon and Djibouti Printed by the Government Printer Palestine by Raphael Dabbah
  • 2012 (2011) Banknotes of British Malaya: The Frank Goon Collection by Frank Goon
  • 2011 (2010) The Standard Catalogue of the Provincial Banknotes of England & Wales by Roger Outing
  • 2010 (2009) Paper Money of Ireland, by Bob Blake and Jonathan Callaway
  • 2009 (2008) Billetes del Paraguay by Miguel Angel Pratt Mayans and Carlos Alberto Pusineri Scala
  • 2008 (2007) The History of Banknotes in Kuwait by Basem Mohamed Al-Ibrahim.
  • 2007 (2006) Norwegian Banknotes by Karl Saethre and Hans-Gunnar Eldorsen.
  • 2006 (2005) The Encyclopedia of Syrian Paper Money by Adnan Djaroueh.
  • 2005 (2004) The Egyptian Banknote by Eng. Magdy Hanafy and Dr. Ali Mehilba.
  • 2004 (2003) British Military Authority Occupation Currency 1942 - 1956, Europe and North Africa by T.F.A. van Elmpt.
  • 2003 (2002) English Paper Money: Treasury and Bank of England Notes, 1694-2002 by Vincent Duggleby.
  • 2002 (2001) The Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money by Kishore Jhunjhunwalla
  • 2001 (2000) A History of Bermuda and its Paper Money (Second Edition 2000) by Nelson Page Aspen
  • 2000 (1999) Taiwan Coins and Banknotes, 1624-1998 by Hsu Yih-tzong.
  • 1999 (1998) Surinam Paper Currency, Volume 1 - 1760 to 1957 by T.F.A. van Elmpt.
  • 1998 (1997) The Bank Notes of Yemen by Peter Symes, Murray Hanewich, and Keith Street
  • 1997 (1996) Paper Money of Serbia and Yugoslavia (1876-1996) by Zeljko Stojanovic-Zack
  • 1996 (1995) World War II Remembered: History in Your Hands, A Numismatic Study by C. Frederick Schwan and Joseph E. Boling
  • 1995 (1994) Banknotes and Banking in the Isle of Man (Second Edition) by Ernest Quarmby
  • 1994 (1993) College Currency: Money for Business Training by Herb and Martha Schingoethe
  • 1993 (1992) Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money of the 20th Century by Lance Campbell
  • 1992 (1991) Banknoten des Deutschen Reiches ab 1871 by Holger Rosenberg
  • 1991 (1990) Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: General Issues (Sixth Edition, Volume 2 by Albert Pick, Colin R. Bruce and Neil Shafer editors.
  • 1990 (1989) An Illustrated History of United States Loans, 1775-1898 by Gene Hessler
  • 1989 (1988) Standard Catalog of United States Obsolete Bank Notes 1782-1866 by Dr. James Haxby
  • 1988 (1987) Money in South Africa by C. L. Engelbrecht
  • 1987 (1986) No award made.
  • 1986 (1985) Die Geldmacher vom Gulden zum Schilling by William Kranister
  • 1985 (1984) No award made.
  • 1984 (1983) The Official Paper Money of the Kingdom of Denmark by Peter Flensborg
  • 1983 (1982) Paper Money of Greece and Cyprus by A. Tarassouleas
  • 1982 (1981) No award made.
  • 1981 (1980) Czarist Russian Paper Money, 1769-1979 by Haanu Paatela
  • 1980 (1979) Australian Banknotes by M. Vort-Ronald
  • 1979 (1978) Paper Money of the World by Richard G. Doty