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ID Author Title Journal
Issue & Page
Category Country Topic
266_002Aims of the Society01-1 p02I.B.N.S.
266_003Canadian Notes to Watch For01-1 p03ArticleCanada
266_004Bank of England Notes01-1 p04ArticleUnited Kingdom
266_005Nazi Forged Bank of England Notes01-1 p05ArticleUnited Kingdom; GermanyForgeries
266_006Early Banking01-1 p06ArticleBankers
266_007Assignats01-1 p07ArticleFrance
266_008How You Can Help01-1 p08Article
266_010International Banknote Society Postal Auction No. 101-1 p10Auction
266_011Beginners01-1 p11ArticleCollecting Advice
265_002Loeb, Walter MAn Open Letter From The President01-2 p02Column
265_003Atsmony, DavidCurrency Notes of the Jewish Communities of Russia01-2 p03ArticleRussiaJewish
265_005Reversible Currency01-2 p05ArticleBanknote Design
265_006Loeb, Walter MEarliest Military Payment Certificate?01-2 p06ArticleMilitary
265_007Loeb, Walter MDanish West Indies01-2 p07ArticleDanish West Indies
265_011Pick, AlbertTheresienstadt Concentration Camp Notes01-2 p11ArticleCzechoslovakiaJewish; World War II
265_014Jacobs, Wayne LCanada - French Regime Card Money01-2 p14ArticleCanadaCard Money
265_015Alberta Prosperity Certificates01-2 p15ArticleCanada
265_016Did You Know?01-2 p16Quiz
265_017Lawrence, Jimmie NSouth African Paper Money - Part 101-2 p17ArticleSouth Africa
265_021Bennett, HerbertThe Monetary-Unit Symbol01-2 p21Article
265_022Swails, Alfred JThe Story of U.S. Propaganda Note No. 201701-2 p22ArticleUnited StatesPropaganda Notes
265_023Narbeth, ColinPaper Currency of World War II01-2 p23ArticleWorld War II
265_024New Issue and New Find Section01-2 p24New Note Issue
265_027Matz, ArtLatin America Notes01-2 p27ArticleLatin America
264_002Officers01-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
264_003Keller, ArnoldGerman Banknotes - Part 1: About German City Notes01-3 p03ArticleGermanyNotgeld
264_006Can Anyone Help the Experts?01-3 p06I.B.N.S.
264_007Deloe, VictorTreasury Notes of the Confederate States of America01-3 p07ArticleUnited States
264_008St. Pierre Et Miquelon. Rare Overprint01-3 p08ArticleSt. Pierre et Miquelon
264_008Cuban Paper Money Exchange01-3 p08ArticleCuba
264_010Taylor, H C; James, SomerThe Guide Book of Canadian Coins, Paper Money and Tokens - 1700-1961 (3rd Edition)01-3 p10Book (Reviewed)Canada
264_011Swails, Alfred JMilitary Currency W.W.II01-3 p11Book (Reviewed)Military
264_011Auction No. 1 Results01-3 p11Auction
264_012Kauth, JamesEarly American Currency Notes01-3 p12ArticleUnited States
264_013Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook01-3 p13ColumnUnited States; Canada
264_015Bennett, HerbertNicaragua01-3 p15ArticleNicaragua
264_016Loeb, Walter M$5 and $10 United States Military Payment Certificates - Series 59101-3 p16ArticleUnited StatesMilitary
264_017Atsmony, DavidUnknown Issues of Poland During World War II01-3 p17ArticlePolandWorld War II
264_018Atsmony, DavidVerificato Notes01-3 p18ArticleYugoslaviaWorld War II
264_019Matz, ArtCuba - The Paper Money while under Spain01-3 p19ArticleCuba; SpainOccupation Issues
264_023Singer, James DJapanese Invasion Money of the Philippine Islands01-3 p23ArticlePhilippinesJIM
264_029Dolley, R H MThe Mythical Leather Currency of King Eadgar01-3 p29ArticleLeather
264_036Toy, Raymond SAllied Military Currency01-3 p36ArticleMilitary
264_039Narbeth, ColinIsle of Man01-3 p39ArticleIsle of Man
264_042Lawrence, Jimmie NSouth African Paper Money - Part 201-3 p42ArticleSouth Africa
264_044Donn, Albert IA Check List of U.S. Obsolete Bank Notes by Denomination01-3 p44ArticleUnited States
264_048Matz, ArtLatin American Varieties01-3 p48ArticleLatin America
263_003Society Officers for 196201-4 p03I.B.N.S. Board
263_004Narbeth, ColinThe Editor's Page01-4 p04Column
263_005Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook01-4 p05ColumnCollecting Advice
263_007Atsmony, DavidThe Chaos Pound01-4 p07ArticlePalestine
263_008Kann, EChinese Warlords and their Paper Money01-4 p08ArticleChina
263_015Lawrence, Jimmie NSouth African Paper Money - Part 301-4 p15ArticleSouth Africa
263_018Bennett, HerbertPropaganda Notes - "IF" Day01-4 p18ArticleCanadaPropaganda Notes
263_020Spajic, Dimitrije BPaper Money of the Kingdom of Montenegro01-4 p20ArticleMontenegro
263_021Gould, MauriceColumbian Currency of the Insurrection of 189901-4 p21ArticleColombia
262_004Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook - A Message from the President02-1 p04Column
262_006Lovi, ArtMounting A Collection02-1 p06ArticleCollecting Advice
262_008Lawrence, Jimmie NSouth African Paper Money - Part 4: Conclusion02-1 p08ArticleSouth Africa
262_010Hoche, JList of Different Notes of the Belgian National Bank02-1 p10ArticleBelgium
262_011Mihaly, KupaKossuth's State and Bank Notes02-1 p11ArticleHungarySecessionist
262_017Jacobs, Wayne LThe Owen Labour Notes02-1 p17ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
262_018Kann, EMing Notes02-1 p18ArticleChina
262_020Narbeth, ColinRound and About02-1 p20Column
261_004Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook - From the President02-2 p04Column
261_005Douglas, JamesScottish Bank Notes02-2 p05ArticleScotland
261_010Mihaly, KupaCroatia's Paper Currencies (1941-1944)02-2 p10ArticleCroatia
261_011Loeb, Walter M; Shafer, NeilBanknotes of the Philippines Printed by United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing Office02-2 p11ArticlePhilippines
261_013Philipson, FredA Crisis "Note" from America02-2 p13ArticleUnited States
261_014Atsmony, DavidNotes of the Joint Distribution Committee of Cyprus02-2 p14ArticleCyprus
261_016Obojski, RobertBanknotes of U.S. Southern States and Texas Graphically Reflect American History02-2 p16ArticleUnited States
261_019Loy, SThe "Gem" of Chinese Paper Money02-2 p19ArticleChina
261_021The Weirdest Bank Notes Ever Issued02-2 p21ArticleCanada
261_021Jacobs, Wayne LAn Extremely Rare Newfoundland Bank Note02-2 p21ArticleCanada
261_022Narbeth, ColinRound and About02-2 p22Column
260_005Society Officers02-3 p05I.B.N.S. Board
260_007Broughton, George EThe Secretary's Page02-3 p07Column
260_008Keller, ArnoldGerman Banknotes - Part 2: After the 1914-1918 War02-3 p08ArticleGermany
260_011Obojski, RobertHow To Collect Banknotes of the World02-3 p11ArticleCollecting Advice; World Notes
260_016Hage, SidneyAbout the Tang Notes02-3 p16ArticleChina
260_018Gribanov, Edward DThe Theme of Medicine on Paper-Money and Currency Notes02-3 p18ArticleThematic Collecting
260_020Mihaly, KupaUkraina's Paper Currencies (1917-1920)02-3 p20ArticleUkraine
260_022Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook - From The President02-3 p22Column
260_024Narbeth, ColinRound and About02-3 p24Column
260_025Auction No. 6 of the International Bank Note Society02-3 p25Auction
259_004Deloe, VictorLogex Payment Certificates02-4 p04ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
259_005Broughton, George EThe Secretary's Page02-4 p05Column
259_006Peddie, J AlbertSt. Pierre Et Miquelon02-4 p06ArticleSt. Pierre et Miquelon
259_006Results of I.B.N.S. Auction No. 602-4 p06Auction
259_007Auction No. 7A02-4 p07Auction
259_008Auction No. 7B02-4 p08Auction
259_009Mao, King OnFirst Provincial Issue of Kwang Tung Government02-4 p09ArticleChina
259_010Bradbury, Wilkinson and Company Ltd.02-4 p10ArticleUnited KingdomPrinters
259_013Jacobs, Wayne LThe Dominion of Canada Fractional Currency02-4 p13ArticleCanada
259_016Narbeth, ColinRound and About02-4 p16Column
259_017Taylor, H C; James, SomerThe Guide Book of Canadian Coins, Paper Currency and Tokens and Modern British Coins (5th Edition)02-4 p17Book (Reviewed)Canada
259_018The Royal Bank of Canada02-4 p18ArticleCanada
259_019Brown, Vernon LThe Story of Foreign Trade Payment Certificates02-4 p19ArticleJapan
259_020Mihaly, KupaBulgaria's Paper Currencies (1879-1960)02-4 p20ArticleBulgaria
258_004Morgan, LeslieThe Bank Charter Act of 1844 - Part 1: The Reduction in the fixed Banknote issues of England and Wales03-1 p04ArticleUnited Kingdom
258_010Philipson, FredThe Mafeking Saga03-1 p10ArticleSouth AfricaSiege Issues
258_014Mao, King OnPaper-Money Issued by the First Government Bank of China03-1 p14ArticleChina
258_016Mihaly, KupaSerbia's Currencies03-1 p16ArticleSerbia
258_018Obojski, RobertCollecting United States Currencies: Errors and Unusual Serial Numbers03-1 p18ArticleUnited States
258_020Herbert Bennett03-1 p20Obituary
258_020Treasury and Bank of England Notes03-1 p20ArticleUnited Kingdom
258_021Narbeth, ColinRound and About03-1 p21Column
258_022Auction 7b Result03-1 p22Auction
257_002Society Officers03-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
257_004Hage, SidneyTibetan Paper Money03-2 p04ArticleTibet
257_006Morgan, LeslieThe Bank Charter Act of 1844 - Part 203-2 p06ArticleUnited Kingdom
257_011Gribanov, Edward DMoney of the Tanu-Tuva Republic03-2 p11ArticleTanu-Tuva
257_014Allen, Harold DonCanada's Counterfeit Originals03-2 p14ArticleCanadaForgeries
257_016Broughton, George EThe Secretary's Notes03-2 p16Column
257_017Allen, Harold DonPaper Money Of The World03-2 p17ArticleWorld Notes
257_022Narbeth, ColinRound and About03-2 p22Column
256_004Society Officers03-3 p04I.B.N.S. Board
256_006Morgan, LeslieThe Bank Charter Act of 1844 - Part 303-3 p06ArticleUnited Kingdom
256_012Mao, King OnA Short Account of Hong Kong's Currency03-3 p12ArticleHong Kong
256_015A Unique Banknote03-3 p15ArticleUnited Kingdom
256_016Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook03-3 p16Column
256_018Mao, King OnCollecting Chinese Banknotes03-3 p18ArticleChina
256_019Kovarik, JanThe First Czechoslovak Notes03-3 p19ArticleCzechoslovakia
256_022Mihaly, KupaPaper Money of Hungary: Volume 1 - Paper Money of the Ancient Austro Hungarian Monarchy (1703-1918)03-3 p22Book (Reviewed)Hungary
256_022Toy, Raymond SWorld War II Military Currency03-3 p22Book (Reviewed)World War II
256_023Broughton, George EThe Secretary's Notes03-3 p23Column
255_004Society Officers03-4 p04I.B.N.S. Board
255_005Obojski, RobertCollecting Uncut Sheets of United States Currency03-4 p05ArticleUnited States
255_008Gribanov, Edward DMoney and Medicine03-4 p08ArticleThematic Collecting
255_011Kann, EPaper Money in Modern China (1900-1961)03-4 p11ArticleChina
255_020Narbeth, ColinThe Bank of England03-4 p20ArticleUnited Kingdom
255_022News of the Society03-4 p22Report
255_023Spajic, Dimitrije BPaper Money of the Yugoslavian States - Kingdom of Serbia03-4 p23ArticleSerbia
255_024Auction No. 8 of the International Banknote Society03-4 p24Auction
255_026Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner03-4 p26Column
254_004Society Officers04-1 p04I.B.N.S. Board
254_005Keller, ArnoldVerificato and the story it tells04-1 p05ArticleYugoslavia
254_007Kann, EMilitary Banknote Issues, Treasury and Railroad Scrip04-1 p07ArticleChina
254_016Narbeth, ColinThe Financial Genius John Law04-1 p16ArticleFrance
254_020Helfer, Andre LTibetan Paper Money04-1 p20ArticleTibet
254_021Mao, King OnThe History of Sino Scandinavian Bank of China04-1 p21ArticleChinaBankers
254_024News of the Society04-1 p24Report
253_004Society Officers04-2 p04I.B.N.S. Board
253_005Seibert, Victor CThe History of Russian Paper Money - Part 1: Russian Paper Money Issued by the Czars (1769-1917)04-2 p05ArticleRussia
253_012Morgan, LeslieAn Early Negotiable Banknote04-2 p12ArticleUnited Kingdom
253_015Kann, EComments of the Federal Reserve Bank of China's Issues04-2 p15ArticleChina
253_018Spajic, Dimitrije BPaper Money of the Yugoslavian States - Kingdom of Yugoslavia04-2 p18ArticleYugoslavia
253_021Lawrence, Jimmie NThe Changing Face of Africa - Part 104-2 p21ArticleAfrica
253_023News of the Society04-2 p23Report
252_004Society Officers04-3 p04I.B.N.S. Board
252_005Mao, King OnAn Interesting Chinese Copper Exchange Note04-3 p05ArticleChina
252_006Seibert, Victor CThe History of Russian Paper Money - Part 2: Russian Paper Money Issued by The Provincial Government (April-October 1917)04-3 p06ArticleRussia
252_009Kowaleski, RonaldNotes on Some Unusual Paper Money04-3 p09ArticleSouth AfricaSiege Issues
252_011Loeb, Walter MThe 1941 Issue of Panamanian Paper Money04-3 p11ArticlePanama
252_013Loktik, V LOccupation Money Of Hitler Germany For Use In The U.S.S.R.04-3 p13ArticleRussia; GermanyOccupation Issues
252_015Narbeth, ColinThe Hong Kong Duress Notes04-3 p15ArticleHong Kong
252_016Spajic, Dimitrije BPaper Money of the Yugoslavian States - Occupation Issues04-3 p16ArticleYugoslavia
252_018Kann, EForeign Banknotes in Manchuria04-3 p18ArticleChina
252_023Deloe, VictorNew Griqualand04-3 p23ArticleSouth Africa
251_004Society Officers04-4 p04I.B.N.S. Board
251_005Gribanov, Edward DThe Currency of the Mongolian People's Republic04-4 p05ArticleMongolia
251_010De la Riva, Jose PaulHistory of Paper Money in Spain04-4 p10ArticleSpain
251_015Seibert, Victor CThe History of Russian Paper Money - Part 3: Russian Paper Money Issued by Armies, Cities, Republics, etc. (1917-1922)04-4 p15ArticleRussia
251_018Lawrence, Jimmie NThe Changing Face of Africa - Part 204-4 p18ArticleAfrica
251_019Söllner, GastoneItalian Notes From 184804-4 p19ArticleItaly
251_022Narbeth, ColinRound and About04-4 p22Column
250_004Society Officers05-1 p04I.B.N.S. Board
250_005Seibert, Victor CThe History of Russian Paper Money - Part 4: Russian Paper Money Issued by the Central Government (1918-1965)05-1 p05ArticleRussia
250_007Special Auction05-1 p07Auction
250_009The Criswell Money Museum05-1 p09ArticleUnited StatesMuseums
250_010Narbeth, ColinThe Biggest Note Forgery Ever Undertaken05-1 p10ArticleGermanyForgeries
250_013Mao, King OnDevelopment of Chinese Currency05-1 p13ArticleChina
250_018Lawrence, Jimmie NPresident's Corner05-1 p18Column
250_019Lawrence, Jimmie NThe Changing Face of Africa - Part 305-1 p19ArticleAfrica
250_020Broughton, George ESecretary's Page05-1 p20Column
250_021Narbeth, ColinAround and About05-1 p21Column
250_022Spajic, Dimitrije BAustro-Hungarian and Bulgarian Banknotes with Yugoslavian Seals and Control Stamps05-1 p22ArticleHungary; Bulgaria; Austria; Yugoslavia
249_004Society Officers05-2 p04I.B.N.S. Board
249_005Loeb, Walter MBook Review [Encyclopedia of World Paper Money]05-2 p05Book ReviewWorld Notes
249_005Sten, George JEncyclopedia of World Paper Money05-2 p05Book (Reviewed)World Notes
249_006Gribanov, Edward DThe Fate of the American-Printed Paper Currency and Bonds issued by the Provisional Government of Russia05-2 p06ArticleRussia
249_009Narbeth, ColinThe Story of the Bradburys05-2 p09ArticleUnited Kingdom
249_010Broughton, George EThe Teeoh Notes05-2 p10ArticleGermany
249_011Ronning, Bjorn RThe First Paper Money of Norway05-2 p11ArticleNorway
249_013Special Auction Results05-2 p13Auction
249_013Special Auction No. 205-2 p13Auction
249_014Keller, ArnoldAssignats and Billets de Confiance05-2 p14ArticleFrance
249_016Narbeth, ColinRound and About05-2 p16Column
249_017Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner05-2 p17Column
249_018McWhirter, NorrisThe One Pound Note05-2 p18ArticleUnited Kingdom
248_004Society Officers05-3 p04I.B.N.S. Board
248_005Sullivan, A JGold Yuan Issues of the Central Bank of China05-3 p05ArticleChina
248_008Mao, King OnThe "GEM" in Chinese History - The Chinese Revolutionary Bonds05-3 p08ArticleChina
248_011Morgan, LeslieThe Yorkshire District Bank and the Norrises of Halifax05-3 p11ArticleUnited Kingdom
248_013Banyai, Richard AThe Federal Reserve System of the United States05-3 p13ArticleUnited States
248_016Forgery and Hanging05-3 p16ArticleUnited KingdomForgeries
248_017Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner05-3 p17Column
248_018Narbeth, ColinRound and About05-3 p18Column
248_019Kann, ENotes on the Japanese Military Yen05-3 p19ArticleJapan
248_021Paper Money in Chinese Dependencies05-3 p21ArticleChina
247_004Gribanov, Edward DMoney From Leather05-4 p04ArticleLeather
247_007Benson, William EThumbnail Sketch of the Collector05-4 p07ArticleCollecting Advice
247_008New Members05-4 p08I.B.N.S.
247_008Toy, Raymond SWorld War II - Allied Military Currency (Second Edition)05-4 p08Book (Reviewed)World War II
247_009Banyai, Richard AColonial Paper Currency and the Land Bank System of the American Colonies - 1710-176005-4 p09ArticleUnited States
247_015Mao, King OnP'iao Hao, Yin Hao and Tsien Chung In China05-4 p15ArticleChina
247_018Narbeth, ColinRound and About05-4 p18Column
247_019Broughton, George ESecretary's Note Pad05-4 p19Column
247_020Siemsen, CarlThe Banknotes of the Provisional Government of Siberia05-4 p20ArticleRussia
246_004Banyai, Richard AInflation and Paper Currency Denominations06-1 p04ArticleInflation Issues
246_019Deloe, VictorFare Ticket Currency06-1 p19ArticleUnited StatesTickets
246_020Gribanov, Edward DLatvian Paper Money06-1 p20ArticleLatvia
246_023Remick, JeromeData Needed on Jamaican Currency06-1 p23ArticleJamaica
246_024Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner06-1 p24Column
245_002Society Officers06-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
245_004The Note Issue of the Royal Bank of Scotland06-2 p04ArticleScotland
245_013Gribanov, Edward DThe Mongolian Banknotes06-2 p13ArticleMongolia
245_014Gribanov, Edward DRobert Owen's Labour Notes06-2 p14ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
245_016Remick, JeromeThumbnail Sketch of the Collector06-2 p16Member Profile
245_019Byrne, Ray; Remick, JeromeThe Coinage of Jamaica06-2 p19Book (Reviewed)Jamaica
244_002Society Officers06-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
244_004Deloe, VictorFree Banking - 1837-186506-3 p04ArticleUnited States
244_006Mao, King OnChinese Currency Throughout the Ages06-3 p06ArticleChina
244_012Philipson, FredRandom Notes on Notes06-3 p12ArticleCollecting Advice
244_015Deloe, VictorGeneral Francisco Villa06-3 p15ArticleMexico
244_017Remick, JeromeRepublic of Kenya Issues First Banknote06-3 p17ArticleKenya
244_018Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner06-3 p18Column
244_020Narbeth, ColinRound and About06-3 p20Column
244_022Hagley, Sydney VAn extract from Sydney V. Hagley's paper money section (Rennicks Australian Coin and Banknote Guide)06-3 p22ArticleAustralia
243_002Society Officers06-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
243_004Lindgren, TorgnyPrecautions Against Counterfeiting 18th Century Swedish Banknotes06-4 p04ArticleSwedenSecurity
243_006Lawrence, Jimmie NPaper Money of the South African Republic - Anglo-Boer War, 1899-190206-4 p06ArticleSouth Africa
243_009Auction, 196706-4 p09Auction
243_010Narbeth, ColinCollecting Paper Money06-4 p10ArticleCollecting Advice
243_015Mao, King OnOn the Design of Chinese Notes06-4 p15ArticleChina
243_017Remick, JeromeNew Banknotes of the World06-4 p17ArticleWorld Notes
243_019Churney, LeonBook Reviews [Standard Catalogue of Hong Kong (Coins and Currency Notes and British Trade Dollars, 1967)] [The Currency & Financial System of Mainland China]06-4 p19Book ReviewChina
243_019de Sousa, Antonio BStandard Catalogue of Hong Kong (Coins and Currency Notes and British Trade Dollars, 1967)06-4 p19Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
243_019Miyashita, TadaoThe Currency & Financial System of Mainland China06-4 p19Book (Reviewed)China
243_020Muszynski, MauriceFrench Assignats of the Revolution06-4 p20ArticleFrance
243_022New Members06-4 p22I.B.N.S.
242_002Society Officers07-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
242_004Lindgren, TorgnyThe First Swedish Bank Notes07-1 p04ArticleSweden
242_007Philipson, FredThe Old Lady of Threadneedle Street - The Bank of England07-1 p07ArticleUnited Kingdom
242_010Kumar, SantoshNew Notes Issue - India07-1 p10ArticleIndia
242_011Morgan, LeslieA Probably Unique Scottish Banknote07-1 p11ArticleScotland
242_013Summer Auction07-1 p13Auction
242_016Keller, ArnoldThe Story of a Pioneer Collector - Part 1: Over 50 Years a Paper Money Collector07-1 p16Article
242_020Muszynski, MauriceTerritorial Mandats of the French Revolution07-1 p20ArticleFrance
242_022Gribanov, Edward DThe Private "Cheques" of Russia and the U.S.S.R.07-1 p22ArticleRussia
242_025Narbeth, ColinRound and About07-1 p25Column
242_026Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner07-1 p26Column
241_002Society Officers07-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
241_004Mao, King OnAbout Japanese Notes07-2 p04ArticleJapan
241_007Ineson, J PMafeking Siege Notes07-2 p07ArticleSouth AfricaSiege Issues
241_014Straits Settlements Currency Notes (from 1898 to 1935)07-2 p14ArticleStraits Settlements; Malaya
241_018Bergman, WalterA History of the Regular Banknote Issues of South Africa07-2 p18Book (Reviewed)South Africa
241_018Pick, AlbertPapiergeld07-2 p18Book (Reviewed)Papiergeld
241_018Toy, Raymond S; Meyer, BobWorld War II - Axis Military Currency07-2 p18Book (Reviewed)World War II
241_018Sten, George JBanknotes of the World Vol. I A-C07-2 p18Book (Reviewed)World Notes
241_019Remick, JeromeCatalogue Published on Hong Kong Coinage07-2 p19Book ReviewHong KongCatalogue
241_019de Sousa, Antonio BStandard Catalogue of Hong Kong (Coins and Currency Notes and British Trade Dollars, 1967)07-2 p19Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
241_019Remick, Jerome; James, SomerGuidebook and Catalogue of British Commonwealth Coins07-2 p19Book (Reviewed)Catalogue
241_020Hill, RuthSecretary's Page07-2 p20Column
241_021First Banknotes for Malaysia Issues on June 12, 196707-2 p21ArticleMalaysia
241_022Keller, ArnoldThe Story of a Pioneer Collector - Part 207-2 p22Article
240_002Society Officers07-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
240_004Webb, R F"Fanning Island Plantations Ltd Australian Currency, One Pound Notes" Emergency Issue07-3 p04ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
240_008Hill, RuthSecretary's Page07-3 p08Column
240_009Lawrence, Jimmie NPresident's Corner07-3 p09Column
240_011Anthony, IvorBackground to Bank of England Note Issue of 192807-3 p11ArticleUnited Kingdom
240_013Philipson, FredGerman Inflation Period City Notes07-3 p13ArticleGermanyInflation Issues
240_016Greene, RonaldThe Treasury Notes of the Colony of British Columbia07-3 p16ArticleCanada
240_018Keller, ArnoldThe Story of a Pioneer Collector - Part 307-3 p18Article
240_021Bergman, WalterA History of the Regular Banknote Issues of South Africa07-3 p21ArticleSouth Africa
239_002Society Officers07-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
239_003Apling, Harry"Bubble Gum" Confederate Dollar Notes07-4 p03ArticleUnited States
239_005Toy, Raymond SThe United States Military Payment Certificates Story07-4 p05ArticleUnited StatesMilitary
239_010Milich, AlexanderBrief History of East German Paper Currency07-4 p10ArticleEast Germany
239_014Swails, Alfred JBooklet Chits of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force Units World Wide07-4 p14ArticleUnited StatesMilitary
239_019Hill, RuthSecretary's Page07-4 p19Column
239_020Changes in Directory - New Members07-4 p20I.B.N.S.
239_023Benson, William ESten Catalogue07-4 p23Article
239_026Provincial Banks of Yunnan Province07-4 p26ArticleChina
239_031Rutlander, JamesAllied Military Currency07-4 p31Book (Reviewed)World War II
238_002Society Officers08-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
238_003Philipson, FredEvery Note a Story08-1 p03ArticleGermanyNotgeld
238_005Philipson, FredSecretary's Page08-1 p05Column
238_006Lawrence, Jimmie NNetherlands Bank Money Museum: Johannesburg, South Africa08-1 p06ArticleSouth AfricaMuseums
238_008Katen, Frank JBook Review [La Carta Monetata in Italia]08-1 p08Book ReviewItaly
238_008di Scarfea, Cesare GamberiniLa Carta Monetata in Italia08-1 p08Book (Reviewed)Italy
238_008Greene, RonaldBook Review [The Observer's Book of Heraldry]08-1 p08Book ReviewHeraldry
238_008MacKinnon, CharlesThe Observer's Book of Heraldry08-1 p08Book (Reviewed)Heraldry
238_009Remick, JeromeBook Review [Journal of Emergency Money]08-1 p09Book ReviewEmergency Issues
238_009Upton, Richard CJournal of Emergency Money08-1 p09Book (Reviewed)Emergency Issues
238_011A List of Swedish Banknotes08-1 p11ArticleSweden
238_015Lawrence, Jimmie NThe President's Corner08-1 p15Column
238_017Benson, William ESten Catalogue08-1 p17ArticleCatalogue
238_019Robin, PeterNews and Comments08-1 p19Column
238_021Toy, Raymond SWorld War Two Military Currency Setting All-Time Records08-1 p21ArticleWorld War II
238_024Correspondence08-1 p24Correspondence
238_026Milich, AlexanderAre You A Cartonumist?08-1 p26Article
238_027Royal Bank of Scotland Note Issues08-1 p27ArticleScotland
238_032Anthony, IvorLinks with the British Banknote 1882-9308-1 p32ArticleUnited Kingdom
237_036Society Officers08-2 p36I.B.N.S. Board
237_037Sasburg, C PWorld War II Concentration Camp Paper Money in the Netherlands08-2 p37ArticleNetherlandsWorld War II
237_039Robin, PeterNotes and Comments08-2 p39Column
237_040Foltz, Donald LFrom the Auctioneer08-2 p40Auction
237_041Mao, King OnProvincial Banks in the Province of Kweichow08-2 p41ArticleChina
237_046Morse, L WI Don't Play Chess - So Anyone for Humpty Dumpty?08-2 p46ArticleGermany
237_050Changes in Directory - New Members08-2 p50I.B.N.S.
237_053Remick, JeromeJamaican Banknotes08-2 p53ArticleJamaica
237_056Philipson, FredHistorical Notes of Poland08-2 p56ArticlePoland
237_058Narbeth, ColinEditor's Page08-2 p58Column
237_060Banyai, Richard AResearch Consultant08-2 p60I.B.N.S.
237_062Benson, William ESten Catalogue08-2 p62ArticleCatalogue
237_065Narbeth, ColinCollecting Paper Money - A Beginner's Guide08-2 p65Book (Reviewed)Collecting Advice
237_065Charlton, J E1969 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (17th Edition)08-2 p65Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
237_066Bertram, Fred; Weber, RobertIsrael's 20 Year Catalogue of Coins and Currency08-2 p66Book (Reviewed)IsraelCatalogue
237_067Norway Coins (1859-1967) and Banknotes (1816-1967)08-2 p67Book (Reviewed)NorwayCatalogue
237_067Denmark, Danish West Indies and Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Iceland Coins (1860-1967)08-2 p67Book (Reviewed)DenmarkCatalogue
237_067Sweden Coins (1751-1967) and Banknotes (1834-1967)08-2 p67Book (Reviewed)SwedenCatalogue
237_067Finland Coins (1860-1967) and Banknotes (1860-1967)08-2 p67Book (Reviewed)FinlandCatalogue
237_067Remick, JeromeThe Coinage and Banknotes of Ireland 1928-196808-2 p67Book (Reviewed)IrelandCatalogue
237_068Anthony, IvorBehind the British Note Issue One Generation Ago08-2 p68ArticleUnited Kingdom
236_074Society Officers08-3 p74I.B.N.S. Board
236_075Farmers Bank of China08-3 p75ArticleChina
236_080De Caro, LuigiThe 50 Lire Banknotes issued by the Bank of Italy 1915-2008-3 p80ArticleItaly
236_082Changes and Additions to Military Chits08-3 p82Article Update
236_083News and Comments08-3 p83Column
236_084Fisher, Jack HThe Theresienstadt Notes08-3 p84ArticleCzechoslovakiaJewish
236_087Bramwell, DouglasBanknote Grading - A Numerical System08-3 p87ArticleGrading
236_090Allen, Harold DonDon Allen - Free Notes08-3 p90Column
236_091Hill, RuthSecretary's Page08-3 p91Column
236_092New Members08-3 p92I.B.N.S.
236_094Philipson, FredSome Early Banknote Designs08-3 p94ArticleBanknote Design
236_097Sasburg, C PDescription of Dutch Banknotes - Part 108-3 p97ArticleNetherlands
236_099Sten Listings08-3 p99ArticleCatalogues
236_102Shlieker, EdDo You Know08-3 p102ArticleMexico
236_103Narbeth, ColinEarly Paper Money08-3 p103Article
235_112Society Officers08-4 p112I.B.N.S. Board
235_113Welsh Pound Note08-4 p113ArticleWales
235_115Narbeth, ColinEditor's Notes08-4 p115Column
235_116Expert Committee for Note Identification08-4 p116I.B.N.S.
235_117Carroll, SheldonThe Bank of Canada's Numismatic Collection - Part 108-4 p117ArticleCanadaMuseums
235_122Notes and Comments08-4 p122Column
235_123Philipson, FredTwo Faces of the Congo08-4 p123ArticleCongo
235_126Philipson, FredThe Secretary's Page08-4 p126Column
235_128Obojski, Robert; Schulman, HansBanknotes of South America08-4 p128ArticleSouth America
235_131Benson, William ESten Listings08-4 p131ArticleCatalogues
235_134Foltz, Donald LWhat is it?08-4 p134Article
235_136Old America Notes - Wells Fargo Bills of Exchange08-4 p136ArticleUnited States
235_139Milich, AlexanderIntrinsic Value of Paper Money08-4 p139Article
235_142Symes, Clarence JCollecting German Paper Notgeld - Most Rewarding Experience08-4 p142ArticleGermanyNotgeld
235_145Adams, KenHis Hobby Has Made Him A Millionaire - On Paper08-4 p145ArticleInflation Issues
235_148Hong Kong Author's Volume Lists Chinese Paper Money08-4 p148Book ReviewChinaCatalogue
235_148Mao, King OnHistory of Chinese Paper Currency08-4 p148Book (Reviewed)ChinaCatalogue
235_149Remick, JeromeBook Review [Rennicks Australian Coin and Banknote Guide (5th Edition)]08-4 p149Book ReviewAustraliaCatalogue
235_149Skinner, Dion HRennicks Australian Coin and Banknote Guide (5th Edition)08-4 p149Book (Reviewed)AustraliaCatalogue
235_149Remick, JeromeBook Review [A Guide Book of Modern United States Currency (3rd Edition)]08-4 p149Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
235_149Shafer, NeilA Guide Book of Modern United States Currency (3rd Edition)08-4 p149Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
235_150Narbeth, ColinBook Review [World War II - Allied Military Currency (3rd Edition)]08-4 p150Book ReviewWorld War II; Catalogue
235_150Toy, Raymond SWorld War II - Allied Military Currency (3rd Edition)08-4 p150Book (Reviewed)World War II; Catalogue
234_002Society Officers09-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
234_003Nathorst-Böös, ErnstSweden's Paper Money09-1 p03ArticleSweden
234_007Ronning, Bjorn RBanknotes of Norway 1817-187709-1 p07ArticleNorway
234_011Pick, AlbertCassa Veneta dei Prestiti: Austro-Hungarian Occupation Money for Venice 191809-1 p11ArticleHungary; Austria; ItalyOccupation Issues
234_013Pridmore, FCyprus Currency: Turkish Treasury Notes 1878-7909-1 p13ArticleCyprus; Turkey
234_017Philipson, FredCity Note Honours Hero of German East Africa09-1 p17ArticleGermanyNotgeld
234_021Awards09-1 p21Literary Awards
234_022New Members09-1 p22I.B.N.S.
234_025Hill, RuthThe Secretary's Page09-1 p25Column
234_027Benson, William ESten Listings09-1 p27ArticleCatalogues
234_029Carroll, SheldonThe Bank of Canada's Numismatic Collection - Part 209-1 p29ArticleCanadaMuseums
234_035Maes, APortraits of Kings and Queens on Belgian Banknotes09-1 p35ArticleBelgiumPortraits
234_038Seibert, Victor CAn Introduction to the Paper Money of North Russia09-1 p38ArticleRussia
234_042Tailsman, M RobertMoney of Necessity09-1 p42ArticleGermany
233_050Society Officers09-2 p50I.B.N.S. Board
233_051Benson, William EFront Cover Pictures09-2 p51ArticleUnited States; Mexico
233_052Fisher, Jack HPalestine Currency Board Coins and Paper Money09-2 p52ArticlePalestine
233_057Allen, Harold DonCollectible Canadian Issues Reviewed09-2 p57ArticleCanada
233_063Pick, AlbertPrinting Error on the Dutch Ten Guilden Note of 194509-2 p63ArticleNetherlands
233_065Lawrence, Jimmie NPresident's Corner09-2 p65Column
233_067Milich, AlexanderRevalidation of Demonetised Currency09-2 p67ArticleEmergency Issues
233_072Notes and Comments09-2 p72Column
233_073Devenish, D CCurrency Notes of Gibraltar09-2 p73ArticleGibraltar
233_076Tailsman, M RobertNotgeld09-2 p76ArticleNotgeld
233_078Banyai, Richard ANotes from the Desk of R. A. Banyai09-2 p78ArticleForgeries
233_082Philadelphia Meeting09-2 p82Chapter News
233_083Carroll, SheldonThe Bank of Canada's Numismatic Collection - Part 309-2 p83ArticleCanadaMuseums
233_088Seibert, Victor CSiberian Prisoner-of-War Camp Notes09-2 p88ArticleRussiaPOW
232_097Society Officers09-3 p97I.B.N.S. Board
232_098Benson, William EFront Cover Design09-3 p98ArticleMalaya; United States
232_099Muszynski, MauriceVarieties of the Tibetan 50 Tam Note09-3 p99ArticleTibet
232_103Lawrence, Jimmie NThe Changing Face of Africa - Part 109-3 p103ArticleAfrica
232_105Milich, AlexanderWho is Who on German Reichsbanknoten09-3 p105ArticleGermanyPortraits
232_109Gibb, AlistairNew One Pound Notes for Scotland09-3 p109ArticleScotland
232_111Rosovsky, EduardoMexico's Paper Money: Some Peculiar Facts about the Unknown Second Issue (1823)09-3 p111ArticleMexico
232_116Notes and Comments09-3 p116Column
232_117Philipson, FredPortrait of a Collector09-3 p117Article
232_118Gould, MauriceReport of Literary Awards Committee09-3 p118Literary Awards
232_119New Members09-3 p119I.B.N.S.
232_121Rauch, BeateNotgeld of the Franco-Prussian War09-3 p121ArticleFrance; GermanyNotgeld
232_124Roberts, DonaldPropaganda Currency in Psychological Warfare09-3 p124ArticlePropaganda Notes
232_129Milich, AlexanderTales of the River Rhine09-3 p129ArticleGermanyNotgeld
232_131Bakker, MartinOdd Denominations in Dutch Banknotes09-3 p131ArticleNetherlands
232_133Pick, AlbertThe 313 Varieties of the 5 Ruble Note of the Provisional Government of 191709-3 p133ArticleRussia
232_136Benson, William ESome History Brought to Life09-3 p136ArticleMexico
231_145Banyai, Richard ANotes from the Desk of R. A. Banyai09-4 p145ArticleUnited StatesForgeries
231_146Mao, King OnRise of Foreign Banks in China09-4 p146ArticleChina
231_149Hill, RuthMr. J.A. Burger09-4 p149Obituary
231_152James, SomerThe Guide Book of 1670-1970 Canadian Coins, Paper Currency, and Tokens (11th Edition)09-4 p152Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
231_153Doll, A; Pierce, R ARussian Skin Money09-4 p153ArticleRussiaLeather
231_156Rosovsky, EduardoMexican Paper Money09-4 p156ArticleMexico
231_161Philipson, FredSchelswig Holstein Plebiscite09-4 p161ArticleDenmark
231_164Seibert, Victor C1917-1921 Paper Money of the Amur Region09-4 p164ArticleRussia
231_171Kaus, HurmuzThe One Rupee Emergency Currency Notes of Hyderabad State, India09-4 p171ArticleIndiaEmergency Issues
231_179Dselskaley, EugenRichard Zarrins Centennial 1869-196909-4 p179ArticleLatvia
231_183Williamson, B EA History of the East Lothian Banking Co09-4 p183ArticleScotland
231_187Donn, Albert IWorld War II Prisoner-of-War Scrip of the U.S.09-4 p187Book (Reviewed)United StatesWorld War II; Catalogue
231_188Lawrence, Jimmie NGerman East African Currency 1885-191709-4 p188ArticleGerman East Africa
231_Inside coverSociety Officers09-4 Inside coverI.B.N.S. Board
230_002Society Officers10-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
230_003Lawrence, Jimmie NPresident's Letter10-1 p03Column
230_004Lawrence, Jimmie NThe Changing Face of Africa - Part 210-1 p04ArticleAfrica
230_006Ford, Richard JBritish West African Currency Board Banknotes10-1 p06ArticleWest Africa
230_016Serxner, Stanley JSpecialists, Take Note10-1 p16ArticleCollecting Advice
230_017Philipson, FredSecretary's Page10-1 p17Column
230_020Shlieker, EdAccidents and Incidents of Banking10-1 p20ArticleEngland; United States
230_025Kozono, HitoshiThe Rarest Japanese Military Note10-1 p25ArticleJapanMilitary
230_027Gibb, AlistairCollecting Scottish Banknotes10-1 p27ArticleScotland
230_032Obojski, Robert; Schulman, HansAmerican Colonial and Revolutionary War Banknotes10-1 p32ArticleUnited StatesWar
230_037Philipson, FredAdmiral Kolchak ... His Story and Currency10-1 p37ArticleRussia
230_042Banyai, Richard AThe German Military Occupation of The British Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey) and Occupation Monetary Policy, 1940-194110-1 p42ArticleGermany; United Kingdom; Jersey; GuernseyOccupation Issues
229_058Society Officers10-2 p58I.B.N.S. Board
229_059Narbeth, ColinIntroducing the New Editor10-2 p59Column
229_061Shafer, NeilCuban Paper Money 1857-196810-2 p61ArticleCuba
229_071Crawford, Douglas AJamaica's 2/6d Note10-2 p71ArticleJamaica
229_072Muszynski, MauriceFrom our Vice-President10-2 p72Column
229_073Muszynski, MauriceThe "Billets-de-Confiance" issued in 1792 at Pont-du-Chateau, France10-2 p73ArticleFrance
229_077Mao, King OnPropaganda Money in a Psychological Riot of Hong Kong by Chinese Communist Party in 196710-2 p77ArticleChina; Hong KongPropaganda Notes
229_081Beresiner, Yasha LAn Excursion to Jersey10-2 p81ArticleJersey
229_093Philipson, FredGordon . . . Khartoum10-2 p93ArticleSudanSiege Issues
229_096Jewett, F CBook Review [Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (19th Edition)]10-2 p96Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
229_096Charlton, J EStandard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (19th Edition)10-2 p96Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
228_108Society Officers10-3 p108I.B.N.S. Board
228_109Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary10-3 p109Column
228_110Zigler, Michael M SThe Bank of Canada 1954 Series10-3 p110ArticleCanada
228_116Lorimer, H JNew Zealand Bank Notes Overprinted for Fiji10-3 p116ArticleNew Zealand; Fiji
228_118Robbs, Peter HAir-Dropped Paper Money10-3 p118ArticleWorld War II; Propaganda Notes
228_122Society Officers' Reports10-3 p122Report
228_124Siebert, Victor CTreasurer's Report10-3 p124Report
228_126Benson, William EI.B.N.S. Publish Supplement to Sten Catalogue10-3 p126I.B.N.S. AnnouncementsCatalogue
228_127Banyai, Richard AMonetary Standards: General Types10-3 p127ArticleMonetary Standards
228_132Siemsen, CarlGerman Emergency Currency of 194510-3 p132ArticleGermanyWorld War II
228_135Letters10-3 p135Correspondence
228_136Keel, JaneOklahoma's 101 Ranch and its Money10-3 p136ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
228_140Narbeth, ColinThe History of Anti-Forgery Notes10-3 p140ArticleEnglandSecurity
228_144Beresiner, Yasha LAnnouncement: To all U.K. and European Members10-3 p144I.B.N.S. Announcements
228_145Philipson, FredEarly Paper Currency of Denmark10-3 p145ArticleDenmark
228_148Narbeth, ColinBook Review [Papiergeld Katalog - Europe from 1900]10-3 p148Book ReviewPapiergeld; Catalogue
228_148Pick, AlbertPapiergeld Katalog - Europe from 190010-3 p148Book (Reviewed)Papiergeld; Catalogue
228_148Siebert, VictorBook Review [Katalog Uber Banknoten der Sowjetunion Teil II]10-3 p148Book ReviewSoviet UnionCatalogue
228_148Johanson, ErikKatalog Uber Banknoten der Sowjetunion Teil II10-3 p148Book (Reviewed)Soviet UnionCatalogue
228_149Muszynski, MauriceBook Review [Collect British Bank Notes]10-3 p149Book ReviewUnited KingdomCollecting Advice
228_149Narbeth, ColinCollect British Bank Notes10-3 p149Book (Reviewed)United KingdomCollecting Advice
228_149I.B.N.S. to meet in Vancouver Canada10-3 p149Chapter News
227_160Society Officers10-4 p160I.B.N.S. Board
227_161Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary10-4 p161Column
227_163Mao, King OnFurther Material on the Silver Dollar Note issued by The Central Bank of China10-4 p163ArticleChina
227_170Harrison, MichaelHistoric "Commercial Paper" 1790 Bill-of-Exchange is Unique Item10-4 p170ArticleBills of Exchange
227_174Bernstrom, JohnDates on current Danish and Faroese Banknotes10-4 p174ArticleDenmark; Faeroe Islands
227_175Glynn, JohnEuropean Librarian Report10-4 p175Report
227_176New Members10-4 p176I.B.N.S.
227_178Banyai, Richard AThe Brussels Congress (1920) and the Genoa Conference (1922): Post World War I International Meetings for Monetary Reconstruction10-4 p178ArticleWorld War I
227_184Deloe, VictorThe Basques and their Money10-4 p184ArticleSpain
227_189I.B.N.S. to meet in Vancouver Canada10-4 p189Chapter News
227_190Letters10-4 p190Correspondence
227_192Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets10-4 p192New Note Issue
227_194Glynn, JohnCroatia - The Nazi Puppet State during World War II - Early History10-4 p194ArticleCroatiaWorld War II
227_200Philipson, FredResearch on the Gallipoli Notes10-4 p200ArticleTurkeyWorld War I
227_203Glynn, JohnBook Review [The Legal and Monetary Aspects of the Hungarian Hyper Inflation 1945-1946]10-4 p203Book ReviewHungary
227_203Banyai, Richard AThe Legal and Monetary Aspects of the Hungarian Hyper Inflation 1945-194610-4 p203Book (Reviewed)Hungary
226_002Society Officers11-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
226_003Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary11-1 p03Column
226_006Dargent, EduardoA History of the "Banco de Lima"11-1 p06ArticlePeru
226_018Kupa, MihalyPaper Currencies of Hungary 1945-194611-1 p18ArticleHungary
226_022Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets11-1 p22New Note Issue
226_026Society Officers' Reports11-1 p26Report
226_028New Members11-1 p28I.B.N.S.
226_030Philipson, FredAn Interesting War Relic11-1 p30ArticleEnglandWorld War I
226_031Graf, UrsThe Competition for New Swiss Banknotes11-1 p31ArticleSwitzerland
226_035Banyai, Richard ATerritorial Changes and Foreign Exchange Rates In Europe 1939-4111-1 p35ArticleWorld War II
226_040Letters11-1 p40Correspondence
226_044Pick, AlbertThe Paper Money Collection of the Bavarian Mortgage Bank in Munich11-1 p44ArticleGermany
226_049Crawford, Douglas AA Couple of Early Jamaican Bank Notes11-1 p49ArticleJamaica
226_052Kayser, J Ferninand"Threads" and Watermarks11-1 p52ArticleUnited Kingdom
226_053Narbeth, ColinBook Review [Paper Money of Greenland]11-1 p53Book ReviewGreenland
226_053Flensborg, PeterGronlandske Pengesedler 1803-1967 (Paper Money of Greenland)11-1 p53Book (Reviewed)Greenland
226_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Fragments of History11-1 Inside coverArticleArchitecture
225_070Society Officers11-2 p70I.B.N.S. Board
225_071Lawrence, Jimmie NFrom the Desk of the President11-2 p71Column
225_073Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary11-2 p73Column
225_075Muszynski, MauriceCelebrated Frenchman on the Banque de France Notes11-2 p75ArticleFrancePortraits
225_085McKerchar, MurrayDenmark's First Currency Notes11-2 p85ArticleDenmark
225_089Reimer, WernerRare Brazilian Issues11-2 p89ArticleBrazil
225_092Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets11-2 p92New Note Issue
225_093Society Officers' Reports11-2 p93Report
225_094Barton, E HMinutes of the Annual General Meeting of the International Bank Note Society, August 14, 1971, Washington D.C.11-2 p94I.B.N.S. Minutes
225_096Siebert, Victor; Philipson, FredTreasurer's Report11-2 p96Financial Report
225_096New Members11-2 p96I.B.N.S.
225_099Banyai, Richard ADr. Kemmerer: International "Money Doctor"11-2 p99Article
225_105Beresiner, Yasha LA "Filler" From the Editor11-2 p105Column
225_106Crawford, Douglas AThe "Politician" Notes of Jamaica11-2 p106ArticleJamaicaPortraits
225_107Seibert, Victor CHistorical Background for Iman Usun-Chadschi's Banknotes11-2 p107ArticleRussia
225_111Letters11-2 p111Correspondence
225_112Warren, FletcherWorld War II Military Notes of New Hebrides11-2 p112ArticleNew HebridesWorld War II
225_115Lobel, RichardBook Review11-2 p115Book ReviewSwitzerlandCatalogue
225_115Graf, UrsSwiss Paper Money 1881-196811-2 p115Book (Reviewed)SwitzerlandCatalogue
225_115Erol, MineOsmanli Imparatorlugunda Kagit Para (Kaime)11-2 p115Book (Reviewed)Turkey
225_116Johanson, ErikType Register of Cheques, Money Orders, Bons, Talons and Coupons in the Soviet Union 1917-192411-2 p116Book (Reviewed)Soviet Union
225_116Pick, AlbertPapiergeld Sammeln11-2 p116Book (Reviewed)Papiergeld
225_116Pokrojcic, Bozidar (Dr)Paper Money of the Military Administration of the Yugoslav Army in Zone B and Allied Military Currency in Italy11-2 p116Book (Reviewed)ItalyMilitary
225_116Pokrojcic, Bozidar (Dr)Paper Money of the Yugoslav Democratic Federation issued in Moscow in 194411-2 p116Book (Reviewed)Yugoslavia
225_116Pokrojcic, Bozidar (Dr)Paper Money in the Yugoslav Liberation Movements11-2 p116Book (Reviewed)Yugoslavia
225_116Pokrojcic, Bozidar (Dr)Forged and Printed Money in Sarajeuo11-2 p116Book (Reviewed)Forgeries
225_117Beresiner, Yasha LBook Review11-2 p117Book ReviewParaguay; Uruguay
225_117Seppa, Dale APaper Money of Paraguay and Uruguay11-2 p117Book (Reviewed)Paraguay; Uruguay
225_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: More Fragments of History11-2 Inside coverArticleArchitecture
224_138Society Officers11-3 p138I.B.N.S. Board
224_139Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary11-3 p139Column
224_140Leader, RichardSome Notes of India 1791-194911-3 p140ArticleIndia
224_148Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamThe Mill Notes of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited11-3 p148ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
224_152Field, JudithDiscovering Paper Money11-3 p152ArticleCollecting Advice
224_154Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets11-3 p154New Note Issue
224_155Matalon, SA Unique Token of Palestine11-3 p155ArticlePalestine
224_156International Bank Note Society UK and European Members 2nd Annual Congress11-3 p156Report
224_157Society Officers' Reports11-3 p157Report
224_158New Members11-3 p158I.B.N.S.
224_160California Meeting11-3 p160Chapter News
224_161MacKenzie, Kenneth MOttoman Banknotes AH 129311-3 p161ArticleTurkey
224_167Dargent, EduardoMadrid Numismatica11-3 p167ArticleSpain
224_169Graeber, KennethMoney of the Spanish Anarchists11-3 p169ArticleSpain
224_173Letters11-3 p173Correspondence
224_177Philipson, FredRobert Owen Labour Notes11-3 p177ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
224_180Crawford, Douglas AGovernment of Jamaica issues 1920-196011-3 p180ArticleJamaica
224_185Philipson, FredBook Review [A History of the Regular and Emergency Banknote Issues of South Africa]11-3 p185Book ReviewSouth AfricaEmergency Issues
224_185Bergman, WalterA History of the Regular and Emergency Banknote Issues of South Africa11-3 p185Book (Reviewed)South AfricaEmergency Issues
224_185Glynn, JohnBook Review [Air-dropped Propagnda Currency]11-3 p185Book ReviewPropaganda Notes
224_185Auckland, Reg GAir-dropped Propagnda Currency11-3 p185Book (Reviewed)Propaganda Notes
224_186Braithwaite, William WBook Review [Paper Money of Guatemala, 1834-1946]11-3 p186Book ReviewGuatemala
224_186Clark, Odis H, JrPaper Money of Guatemala, 1834-194611-3 p186Book (Reviewed)Guatemala
224_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Fragments of History11-3 Inside coverArticleArchitecture
223_201Society Officers11-4 p201I.B.N.S. Board
223_203Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary11-4 p203Column
223_206Pick, AlbertThe Notes of the Deutsche Golddiskontbank11-4 p206ArticleGermany
223_214Fisher, Jack HPalestine Currency Board Fifty Pounds Note11-4 p214ArticlePalestine
223_218Atsmony, DavidMeet Fellow Members - David Atsmony11-4 p218Member Profile
223_219Bland, Mark GMeet Fellow Members - Mark G. Bland11-4 p219Member Profile
223_220Graf, UrsThe Swiss "Caisse d'Ecompte" Notes11-4 p220ArticleSwitzerland
223_222Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamAustralian Mill Notes: Author's Addendum11-4 p222Article UpdateAustraliaPrivate Issues
223_223Freehill, Mark E; Weynton, M RAustralian Star Replacement Notes11-4 p223ArticleAustraliaReplacement Notes
223_225Benson, William ECatalogue Errors and Omissions11-4 p225ArticleCatalogue
223_228Society Officers' Reports11-4 p228Report
223_229Society Announcements11-4 p229I.B.N.S. Announcements
223_229International Bank Note Society Annual General Meeting11-4 p229I.B.N.S. Announcements
223_229California Meeting11-4 p229Chapter News
223_229Canada Meeting11-4 p229Chapter News
223_230New Members11-4 p230I.B.N.S.
223_233Lawrence Walling Morse11-4 p233Obituary
223_234Mao, King OnAn Uncategorized Note causing confusion In the History of Chinese Paper-Money11-4 p234ArticleChina
223_237Letters11-4 p237Correspondence
223_238Looking Back: Aims of the Society11-4 p238I.B.N.S.
223_239Crawford, Douglas ABank of Jamaica Issues 1961 to date11-4 p239ArticleJamaica
223_242Rauch, BeateSome Types of Banknote Forgeries11-4 p242ArticleForgeries
223_250Ballard, John HBook Review [Numismatic Dictionary]11-4 p250Book Review
223_250Krause, HermannNumismatisches Wortenbuch (Numismatic Dictionary)11-4 p250Book (Reviewed)
223_250Beresiner, Yasha LBook Review [Paper Money of Brazil]11-4 p250Book ReviewBrazil
223_250Seppa, Dale APaper Money of Brazil11-4 p250Book (Reviewed)Brazil
223_251Barbary, C H PBook Review [The Legal and Military Aspects of German Money, Banking and Finance, 1938-1948]11-4 p251Book ReviewGermany
223_251Banyai, Richard AThe Legal and Military Aspects of German Money, Banking and Finance, 1938-194811-4 p251Book (Reviewed)Germany
223_252Jackson, J HBook Review [Investing in Paper Money]11-4 p252Book ReviewCollecting Advice
223_252Lake, Kenneth RInvesting in Paper Money11-4 p252Book (Reviewed)Collecting Advice
223_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: The Last Fragments of History11-4 Inside coverArticleArchitecture
222_002Society Officers12-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
222_003Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary12-1 p03Column
222_005Parr, MartinHistory of the Gordon Notes - Part 112-1 p05ArticleSudanSiege Issues
222_010McDonald, William HUnsafe Plastic Containers12-1 p10ArticleCollecting Advice
222_016MacKenzie, Kenneth MMeet Fellow Members - Kenneth MacKenzie12-1 p16Member Profile
222_016Mao, King OnMeet Fellow Members - King O. Mao12-1 p16Member Profile
222_017Reimer, WernerMeet Fellow Members - Werner Reimer12-1 p17Member Profile
222_018Reimer, WernerBrazil's Copper Exchange Note12-1 p18ArticleBrazil
222_019Banyai, Richard ASan Francisco - Financial Centre of the Western U.S.A.12-1 p19ArticleUnited States
222_024Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets12-1 p24New Note Issue
222_026Society Officers' Reports12-1 p26Report
222_026Philipson, FredI.B.N.S. Second European Annual Congress12-1 p26Report
222_028New Members12-1 p28I.B.N.S.
222_030Velez-Frias, F RuizAn historical sketch of Bank Notes issued In Spain12-1 p30ArticleSpain
222_035Morse, L WFrom Numismatic Mine Tailings to Gold Scales12-1 p35ArticleGermany
222_039Crawford, Douglas AJamaica - Other Bank Issues 1900-194212-1 p39ArticleJamaica
222_043Letters12-1 p43Correspondence
222_045Allen, Harold DonDon Allen's Notebook12-1 p45Column
222_047Flensborg, PeterPaper-Money of Greenland12-1 p47ArticleGreenland
222_050Morgan, LeslieBook Review [Banknotes and Banking in the Isle of Man 1788-1970]12-1 p50Book ReviewIsle of Man
222_050Quarmby, ErnestBanknotes and Banking in the Isle of Man 1788-197012-1 p50Book (Reviewed)Isle of Man
222_051Beresiner, Yasha LBook Review [The Effigy of Women on the Bank Notes of Mexico]12-1 p51Book ReviewMexico
222_051Moreno, Alvaro JLa Efigie De Las Damas En Los Billetes Mexicanos (The Effigy of Women on the Bank Notes of Mexico)12-1 p51Book (Reviewed)Mexico
222_052Le Marchant, RobinPaper Treasure of the Channel Islands Errata12-1 p52Article Update
222_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Founders of Nations - South America12-1 Inside coverArticleSouth AmericaPortraits
221_002Society Officers12-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
221_003Lawrence, Jimmie NRetiring President's Letter12-2 p03Column
221_003James, David C OFrom the President12-2 p03Column
221_005Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary12-2 p05Column
221_007Parr, MartinHistory of the Gordon Note - Part 212-2 p07ArticleSudanSiege Issues
221_014Rulau, RussellFlorentine Parchment Promissory Notes in the Early 18th Century12-2 p14ArticleItaly
221_018Crawford, Douglas AMeet Your Fellow Members - Douglas Alan Crawford12-2 p18Member Profile
221_018Pick, AlbertMeet Your Fellow Members - Albert Pick12-2 p18Member Profile
221_019Gibb, AlistairMeet Your Fellow Members - Alistair Gibb12-2 p19Member Profile
221_019Stickles, William HMeet Your Fellow Members - William H. Stickles12-2 p19Member Profile
221_020Sprake, AustinFiji's Wartime Emergency Notes12-2 p20ArticleFijiEmergency Issues
221_024Benson, William ECatalogue Corrections12-2 p24ArticleCatalogue
221_028Benson, William EAnnual General Meeting, August 19, 1972, New Orleans12-2 p28I.B.N.S. Minutes
221_030Arvidson, Robert NCombined Financial Statements12-2 p30Financial Report
221_031Southern California Meeting12-2 p31Chapter News
221_032New Members12-2 p32I.B.N.S.
221_034Mao, King OnThe First Country in the World to use Paper Money12-2 p34ArticleChina
221_040Letters12-2 p40Correspondence
221_043Papadopoulos, Constantinos AThe First Modern Greek Paper Money12-2 p43ArticleGreece
221_045Philipson, FredGerman World War I City Notes12-2 p45ArticleGermanyWorld War I; Notgeld
221_048Allen, Harold DonTokens and Paper Money 1973 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins12-2 p48Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
221_048Charlton, J EStandard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (1973)12-2 p48Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
221_049Barbary, C H PBook Review [Catalogue of South African Paper Money since 1900]12-2 p49Book ReviewSouth AfricaCatalogue
221_049Levius, Harold PCatalogue of South African Paper Money since 190012-2 p49Book (Reviewed)South AfricaCatalogue
221_050Barbary, C H PBook Review [The Obsolete Bank Notes of New England] / [Register of the Confederate Debt]12-2 p50Book ReviewUnited States
221_050Wismer David CThe Obsolete Bank Notes of New England12-2 p50Book (Reviewed)United States
221_051Thian, Raphael PRegister of the Confederate Debt12-2 p51Book (Reviewed)United States
221_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Founders of Nations - Asia12-2 Inside coverArticleAsiaPortraits
220_134Society Officers12-3 p134I.B.N.S. Board
220_135Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary12-3 p135Column
220_136Obojski, Robert; Schulman, HansAmerican Colonial and Revolutionary Banknotes12-3 p136ArticleUnited States
220_140Garbarino, TThe "Cedole" Notes of Rome12-3 p140ArticleItaly
220_144Flensborg, PeterMeet Fellow Members - Peter Flensborg12-3 p144Member Profile
220_144Mautz, Carl EMeet Fellow Members - Carl E. Mautz12-3 p144Member Profile
220_145Desai, J BMeet Fellow Members - J. B. Desai12-3 p145Member Profile
220_146Söllner, GastoneMeet Fellow members - Gastone Söllner12-3 p146Member Profile
220_147Kantor, MBank Notes of Rhodesia12-3 p147ArticleRhodesia
220_153Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets12-3 p153New Note Issue
220_157James, David C OIn Memoriam: Dr. Arnold Keller12-3 p157Obituary
220_158Nader, A F; Kessell, BarryHunting the elusive Jim12-3 p158ArticleJIM
220_164New Members12-3 p164I.B.N.S.
220_169Mao, King OnThe Paper Currency of Communist China12-3 p169ArticleChina
220_174Letters12-3 p174Correspondence
220_176Crawford, Douglas AJamaican Island Certificates12-3 p176ArticleJamaica
220_179Banyai, Richard AThe U.S. Government Treasury Bill: An Instrument of Public Finance12-3 p179ArticleUnited States
220_181Perricone, MarioBook Review [La Moneta Italiana - un Seculo dal 1870]12-3 p181Book ReviewItaly
220_181Banca Popolare di NovaraLa Moneta Italiana - un Seculo dal 187012-3 p181Book (Reviewed)Italy
220_182Beresiner, Yasha LBook Review [The Paper Money of Bolivia]12-3 p182Book ReviewBolivia
220_182Seppa, Dale A; Almanzar, Alcedo FThe Paper Money of Bolivia12-3 p182Book (Reviewed)Bolivia
220_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Founders of Nations - Black Africa12-3 Inside coverArticleAfricaPortraits
219_198Society Officers12-4 p198I.B.N.S. Board
219_199Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary12-4 p199Column
219_201Milich, AlexanderA Treatise on Signatures - Part 112-4 p201ArticleSignatures
219_206Tirouflet, PaulBillets de Confiance In the Sarthe 1791-179312-4 p206ArticleFrance
219_213Gould, MauriceMeet Fellow Members - Maurice M Gould12-4 p213Member Profile
219_214Rulau, RussellMeet Fellow Members - Russell Rulau12-4 p214Member Profile
219_217Lachman, SamuelOttoman Banknotes - Part 112-4 p217ArticleTurkey
219_227Benson, William ESociety Officers' Reports12-4 p227Report
219_228Thomas, GeorgeGordon Denominations12-4 p228ArticleSudanSiege Issues
219_230Dargent, EduardoBogota Numismatica12-4 p230ArticleColombia
219_232New Members12-4 p232I.B.N.S.
219_239Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamNew South Wales Treasury Notes - 189312-4 p239ArticleAustralia
219_241Letters12-4 p241Correspondence
219_244Banyai, Richard AInflation and the Gold Standard12-4 p244ArticleInflation Issues
219_249Morse, L WReichbanknotes forgotten after expiry12-4 p249ArticleGermany
219_251Barbary, C H P; Stocker, ChristopherBook Review [The Story of Paper Money]12-4 p251Book Review
219_251Beresiner, Yasha L; Narbeth, ColinThe Story of Paper Money12-4 p251Book (Reviewed)
219_252Lake, Kenneth RDiscovering Banknotes12-4 p252Book (Reviewed)Collecting Advice
219_254Mautz, Carl EI.B.N.S. Index12-4 p254I.B.N.S.
219_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Founders of Nations12-4 Inside coverArticleAmericasPortraits
218_266Society Officers12-5 p266I.B.N.S. Board
218_267Beresiner, Yasha LEditorial and Commentary12-5 p267Column
218_269Milich, AlexanderA Treatise on Signatures - Part 212-5 p269ArticleSignatures
218_276Krueger, HarrySt. Pierre and Miquelon12-5 p276ArticleSt. Pierre et Miquelon
218_278Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamMeet Fellow Members - Geoffrey W. Tomlinson12-5 p278Member Profile
218_279Nachum, RMeet Fellow Members - Rafael Nachum12-5 p279Member Profile
218_280Lachman, SamuelOttoman Banknotes - Part 212-5 p280ArticleTurkey
218_286Society Officers' Reports12-5 p286Report
218_286Grant, Geoffrey L3rd European Congress - London 197312-5 p286Report
218_289Southern California - 2nd Forum12-5 p289Report
218_290New Members12-5 p290I.B.N.S.
218_298Atterton, DavidA History of Japanese Paper Currency12-5 p298ArticleJapan
218_311Muszynski, MauriceNouveaux Billets12-5 p311New Note Issue
218_314Sprake, AustinOde on Banknotes12-5 p314ArticlePoetry
218_316Stocker, ChristopherBook Review [Catalogue of the Paper Money of Columbia & Peru]12-5 p316Book ReviewColombia; PeruCatalogue
218_316Beresiner, Yasha L; Dargent, EduardoCatalogue of the Paper Money of Columbia & Peru12-5 p316Book (Reviewed)Colombia; PeruCatalogue
218_317Friedberg, RobertPaper Money of the United States12-5 p317Book (Reviewed)United States
218_317Lake, Kenneth RBook Review [Notgeld Newsletter (Vol.1)]12-5 p317Book ReviewGermanyNotgeld
218_317Musser, Dwight LNotgeld Newsletter (Vol.1)12-5 p317Book (Reviewed)GermanyNotgeld
218_318Almanzar, Alcedo F; Stickney, Brian RThe Coins and Paper Money of El Salvador12-5 p318Book (Reviewed)El Salvador
218_320Mautz, Carl EI.B.N.S. Index12-5 p320I.B.N.S.
218_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: The Old Gods Still Prosper12-5 Inside coverArticleThematic Collecting
217_330Society Officers12-6 p330I.B.N.S. Board
217_331James, David C OEditorial12-6 p331Column
217_332James, David C OFrom the President12-6 p332Column
217_333Junge, EwaldA Reminder from the New Editor12-6 p333Column
217_334Banyai, Richard AJohn Law - 18th Century Financier - Part 112-6 p334ArticleFrance
217_342Mao, King OnHistory of the Sinkiang (Province) Provincial Bank (Hsin Chiang Sheng Yin Hang) - Part 112-6 p342ArticleChina
217_346I.B.N.S. Society News12-6 p346Chapter News
217_348Kessell, BarryMeet Fellow Members - Barry Kessell12-6 p348Member Profile
217_348Sathe, C VMeet Fellow Members - C.V. Sathe12-6 p348Member Profile
217_349Betton, JimMeet Fellow Members - Jim Betton12-6 p349Member Profile
217_350Tributes12-6 p350I.B.N.S.
217_353New Members12-6 p353I.B.N.S.
217_360Beresiner, Yasha LSpotlight on Latin America12-6 p360ArticleLatin America
217_365Mautz, Carl EIndex to the I.B.N.S. Journal12-6 p365I.B.N.S.
217_366Auckland, Reg GGerman Forgeries of the Pound Sterling12-6 p366ArticleGermany; United KingdomForgeries
217_369Barnett, M GThe Fall and Fall of the Continental12-6 p369ArticleUnited States
217_372Leader, RichardIndia's first George V 10 Rupee Notes12-6 p372ArticleIndia
217_375Hauck, AllanNew Travellers' Cheques for Bank of America12-6 p375ArticleUnited StatesTraveller's Cheques
217_377McDonald, William HBook Review [1974 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money, 22nd Edition]12-6 p377Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
217_377Charlton, J EStandard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (22nd Edition)12-6 p377Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
217_379Narbeth, ColinIndex to I.B.N.S. Journal12-6 p379Book Review
217_379Mautz, Carl EInternational Banknote Society Journal Index12-6 p379Book Review
217_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Early Rail Road Locomotives in the United States12-6 Inside coverArticleUnited States
216_002Society Officers13-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
216_003James, David C OEditorial13-1 p03Column
216_004Banyai, Richard AAlbert Einstein: Scientist, Social Philosopher and Student of Political Economy13-1 p04ArticlePortraits
216_008Mao, King OnHistory of the Sinkiang (Province) Provincial Bank (Hsin Chiang Sheng Yin Hang) - Part 213-1 p08ArticleChina
216_020Pearson, VincentMeet Fellow Members - Vincent Pearson13-1 p20Member Profile
216_020Nadar, Adrian FMeet Fellow Members - Adrian F. Nadar13-1 p20Member Profile
216_0214th I.B.N.S. European (London) Congress13-1 p21Report
216_028James, David C OA Reminder from the Editor13-1 p28Column
216_029Paper Money - Do You Know? - Series 113-1 p29ArticleNote Identification
216_031New Society Officers13-1 p31I.B.N.S. Board
216_033Lachman, SamuelBanque Imperiale Ottomane Notes13-1 p33ArticleTurkey
216_037New Members13-1 p37I.B.N.S.
216_038Banyai, Richard AJohn Law - 18th Century Financier - Part 213-1 p38ArticleFrance
216_043Quarmby, ErnestBook Review [Guide to the Currency of Ireland Legal Tender Notes, 1928-1972]13-1 p43Book ReviewIreland
216_043Young, DerekGuide to the Currency of Ireland Legal Tender Notes, 1928-197213-1 p43Book (Reviewed)Ireland
216_044Philipson, FredChristmas Currency, An illustrated trial list13-1 p44Book ReviewThematic Collecting
216_044Ruehlen, Larry LChristmas Currency13-1 p44Book (Reviewed)Thematic Collecting
216_045Beresiner, Yasha LBook Review [50 Yilin Turk Kagit Paralari (Paper Money of the Republic of Turkey)]13-1 p45Book ReviewTurkey
216_045Ölçer, Cüneyt50 Yilin Turk Kagit Paralari13-1 p45Book (Reviewed)Turkey
216_047Reader's Letters13-1 p47Correspondence
216_048I.B.N.S. Group Meetings13-1 p48Chapter News
216_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships13-1 Inside coverArticleThematic Collecting
215_057Society Officers13-2 p57I.B.N.S. Board
215_058James, David C OEditorial13-2 p58Column
215_060News from other Societies13-2 p60Article
215_061Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamSouth Australian Paper Currency of the Banks of Issue 1837-1910 - and Private Note Issues 1836-1943 - Part 113-2 p61ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
215_070Banyai, Richard ASecurity Printing Technology - Offset Lithography13-2 p70ArticleSecurity
215_081James, David C OA Reminder from the Editor13-2 p81Column
215_082I.B.N.S. News ... Meetings13-2 p82Chapter News
215_085New Members13-2 p85I.B.N.S.
215_090Beresiner, Yasha LMax M. Manning13-2 p90Obituary
215_090Hicks, Herbert PRobert J. Adams13-2 p90Obituary
215_096Quarmby, ErnestCard Money In the Isle of Man13-2 p96ArticleIsle of Man Card Money
215_101Paper Money - Do You Know?13-2 p101ArticleNote Identification
215_107Design a Bank Note Series for Europe13-2 p107Article
215_108Neale, GrahamDominion of Canada War Loan Bonds13-2 p108ArticleCanadaWorld War II
215_111Serxner, Stanley JA Review [Paper Money Catalogue of the Americas]13-2 p111Book ReviewAmericasCatalogue
215_111Pick, AlbertPaper Money Catalogue of the Americas13-2 p111Book (Reviewed)AmericasCatalogue
215_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Deus Regnat Exultet Terra13-2 Inside coverArticleThematic Collecting
214_120Society Officers13-3 p120I.B.N.S. Board
214_121James, David C OEditorial13-3 p121Column
214_122Serxner, Stanley JAnother Note from the Corresponding Secretary13-3 p122Column
214_123Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamSouth Australian Paper Currency of the Banks of Issue 1837-1910 - and Private Note Issues 1836-1943 - Part 213-3 p123ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
214_134McDonald, William HNote Issues of some early Canadian Banks - Part 113-3 p134ArticleCanada
214_146Mautz, Carl EAn Index to your Journals13-3 p146I.B.N.S.
214_147I.B.N.S. News13-3 p147Chapter News
214_152New Members13-3 p152I.B.N.S.
214_156Philipson, FredBorder Scouts Upington - and "Shirt Money"13-3 p156ArticleSouth AfricaEmergency Issues
214_161Hauck, AllanUnissued U.S. Notes and Coupons13-3 p161ArticleUnited States
214_164Quarmby, ErnestSome Early Pattern Notes of the Isle of Man13-3 p164ArticleIsle of Man
214_168Letters to the Editor13-3 p168Correspondence
214_168James, David C OThe Editor is waiting ...13-3 p168Column
214_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: Sails and the Sea13-3 Inside coverArticleThematic Collecting
213_180Society Officers13-4 p180I.B.N.S. Board
213_181James, David C OEditorial13-4 p181Column
213_182James, David C OA Letter From the Outgoing President13-4 p182Column
213_183Benson, William EA Letter From the New President13-4 p183Column
213_185McDonald, William HNote Issues of some early Canadian Banks - Part 213-4 p185ArticleCanada
213_193Schaaf, BernardThe Paper Money of German East Africa - Part 113-4 p193ArticleGerman East Africa
213_204Thornton, FrancisFeatures Common to English Banknotes and Coins - Part 113-4 p204ArticleUnited Kingdom
213_213Pick, AlbertInternational Article: 500-Rubel note der britischen interventionstruppen unter General Malleson im transkaspischen gebiet13-4 p213ArticleUnited Kingdom; Russia
213_219Shafer, NeilPhilippine Emergency and Guerrilla Currency of World War II13-4 p219Book (Reviewed)PhilippinesEmergency Issues
213_219Mautz, Carl EIndex to the I.B.N.S. Journal13-4 p219I.B.N.S.
213_220McDonald, William HBook Review [1975 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money, 23rd Edition]13-4 p220Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
213_220Charlton, J EStandard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens and Paper Money (23rd Edition)13-4 p220Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
213_222Index to Volume 13 Nos. 1-413-4 p222I.B.N.S.
213_203aI.B.N.S. News13-4 203aChapter News
213_203eNew Members13-4 203eI.B.N.S.
213_Inside coverBenson, William ECover Story: From Forest to Lumber to Carpenter13-4 Inside coverArticleThematic Collecting
212_002Society Officers14-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
212_003Benson, William EFrom the President14-1 p03Column
212_003Narbeth, Colinand the Editor14-1 p03Column
212_004Lachman, SamuelOttoman Banknotes14-1 p04ArticleTurkey
212_007Dickerson, Richard EA New Series of French Banknotes begins?14-1 p07ArticleFrance
212_009Murbach, John MPaper Money of the Kingdom & Republic of Hawaii14-1 p09ArticleUnited States
212_017Kemp, BrianNotes Issued by the White Rajahs of Sarawak14-1 p17ArticleMalaysiaPrivate Issues
212_019Nathorst-Böös, ErnstMeet Fellow Members - Ernst Nathorst-Böös14-1 p19Member Profile
212_019Freehill, Mark EMeet Fellow Members - Mark E. Freehill14-1 p19Member Profile
212_021Letters to the Editor14-1 p21Correspondence
212_021Mautz, Carl EAn index to your Journals14-1 p21I.B.N.S.
212_022Nader, A F; Kessell, BarryUpdating the JIM Series - Part 1: The Philippines14-1 p22ArticlePhilippinesJIM
212_028Early Banking - Did you know?14-1 p28Quiz
212_029Graeber, KennethSpanish Civil War - The Military Issues14-1 p29ArticleSpainMilitary
212_034How to become a naturalised Scotsman!14-1 p34Article
212_035Thornton, FrancisFeatures Common to English Banknotes and Coins - Part 214-1 p35ArticleUnited Kingdom
212_041Mao, King OnThe Pearl of Hong Kong - The National Bank of China Ltd.14-1 p41ArticleChina
212_044Schaaf, BernardThe Paper Money of German East Africa - Part 214-1 p44ArticleGerman East Africa
212_052Exchequer Tallies14-1 p52Article
211_062Society Officers14-2 p62I.B.N.S. Board
211_063Benson, William EFrom the President14-2 p63Column
211_064Narbeth, ColinFrom the Editor14-2 p64Column
211_064Mautz, Carl EAn Index to your Journals14-2 p64I.B.N.S.
211_065Beresiner, Yasha LCurrency Units and Denominations14-2 p65ArticleCurrency Units
211_070Paterson, DavidSouth African Banknotes14-2 p70ArticleSouth Africa
211_076Freehill, Mark EAn Early Share Certificate of the Bank of N.S.W.14-2 p76ArticleAustraliaBonds and Shares
211_082Quarmby, ErnestBook Review14-2 p82Book Review
211_082Angus, IanPaper Money14-2 p82Book (Reviewed)
211_083Ruparel, Jayant; Ruparel, Ravi JThe 1/- Note of East Africa14-2 p83ArticleEast Africa
211_085Philipson, FredVenice - Queen of the Adriatic - The Siege of 184814-2 p85ArticleItalySiege Issues
211_089Thornton, FrancisFeatures Common to English Banknotes and Coins - Part 314-2 p89ArticleUnited Kingdom
211_096Rhodesian Banknotes14-2 p96ArticleRhodesia
211_102Grant, Geoffrey LIn search of English Fractionals14-2 p102ArticleUnited Kingdom
211_106Kemp, BrianNote Issues of the Falkland Islands14-2 p106ArticleFalkland Islands
210_114Society Officers14-3 p114I.B.N.S. Board
210_115Benson, William EFrom the President14-3 p115Column
210_116Lachman, SamuelNew Israel IL.10 Banknote14-3 p116ArticleIsrael
210_118Levius, Harold PBritish Military Authority Currency14-3 p118ArticleUnited KingdomMilitary
210_120Northern Area I.B.N.S. Meetings14-3 p120Chapter News
210_121Kemp, BrianNotes of St. Helena14-3 p121ArticleSaint Helena
210_123Frankl, FranzThe Holy Land: People and Mandate Money14-3 p123ArticleJewish
210_126I.B.N.S. Meeting In Los Angeles14-3 p126Chapter News
210_127August, David BBanque de L'Indochine 1875 to 193114-3 p127ArticleIndochina; France
210_134Popular Paper Money14-3 p134Report
210_135August, David BPhnum-Penh Exit14-3 p135ArticleCambodia
210_136Glynn, JohnI.B.N.S. Congress14-3 p136ReportUnited Kingdom
210_138Tomlinson, Geoffrey WilliamThe English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank14-3 p138ArticleAustralia
210_143Crawford, Douglas AJamaica - Merchant Script14-3 p143ArticleJamaica
210_147Proposed I.B.N.S. Meeting in the Nottingham District14-3 p147Chapter News
210_148Martin, ReneAndorran Paper Money14-3 p148ArticleAndorra
210_149Carter, DonAnatomy of an Auction14-3 p149Auction
210_152Philipson, FredBritish Forged French Assignats14-3 p152ArticleFrance; United KingdomForgeries
209_158Society Officers14-4 p158I.B.N.S. Board
209_159Schwan, C FrederickMilitary Payment Certificates14-4 p159ArticleMilitary
209_165Habib, MMeet Fellow Members - M. Habib (Member in Tanzania)14-4 p165Member Profile
209_166Paterson, DavidKoffyfontein Siege £5 Note14-4 p166ArticleSouth AfricaSiege Issues
209_168Nader, A F; Kessell, BarryUpdating the Japanese Invasion Money - Part 2: Netherlands East Indies14-4 p168ArticleJapanJIM
209_174I.B.N.S.-CPMS Education Programme14-4 p174I.B.N.S.
209_175Hauck, AllanTwo Souvenir Cards14-4 p175ArticleUnited States
209_176Gibb, AlistairBook Review14-4 p176Book ReviewScotland
209_176Checkland, S GScottish Banking, A History 1695-197314-4 p176Book (Reviewed)Scotland
209_177Robb, AlistairPaper Currency In New Zealand14-4 p177ArticleNew Zealand
209_180Rey, ClémentMauritius: British Period - The M.C.B. Dollar Notes Issues14-4 p180ArticleMauritius
209_186Playing Card Money14-4 p186ArticleCard Money
209_190Mao, King OnHistory of the Province Bank of Kiangsi (Kiangse)14-4 p190ArticleChina
209_198Kimball, Richard BThe Bank of England - as seen in 1882 - Part 114-4 p198ArticleUnited Kingdom
209_203Muszynski, Maurice; Schweikert, HelmutLe Papier-Monnaie Du Maroc14-4 p203Book (Reviewed)Morocco
208_002Society Officers15-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
208_003Beresiner, Yasha LVenice - more than a Dream City15-1 p03ArticleItaly
208_010New Canadian Note15-1 p10New Note IssueCanada
208_011Beresiner, Yasha LSixth European Congress Sunday, June 13th 197515-1 p11Report
208_012Benson, William EA Message from the President15-1 p12Column
208_013Kemp, BrianBritish West Indies15-1 p13ArticleWest Indies
208_017Hauck, AllanSpecial Bi-centennial designs for U.S. Savings Bonds15-1 p17ArticleUnited StatesBonds and Shares
208_018In memory of Dr. K. C. D. Perere, (1909-1975)15-1 p18Obituary
208_019Males, PeterBanknotes tell story of Ljubljana15-1 p19ArticleSlovenia
208_023Hauck, AllanCurrency Security Design Background15-1 p23ArticleSecurity
208_024Frankl, FranzThe Palestine Currency Board Banknotes15-1 p24ArticlePalestineJewish
208_028Veffer, JackLeiden - History of a City15-1 p28ArticleNetherlandsSiege Issues
208_035Nader, A F; Kessell, BarryUpdating the JIM Series - Part 3: Malaya15-1 p35ArticleMalayaJIM
208_040A Reader's View...15-1 p40Correspondence
208_046Kimball, Richard BThe Bank of England - as seen in 1882 - Part 215-1 p46ArticleUnited Kingdom
208_049Scottish Banknotes now Priced and Catalogued15-1 p49Book ReviewScotlandCatalogue
208_049Douglas, JamesScottish Banknotes15-1 p49Book (Reviewed)ScotlandCatalogue
208_050Comprehensive Catalogue of English Paper Money15-1 p50Book ReviewUnited KingdomCatalogue
208_050Duggleby, VincentEnglish Money15-1 p50Book (Reviewed)United KingdomCatalogue
208_051Katt, MalcolmEgyptian Government Currency Notes used In Palestine15-1 p51ArticlePalestine; Egypt
208_053Levius, Harold PBank of Rhodesia and Nyasaland - signature and date varieties15-1 p53ArticleRhodesia and NyasalandSignatures
208_056Paper Money of Indonesia15-1 p56Correspondence
207_066Society Officers15-2 p66I.B.N.S. Board
207_067Atterton, DavidPaper Currency of the Early Chinese Soviets15-2 p67ArticleChina
207_076Katt, MalcolmEarly 1£ National Bank of Egypt Notes (1916-1928)15-2 p76ArticleEgypt
207_078Frankl, FranzHoofien's "Illegal" Legal Tender - Israel's First Currency 194815-2 p78ArticleIsraelJewish
207_088Stewart, CharlesA Description of Thai Uniface Banknotes15-2 p88ArticleThailand
207_096I.B.N.S. Meetings 1976 London15-2 p96Chapter News
207_097Philipson, FredWatts's Charity15-2 p97ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
207_101Males, PeterA Rare Chinese Note15-2 p101ArticleChina
207_102Douglas, JamesIrish Banknotes - an Elementary Background15-2 p102ArticleIreland
207_106Kimball, Richard BThe Bank of England - as seen in 1882 - Part 3: Peel's Bank Act15-2 p106ArticleUnited Kingdom
206_122Society Officers15-3 p122I.B.N.S. Board
206_123Beresiner, Yasha LPanama - the City under tall trees15-3 p123ArticlePanama
206_132Muszynski, MauriceLes Billets de la Banque de France15-3 p132Book (Reviewed)France
206_133Stocker, ChristopherBanknote Preliminaries15-3 p133ArticleBanknote Design
206_138Sixth European Congress15-3 p138Report
206_140Rogers, DavidIsland of Saint Helena15-3 p140ArticleSaint Helena
206_143Little is known of early Exchequer Bills15-3 p143ArticleUnited Kingdom
206_145The Sixth Annual I.B.N.S. Congress held in London15-3 p145Report
206_149Benson, William EFrom the President15-3 p149Column
206_150Lachman, SamuelEarly Egyptian Banknotes15-3 p150ArticleEgypt
206_154Lachman, SamuelSome remarks about the Gallipoli notes15-3 p154ArticleTurkeyWorld War I
206_157Duggleby, VincentBritish Treasury Notes15-3 p157ArticleUnited Kingdom
206_162Kimball, Richard BThe Bank of England - as seen in 1882 - Part 415-3 p162ArticleUnited Kingdom
206_167Nakamura, MichizoMeet Fellow Members - Michizo Nakamura (New Member from Japan)15-3 p167Member Profile
205_178Society Officers15-4 p178I.B.N.S. Board
205_179Frankl, FranzEmigration and Money Transfer of German Jews 1933-3915-4 p179ArticleGermanyJewish
205_185Thornton, FrancisIsland of Jersey - Channel Islands - Part 1: Currency and Specimen Notes15-4 p185ArticleJersey
205_188Banyai, Richard AMoney and Finance in Mexico during the Constitutionalist Revolution, 1913-191715-4 p188Book (Reviewed)Mexico
205_189Pettit, JohnBanknotes of British Solomon Islands15-4 p189ArticleSolomon Islands
205_196Philipson, FredMore Remarks on the Gallipoli Note Issue15-4 p196ArticleTurkeyWorld War I
205_198I.B.N.S. Meeting at Burnley15-4 p198Chapter News
205_200Outing, RogerLondon Meetings15-4 p200Chapter News
205_201Söllner, GastoneBolzano Concentration Camp15-4 p201ArticleItalyPOW
205_205Bodenheimer, WThe Lawbook15-4 p205ArticleFrance
205_218News from Chile15-4 p218ArticleChile
205_219Outing, RogerBook Review15-4 p219Book ReviewCollecting Advice
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205_227Outing, RogerBook Review15-4 p227Book ReviewFrance
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205_229Outing, RogerBook Review15-4 p229Book ReviewMorocco
205_229Muszynski, Maurice; Schweikert, HelmutLe Papier-Monnaie Du Maroc15-4 p229Book (Reviewed)Morocco
204_004Society Officers16-1 p04I.B.N.S. Board
204_005Kemp, BrianFiji - The story of its currency16-1 p05ArticleFiji
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204_009Newman, Eric PThe Early Paper Money of America16-1 p09Book (Reviewed)United States
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204_013Outing, RogerFrench Local Administration16-1 p13ArticleFrance
204_021Outing, RogerBook Review16-1 p21Book ReviewMozambique
204_021Owen, C RBanknotes of Mocambique16-1 p21Book (Reviewed)Mozambique
204_022Philipson, FredHay Australian Internment Camp16-1 p22ArticleAustraliaPOW
204_027Bodenheimer, WMissing pages from "The Lawbook"16-1 p27Article
204_028Thornton, FrancisIsland of Jersey - Channel Islands - Part 2: New Banknote Issue16-1 p28ArticleJersey
204_033Katt, MalcolmNew information about - Early One Pound Notes of National Bank of Egypt16-1 p33ArticleEgypt
204_035Todisco, AThe Paper Money of Brasil 1942-197316-1 p35ArticleBrazil
204_049Hauck, AllanBrazilian Banknote as Stamp Design16-1 p49ArticleBrazil
204_050Outing, RogerBook Reviews16-1 p50Book Review
204_050International Stamp; Coin AgencyCoins and Paper Money of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei16-1 p50Book (Reviewed)Malaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
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204_052Daniel, Howard A, IIICatalog and Guidebook of Southeast Asian Coins and Currency, Volume I: French Colonial16-1 p52Book (Reviewed)French ColonialCatalogue
204_053Outing, RogerSociety News16-1 p53Report
203_064Society Officers16-2 p64I.B.N.S. Board
203_065Douglas, JamesA Scottish Banknote Mystery16-2 p65ArticleScotland
203_066I.B.N.S. News16-2 p66Report
203_067Frankl, FranzThe Historic Specimen Sets - Israel 194816-2 p67ArticleIsraelJewish
203_069Report on the 5th I.B.N.S. Meeting at Burnley16-2 p69Chapter News
203_070Freehill, Mark ERecord price for £20 Australian Note16-2 p70ArticleAustralia
203_071Nader, A F; Kessell, BarryUpdating the JIM Series - Part 4: Burma and Oceania16-2 p71ArticleBurma; OceaniaJIM
203_077Kupa, MihalyDues Stamp-Money in Hungary 194616-2 p77ArticleHungary
203_085Quarmby, ErnestBook Review16-2 p85Book ReviewIreland
203_085Simpson, NoelThe Belfast Bank 1827-197016-2 p85Book (Reviewed)Ireland
203_086Mao, King OnTreasure Notes of China16-2 p86ArticleChina
203_098Quarmby, ErnestBook Review16-2 p98Book ReviewUnited Kingdom
203_098Hartley, W C EBanking in Yorkshire16-2 p98Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
203_098Kelly, RichardBook Review16-2 p98Book ReviewIreland
203_098Barrow, G LThe Emergence of the Irish Banking System 1820-184516-2 p98Book (Reviewed)Ireland
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202_124Society Officers16-3 p124I.B.N.S. Board
202_125MacKenzie, Kenneth MEnver Pasha's Paper Money: Ordu Ka'ime used in Cyrenaica during the Italo-Turkish War16-3 p125ArticleTurkey; LibyaOccupation Issues
202_129Luxembourg Paper Money Catalogue, 197616-3 p129Book (Reviewed)LuxembourgCatalogue
202_130The Seventh European Congress16-3 p130Report
202_131Philipson, FredA Review of Early English Provincial Banks16-3 p131ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
202_136Frankl, FranzFirst "Israel Pound" Currency Bank Leumi Le-Israel, 195216-3 p136ArticleIsraelJewish
202_138Thornton, FrancisIsland of Guernsey - Undated Currency Issues16-3 p138ArticleGuernsey
202_141Outing, RogerBook Review16-3 p141Book ReviewFinland
202_141Borg, ErkkiCoins and Banknotes used in Finland (2nd Edition)16-3 p141Book (Reviewed)Finland
202_142Outing, RogerSociety News16-3 p142Chapter News
202_143Freehill, Mark EAustalia - Report16-3 p143Chapter News
202_144Richards, R DThe Origin of the Cheque16-3 p144ArticleCheques
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202_153Kupa, MihalyRevolutionary Paper Money of Venice, 1848-184916-3 p153ArticleItaly
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202_165Todisco, APaper Money of Brasil - 1942-197316-3 p165ArticleBrazil
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201_182Society Officers16-4 p182I.B.N.S. Board
201_183Lunn, HowardBlack and White £5 Notes16-4 p183ArticleUnited Kingdom
201_186Borg, ErkkiCollecting Finnish Banknotes16-4 p186ArticleFinland
201_193Frankl, FranzReichskreditkassa Scheine16-4 p193ArticleGermany
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201_195Uhl, TedForgeries of Early English Banknotes16-4 p195ArticleUnited KingdomForgeries
201_196Kemp, BrianBritish Empire and Commonwealth Banknotes16-4 p196Book (Reviewed)British CommonwealthCatalogue
201_197Outing, RogerI.B.N.S. Seventh European Congress16-4 p197Report
201_198Outing, RogerSociety News16-4 p198Chapter News
201_200McDonald, William HMinutes of the Annual Meeting, 25 August 1977, Atlanta16-4 p200I.B.N.S. Minutes
201_201Beresiner, Yasha LA Collector's Guide to Banknote Collecting16-4 p201Book (Reviewed)Collecting Advice
201_202Kelly, RichardRaden Adjeng Kartini16-4 p202ArticleIndonesia
201_203Letter16-4 p203Correspondence
201_204Cole, Alan MPolish Insurgent Currency of 179416-4 p204ArticlePoland
201_212Smith, Samuel LBahamas Government Treasury Notes of 1868-186916-4 p212ArticleBahamas
201_218Outing, RogerBook Review16-4 p218Book ReviewAustraliaCatalogue
201_218Nicholson, AlanAustralian Banknote Catalogue16-4 p218Book (Reviewed)AustraliaCatalogue
201_219Philipson, FredA Review of Early English Provincial Banks16-4 p219ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
201_222Katt, MalcolmMonarchy Notes of Iraq16-4 p222ArticleIraq
201_224Kelly, RichardBlue Books and Bank Histories16-4 p224ArticleNigeria; Malta
201_226Hauck, AllanBureau of Engraving and Printing Honours '77 A.N.A. Convention16-4 p226ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
201_227Katt, MalcolmAdditional Remarks about Gallipoli Notes16-4 p227ArticleTurkeyWorld War I
200_002Society Officers17-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
200_003Remick, JeromeHow to Spot Counterfeit U.S. Banknotes17-1 p03ArticleUnited StatesForgeries
200_007Trigueiros, Antonio Miguel1952 Dated Macao Small Notes - A mystery solved17-1 p07ArticleMacao
200_011Mao, King OnHistory of the Province Bank of Kwangsi17-1 p11ArticleChina
200_024Seibert, Victor CY.M.C.A. Script in the Russian Civil War17-1 p24ArticleRussiaPrivate Issues
200_028Frankl, FranzPromissary Notes - Lifeblood of Palestine's Trade17-1 p28ArticlePalestineJewish
200_034Kupa, MihalyCollector - Dr. Mihaly Kupa17-1 p34Member Profile
200_037Carroll, SheldonThe Man Who Stole Portugal17-1 p37ArticlePortugalForgeries
200_0458th I.B.N.S. European Congress17-1 p45Report
200_045Spink Australia Sale17-1 p45ArticleAustraliaAuction Report
200_049Outing, RogerBook Reviews17-1 p49Book Review
200_049Narbeth, ColinCollecting Banknotes of the Wolrd17-1 p49Book (Reviewed)Collecting Advice; World Notes
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199_060Society Officers17-2 p60I.B.N.S. Board
199_061Buczacki, JerryThe Currency Notes of Queen Elizabeth II17-2 p61ArticleQEII
199_069Frankl, FranzPolitical Propaganda Notes17-2 p69ArticlePropaganda Notes
199_075Seibert, Victor CJapanese Paper Money in Siberia - 1917-192217-2 p75ArticleJapan; Russia
199_080A new word in the Oxford English Dictionary17-2 p80ArticleBonds and Shares
199_081Crawford, Douglas AJamaica - Early Paper Currency Circulation17-2 p81ArticleJamaica
199_083Crawford, Douglas AJamaica Replacement Notes17-2 p83ArticleJamaicaReplacement Notes
199_085MacKenzie, Kenneth MArmenian Church Tokens used in the Ottoman Empire17-2 p85ArticleArmenia; Turkey
199_095Hessler, GeneThe Comprehensive Catalogue of U.S. Paper Money17-2 p95Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
199_095Douglas, JamesA Collectors Guide To Cheques and Bills of Exchange17-2 p95Book (Reviewed)United KingdomCheques; Bills of Exchange
199_096Remick, JeromeNew Issue for St. Helena17-2 p96ArticleSaint Helena
199_097Banyai, Richard AMonetary Law17-2 p97Book (Reviewed)
199_099Atterton, DavidThe Early Paper Money of Korea17-2 p99ArticleKorea
199_110Arman, F MarcusJacob Perkins - Banknote Printer17-2 p110ArticlePrinters
199_116Flensborg, PeterScandinavian News: New Faeroe Island 10 KR. Note17-2 p116ArticleFaeroe Islands
199_118Sengar, Narendra SHistorical Background on Indian "Hundis"17-2 p118ArticleIndia
199_122Outing, RogerSociety News17-2 p122Chapter News
199_123Stanley Gibbons PublicationsCollect British Bank Notes - A Stanley Gibbons Priced Catalogue (2nd Edition)17-2 p123Book (Reviewed)United KingdomCatalogue
199_124Kelly, RichardPapermoney Verse17-2 p124ArticlePoetry
198_136Society Officers17-3 p136I.B.N.S. Board
198_137Mao, King OnDevelopment of the Provincial Bank of Hupeh Province17-3 p137ArticleChina
198_144Carney, Edward MAlbums and Holders for the Paper Money Collector17-3 p144ArticleCollecting Advice
198_147Kelly, RichardBook Review17-3 p147Book ReviewWorld Notes
198_147Doty, Richard GPaper Money of the World17-3 p147Book (Reviewed)World Notes
198_148Gupta, SureshI.B.N.S. Congress - "A Great Success"17-3 p148Report
198_151Nader, A FI.B.N.S. Member finds Republik Islam Hoard17-3 p151ArticleIndonesiaJIM
198_156Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes: Fifth Issue (Japanese Printing)17-3 p156ArticleThailand; Japan
198_159Grant, Geoffrey LThe Account Books of St. Christopher Le Stocks17-3 p159ArticleUnited Kingdom
198_162Webb, GeorgeA closer look at the Bank of England17-3 p162ArticleUnited Kingdom
198_166Atterton, EdwardThe Hyperinflation of Germany17-3 p166ArticleGermanyInflation Issues
198_187The I.B.N.S. Catalog Publishing Venture - an update17-3 p187I.B.N.S.Catalogue
197_196Society Officers17-4 p196I.B.N.S. Board
197_197Paatela, HannuThe Kopek and Rouble Notes17-4 p197ArticleFinland
197_209Kelly, RichardPumping beer ... numbering notes17-4 p209ArticleSerial Numbers
197_216Thornton, FrancisStates of Jersey17-4 p216ArticleJersey
197_219Todisco, ACatalogue of Brazilian Banknotes. 1942- 197317-4 p219Book (Reviewed)BrazilCatalogue
197_219Schwan, C FrederickThe Paper Money of the E. A. Wright Bank Note Company17-4 p219Book (Reviewed)Banknote Design
197_220Philipson, FredMilitary Bankers17-4 p220ArticleMilitary
197_224Hendy, RobinCollecting Old Bonds and Shares17-4 p224Book (Reviewed)Bonds and Shares
197_225Outing, RogerSociety News17-4 p225Chapter News
197_227Kelly, RichardPapermoney Verse: Ireland17-4 p227ArticleIrelandPoetry
197_229Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes: Second Issue (Ploughing Ceremony)17-4 p229ArticleThailand
197_233Schwan, C Frederick; Boling, Joseph EWorld War II Military Currency17-4 p233Book (Reviewed)World War II; Military
197_234Reedy, Clyde MA mystery unravelled ... almost17-4 p234ArticleCambodia
197_244Beal, GeorgeA Letter From Your New Editor17-4 p244Column
196_002Society Officers18-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
196_002London Bankers: No. 1 Devaynes and Co.18-1 p02ArticleUnited KingdomBankers
196_003Douglas, JamesThe First Commemorative Banknotes18-1 p03ArticleScotlandCommemorative notes
196_005Letters to the Editor18-1 p05Correspondence
196_005Remick, JeromeNew Canadian $20 Banknote18-1 p05ArticleCanada
196_006Siemsen, CarlForgeries and Fantasy Products to the Detriment of Collectors18-1 p06ArticleForgeries
196_006Loy, SMeet Fellow Members - S. Loy (A Call From China)18-1 p06Member Profile
196_007A Serial Look at Notaphily18-1 p07ArticleSerial Numbers
196_008London Bankers: No. 2 Fuller, Banbury and Co.18-1 p08ArticleUnited KingdomBankers
196_009Beresiner, Yasha LLegal Tender Playing Cards18-1 p09ArticleCard Money
196_017Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes: Fourth Issue (Thomas de la Rue)18-1 p17ArticleThailand
196_018Haskell, W ABook Review18-1 p18Book ReviewGermanyNotgeld
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196_018Kelly, RichardBook Review18-1 p18Book ReviewWales
196_018Jones, Reg ChambersArian: The Story of Money and Banking in Wales18-1 p18Book (Reviewed)Wales
196_019Frankl, FranzDebentures of Religious Communities18-1 p19ArticleGermanyJewish
196_020Welsh, MichaelBermuda Notes18-1 p20ArticleBermuda
196_021Haskell, W AAlbert Pick: a Bibliography18-1 p21ArticleBibliography
196_022Trigueiros, Antonio MiguelPortugal's Last 20 Escudos Note18-1 p22ArticlePortugal
196_023Reedy, Clyde MSignature and Other Varieties of Cambodian Banknotes: A Mystery Unravelled ... Almost18-1 p23ArticleCambodia
195_034Society Officers18-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
195_035Reedy, Clyde MBanknotes of the Free Lao Government (Lao Issara)18-2 p35ArticleLaos
195_040Outing, RogerBook Reviews18-2 p40Book Review
195_040Bureau of Engraving and PrintingBureau of Engraving and Printing, the First Hundred Years, 1862-197218-2 p40Book (Reviewed)United StatesEngravers; Printers
195_040Doty, Richard GMoney of the World18-2 p40Book (Reviewed)World Notes
195_040Drum, Henseler; Drum, MayOld Securities18-2 p40Book (Reviewed)Bonds and Shares
195_040Kelly, RichardBook Review18-2 p40Book ReviewBibliography
195_040McKerchar, MurrayA Papermoney Bibliography18-2 p40Book (Reviewed)Bibliography
195_040Remick, JeromeBook Review18-2 p40Book ReviewAustralia
195_040Vort-Ronald, Michael PAustralian Banknotes18-2 p40Book (Reviewed)Australia
195_041Veffer, JackGlimpses of Rembrandt18-2 p41ArticleNetherlandsPortraits
195_047Leader, RichardSilver and Gold and Half a Note18-2 p47ArticleIndia
195_048Outing, RogerNews and Views18-2 p48Chapter News
195_049Frankl, FranzImperial Ottoman Navy: Palestine Loans18-2 p49ArticlePalestine; Turkey
195_051Outing, RogerVending Machine Sample Money18-2 p51ArticleFrance
195_052Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes18-2 p52ArticleThailand
195_053Philipson, FredRobert Burns on a Banknote18-2 p53ArticleScotlandPoetry
195_054Announcing Our Junior Programme18-2 p54I.B.N.S.
195_055Letters to the Editor18-2 p55Correspondence
194_066Society Officers18-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
194_067Hessler, GeneWomen on U. S. Banknotes18-3 p67ArticleUnited StatesPortraits
194_069Outing, RogerThe Ninth I.B.N.S. European Congress18-3 p69Report
194_070Letters to the Editor18-3 p70Correspondence
194_070Glynn, John; James, David C OYoung Generation18-3 p70ArticleCollecting Advice
194_071August, David BIndonesian Revolution 1945-1950: Emergency Banknote Issues - Part 118-3 p71ArticleIndonesiaEmergency Issues
194_073Mira, W JPrivate Note Issuers in the Australian Colonies: a Preliminary Listing to 184018-3 p73ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
194_074Outing, RogerAn Appreciation of 'Pick'18-3 p74ArticleCatalogues
194_075Kelly, RichardFrench-Style Numbering Explained18-3 p75ArticleFrance; French ColonialSerial Numbers
194_078Paatela, HannuThe Bank Notes of the Union Bank of Finland, 1867-189218-3 p78ArticleFinland
194_081Grant, Geoffrey LThe Bank of England: a Star Variety18-3 p81ArticleUnited Kingdom
194_081London Bankers: No. 3 Lees and Co.18-3 p81ArticleUnited KingdomBankers
194_081Outing, RogerNotable Quotes18-3 p81Column
194_082Trigueiros, Antonio MiguelPortugal Releases New 50 Escudos Note18-3 p82ArticlePortugal
194_082Freehill, Mark ECurrency Display at Hong Kong Museum18-3 p82ReportHong Kong; Macau; Kwangtung
194_083Sengar, Narendra SEmergency Coupons of Indergarh in W.W.II18-3 p83ArticleIndiaWorld War II
194_084Philipson, FredChina Coaling Station Canteen Notes18-3 p84ArticleChinaPrivate Issues
194_086Kelly, RichardBook Reviews18-3 p86Book Review
194_086Pick, AlbertPapiergeld Lexikon18-3 p86Book (Reviewed)Papiergeld
194_086Outing, RogerBook Reviews18-3 p86Book Review
194_086Paper Money Issues of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino for Mozambique, 1877-1973 18-3 p86Book (Reviewed)Mozambique
194_086Mao, King OnHistory of Chinese Paper Currency: Volume II - Occidental Banks In China from 1854 to 197318-3 p86Book (Reviewed)China
194_087Leader, RichardBanknotes of the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India18-3 p87Book (Reviewed)India
194_087Vogt, George WStandard Catalogue of Mexican Coins, Paper Money and Medals18-3 p87Book (Reviewed)MexicoCatalogue
194_087Trevor-Roper, HughHermit of Peking18-3 p87Book (Reviewed)China
194_087Mira, W JThe Note Issues of the Colonial Police Fund of New South Wales 1810-182418-3 p87Book (Reviewed)AustraliaPrivate Issues
194_088Knox, John JayUnited States Notes18-3 p88Book (Reviewed)United States
194_088Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Combined Annual Statement18-3 p88Financial Report
194_088Mark Freehill Speaks at Bombay18-3 p88Chapter News
193_102Society Officers18-4 p102I.B.N.S. Board
193_102Outing, RogerNotable Quotes18-4 p102Column
193_103Seibert, Victor CPaper Money Issued by Four Lesser-Known White Guard Generals18-4 p103ArticleRussiaPrivate Issues
193_108Hall, RonEarly American Finances18-4 p108ArticleUnited States
193_109Frankl, FranzReligious Notes - Palestine, 1918-194818-4 p109ArticlePalestine
193_112Newman, Eric PBook Review18-4 p112Book Review
193_112Hessler, GeneU.S. Essay Proof & Specimen Notes18-4 p112Book (Reviewed)United StatesEngravers; Proofs; Specimen Notes
193_112Outing, RogerBook Reviews18-4 p112Book Review
193_112Paatela, HannuTreasures of Finnish Paper Money18-4 p112Book (Reviewed)Finland
193_112Tarassouleas, ACatalogue of Greek Paper Money18-4 p112Book (Reviewed)GreeceCatalogue
193_112Letter to the Editor18-4 p112Correspondence
193_113Schaaf, BernardThe Northern Republic of Haiti, 1888-188918-4 p113ArticleHaiti
193_115Krueger, HarryOregon Depression Year's Scrip18-4 p115ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
193_115International Paper Money Congress and Exhibition, 15th-18th July 198118-4 p115Report
193_115London Bankers: No. 4 Kensingtons and Co.18-4 p115ArticleUnited KingdomBankers
193_116August, David BIndonesian Revolution 1945-1950: Emergency Banknote Issues - Part 218-4 p116ArticleIndonesiaEmergency Issues
193_119Passic, FrankThe Lithuanian DP Camp Money of Scheinfeld18-4 p119ArticleLithuaniaPOW
193_121I.B.N.S. London Committee18-4 p121Chapter News
193_122Kelly, RichardEarly Banknotes of St Pierre and Miquelon18-4 p122ArticleSt. Pierre et Miquelon
193_123Federbush, Uriel PaulPolish Matzah Money18-4 p123ArticlePoland
192_002Society Officers19-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
192_003Nercessian, Y TArmenian Republic Banknotes19-1 p03ArticleArmenia
192_006Outing, RogerNotable Quotes19-1 p06Column
192_007Charles 'Patch' Price: His Forgeries and Frauds - Part 119-1 p07ArticleForgeries
192_009Philipson, FredThe Arms of the Channel Islands19-1 p09ArticleJersey; Guernsey
192_010Remick, JeromeIran: Surcharge Varieties19-1 p10ArticleIran
192_011Outing, RogerThe Hungarian French Forgery Case19-1 p11ArticleFrance; HungaryForgeries
192_015Remick, JeromeSt. Helena's "Anglae" Errors19-1 p15ArticleSaint HelenaErrors
192_016Outing, RogerBook Reviews19-1 p16Book Review
192_016Credit BankThe Banknotes of Greece From 1828 Until the Present Day19-1 p16Book (Reviewed)Greece
192_016Shafer, NeilBook Review19-1 p16Book ReviewIceland
192_016Kolbeinsson, FinnurIslenzkar Myntir (1980 Edition)19-1 p16Book (Reviewed)Iceland
192_016Daniel, Howard A, IIIThe Catalogue and Guidebook of South-east Asian Coins and Currency. Vol. 1 France (2nd Edition)19-1 p16Book (Reviewed)French ColonialCatalogue
192_017Siemsen, CarlThe Concentration Camp Money of Theresienstadt19-1 p17ArticleCzechoslovakiaJewish
192_018Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes: Seventh Issue (Bank of Thailand)19-1 p18ArticleThailand
192_019Frankl, FranzIsrael's First Provisionals: Tel Aviv 194819-1 p19ArticleIsraelJewish
192_020Trigueiros, Antonio Miguel; Antao, HugoSt. Thomas and Prince Cheque-Notes and Overprinted Notes19-1 p20ArticleSt. Thomas and Prince
191_034Society Officers19-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
191_034London Bankers: No. 5 Esdaile and Company19-2 p34ArticleUnited KingdomBankers
191_035Outing, RogerFrench Banknotes of the Nineteenth Century - Part 119-2 p35ArticleFrance
191_040Boling, Joseph ENotes of the South China Expeditionary Army19-2 p40ArticleChina
191_043Crawford, Douglas AJamaica: London and Colonial Bank Limited19-2 p43ArticleJamaica
191_044Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes: Eighth Issue19-2 p44ArticleThailand
191_045Seibert, Victor CHistorical Background for the Paper Money of the Amur Railroad19-2 p45ArticleRussiaPrivate Issues
191_046Philipson, FredA Review of Early English Provincial Banks19-2 p46ArticleUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
191_048Haskell, W ABook Reviews19-2 p48Book ReviewNotgeld; Emergency Issues
191_048Pick, Albert; Siemsen, CarlDas Notgeld des II. Weltkrieges… Emergency Money of World War II19-2 p48Book (Reviewed)Notgeld; Emergency Issues
191_048Outing, RogerBook Reviews19-2 p48Book ReviewNorway
191_048Ronning, Bjorn RNorges Pengesedler og Seddelbankvesen Inntil 187419-2 p48Book (Reviewed)Norway
191_049Grant, Geoffrey LArmy Agents: A Brief Survey19-2 p49ArticleMilitary
191_050Charles 'Patch' Price: His Forgeries and Frauds - Part 219-2 p50ArticleForgeries
191_051Glynn, John; James, David C OYoung Generation19-2 p51ArticleCollecting Advice
191_052Outing, RogerNotable Quotes19-2 p52Column
191_053Haydon, Paul; Kelly, RichardLateral Collecting: Coins & Stamps19-2 p53Article
190_066Society Officers19-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
190_066Glynn, John; James, David C OYoung Generation19-3 p66ArticleCollecting Advice
190_067Piermattei, RichardProfessor Dr. Meczarosz, The Patriot Counterfeiter19-3 p67ArticleCzechoslovakiaForgeries
190_070Hauck, Allan"Buffalo Bill" Souvenir Card19-3 p70ArticleUnited States
190_071Schaaf, BernardLa Banque Nationale de la Republique d'Haiti19-3 p71ArticleHaiti
190_074Letters to the Editor19-3 p74Correspondence
190_075Schuman, EdwardThe Mauritius Shekels of 1942 and 194419-3 p75ArticleMauritius
190_076Sehlmeier, JohnUruguay Variation Discovered19-3 p76ArticleUruguay
190_077Schaaf, BernardBook Reviews19-3 p77Book Review
190_077Paatela, HannuCzarist Russian Paper Money 1769-191719-3 p77Book (Reviewed)Russia
190_077Hnatyshak, MykolaSpecialized Catalogue of Paper Money of the Ukraine 1917-192019-3 p77Book (Reviewed)UkraineCatalogue
190_077Outing, RogerBook Reviews19-3 p77Book ReviewCollecting Advice
190_077Narbeth, Colin; Hendy, Robin; Stocker, ChristopherCollecting Paper Money and Bonds19-3 p77Book (Reviewed)Collecting Advice
190_077Aspen, Nelson PageA History of Bermuda and its Paper Money19-3 p77Book (Reviewed)Bermuda
190_078Kwart, RoselynThe 1933 Scrip Notes of Rochester, New York19-3 p78ArticleUnited States
190_079Outing, RogerFrench Banknotes of the Nineteenth Century - Part 219-3 p79ArticleFrance
190_085Thornton, FrancisIsland of Guernsey: Extended New Currency Note Issue19-3 p85ArticleGuernsey
190_086Charles 'Patch' Price: His Forgeries and Frauds - Part 319-3 p86ArticleForgeries
190_087Hall, RonU.S. Continental Money19-3 p87ArticleUnited States
189_097Literary Awards19-4 p97Literary Awards
189_097Vort-Ronald, Michael PAustralian Banknotes19-4 p97Book of the YearAustralia
189_098Society Officers19-4 p98I.B.N.S. Board
189_098Shafer, NeilPresident's Column19-4 p98Column
189_099Frankl, FranzThe Conversion Office Scheme19-4 p99ArticleGermany
189_101Outing, RogerThe Tenth I.B.N.S. European Congress19-4 p101Report
189_101Sydney Chapter News19-4 p101Chapter News
189_102Passic, FrankThe Lithuanian 1938 10-Lits Mystery Banknote19-4 p102ArticleLithuania
189_108Hessler, GeneJames Smillie - Engraver19-4 p108ArticleEngravers
189_110Letters to the Editor19-4 p110Correspondence
189_111Foester, TreyNews of Notes19-4 p111ArticleNew Issues
189_112Outing, RogerPick Review19-4 p112Book ReviewWorld Notes
189_112Pick, AlbertStandard Catalogue of World Paper Money (3rd Edition)19-4 p112Book (Reviewed)World Notes
189_116Beresiner, Yasha LAtahualpa's Funeral19-4 p116ArticleSouth America
189_118Frankl, FranzThe Palestine War Loan19-4 p118ArticlePalestine
189_119Mao, King OnBrief History of Tainan Kuan Yin P'iao19-4 p119ArticleChina
189_120Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Combined Annual Statement19-4 p120Financial Report
189_121Haskell, W AThe U.S. Secret Service19-4 p121ArticleUnited StatesSecurity
189_121Glynn, John; James, David C OYoung Generation19-4 p121ArticleCollecting Advice
189_122News and Views19-4 p122Column
188_002Society Officers20-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
188_002Shafer, NeilPresident's Column20-1 p02Column
188_003August, David BBanknotes of Sierra Leone20-1 p03ArticleSierra Leone
188_006Hall, RonUnited States Treasury Notes20-1 p06ArticleUnited States
188_007Interpam '81 News20-1 p07ArticleNumismatic Seminars
188_008Yeoman, JA Tour Through Salzburg20-1 p08ArticleAustria
188_012Rosenblum, CarlIsrael's Currency and the Various Coding Systems20-1 p12ArticleIsrael
188_014Glynn, John; James, David C OYoung Generation20-1 p14ArticleCollecting Advice
188_015Platt, AlbertFightin' Joe Wheeler: The Story Scrip Can Tell20-1 p15ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
188_018Nader, A FAnother I.B.N.S. Member Finds "REPUBLIK ISLAM" JIM Hoard20-1 p18ArticleIndonesia
188_020Atterton, DavidEarly Australian Paper Money20-1 p20ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
188_023Haskell, W ABook Reviews20-1 p23Book Review
188_023Sem, JuliusPapirove Penize Na Uzemi Ceskoslovenska 1762-1975 (Paper Money of Czechoslovakia 1762 to 1975) (2nd Edition)20-1 p23Book (Reviewed)Czechoslovakia
188_023McDonald, William HBook Review20-1 p23Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
188_023McDonald, William HThe Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Paper Money20-1 p23Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
188_023Meyer, HansDas Papergeld Des Konigreiches Sachsen 1914-1922 (Paper Money Of The Kingdom of Saxony 1914-1924)20-1 p23Book (Reviewed)Germany
188_024Jaksch, Karl; Stahl, WerherDas Ersatzgeld Der Kriegsgfangenen Und Interniertenlager In Osterreich-Ungarn 1914-1918 (The Substitute Money Of Prisoner Of War And Internment Camps In Austria-Hungary 1914-1918)20-1 p24Book (Reviewed)Germany
188_024Pick, AlbertPapiergeld, Ein Brevier Fur Sammler (Paper Money, A Handbook For The Collector)20-1 p24Book (Reviewed)GermanyPapiergeld
188_024Hoffman, DieterDas Notenbuch - Katalog Der Deutschen Banknoten ab 1874 (The Notebook - A Catalogue of German Banknotes From 1874)20-1 p24Book (Reviewed)GermanyCatalogue
188_025Benson, William ECover Story: Africa20-1 p25ArticleAfrica
187_033Uhl, TedEditor's Galley20-2 p33Column
187_034Society Officers20-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
187_034Shafer, NeilPresident's Column20-2 p34Column
187_035Ferguson, JNorthern Ireland £1 Banknotes 1929-198020-2 p35ArticleIreland
187_038In Memoriam: Fred Philipson (1897-1981)20-2 p38Obituary
187_040First Officers Selected By Philippine Bank Note Society20-2 p40Chapter News
187_041I.B.N.S. Symbol Used Since 197120-2 p41I.B.N.S.
187_042Daniel, Howard A, IIIBank of Indochina/Indochina Federation Cross Reference Chart20-2 p42ArticleIndochina
187_043Shafer, NeilBook Review20-2 p43Book ReviewIndonesiaCatalogue
187_043Mevius, JohanCatalogue of Paper Money of the V.O.C., Netherlands East Indies and Indonesia, from 1782 to 198120-2 p43Book (Reviewed)IndonesiaCatalogue
187_044Gribanov, Edward DAn Unknown Bulgarian Banknote20-2 p44ArticleBulgaria
187_045Flensborg, PeterBook Review20-2 p45Book ReviewWorld War II; Forgeries
187_045Czechoslovak Ministry of the Interior, Secret Report on Forgery in Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp20-2 p45Book (Reviewed)World War II; Forgeries
187_045Mao, King OnA Short Account of the General Bank of Communications20-2 p45ArticleChina
187_046Ruparel, Jayant; Ruparel, Ravi JHigh Value Notes of East Africa20-2 p46ArticleEast Africa
187_046Commonwealth Day Display in Canada20-2 p46ArticleCanada
187_047Boling, Joseph EMaritime Theme on Japanese Banknotes20-2 p47ArticleJapan
187_050Elseroui, Eng AhmedEgyptian Twenty Pound Note20-2 p50ArticleEgypt
187_051Yamamoto, ToyoHansatsu of Feudal Japan20-2 p51ArticleJapan
187_052Duggleby, VincentTreasury Notes20-2 p52ArticleUnited Kingdom
187_053Seibert, Victor CHistorical Background For the Banknotes of the North Caucasian Republic20-2 p53ArticleRussia
187_057Gribanov, Edward DUnknown Manchurian Banknotes20-2 p57ArticleChina
186_065Uhl, TedEditor's Galley20-3&4 p65Column
186_066Society Officers20-3&4 p66I.B.N.S. Board
186_066Shafer, NeilPresident's Column20-3&4 p66Column
186_067Philipson, FredCurrency at War - Part 120-3&4 p67ArticleWar
186_068Gribanov, Edward DTransnistria' Currency Notes20-3&4 p68ArticleTransnistria
186_069Douglas, JamesEarly Scottish Ship Bank Issues20-3&4 p69ArticleScotland
186_072Gribanov, Edward DUnknown OUN Note20-3&4 p72ArticleUkraine
186_073Schuman, EdwardThe Jewish Colonial Trust20-3&4 p73ArticleIsraelJewish
186_074Robinson, MichaelPortrait Type 100-Kyat Note Issued by Ba Maw of Burma20-3&4 p74ArticleBurma
186_075Outing, RogerIn Pursuit of Palindromes20-3&4 p75ArticleSerial Numbers
186_077Sedlacek, FranticekThe Notaphilic 'Mystery' of John Zizka's Face20-3&4 p77ArticleCzechoslovakiaPortraits
186_077Platt, AlbertThe Story This Scrip Can Tell20-3&4 p77Article
186_079Paatela, HannuArt in Finnish Paper Money20-3&4 p79ArticleFinland
186_084Burnley I.B.N.S. Club Meets20-3&4 p84Chapter News
186_087Robinson, MichaelCommercial Overprints on Burmese Banknotes20-3&4 p87ArticleBurma
185_001Uhl, TedEditor's Galley21-1 p01Column
185_002Society Officers21-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
185_002Shafer, NeilPresident's Column21-1 p02Column
185_003Hessler, GeneShips & Some American History on U.S. Banknotes21-1 p03ArticleUnited StatesThematic Collecting
185_006Seibert, Victor CPaper Money's Part in Economics of Far Eastern Republic21-1 p06ArticleRussia
185_010Kanowsky, BillA Guide to Indexing and Filing World Banknotes21-1 p10ArticleCollecting Advice; World Notes
185_011Outing, RogerProofs, Specimens & Color Trials21-1 p11ArticleProofs; Specimen Notes
185_016Graeber, KennethBanknotes of the "Nacion Joven"21-1 p16ArticleSpain
185_016Yamamoto, ToyoAttributing Dates on Japanese Hansatsu21-1 p16ArticleJapan
185_019Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Financial Statement21-1 p19Financial Report
185_019Philipson, FredCurrency at War - Part 221-1 p19ArticleWar
184_033Uhl, TedEditor's Galley21-2 p33Column
184_034Society Officers21-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
184_034Shafer, NeilPresident's Column21-2 p34Column
184_035Schaaf, BernardSignature Varieties of Modern Banknotes of Haiti21-2 p35ArticleHaitiSignatures
184_036Philipson, FredCurrency at War - Part 321-2 p36ArticleWar
184_037Stewart, CharlesThai Banknotes: Ninth Issue21-2 p37ArticleThailand
184_039Robinson, MichaelThe Pagoda Scene Illustrated on the Japanese Occupation Notes for Burma21-2 p39ArticleJapan; BurmaJIM
184_040Verdoorn, W CA Piece of Amsterdam History On the Five Guilder Banknote21-2 p40ArticleNetherlands
184_041Chinese Banknote Collectors Society21-2 p41ArticleChina
184_0411982 I.B.N.S. Congress21-2 p41Report
184_042Mao, King OnA Short Resume of the Ningpo Commercial Bank21-2 p42ArticleChina
184_043Remick, JeromeBook Reviews21-2 p43Book Review
184_043Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money 1982 (4th Edition)21-2 p43Book (Reviewed)Malaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
184_058Said, GodwinMalta Coin, Banknote and Medal Catalogue21-2 p58Book (Reviewed)MaltaCatalogue
183_065Uhl, TedEditor's Galley21-3 p65Column
183_066Society Officers21-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
183_066Shafer, NeilPresident's Column21-3 p66Column
183_067Cole, Alan MSpecialized Classification of Paper Currency Drafts21-3 p67ArticleProofs; Specimen Notes
183_070Schuman, EdwardJewish American Colonial Paper21-3 p70ArticleUnited StatesJewish
183_071Haskell, W ABook Review21-3 p71Book ReviewGermanyPapiergeld
183_071Pick, Albert; Rixen, Jens-UwePapierfeld Spezial-Katalog Deutschland 1874-198021-3 p71Book (Reviewed)GermanyPapiergeld
183_072Bowen, Charles MRare Notes from the Land of Sheba21-3 p72ArticleEthiopia
183_073Siemsen, CarlWartime Issues Of The Faeroe Islands21-3 p73ArticleFaeroe Islands
183_073Pick, AlbertMarket Analysis: Old Paper Money21-3 p73ArticleCollecting Advice
183_074Siemsen, CarlThor Mohlen Notes21-3 p74ArticleNorway
183_075Pound Notes Discontinued21-3 p75ArticleUnited Kingdom
183_076Friedman, Herbert AVietnam War Propaganda Notes21-3 p76ArticleVietnamPropaganda Notes
183_080Jordan, V JDogs On Banknotes21-3 p80ArticleThematic Collecting
183_083Bonkamp, HeinrichForgery Of A 20 Kyats Note21-3 p83ArticleBurma
183_085Philipson, FredCurrency at War - Part 421-3 p85ArticleMilitary
182_101Uhl, TedEditor's Galley21-4 p101Column
182_102Society Officers21-4 p102I.B.N.S. Board
182_102Shafer, NeilPresident's Column21-4 p102Column
182_103Atterton, DavidA Basic Guide: Translating Hansatsu21-4 p103ArticleJapan
182_108Grant, Geoffrey LAssignats: A Contemporary English View21-4 p108ArticleFrance
182_109Karlsson, Lars MStord & Moster Municipalities: The 1940 Emergency Issues21-4 p109ArticleNorwayEmergency Issues
182_110Hessler, GeneThe American West: A Glimpse on U.S. Paper Money21-4 p110ArticleUnited States
182_112Platt, AlbertGeneral Frederick Maitland: The Story This Script Can Tell21-4 p112ArticleUnited Kingdom
182_113Yamamoto, ToyoJapan's First Paper Money: Feather Notes Lost In Antiquity21-4 p113ArticleJapan
182_114Thornton, FrancisJersey and Guernsey: Modern Issue Replacement Notes21-4 p114ArticleJersey; GuernseyReplacement Notes
182_114London I.B.N.S.21-4 p114Chapter News
182_115Grant, Geoffrey LEngland: A Latter Day Bank21-4 p115ArticleUnited Kingdom
182_117Philipson, FredCurrency at War - Part 521-4 p117ArticleWar
182_123Mira, W JBukkulla & Dalwood Vineyards: A History of the Wyndham Notes21-4 p123ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
181_001Uhl, TedEditor's Galley22-1 p01Column
181_002Society Officers22-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
181_002Shafer, NeilPresident's Column22-1 p02Column
181_003Glynn, JohnWorld War II: United Kingdom Prisoner of War Money22-1 p03ArticleUnited KingdomWorld War II
181_010Hessler, GeneBoats & Ships On World Banknotes22-1 p10ArticleThematic Collecting
181_012Newman, Eric PCanada and United States: A Mysterious Paper Money Interlock22-1 p12ArticleCanada; United States
181_014Jorgensen, Christian K1898-1910: The Big Brown German 1000 Mark Notes22-1 p14ArticleGermany
181_017Boling, Joseph EBook Review22-1 p17Book ReviewChina
181_017Ting, S PA Brief Illustrated History of Chinese Military Notes and Bonds22-1 p17Book (Reviewed)China
181_018Passic, FrankLithuania: Ludwig-Dillingen D.P. Camp Money22-1 p18ArticleLithuaniaPOW
181_019Karlsson, Lars MScandinavia: A Danish King on Swedish Bank Notes22-1 p19ArticleSwedenPortraits
181_020Davis, Gary WPlastic and Paper: Some Comments on Safe Note Storage22-1 p20ArticleCollecting Advice
181_021Boling, Joseph EBook Review22-1 p21Book Review
181_021Braun, FrancisThe Banknote That Never Was22-1 p21Book (Reviewed)
181_021Haydon, PaulDugouts: Different Types on World Bank Notes22-1 p21ArticleThematic Collecting
181_022Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Financial Statement22-1 p22Financial Report
181_023Mitchell, JohnSaudi Arabia: Aramco Note Issue22-1 p23ArticleSaudi ArabiaPrivate Issues
181_024Mao, King OnElusive Banknotes: Interesting and Meaningful22-1 p24ArticleChina
180_033Uhl, TedEditor's Galley22-2 p33Column
180_034Society Officers22-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
180_034Shafer, NeilPresident's Column22-2 p34Column
180_035Reedy, Clyde MA Historical Study: Banknotes of South Vietnam22-2 p35ArticleVietnam
180_045Humpris, John GSignatures and Series Letters On Russian Imperial Credit Notes22-2 p45ArticleRussiaSignatures
180_051I.B.N.S. Congress22-2 p51Report
180_052Remick, JeromeBook Review22-2 p52Book ReviewMalaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
180_052Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money 198322-2 p52Book (Reviewed)Malaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
180_052Report on the 17th Burnley I.B.N.S. Meeting22-2 p52Chapter News
180_053Hessler, GeneSymbolism on the U.S. Greenback22-2 p53ArticleUnited States
180_054Booker II, H HIt's Your Money: Why Not Mexican Money Too?22-2 p54ArticleMexico
179_065Uhl, TedEditor's Galley22-3 p65Column
179_066Society Officers22-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
179_066Shafer, NeilPresident's Column22-3 p66Column
179_067Boling, Joseph EA Pictoral History: Prince Shotoku's Portrait Depicted on Japanese Banknotes22-3 p67ArticleJapanPortraits
179_074Narbeth, ColinCollecting Banknotes: Condition-Mania Over-riding The Basic Purpose of Collecting22-3 p74ArticleCollecting Advice
179_076Young, DerekPerkins & Heath: Hibernian Bank Tokens22-3 p76ArticleIrelandPrinters
179_077Newfoundland New Book Released22-3 p77Book ReviewCanada
179_077J Douglas Ferguson Historical Research FoundationThe Currency and Medals of Newfoundland22-3 p77Book (Reviewed)Canada
179_078Uhl, TedOne Peso: Honduras Discovery Banknote22-3 p78ArticleHonduras
179_079Hill, Ruth; Hortmann, Alfred GPhotographic Records: Fluorescent Markings on Banknotes22-3 p79ArticleSecurity
179_086Hessler, GeneA Trial List: Airplanes on Banknotes22-3 p86ArticleThematic Collecting
178_097Uhl, TedEditor's Galley22-4 p97Column
178_098Society Officers22-4 p98I.B.N.S. Board
178_098Shafer, NeilPresident's Column22-4 p98Column
178_099Crapanzano, GuidoNew Discovery: Unpublished Tyrolese Banknotes22-4 p99ArticleAustria
178_101Grant, Geoffrey LBook Reviews22-4 p101Book ReviewUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
178_101Hartley, W C EBanking in Yorkshire22-4 p101Book (Reviewed)United KingdomPrivate Issues
178_101Davis, S NBanking in Boston22-4 p101Book (Reviewed)United KingdomPrivate Issues
178_102McDonald, William HA Brief Historical Account: The Paper Money of Hungary22-4 p102ArticleHungary
178_105Frankl, FranzPromissary Notes: Palestine's Traveling Credentials22-4 p105ArticlePalestine
178_106West, PamAn Introduction To The Joys of Error Note Collecting22-4 p106ArticleErrors
178_107Driver, BarryThe Maori King On New Zealand Banknotes22-4 p107ArticleNew Zealand
178_108Santamas, Michael LCyprus: Some Interesting Currency Notes22-4 p108ArticleCyprus
178_113Klaus, LadislavCase of The Missing Overprint22-4 p113ArticleBohemia and Moravia
178_114Jorgensen, Christian KFrench Banknote Printing: Letters and Cumulative Numbers22-4 p114ArticleFranceSerial Numbers
178_117Loeb, Walter MThe Last Mainland Republic of China Currency22-4 p117ArticleChina
178_118Blood, Kevin LPrefixes used On Replacement Notes22-4 p118ArticleReplacement Notes
178_121Poleske, Lee EChilean Painting: El Abrazo de Maipu22-4 p121ArticleChilePortraits
178_123New Organization: Latvian Numismatic Society22-4 p123ReportLatvia
177_001Uhl, TedEditor's Galley23-1 p01Column
177_002Society Officers23-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
177_002Shafer, NeilPresident's Column23-1 p02Column
177_003Keable, DavidA Short Study Travelers' Monetary Instruments23-1 p03ArticleTraveller's Cheques; Bills of Exchange
177_009Mira, W JThe Burns Philp Pacific Islands Note Issue Register No. 123-1 p09ArticleAustralia; Solomon IslandsPrivate Issues
177_013Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World23-1 p13ColumnWorld Notes
177_014I.B.N.S. Nottingham Chapter23-1 p14Chapter News
177_014MacKenzie, Kenneth MWorld War II: Germany Predicts the Future23-1 p14ArticleGermanyWorld War II
177_015Hessler, GeneTrial List: Horses on World Paper Money23-1 p15ArticleThematic Collecting
177_016New Book: Banks and Banknotes of Exeter, 1769-190623-1 p16Book ReviewUnited KingdomPrivate Issues
177_016Ryton, JohnBanks and Banknotes of Exeter, 1796-190623-1 p16Book (Reviewed)United KingdomPrivate Issues
177_016Jellum, WaltNorwegian Paper Money23-1 p16ArticleNorway
177_017Bruce, Colin RWON: Bad Afternoon23-1 p17ArticleKorea
177_018Howard, Terris CStamp Money, 1936-1939: Issues of the Spanish Civil War23-1 p18ArticleSpainMilitary
177_021Friedman, Herbert AKorean War: Propaganda Currency23-1 p21ArticleKoreaPropaganda Notes
177_025Medhora, A N; Ross, FrederickAH 1308 Series: Hyderabad Hundis and Their Background23-1 p25ArticleIndia
177_027Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Combined Annual Statement23-1 p27Financial Report
176_033Uhl, TedEditor's Galley23-2 p33Column
176_034Society Officers23-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
176_034Shafer, NeilPresident's Column23-2 p34Column
176_035Mao, King OnVaried Issues of Precious Paper Money of China23-2 p35ArticleChina
176_039McCarthy, MichaelHarrison & Sons: "Banknote Printers"23-2 p39ArticleUnited KingdomPrinters
176_040Clark, MarshallSeldom Seen Japtan Island Scrip23-2 p40ArticleSouth Pacific
176_041Hessler, GeneAmericans of Foreign Birth Portrayed On U.S. Paper Money23-2 p41ArticleUnited States
176_043CPMS Souvenir Card Issued For Toronto Sesquicentennial23-2 p43ArticleCanada
176_044Remick, JeromeQuebec City Store Releases Engraved Trade Notes23-2 p44ArticleCanada
176_045Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World23-2 p45Column
176_046Bartholomew, JA Few Interesting Observations23-2 p46ArticleScotland; Ghana; Isle of Man
176_047Kornafel, AndyThe Banknote With A Split Personality23-2 p47ArticleMexico
176_047I.B.N.S. News From England23-2 p47Chapter News
176_048Nottingham I.B.N.S. Chapter Meets23-2 p48Chapter News
176_049Tomita, MasahiroBanknotes of The People's Republic of China23-2 p49ArticleChina
176_050Glynn, JohnBook Review23-2 p50Book Review
176_050Robinson, Michael; Shaw, L ACoins and Banknotes of Burma23-2 p50Book (Reviewed)
176_051Fraser, IanWatermark Numbers On Later English White Fivers23-2 p51ArticleUnited KingdomSerial Numbers
176_051Shafer, NeilWON: Bad Afternoon - A Noteworthy Rebuttal23-2 p51Article UpdateNorth Korea
176_052Pierre, BernardYou Have Nothing To Declare?23-2 p52ArticleAlgeria
175_065Uhl, TedPresident's Column23-3 p65Column
175_066Society Officers23-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
175_067Ross, Frederick1883-1901 British Indian Hundis: Queen Victoria "Gray Paper" Series23-3 p67ArticleIndia
175_071Friedman, Herbert AThe Military and Political Propaganda Currency of China23-3 p71ArticleChinaPropaganda Notes
175_076Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World23-3 p76Column
175_077Seibert, Victor CThe Birth of The USSR Coat-of-Arms23-3 p77ArticleRussia
175_078Boling, Joseph EBook Review23-3 p78Book ReviewUnited StatesGrading
175_078Kwart, Herbert JUnited States Paper Money Gading Standard23-3 p78Book (Reviewed)United StatesGrading
175_079Henke, KlausChina: Paper Money of the Seventh Century23-3 p79ArticleChina
175_083Kwart, RoselynTerritorial Florida: Scrip History of Tallahassee23-3 p83ArticleUnited States
175_084Remick, JeromeAnticounterfeiting Devices Under Study For U.S. Notes23-3 p84ArticleUnited StatesSecurity
175_084Sydney Chapter Meets23-3 p84Chapter NewsAustralia
175_085Remick, JeromeStore Trade Notes Commemorate Pope's Visit to Quebec23-3 p85ArticleCanadaPrivate Issues
175_086Coffing, Courtney LThe Notgeld Experience: Funny Money or Tragic Money?23-3 p86ArticleGermanyNotgeld
175_088Melbourne Chapter News23-3 p88Chapter NewsAustralia
174_097Uhl, TedPresident's Column23-4 p97Column
174_098Society Officers23-4 p98I.B.N.S. Board
174_099Schuman, EdwardFinancial Magnates: The Rothschilds In America23-4 p99ArticleUnited States
174_103Hessler, GeneMax Svabinsky: Czechoslovak Designer23-4 p103ArticleCzechoslovakiaEngravers
174_106Narbeth, ColinCol. von Lettow Vorbeck's G.E.A. Emergency Notes23-4 p106ArticleEast AfricaEmergency Issues
174_107Narbeth, ColinBook Review23-4 p107Book ReviewUnited Kingdom
174_107Ryton, JohnBanks and Banknotes of Exeter, 1796-190623-4 p107Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
174_108Bank of Israel Issues New 5000 Sheqalim Note23-4 p108New Note IssueIsrael
174_109Butler, Phillip DThai Series 4 "Official" Counterfeits23-4 p109ArticleThailandForgeries
174_111BEP to exhibit at 1985 International Banknote Show23-4 p111ReportUnited States
174_111Cosopodiotis, ChrisMelbourne Chapter Meets23-4 p111Chapter NewsAustralia
174_111I.B.N.S. Congress23-4 p111Report
174_112I.B.N.S. Congress A Great Success23-4 p112Report
174_114Butler, Phillip DSeries 5, 100 Baht Notes Printed In Excess By Japanese23-4 p114ArticleJapan; Thailand
174_115Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World23-4 p115Column
174_118Barlok, CemNew Turk Note Discovered23-4 p118ArticleTurkey
174_119Lakshminarayana, M VCollecting Banknotes With Unusual Serial Numbers23-4 p119ArticleIndiaSerial Numbers
174_120BNR Press Award23-4 p120Book of the YearDenmark
174_120Flensborg, PeterOfficial Paper Money of the Kingdom of Denmark, 1713-198323-4 p120Book of the YearDenmark
174_120Thornton, FrancisReport on 20th Burnley I.B.N.S. Meeting23-4 p120Chapter NewsUnited Kingdom
173_001Uhl, TedPresident's Column24-1 p01Column
173_002Society Officers24-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
173_003Friedman, Herbert ACold War: Propaganda Currency24-1 p03ArticlePropaganda Notes
173_010Houston, Rose ChanMongol or Yuan Paper Currency24-1 p10ArticleMongolia
173_014Hessler, GeneLooking Closely At Portraits of Dom Pedro II24-1 p14ArticleBrazilPortraits
173_015Narbeth, ColinBanknotes of Turks and Caicos Isles24-1 p15ArticleTurks and Caicos Isles
173_015Morgan, LeslieBook Reviews24-1 p15Book ReviewUnited Kingdom; Isle of Man
173_015Duggleby, VincentEnglish Paper Money, Third Edition24-1 p15Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
173_016Chappell, ConneryIsland of Barbed Wire24-1 p16Book (Reviewed)Isle of Man
173_016Hessler, GeneI.B.N.S., B.N.R. Literary and Press Awards24-1 p16Literary Awards
173_017Bank of Israel Produces New 10,000 Sheqalim Note24-1 p17New Note IssueIsrael
173_018Bank of Greece Issues New 5,000 Drachma Note24-1 p18New Note IssueGreece
173_018I.B.N.S. Chapter Reports24-1 p18Chapter News
173_019Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World24-1 p19Column
173_021COAC 85 Scheduled24-1 p21ReportUnited States
173_022Brazil Prints High Denomination Notes24-1 p22New Note IssueBrazil
173_022New Banknote Introduced by Government of Israel24-1 p22New Note IssueIsrael
172_033Uhl, TedPresident's Column24-2 p33Column
172_034Society Officers24-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
172_035Atkinson, Harry WPropaganda Currency: More on Insults on Money24-2 p35ArticlePropaganda Notes
172_037Letter to the Editor24-2 p37Correspondence
172_038Schaaf, BernardThe Shrinking Dollar or "The Decline and Fall of Beautiful American Banknotes"24-2 p38ArticleUnited States
172_041Friedman, Herbert AAmerican Propaganda: Banknotes of World War II24-2 p41ArticleUnited StatesPropaganda Notes; World War II
172_045Ross, FrederickThe British Indian Papers: Edward VII and George V Gray Paper Hundi Series24-2 p45ArticleIndia
172_048Frankl, FranzTel Aviv 1914: War Emergency Notes24-2 p48ArticleIsraelEmergency Issues
172_049I.B.N.S. Midwest Chapter Meets24-2 p49Chapter News
172_050Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World24-2 p50Column
172_051Kouame, Lazare NPaper Money In West Africa24-2 p51ArticleWest Africa
172_052Lott, DavidCoupon Dollar Notes: Hurricane Relief Money24-2 p52ArticleDominica
172_052McCarthy, MichaelSudan's Camel Postman24-2 p52ArticleSudan
172_054I.B.N.S. Chapter Meetings24-2 p54Chapter News
172_055Canadian Paper Strong: In Lowerison Collection Sale24-2 p55ArticleCanada
172_057Tomkins, A RNottingham Chapter24-2 p57Chapter News
172_057I.B.N.S. Literary Awards24-2 p57Literary Awards
171_065Uhl, TedPresident's Column24-3 p65Column
171_066Society Officers24-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
171_067Poleske, Lee EVignettes of Carol II of Romania24-3 p67ArticleRomania
171_071Friedman, Herbert APropaganda Currency of Great Britain and the Allies24-3 p71ArticleUnited KingdomPropaganda Notes
171_077Hanewich, MurrayEgypt Plans Paper to Brass Monetary Change24-3 p77ArticleEgypt
171_078Schuman, EdwardRail Travel Initiated By South Carolina RR Company24-3 p78ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
171_080Mira, W JP.O.W. Note Issue For Bangalore Camp 724-3 p80ArticleIndiaPOW
171_082Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World24-3 p82Column
171_083Rodgers, Kerry AA Preliminary Survey: Fiji's Second Decimal Currency Notes24-3 p83ArticleFiji
171_086Remick, JeromeBook Reviews24-3 p86Book ReviewAustralia
171_086Vort-Ronald, Michael PBanks of Issue in Australia (1788-1914)24-3 p86Book (Reviewed)Australia
171_086Vort-Ronald, Michael PAustralian Banknotes (1913-1966)24-3 p86Book (Reviewed)Australia
171_086Vort-Ronald, Michael PAustralian Decimal Banknotes (1966-1985)24-3 p86Book (Reviewed)Australia
171_087Kindleberger, Charles PA Financial History of Western Europe24-3 p87Book (Reviewed)Europe
171_088London Committee24-3 p88Chapter News
170_097Uhl, TedPresident's Column24-4 p97Column
170_098Society Officers24-4 p98I.B.N.S. Board
170_099Robinson, MichaelAllied Forgeries of JIM For Southeast Asia24-4 p99ArticleJIM; Forgeries
170_100Spinelli, FrankCollect & Exchange24-4 p100ArticleItaly
170_101Friedman, Herbert AGerman Propaganda Currency - Part 124-4 p101ArticleGermanyPropaganda Notes
170_105Marshall, IanEast Caribbean Territories: Signature Varieties24-4 p105ArticleEast CaribbeanSignatures
170_108Tomkins, A RNottingham Chapter24-4 p108Chapter News
170_109New Swedish 500 Kronor Bank Note24-4 p109New Note IssueSweden
170_10922nd I.B.N.S. Meeting held at Burnley24-4 p109Chapter News
170_110Prigg, EddieA Study of Look Alike 100 Yen Bank Notes24-4 p110ArticleJapan
170_111London Committee24-4 p111Chapter News
170_112Blackburn, MiltNew Zealand Modern Bank Notes24-4 p112ArticleNew Zealand
170_114M'Cormick, J NeilPropaganda Currency: "Vinceremo Videcemo" Defined24-4 p114ArticleItaly; YugoslaviaPropaganda Notes
170_116Robertson, JohnSon of Samurai: On New 5000 Yen Bank Note24-4 p116New Note IssueJapan
170_117Eccles, Peter GChange of Signature On New Zealand Bank Notes24-4 p117ArticleNew ZealandSignatures
170_118Kanowsky, BillThe Franklin Mint: Thomas De La Rue Specimens24-4 p118ArticleThematic Collecting
170_119Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World24-4 p119Column
170_120Boling, Joseph EA Response To A Response From Vol. 24, No.224-4 p120Correspondence
169_001Uhl, TedPresident's Column25-1 p01Column
169_002Society Officers25-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
169_003Friedman, Herbert AGerman Propaganda Currency - Part 225-1 p03ArticleGermanyPropaganda Notes
169_009Christoforoni, Giles92 Years Issuing Banknotes25-1 p09ArticleIndochina; France
169_011Thornton, FrancisChannel Islands: Modern Currency Note Update25-1 p11ArticleJersey; Guernsey
169_014London I.B.N.S. News25-1 p14Chapter News
169_015Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World25-1 p15Column
169_017Robertson, JohnNewly Issued Japanese: 1000 Yen Banknote25-1 p17New Note IssueJapan
169_019Rey, Clément1941 to 1945 Substitute: Shekels of Mauritius25-1 p19ArticleMauritiusJewish
169_022Munoz, M AEast Caribbean: Currency Authority Banknotes25-1 p22ArticleEast Caribbean
169_023McDonald, William HShanghai, China: Park Union Foreign Banking Corporation25-1 p23ArticleChina
168_033Uhl, TedPresident's Column25-2 p33Column
168_034Society Officers25-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
168_035Friedman, Herbert APropaganda Currency: The "Small" Wars25-2 p35ArticlePropaganda Notes
168_041Poleske, Lee EBelgian Note: 100 Francs of 1921-192725-2 p41ArticleBelgium
168_045Smith, Samuel LBank of Nassau: Deceptive Note Surfaces25-2 p45ArticleBahamas
168_045Lott, DavidSecurity Devices on Saudi Arabian Banknotes25-2 p45ArticleSaudi ArabiaSecurity
168_048Vesthagen, Ole ATrial prints for Norwegian Notes25-2 p48ArticleNorway
168_049Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World25-2 p49Column
168_051London I.B.N.S. News25-2 p51Chapter News
168_052New Banknote Issued by Israel25-2 p52New Note IssueIsrael
168_052Israel Sells Sheqel Notes25-2 p52New Note IssueIsrael
168_053van Weeren, Hans PNew Notes appear for the Netherlands and Aruba25-2 p53New Note IssueNetherlands; Aruba
168_054Tomita, MasahiroVirtual Currencies of the Peoples Republic Of China25-2 p54ArticleChina
168_054Nottingham Chapter I.B.N.S. News25-2 p54Chapter News
167_065Uhl, TedPresident's Column25-3 p65Column
167_066Society Officers25-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
167_067Alusic, MilanExecutive Board Minutes, 7 Aug. 1986, Chicago25-3 p67I.B.N.S. Minutes
167_067Payton, MikeYour New Editor25-3 p67Column
167_068McDonald, William HThe Mexican Banks of Issue (Bancos)25-3 p68ArticleMexico
167_076Friedman, Herbert AAnti-Semitic Notgeld of Germany & Austria25-3 p76ArticleAustria; GermanyJewish; Notgeld
167_084Quoc, Nguyen HViet Minh Tin Phieu (1947-1951)25-3 p84ArticleVietnam
167_085Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World25-3 p85Column
167_087Awards and Letters25-3 p87Literary AwardsGermany
167_087Kranister, WillibaldDie Geldmacher vom Gulden zum Schilling25-3 p87Book of the YearGermany
167_088Meet Me in St. Louie ...25-3 p88Report
166_Inside Front CoverIn Memoriam: Ted Uhl (1925-1986)25-4 Inside Front CoverObituary
166_097Boling, Joseph EPresident's Column25-4 p97Column
166_098Society Officers25-4 p98I.B.N.S. Board
166_099London: October 4,198625-4 p99I.B.N.S. Minutes
166_099St. Louis: November 15, 198625-4 p99I.B.N.S. Minutes
166_099New York: December 14,198625-4 p99I.B.N.S. Minutes
166_099Payton, MikeEditor's Comments25-4 p99Column
166_100Rodgers, Kerry AFiji Islands: Fiji Islands Update: Fabulous Fiji Find!25-4 p100ArticleFiji
166_102Friedman, Herbert AGermany: Anti-Semitic and Political Overprints on German Inflation Currency25-4 p102ArticleGermanyJewish
166_107Tomita, MasahiroPoland: Bon Towarowy: Foreign Exchange Instruments of Poland25-4 p107ArticlePoland
166_108Nader, A F; Soesantio, AIndonesia: Republik Islam Indonesia JIM Overprints - Two Perspectives25-4 p108ArticleIndonesiaJIM
166_111MacKenzie, Kenneth MOttoman Turkey: Ka'imes at the Commencement of Abdul Hamid II's Reign25-4 p111ArticleTurkey
166_113Friedman, Herbert AGermany: A WWI British Forgery?25-4 p113ArticleGermany; United KingdomWorld War I
166_114Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World25-4 p114Column
166_116The Unknown CorrespondentLondon Calling...25-4 p116Chapter News
165_002Boling, Joseph EFrom the President26-1 p02Column
165_002Society Officers26-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
165_003Payton, MikeFrom the Editor26-1 p03Column
165_004Chen, Aurelia BChile: Fine Art on Banknotes: Orders from El Banco de Santiago, Chile26-1 p04ArticleChile
165_010Friedman, Herbert AViet Nam: Propaganda Overprints on the Wartime Currency of Viet Nam26-1 p10ArticleVietnamPropaganda Notes
165_017Uhl, TedIceland: World War II U. S. Navy Currency of Camp Knox in Iceland26-1 p17ArticleIcelandWorld War II
165_018Rodgers, Kerry AFiji Islands: Fiji Decimal Banknotes: an Update26-1 p18ArticleFiji
165_020Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World26-1 p20Column
165_022The Unknown CorrespondentLondon Calling...26-1 p22Chapter News
165_023Bruce, Angus EBook Review26-1 p23Book ReviewJapan
165_023Ogawa, Yoshinori; Kozono, Hitoshi; Boling, Joseph EPaper Money of the 20th Century - Paper Money of Japan, Volume 4B26-1 p23Book (Reviewed)Japan
165_023Remick, JeromeBook Review26-1 p23Book ReviewMalaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
165_023Tan, StevenThe Standard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money, Seventh Edition26-1 p23Book (Reviewed)Malaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
164_034Boling, Joseph EFrom the President26-2 p34Column
164_034Society Officers26-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
164_035Letters to the Editor26-2 p35Correspondence
164_035Payton, MikeFrom the Editor26-2 p35Column
164_036Poleske, Lee EChile: Bernardo O'Higgins, Liberator of Chile26-2 p36ArticleChilePortraits
164_043Payton, MikeU.S./Philippines: Engravers' Initials on U.S. B.E.P. Notes?26-2 p43ArticleUnited States; PhilippinesEngravers
164_044Hessler, GeneU.S./Philippines: More Engravers' Initials on U.S. B.E.P. Notes26-2 p44ArticleUnited States; PhilippinesEngravers
164_045Slabaugh, Arlie RIceland: Camp Knox - WWII Update26-2 p45Article UpdateIcelandWorld War II
164_046Fisher, Jack HCanada: King George V and Queen Mary Influenced Canadian Notes26-2 p46ArticleCanada
164_048MacKenzie, Kenneth MTunisia: Banknotes from Ottoman Tunisia26-2 p48ArticleTunisia; Turkey
164_050Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World26-2 p50Column
164_052Executive Board Minutes, 20 June 1987, Memphis26-2 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
164_054Minutes of General Meeting, 20 June 1987, Memphis26-2 p54I.B.N.S. Minutes
164_054Awards26-2 p54Literary Awards
163_066Boling, Joseph EFrom the President26-3 p66Column
163_066Society Officers26-3 p66I.B.N.S. Board
163_067Payton, MikeFrom the Editor26-3 p67Column
163_068Denis, Gary CPhilippines/J.I.M.: WWII Washington Counterfeits of Japanese Occupation Currency for the Philippines26-3 p68ArticlePhilippines; JapanJIM
163_074Friedman, Herbert ARussia: White Army Overprints on Russian Civil War Currency26-3 p74ArticleRussiaWar
163_077Gibb, AlistairBook Review26-3 p77Book ReviewChina
163_077Marshall, J FWhere the Wild Thyme Blows - Some Memoirs of Service with the Hong Kong Bank26-3 p77Book (Reviewed)China
163_078In Memoriam: David Atsmony26-3 p78Obituary
163_080Boling, Joseph EJapan: They're Tougher by the Dozen: Varieties of Japan's 1953 100 Yen Note (P-90)26-3 p80ArticleJapan
163_082Freehill, Mark EPaper Money World26-3 p82Column
163_085Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 28 August 1987, Atlanta26-3 p85I.B.N.S. Minutes
163_085Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 4 October 1987, London26-3 p85I.B.N.S. Minutes
162_098Boling, Joseph EFrom the President26-4 p98Column
162_098Society Officers26-4 p98I.B.N.S. Board
162_099Payton, MikeFrom the Editor26-4 p99Column
162_100Barrett, William LSweden: The World's First Bank Notes: Europe's First Paper Money; The Palmstruch Notes26-4 p100ArticleSweden
162_103Thornton, FrancisGuernsey: New Signature for State of Guernsey26-4 p103ArticleGuernseySignatures
162_104Rodgers, Kerry A; Cantrell, CarolFiji Islands: Illegal Currency Tokens of World War II Fiji26-4 p104ArticleFijiWorld War II
162_107Gibb, AlistairScotland: The Double Date Mystery: Douglas, Heron, and Co. - Bankers in Ayr26-4 p107ArticleScotlandPrivate Issues
162_108Kouame, Lazare NAfrica: African Monetary Zones and the Strength of UMOA - West African CFA Franc26-4 p108ArticleWest Africa
162_111Eijsermans, Jos F MEgypt: Mysterious Egyptian Overprints26-4 p111ArticleEgypt
162_112Payton, MikeWWII Military: The Panay Note: 50 Years Later Survivor of a Forgotten Tragedy26-4 p112ArticleChinaWorld War II
162_116Nader, A FIndonesia: Republic Islam Indonesia JIM Overprints26-4 p116ArticleIndonesiaJIM
162_117ABNC Destroys Plates!26-4 p117ArticleUnited StatesPrinters
162_117Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 13 December 1987, New York26-4 p117I.B.N.S. Minutes
161_002Boling, Joseph EFrom the President27-1 p02Column
161_002Society Officers27-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
161_003Payton, MikeFrom the Editor27-1 p03Column
161_004Mauritius: Previously Unknown Mauritius Issue Surfaces27-1 p04ArticleMauritius
161_004College Currency Information Sought27-1 p04ArticleUnited States
161_005Boling, Joseph EJapan: Building a National Currency Japan, 1868-189927-1 p05ArticleJapan
161_014Tirouflet, PaulFrance: Emergency Currency used in the French Department of La Sarthe27-1 p14ArticleFranceEmergency Issues
161_022Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 5 March 1988, Chicago27-1 p22I.B.N.S. Minutes
160_034Boling, Joseph EFrom the President27-2 p34Column
160_034Society Officers27-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
160_035Gibb, AlistairEnid Salter, An Appreciation27-2 p35Obituary
160_035H. Natasuwarna - Remembered27-2 p35Obituary
160_035Awards to Authors For Articles in I.B.N.S. Journal - 1987 Volume 2627-2 p35Literary Awards
160_035I.B.N.S. Book Award To South African27-2 p35Book of the YearSouth Africa
160_035Engelbrecht, C LMoney in South Africa27-2 p35Book of the YearSouth Africa
160_036Atterton, DavidChina: Early Chinese Communist Currency27-2 p36ArticleChina
160_049Robinson, MichaelBurma/JIM/WWII: Allied Forgeries of Burmese JIM - Update27-2 p49ArticleBurmaJIM; Forgeries
160_051Denis, Gary CPhilippines:/JIM/WWII: Counterfeit Philippine JIM - Update27-2 p51ArticlePhilippinesJIM; Forgeries
159_066Boling, Joseph EFrom the President27-3&4 p66Column
159_066Society Officers27-3&4 p66I.B.N.S. Board
159_067Payton, MikeFrom the Editor27-3&4 p67Column
159_068König, WolfgangPersia, WWI Germany: WWI Persian Overprints on German Notes The So-called "Dr. von Niedermayer Notes"27-3&4 p68ArticleGermany; PersiaWorld War I
159_079Denis, DanielGhana: Bank of Ghana - New Discovery27-3&4 p79New Note IssueGhana
159_080Sadd, AlanNew Zealand: Curiosities in Serial Prefixes on New Zealand Reserve Bank £ Notes27-3&4 p80ArticleNew ZealandSerial Numbers
159_082Payton, MikeWWII: The Panay Note - Update27-3&4 p82Article UpdateChina
159_084Rey, ClémentMauritius: The Board of Currency Commissioners of Mauritius - Update27-3&4 p84ArticleMauritius
159_086MacKenzie, Kenneth MTurkey: The Imperial Ottoman Bank "Bank Ka'imes"27-3&4 p86ArticleTurkey
159_090Hessler, GeneEngraving: Robert Savage - World Banknote Engraver27-3&4 p90ArticleEngravers
159_094Sandrock, John EGreece/WWII: The Greek Inflation Series - Some Interesting Sidelights27-3&4 p94ArticleGreeceInflation Issues
159_098Hanewich, MurrayIndia/Counterfeits: The Suicide Rupees of Baghdad27-3&4 p98ArticleIndia; Iraq
159_100Boling, Joseph EBook Review27-3&4 p100Book ReviewWorld Notes
159_100Uemura, TakashiSekai no Ginko-ken (Banknotes of the World)27-3&4 p100Book (Reviewed)World Notes
159_100Eskijian, LutherBook Review27-3&4 p100Book ReviewArmenia
159_100Nercessian, Y TBank Notes of Armenia27-3&4 p100Book (Reviewed)Armenia
159_101Remick, JeromeBook Review27-3&4 p101Book ReviewPrince Edward Island
159_101Graham, Robert J et alThe Currency and Medals of Prince Edward Island27-3&4 p101Book (Reviewed)Prince Edward Island
159_101Nader, A FIndonesia/RII: Still More Republik Islam Indonesia (update)27-3&4 p101Article UpdateIndonesiaJIM
159_102Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 25 June 1988, Memphis27-3&4 p102I.B.N.S. Minutes
159_102Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 26 June 1988, Memphis27-3&4 p102I.B.N.S. Minutes
159_103Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 2 October 1988, London27-3&4 p103I.B.N.S. Minutes
159_104Boling, Joseph EHitoshi Kozono, I.B.N.S. member no. 96, Fukuoka, Japan27-3&4 p104Obituary
159_104Yoshinori Ogawa, Former I.B.N.S. no. 766, Tokyo, Japan27-3&4 p104Obituary
159_104Peter P. Zackarko, I.B.N.S. member no. 3302, Toronto, Ontario, Canada27-3&4 p104Obituary
159_104Payton, MikeAlbert Eastman Mizrahi, I.B.N.S. member no. 876, Mission, Kansas U.S.A.27-3&4 p104Obituary
158_002Boling, Joseph EFrom the President28-1 p02Column
158_002Society Officers28-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
158_003Boling, Joseph EE. H. "Hank" Barton28-1 p03Obituary
158_003Payton, MikeFrom the Editor28-1 p03Column
158_004Carlzon, Lars MSweden: Three Swedish-Dutch Links in the Early History of European Paper Money28-1 p04ArticleSweden; Netherlands
158_018Sandrock, John EGreece/WWII: The Greek Inflation Series - Some Interesting Sidelights (Continued)28-1 p18ArticleGreeceInflation Issues
157_034Boling, Joseph EFrom the President28-2 p34Column
157_034Society Officers28-2 p34I.B.N.S. Board
157_035Payton, MikeFrom the Editor28-2 p35Column
157_036Burson, Weldon DCentral African States: Signature Combinations of Central African States Banknotes28-2 p36ArticleCentral AfricaSignatures
157_044Rosenman, RichardVenezuela: "Missing" Venezuelan Note Surfaces as Proof28-2 p44ArticleVenezuelaProofs
157_048Klaus, LadislavCzechoslovakia: The Czechoslovakian Currency Reform of 195328-2 p48ArticleCzechoslovakia
157_051Friedman, Herbert ARussia/WWII: A German Propaganda Bond for Russia28-2 p51ArticleRussia; GermanyPropaganda Notes
157_052Denis, Gary CCanada: The 92.5 Cent Diefendollar28-2 p52ArticleCanada
157_053Minutes of the Annual Meeting, 24 June 1989, Memphis28-2 p53I.B.N.S. Minutes
157_053Minutes of the Executive Board, 24 June 1989, Memphis28-2 p53I.B.N.S. Minutes
156_066Boling, Joseph EFrom the President28-3&4 p66Column
156_066Society Officers28-3&4 p66I.B.N.S. Board
156_067Payton, MikeFrom the Editor28-3&4 p67Column
156_068Campbell, Lance KFrance/WWII: Vichy France - Bon de Solidarite Note Varieties28-3&4 p68ArticleFranceWorld War II
156_074Levius, Harold PS. Africa/Boer War: How the Anglo-Boer War Lead to the Most Glittering Jewel in the British Crown - and Something About the Paper Money Involved28-3&4 p74ArticleSouth Africa; United Kingdom
156_079Rodgers, Kerry A; Schwan, C FrederickGilbert & Ellice Is./WWII: Gilbert & Ellice Islands Emergency Currency of World War II28-3&4 p79ArticleGilbert and Ellice IslandsEmergency Issues
156_082Robinson, Michael; Hadamovsky, SteffanWWII/JIM: Counterfeit Burma & Malaya JIM - a Further Update28-3&4 p82ArticleBurma; MalayaJIM; Forgeries
156_086Bruce, Angus EMilitary Currency: Monies of Operation Crossroads28-3&4 p86ArticleUnited States; Marshall Islands
156_090Youssefi, ArmenKuwait: The Currencies of Kuwait28-3&4 p90ArticleKuwait
156_095Executive Board Minutes, 8 October 1989, London28-3&4 p95I.B.N.S. Minutes
156_095Gibb, AlistairBook Review28-3&4 p95Book Review
156_095Kranister, WillibaldThe Moneymakers International28-3&4 p95Book (Reviewed)
156_096Poleske, Lee EMexico: Mexican Note Commemorates Oil Nationalization28-3&4 p96ArticleMexico
156_098Berglund, Anders; Talvio, Tuukka; Zander, RandolphRussia/Alaska: Russian American Company Scrip Notes - Some Observations28-3&4 p98ArticleRussia; United States
155_001Boling, Joseph EPresident's Message29-1 p01Column
155_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column29-1 p02Column
155_002Society Officers29-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
155_003MacKenzie, Kenneth MCuneyt Olcer29-1 p03Obituary
155_003Denis, Gary CDiefendollar Revisited29-1 p03Article UpdateCanada
155_004Rodgers, Kerry A; Cantrell, CarolFiji's Commissioners of Currency I: 1914-193329-1 p04ArticleFiji
155_008Campbell, Lance KScript of the Flossenburg Concentration Camp29-1 p08ArticleGermanyPOW
155_009Brill, MichaelAn Explanation of the Prefix and Serial Systems for the Bank of England White Note Series29-1 p09ArticleUnited KingdomSerial Numbers
155_013Feller, SteveReview of Prisoner-of-War and Concentration Camp Money29-1 p13Book ReviewPOW
155_013Campbell, Lance KPrisoner-of-War and Concentration Camp Money29-1 p13Book (Reviewed)POW
155_016Feller, Steve; with help from Schwan, C FrederickBooks Reveal New Information On Australian Internment Camp Currencies!29-1 p16Book ReviewAustraliaPOW
155_016Patkin, BenzionThe Dunera Internees29-1 p16Book (Reviewed)AustraliaPOW
155_019Letter to the Editor29-1 p19Correspondence
154_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message29-2 p01Column
154_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column29-2 p02Column
154_002Society Officers29-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
154_003Letters to the Editor29-2 p03Correspondence
154_004Barrett, William LCatalog of the Paper Money of Greenland29-2 p04ArticleGreenlandCatalogue
154_009Campbell, Lance KVietnamese Prisoner-of-War Notes29-2 p09ArticleVietnamPOW
154_012O'Connor, V WThe Traders Bank of Canada 1885-191229-2 p12ArticleCanadaPrivate Issues
154_016Ukos, ImreThe World's Biggest Inflation29-2 p16ArticleHungaryInflation Issues
154_018Richardson, RonReview of Collecting Banknotes of the Central Bank of the Philippines, by Guy N. Davis29-2 p18Book ReviewPhilippines
154_018Davis, Guy NCollecting Banknotes of the Central Bank of the Philippines29-2 p18Book (Reviewed)Philippines
154_019Fiero, David BReview of Paraguay Paper Money Catalog 1847-1989 by Miguel Angel Pratt-Mayans and Carlos Alberto Pusineri-Scala29-2 p19Book ReviewParaguayCatalogue
154_019Pratt-Mayans, Miguel Angel; Pusineri-Scala, Carlos AlbertoParaguay Paper Money Catalog 1847-198929-2 p19Book (Reviewed)ParaguayCatalogue
154_020Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 22 April 1990, Maastricht29-2 p20I.B.N.S. Minutes
154_021Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Annual Statement29-2 p21Financial Report
154_021Awards29-2 p21Literary Awards
154_021Book of the Year Award29-2 p21Book of the YearUnited States
154_021Hessler, GeneAn Illustrated History of United States Loans, 1775-189829-2 p21Book of the YearUnited States
153_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message29-3 p01Column
153_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column29-3 p02Column
153_002Society Officers29-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
153_003Letters to the Editor29-3 p03Correspondence
153_004MacKenzie, Kenneth MThe First Ottoman Bank Notes: Ka'ime of Abdulmecid 1839-186129-3 p04ArticleTurkey
153_009Richardson, RonEarly Philippine Paper Money Issues29-3 p09ArticlePhilippines
153_012Levius, Harold P150 Years of British Paper Money in South Africa29-3 p12ArticleSouth Africa; United Kingdom
153_015Faroh-Paris, WilfredCommentary on Venezuela29-3 p15ArticleVenezuela
153_016Andhyarujina, Rointon HIndia's Elusive Fifty Rupee Bank Notes29-3 p16ArticleIndia
153_018Rodgers, Kerry ABook Review29-3 p18Book ReviewNew Zealand
153_018Griffin, R HBank of New Zealand Banknotes 1861-193429-3 p18Book (Reviewed)New Zealand
153_019Feller, SteveBook Review29-3 p19Book ReviewUnited States
153_019Hessler, GeneAn Illustrated History of U.S. Loans - 1775-189829-3 p19Book (Reviewed)United States
153_021Feller, SteveReview of I.B.N.S. Board Meetings at Memphis, June 199029-3 p21I.B.N.S. Minutes
152_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message29-4 p01Column
152_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column29-4 p02Column
152_002Society Officers29-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
152_003Letters to the Editor29-4 p03Correspondence
152_004Michaelis, Anthony RThe Bank Notes of Science: A Neglected Art of Science and Technology29-4 p04ArticleThematic Collecting
152_017Thornton, FrancisThe Islands of Jersey and Guernsey - Channel Islands Modern Replacement Notes29-4 p17ArticleJersey; GuernseyReplacement Notes
152_019Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, August 25, 1990, Seattle29-4 p19I.B.N.S. Minutes
152_020Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board October 7, 1990, London29-4 p20I.B.N.S. Minutes
152_021Smith, Bruce WDaniel K. E. Ching29-4 p21Obituary
152_021Rishel, JohnRobert (Bob) Rupp29-4 p21Obituary
151_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message30-1 p01Column
151_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column30-1 p02Column
151_002Society Officers30-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
151_003Letters to the Editor30-1 p03Correspondence
151_004Burson, Weldon DEngraved or Litho? Printing Varieties on Equatorial African States, Cameroon, and West African State Bank Notes30-1 p04ArticleCameroon; West Africa
151_007Rodgers, Kerry A; van Mierlo, E M BThe Nederlandsche Bank 250 Guilders Bank Note30-1 p07ArticleNetherlands
151_009Rodgers, Kerry A; Cantrell, CarolA Security Printer's Sample Book: Whitehead, Morris & Co. Ltd.30-1 p09ArticlePrinters
151_012Hessler, GeneEndre Horvath, Hungarian Bank Note Designer and Engraver30-1 p12ArticleHungaryEngravers
151_014Hinman, AdamTeaching an Introduction to Foreign Paper Money30-1 p14ArticleCollecting Advice
151_019Munoz, M AThe Replacement Notes of Bermuda Monetary Authority: $1 Denomination30-1 p19ArticleBermudaReplacement Notes
151_020Munoz, M AThe Replacement Notes of Bermuda Monetary Authority: Denominations Beyond $130-1 p20ArticleBermudaReplacement Notes
151_022Munoz, M ASignature Varieties of the Dollar System Bank Notes of the Solomon Islands30-1 p22ArticleSolomon IslandsSignatures
151_026Friedman, Herbert AMore Cold War Notes30-1 p26ArticleWar
151_029Remick, JeromeHong Kong Coins and Notes Cataloged30-1 p29Book ReviewHong KongCatalogue
151_029Tan, StevenHong Kong Coin & Paper Money Catalogue30-1 p29Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
151_029Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Malaysian-Area Coins and Notes30-1 p29Book ReviewMalaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
151_029Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money (10th Edition)30-1 p29Book (Reviewed)Malaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
151_029Schwan, C FrederickSpectacular French Catalogs Released30-1 p29Book ReviewFranceCatalogue
151_029Fayette, ClaudeThe Paper Money of France, the 19th Century; and The Paper Money of France, the 20th Century30-1 p29Book (Reviewed)FranceCatalogue
150_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message30-2 p01Column
150_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column30-2 p02Column
150_002Society Officers30-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
150_003Letters to the Editor30-2 p03Correspondence
150_006Allen, Harold Don30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Harold Don Allen, 1962-196430-2 p06Article
150_008Lawrence, Jimmie N30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Jimmie Lawrence, 1964-197330-2 p08Article
150_010James, David C O30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: D.C.O. James, 1972-197430-2 p10Article
150_012Benson, William E30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: William E. Benson, 1974-197830-2 p12Article
150_014Hill, Ruth30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Ruth Hill, 1979-198130-2 p14Article
150_016Shafer, Neil30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Neil Shafer, 1981-198330-2 p16Article
150_018Boling, Joseph E30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Joseph E. Boling, 1986-199030-2 p18Article
150_020Narbeth, Colin30 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Colin Narbeth, 1990-Present30-2 p20Article
150_02230 Years of the International Bank Note Society: Charter Members of I.B.N.S.30-2 p22Article
150_024Burson, Weldon D; Lahre, RobertThe Many Varieties of West African States Bank Notes30-2 p24ArticleWest Africa
150_030Crawford, Douglas ABenjamin Rayner - Merchant Scrip, Queensland, Australia30-2 p30ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
150_0321990 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards30-2 p32Literary Awards
150_032BNR Press Book of the Year Award30-2 p32Book of the Year
150_032Pick, Albert (Editor); Bruce, Colin R (Editor); Shafer, Neil (Editor)Standard Catalog of World Paper Money: General Issues, Vol. 2 (6th Edition)30-2 p32Book of the Year
149_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message30-3 p01Column
149_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column30-3 p02Column
149_002Society Officers30-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
149_003Letters to the Editor30-3 p03Correspondence
149_004Yarwood, JohnFAn Introduction to World War II British Military Currency in North Africa30-3 p04ArticleUnited KingdomWorld War II
149_009Underwood, RichardThe Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada - Its Early History on Bank Notes30-3 p09ArticleCanadaThematic Collecting
149_013Underwood, RichardSex and Bank Notes30-3 p13Article
149_017Klaus, LadislavThe Last Hurrah30-3 p17ArticleCzechoslovakia
149_020Shrestha, B N; Rhodes, N GThe Earliest 10 Srang Tibetan Bank Note?30-3 p20ArticleTibet
149_021Bertsch, WolfgangForgeries of the Tibetan 50 Tam Bank Note of A.D. 191330-3 p21ArticleTibetForgeries
149_023Campbell, Lance KDachau Concentration Camp Scrip30-3 p23ArticlePOW
149_027Friedman, Herbert AThe North Korean 1 Won Safe Conduct Pass30-3 p27ArticleKoreaWar
149_029Deluxe Standard Catalog of World Coins Totally Updates World Coin Collecting Hobby30-3 p29Book ReviewCoins; Catalogue
149_029Deluxe ANA Centennial Edition Standard Catalog of World Coins (19th Edition)30-3 p29Book (Reviewed)Coins; Catalogue
149_029Stickles, William HReport of the I.B.N.S. Treasurer30-3 p29Financial Report
149_030Mueller, Barbara RMore on Whitehead, Morris, and Co.30-3 p30ArticlePrinters
149_031Detailed New MPC Monograph Released30-3 p31Book ReviewWorld War II; Military
149_031Schwan, C FrederickMilitary Payment Certificate Replacements, A Special Study30-3 p31Book (Reviewed)World War II; Military
149_032Reedy, Clyde MMinutes of the Board of Directors Meeting of the International Bank Note Society, 15 June 1991, Memphis30-3 p32I.B.N.S. Minutes
148_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message30-4 p01Column
148_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column30-4 p02Column
148_002Society Officers30-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
148_003Letters to the Editor30-4 p03Correspondence
148_005Friedman, Herbert APropaganda "Bank Notes" of Two Recent American "Wars"30-4 p05ArticleUnited StatesPropaganda Notes
148_010MacKenzie, Kenneth MRare Paper (Currency) Tokens used by the Jewish Community in Constantinople30-4 p10ArticleTurkeyJewish
148_016Aspen, Nelson PageSpecimen Notes30-4 p16ArticleSpecimen Notes
148_020Campbell, Lance KLudendorff Spende: WWI German Pseudo-Scrip30-4 p20ArticleGermanyWorld War I
148_021Robinson, MichaelPrinted and Watermark Dates on Bank of England and Government of India Notes30-4 p21ArticleUnited Kingdom; India
148_026Fraser, IanBroken Serial Numbers on Scottish Notes - Part 130-4 p26ArticleScotlandSerial Numbers
148_027Fraser, IanBroken Serial Numbers on Scottish Notes - Part 230-4 p27ArticleScotlandSerial Numbers
148_029MacKenzie, Kenneth MBook Review30-4 p29Book ReviewOman
148_029Darley-Doran, Robert EThe History of currency in the Sultanate of Oman30-4 p29Book (Reviewed)Oman
148_030Bueller, Vera; translated by Zellweger, ChristofComputer-Fast-Food Instead of a Gourmet Menu30-4 p30ArticleSwitzerland
148_031Campbell, Lance KBank Notes of the Central Reserve Bank of China30-4 p31ArticleChina
147_001Narbeth, ColinPresident's Message31-1 p01Column
147_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column31-1 p02Column
147_002Society Officers31-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
147_004Letters to the Editor31-1 p04Correspondence
147_007Hansen, Flemming LyngbeckBon Towarowy - An Element of Socialism in Poland31-1 p07ArticlePoland
147_014Fisher, Jack HThe Influence of Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson and the Prince of Wales (King Edward VIII) on the Paper Money of Canada31-1 p14ArticleCanada
147_017Botarelli, FerruccioMonte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) (the Oldest Bank in the World) A Serious Contribution to the Monetary Circulation in Italy31-1 p17ArticleItaly
147_019Niewold, JosE.C. = E.P.U., E.M.U., E.M.S., E.C.U., Etc.31-1 p19ArticleEuropean UnionCurrency Units
147_020Campbell, Lance KOperation Bernhard: Is It or Isn't It?31-1 p20ArticleGermanyForgeries
147_022Remick, JeromeLavish and Deluxe Book on Oman's Currency31-1 p22Book ReviewOman
147_022Darley-Doran, Robert EThe History of currency in the Sultanate of Oman31-1 p22Book (Reviewed)Oman
147_023Nachum, RBank of Israel 1955-1968 Issues - Part 131-1 p23ArticleIsrael
146_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message31-2 p01Column
146_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column31-2 p02Column
146_002Society Officers31-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
146_004Letters to the Editor31-2 p04Correspondence
146_007Cleveland, Donald RThe Bank Notes of Papua New Guinea - Part 1: The Pre-Independence Years31-2 p07ArticlePapua New Guinea
146_011Rosenman, RichardSimon Bolivar On Early North American Notes31-2 p11ArticleNorth AmericaPortraits
146_015Thornton, FrancisChannel Island Update: The Reduced Size Notes of the States of Jersey and Guernsey31-2 p15ArticleJersey; Guernsey
146_017Estival, JCThe "Blue Note" from ABNC31-2 p17ArticleIndochinaPrinters
146_020Nachum, RBank of Israel 1955-1968 Issues - Part 231-2 p20ArticleIsrael
146_027Schwan, C FrederickCampbell POW Available Now31-2 p27Book ReviewPOW
146_027Campbell, Lance KPrisoner-of-War and Concentration Camp Money of the Twentieth Century31-2 p27Book (Reviewed)POW
146_028Schwan, C FrederickHessler Comprehensive Catalog Ready Just After Memphis Show31-2 p28Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
146_028Hessler, GeneThe Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money31-2 p28Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
146_029Remick, Jerome1992 Edition of Hong Kong Coin & Paper Money Catalogue31-2 p29Book ReviewHong KongCatalogue
146_029Tan, StevenHong Kong Coin & Paper Money Catalogue31-2 p29Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
146_030Socias, JuanAn Important New Book on Venezuelan Bank Notes31-2 p30Book ReviewVenezuela
146_030Sucre-Castillo, SergioLos Billetes del Banco Central de Venezuela31-2 p30Book (Reviewed)Venezuela
146_030Remick, JeromeCurrent Circulating Bank Notes for Each Country Cataloged31-2 p30Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
146_030Efron, ArnoldoMRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency 31-2 p30Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
146_031Kouame, Lazare N (Translator)The West African Monetary Union (U.M.O.A.)31-2 p31ArticleWest Africa
146_033Fisher, Jack HMoses and the Ten Commandments in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp31-2 p33ArticleCzechoslovakiaJewish
146_035Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, April 12, 1992, Maastricht31-2 p35I.B.N.S. Minutes
146_036Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Combined Accounts31-2 p36Financial Report
146_037Literary Awards31-2 p37Literary Awards
146_037Book of the Year Award31-2 p37Book of the YearGermany
146_037Rosenberg, HolgersBanknoten des Deutchen Reiches ab 187131-2 p37Book of the YearGermany
145_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message31-3 p01Column
145_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column31-3 p02Column
145_002Society Officers31-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
145_004Letters to the Editor31-3 p04Correspondence
145_006Abezgauz, Alex; Faynshteyn, PaulRussian Paper Money from Its Origin to 184331-3 p06ArticleRussia
145_013Cleveland, Donald RThe Bank Notes of Papua New Guinea - Part 2: Issues after Independence31-3 p13ArticlePapua New Guinea
145_020Carlson, Carl W AAshes in the Wind: Inflation Fighting in Peru 1865-187831-3 p20ArticlePeruInflation Issues
145_026Montgomery, Ernest JBank Notes of Peru - "Soles de Oro 1941 through 1950"31-3 p26ArticlePeru
145_028Remick, JeromeNew Chapter on Bank Legals in 5th Edition of Canadian Bank Note Catalogue31-3 p28Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
145_028The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money (5th Edition)31-3 p28Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
145_028Remick, JeromeThe Coinage of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia - a review31-3 p28Book ReviewSomalia; Eritrea; Ethiopia
145_028Gill, DennisThe Coinage of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somalia31-3 p28Book (Reviewed)Somalia; Eritrea; Ethiopia
145_029Schwan, C FrederickGreat Confederate Discovery, New Edition of Criswell (Finally)31-3 p29Book ReviewUnited StatesConfederate; Southern States
145_029Criswell, Grover C, JrConfederate and Southern States Money31-3 p29Book (Reviewed)United StatesConfederate; Southern States
145_030Palairet, MichaelBombardment by Bank Notes: The Monetary Fallout of the Yugoslav Crisis31-3 p30ArticleYugoslaviaWar
145_033Musser, Dwight LA History of Paper Money Literature31-3 p33Article
145_037Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board of the I.B.N.S., 20th June 1992, Memphis31-3 p37I.B.N.S. Minutes
145_038Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of the I.B.N.S., 19th June 1992, Memphis31-3 p38I.B.N.S. Minutes
144_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message31-4 p01Column
144_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column31-4 p02Column
144_002Society Officers31-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
144_004Letters to the Editor31-4 p04Correspondence
144_005Gerhard, Sven WInternal Clearing Certificates of East German Agricultural Cooperatives31-4 p05ArticleGermany
144_007Fisher, Jack HThe 1878 $1 and $2 Earl of Dufferin and Countess of Dufferin Notes31-4 p07ArticleCanada
144_011Underwood, RichardThematic Collecting31-4 p11ArticleThematic Collecting
144_019Fiero, David BBook Reviews31-4 p19Book Review
144_019Douglas, Duane DThe Paper Money of the Bank of Mexico31-4 p19Book (Reviewed)Mexico
144_020Keary, D FThe Morphology of Coins31-4 p20Book (Reviewed)
144_021Alvarez-Burgos, FernandoLa Moneda Hispanica Desde Sus Origenes Hasta el Siglo (Second Edition) Vol.1 of Catalogo General de las Monedas Espanolas31-4 p21Book (Reviewed)SpainCatalogue
144_022Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Malaysia-Area Coins and Bank Notes31-4 p22Book ReviewMalaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
144_022Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money (11th Edition)31-4 p22Book (Reviewed)Malaysia; Singapore; BruneiCatalogue
144_023Feller, Steve; with help from Schwan, C FrederickValidation Certificates of the Konversionskasse31-4 p23ArticleGermany
144_032The Eleventh Edition of Standard Catalog of U.S. Paper Money31-4 p32Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
144_032Standard Catalog of U.S. Paper Money (11th Edition)31-4 p32Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
144_033Rodgers, Kerry ANota Vitiensis31-4 p33ArticleFijiWorld War II
144_035Feller, RachelThe Convention Under The Arch31-4 p35Column
143_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message32-1 p01Column
143_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column32-1 p02Column
143_002Society Officers32-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
143_004Letters to the Editor32-1 p04Correspondence
143_009Feller, SteveThe Prisoner of War Camp at Algona, Iowa: A Look at the Camp and its Monetary System32-1 p09ArticleUnited StatesPOW
143_019Italy Wins Top Award for '91 Coin of the Year32-1 p19News ReleaseItaly
143_020Gibb, AlistairDid a Note in your Collection Go Down with the "Whisky Galore" Ship?32-1 p20ArticleJamaica; Scotland
143_021Code of Ethics32-1 p21I.B.N.S.
143_022Symes, PeterNotes on the Recently Released New Zealand Five Dollar Note32-1 p22ArticleNew Zealand
143_023Cochran, BobA Review of The Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money32-1 p23Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
143_023Hessler, GeneThe Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money (5th Edition)32-1 p23Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
143_024Harmon, William RArgentina: The "Inflation Series" - Old Habit: New Money32-1 p24ArticleArgentina
143_026Hessler, GeneAlonzo Foringer, Bank Note Artist32-1 p26ArticleEngravers
143_028Fisher, Jack HThe Influence of King Abdullah ibn Hussein al-Hashemi on the Paper Money of the Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan32-1 p28ArticleJordan
143_033Turner, MikeIndex to Volume 31 of the I.B.N.S. Journal32-1 p33I.B.N.S.
142_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message32-2 p01Column
142_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column32-2 p02Column
142_002Society Officers32-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
142_004Letters to the Editor32-2 p04Correspondence
142_008Stanislav, StiblarPaper Money in Bosnia and Hercegovina32-2 p08ArticleBosnia and Herzegovina
142_011Jellum, WaltRussian Spitsbergen Paper Money32-2 p11ArticleRussia
142_017Campbell, Lance KNatzweiler Camp Note Discovered32-2 p17ArticleFrance; GermanyPOW
142_019Schwan, C FrederickCollecting Stocks and Bonds32-2 p19ArticleBonds and Shares
142_0271992 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards32-2 p27Literary Awards
142_027BNR Press Book of the Year Award32-2 p27Book of the Year
142_027Campbell, Lance KPrisoner-of-War and Concentration Camp Money of the Twentieth Century (2nd Edition)32-2 p27Book of the Year
142_028Fisher, Jack H1960 First Issue Kuwait Notes and Amir Abdallah Al-Salem Al-Sabah32-2 p28ArticleKuwait
142_035Cochran, BobConfederate and Southern States Currency32-2 p35Book ReviewUnited StatesConfederate; Southern States
142_035Criswell, Grover C, JrConfederate and Southern States Currency (4th Edition)32-2 p35Book (Reviewed)United StatesConfederate; Southern States
142_036Professional Currency Dealers Elect New Members32-2 p36News Release
142_037Buckland Dix and WoodWorld War II Treasure Ship - Unique Paper for Printing Banknotes Discovered32-2 p37News ReleaseWorld War II
141_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message32-3 p01Column
141_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column32-3 p02Column
141_002Society Officers32-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
141_004Letters to the Editor32-3 p04Correspondence
141_005Michaelis, Anthony RO V D - The Bank Notes of the Future32-3 p05ArticleSecurity
141_015Schöne, Michael HThe New Reichsmark Coupon Money of 1948 (An Interim Currency for 35 Days)32-3 p15ArticleGermany
141_018Niewold, JosA Friend Pays Friendly. The Alternative for Legal Tender.32-3 p18Article
141_019Stickles, William HInternational Bank Note Society Combined Accounts32-3 p19Financial Report
141_020Boling, Joseph EThe Japanese National Banks32-3 p20ArticleJapan
141_022Kupa, MihalyThe Greatest Inflation in the World: Hungary 1945-194632-3 p22ArticleHungaryInflation Issues
141_033Symes, PeterSecurity Threads32-3 p33ArticleSecurity
141_035Slabaugh, Arlie RConfederate States Paper Money (8th Edition)32-3 p35Book (Reviewed)United States
141_036Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board of the I.B.N.S., 4th April 1993, Maastricht32-3 p36I.B.N.S. Minutes
140_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message32-4 p01Column
140_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column32-4 p02Column
140_002Society Officers32-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
140_004Letters to the Editor32-4 p04Correspondence
140_005Symes, PeterSecurity Features in World Bank Notes32-4 p05ArticleSecurity
140_016Campbell, Lance KChinese Customs Gold Unit Notes32-4 p16ArticleChina
140_019Harmon, William RThe New Slovenian Bank Notes of January 15, 199232-4 p19New Note IssueSlovenia
140_021Boling, Joseph E; Schwan, C FrederickMilitary Currency of the Second World War32-4 p21ArticleWorld War II; Military
140_024The Professional Currency Dealers Association32-4 p24News Release
140_024Campbell, Lance KCollecting World Paper Money32-4 p24News ReleaseCollecting Advice; World Notes
140_025Kupa, MihalyThe First Hungarian Paper Money 1848-184932-4 p25ArticleHungary
140_027Sengar, Narendra SGovernment of India World War II Five-Year, Interest-Free Prize Bonds32-4 p27ArticleIndiaWorld War II
140_029College Currency Subject of Spectacular New Book32-4 p29Book Review
140_029Schingoethe, Herb; Schingoethe, MarthaCollege Currency: Money for Business Training32-4 p29Book (Reviewed)
140_033New Standard Catalog of World Coins with New Countries and New Issues32-4 p33Book ReviewWorldCoins; Catalogue
140_033Krause, Chester L; Mishler, Clifford LStandard Catalog of World Coins (21st Edition)32-4 p33Book (Reviewed)WorldCoins; Catalogue
140_033Values for Large-Size Paper Money up Sharply in New Standard Catalog32-4 p33Book ReviewWorldCatalogue
140_033Krause, Chester L; Lemke, Robert FStandard Catalog of United States Paper Money (12th Edition)32-4 p33Book (Reviewed)WorldCatalogue
140_034I.B.N.S. Membership Summary32-4 p34I.B.N.S.
140_035Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 19 June 1993, Memphis32-4 p35I.B.N.S. Minutes
140_036Schwan, C FrederickRequest For Assistance (WWII Military Currency)32-4 p36ArticleWorld War II
139_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message33-1 p01Column
139_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column33-1 p02Column
139_002Society Officers33-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
139_004Letters to the Editor33-1 p04Correspondence
139_007Fisher, Jack HWhere are the Regular Issue (not the Canceled and Specimen) 1927 Ten-Pound Palestine Currency Board Notes?33-1 p07ArticlePalestine
139_010Youssefi, ArmenBahrain - The New Issue33-1 p10ArticleBahrain
139_014Peake, Harold MAustralian Accidental Bank Notes 1991 & 199233-1 p14ArticleAustralia
139_018Sharghi, AThe 700th Anniversary of the First Issuance in Persia of Paper Money33-1 p18ArticlePersia
139_020Remick, Jerome1993 Edition of Catalogue of Hong Kong Currency Phone Cards - MTR Cards and Macau Telephone Cards33-1 p20Book ReviewHong KongCatalogue
139_020Tan, StevenCatalogue of Hong Kong Currency - Phone Cards - MTR Cards and Macau Telephone Cards (1993 Edition)33-1 p20Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
139_021Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Saudi Arabia33-1 p21ArticleSaudi Arabia
139_029Archilla-Diez, EfrainFour-Note Sheet of 1815 Puerto Rican Spanish Treasury Notes Discovered33-1 p29ArticlePuerto Rico
139_034Raymond, J CUse of the Vernacular in Geographic Names33-1 p34Article
138_001Reedy, Clyde MPresident's Message33-2 p01Column
138_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column33-2 p02Column
138_002Society Officers33-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
138_004Letters to the Editor33-2 p04Correspondence
138_007Narbeth, ColinIn Memorium: David Paterson33-2 p07Obituary
138_008Friedman, Herbert AMore Gulf War Propaganda Bank Notes33-2 p08ArticlePropaganda Notes
138_012Hussein, Mohamad HWorld Paper Money Depicting Bridges33-2 p12ArticleThematic Collecting
138_017Harper, David C1994 North American Coins & Prices33-2 p17Book ReviewUnited States; Canada
138_018Symes, PeterWatermarks on Modern Scottish Bank Notes33-2 p18ArticleScotlandSecurity
138_022MacKenzie, Kenneth MAlbanian Rail Tickets with Turkish Currency Values: 191333-2 p22ArticleTurkey; Albania
138_025Remick, Jerome12th Edition of Catalogue of Current Foreign Circulating Banknotes33-2 p25Book (Reviewed)Catalogue
138_025Efron, ArnoldoMRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency (12th Edition)33-2 p25Book ReviewCatalogue
138_025Krause, Chester L; Mishler, Clifford LStandard Catalog of World Coins, 18th Century Edition33-2 p25Book (Reviewed)Coins; Catalogue
138_026Fisher, Jack HQatar and Dubai Currency Board Notes33-2 p26ArticleQatar and Dubai
138_030Grant, Geoffrey LThose Treasury Notes33-2 p30ArticleUnited Kingdom
138_032Schwan, C FrederickThe Comprehensive Catalog of United States Paper Money Errors by Frederick J. Bart33-2 p32Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
138_032Bart, Frederick JThe Comprehensive Catalog of United States Paper Money Errors33-2 p32Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
138_034Feller, SteveWorld War Two Remembered by Fred Schwan, I.B.N.S. LM#6 and Joseph Boling, I.B.N.S. LM#833-2 p34Book ReviewWorld War II; Military
138_034Schwan, C Frederick; Boling, Joseph EWorld War Two Remembered33-2 p34Book (Reviewed)World War II; Military
138_035Thornton, FrancisI.B.N.S. Directors Meeting held at Great Western Royal Hotel, London on 9th Oct, 199333-2 p35I.B.N.S. Minutes
137_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message33-3 p01Column
137_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column33-3 p02Column
137_002Society Officers33-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
137_004Letters to the Editor33-3 p04Correspondence
137_008Rodgers, Kerry ATe Peeke o Aoteoroa: A Cautionary Tale for Numismatic Authors33-3 p08ArticleNew Zealand
137_017Cuhaj, George SAMSA Releases New Directory of Artists' Services33-3 p17News Release
137_017American Medallic Sculpture Association Directory33-3 p17News Release
137_017Goncharuck, William DRation Coupons or Ruble Support Coupons: Which is Correct?33-3 p17ArticleRussiaCoupons
137_0191993 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards33-3 p19Literary Awards
137_019I.B.N.S. Book of the Year33-3 p19Book of the Year
137_019Schingoethe, Herb; Schingoethe, MarthaCollege Currency: Money for Business Training33-3 p19Book of the Year
137_020Friedman, Herbert AA New German Propaganda Bank Note from World War II33-3 p20ArticleGermanyPropaganda Notes
137_021Glynn, JohnStamps Used as Prisoner-of-War Tokens33-3 p21ArticlePOW
137_023Hussein, Mohamad HPaper Money Depicting Common People-at-Work33-3 p23ArticleThematic Collecting
137_030Kupa, MihalyKossuth Notes Issued in Exile (1850-1866)33-3 p30ArticleHungaryPrivate Issues
137_031Marinov, RumenThe New Bank Notes of Bulgaria33-3 p31ArticleBulgaria
137_034Feller, RachelRachel Notes: With Dreams Fulfilled33-3 p34Column
137_035Minutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting (Old Board), June 18, 1994, Memphis 33-3 p35I.B.N.S. Minutes
136_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message33-4 p01Column
136_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column33-4 p02Column
136_002Society Officers33-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
136_005Letters to the Editor33-4 p05Correspondence
136_006Rodgers, Kerry AWorld War II Canteen Coupons of the 22nd New Zealand Field Ambulance in the Pacific33-4 p06ArticleNew ZealandWorld War II; Coupons
136_010Fisher, Jack HLevi Eshkol and the 1967 Check33-4 p10ArticleIsrael
136_013Proulx, ClaudeCleaning Bank Notes33-4 p13ArticleCollecting Advice
136_014Abezgauz, Alex; Volis, SteveThe Russian Imperial Navy Ministry Scrip of 1866-186733-4 p14ArticleRussia
136_020Botarelli, FerruccioPaper Money in the Papal State33-4 p20ArticleVatican
136_027Levius, Harold PPaper Money Chronicles of African History Part 1 - The Four-Hundred-Year Infamy33-4 p27ArticleAfrica
136_032New Magazine on East Asian Coins and Paper Money33-4 p32News Release
136_032Journal of East Asian Numistmatics33-4 p32News Release
136_033Anderson Cited for Numismatic Achievement33-4 p33News Release
136_034Feller, RachelRachel Notes: ErloRs (Errors)33-4 p34Column
136_035Extraordinary MPC Collection Sold33-4 p35ArticleMilitary
135_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message34-1 p01Column
135_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column34-1 p02Column
135_002Society Officers34-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
135_005Shafer, Neil; Hessler, GeneRuth Hill, (1898-1995)34-1 p05Obituary
135_006Letters to the Editor34-1 p06Correspondence
135_010Levius, Harold PPaper Money Chronicles of African History Part 2 - The Rhodesias and Nyasaland34-1 p10ArticleRhodesia and Nyasaland
135_013Fisher, Jack HInfluence of John Campbell Gordon, Seventh Earl of Aberdeen and Governor General of Canada, on Canadian Paper Money34-1 p13ArticleCanadaPortraits
135_016Hussein, Mohamad HMusic on World Paper Money34-1 p16ArticleThematic Collecting
135_020Feller, SteveEight Unsolved Bank Note Mysteries34-1 p20Article
135_024Andhyarujina, Rointon HBritish India Uniface Bank Notes34-1 p24ArticleIndia
135_027Diaczun, DanUSSR - The 15 Independent Republics (1990-3) A Numismatic Overview34-1 p27ArticleRussia
135_028Boling, Joseph EInternational Bank Note Society Combined Accounts 34-1 p28Financial Report
135_029Istomin, MikhailTransdniester Moldavian Republic34-1 p29ArticleMoldavian Republic
135_030Thowney, SallyI.B.N.S. Board & Directors Meeting held at The Great Western Royal Hotel - London. 9th October 1994 34-1 p30I.B.N.S. Minutes
135_031Symes, PeterKirkwood & Sons - Copper-Plate Engravers34-1 p31ArticleScotlandPrinters
135_040Kupa, MihalyObsidional Money in Occupied Italy, 1813-184834-1 p40ArticleItalyOccupation Issues
135_042Salem, FaridFirst Issue of Namibia Dollars34-1 p42ArticleNamibia
135_043Krause Catalogs Wisconsin Obsolete Bank Note, Scrip34-1 p43Book ReviewUnited StatesPrivate Issues; Catalogue
135_043Krause, Chester LWisconsin Obsolete Bank Notes and Scrip34-1 p43Book (Reviewed)United StatesPrivate Issues; Catalogue
135_044Feller, RachelRachel Notes: When You Wish Upon A Star (Note?)34-1 p44Column
134_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column34-2 p02Column
134_002Society Officers34-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
134_005Letters to the Editor34-2 p05Correspondence
134_008Hussein, Mohamad HInfluential Persons in History Featured on World Paper Money34-2 p08ArticleWorld Notes
134_014Xiu, Yi; Harmon, William R (Translator)About Chinese Money - Renminbi34-2 p14ArticleChina
134_016Rodgers, Kerry AMore New Zealand Militaria from the Pacific War34-2 p16ArticleNew ZealandMilitary
134_017Steelman, Jimmie CThe Counterstamped Notes of Surigao, Philippines34-2 p17ArticlePhilippines
134_022Symes, PeterThe Note Issues of the Sultanate of Oman34-2 p22ArticleOman
134_029Harper, David CFrench Gold Issue Honoring the Louvre Named Coin of the Year34-2 p29News ReleaseFrance
134_030Levius, Harold PPaper Money Chronicles of African History Part 3 - Signature and Date Varieties of Rhodesian Paper Money Issues34-2 p30ArticleRhodesiaSignatures
134_033Thornton, FrancisAn Introduction to the Paper Money Issues of the French Revolution34-2 p33ArticleFrance
134_035Goncharuck, William DMoney for Fools and the Russian Revolution34-2 p35ArticleRussia
134_036New Issues and Old Favorites Pack Newest Standard Catalog of World Coins34-2 p36News ReleaseWorldCoins; Catalogue
134_036Krause, Chester L; Mishler, Clifford LStandard Catalog of World Coins34-2 p36News ReleaseWorldCoins; Catalogue
134_037Aspen, Nelson PageThe Odyssey of Bermuda's Undated Note34-2 p37ArticleBermuda
134_038Star-Note Values Shine in Latest Edition of U.S. Paper-Money Standard Catalog34-2 p38News ReleaseUnited StatesCatalogue
134_038Krause, Chester L; Lemke, Robert FStandard Catalog of United States Paper Money (13th ed.)34-2 p38News ReleaseUnited StatesCatalogue
134_039Proulx, ClaudeLa Compagnie Desjardins' Trade Notes34-2 p39ArticleCanadaPrivate Issues
134_041Remick, JeromeThe Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money34-2 p41Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
134_041The Charlton Standard Catalog of Canadian Government Paper Money (7th Edition)34-2 p41Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
134_041Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Malaysia-Area Coins and Bank Notes34-2 p41Book ReviewMalaysiaCatalogue
134_041Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money (12th Edition)34-2 p41Book (Reviewed)MalaysiaCatalogue
134_041Remick, JeromeBook Reviews34-2 p41Book Review
134_041Titus, MikePapermoney Dictionary34-2 p41Book (Reviewed)
134_042Quarmby, ErnestBank Notes and Banking in the Isle of Man34-2 p42Book (Reviewed)Isle of Man
134_042Byatt, DerrickPromises to Pay - the First Three Hundred Years of Bank of England Notes34-2 p42Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
134_042Efron, ArnoldoMRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency (12th Edition)34-2 p42Book (Reviewed)Catalogue
134_044Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Thanks For The Memories34-2 p44Column
133_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message34-3 p01Column
133_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column34-3 p02Column
133_002Society Officers34-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
133_005Letters to the Editor34-3 p05Correspondence
133_007Narbeth, ColinDavid Keable (1926-1995)34-3 p07Obituary
133_012Steelman, Jimmie CEmergency Currency of Mountain Province, Philippines34-3 p12ArticlePhilippinesEmergency Issues
133_017Kiener, OlafThe Bank Notes of the Swiss National Bank - Part 134-3 p17ArticleSwitzerland
133_026Menting, Ruth APresidents for Life: Africa - Part 134-3 p26ArticleAfricaPortraits
133_033Dodds, WilliamMulti-lingual Bank Notes34-3 p33ArticleThematic Collecting
133_036Salem, FaridThe Present Bank Notes of the Middle East34-3 p36ArticleMiddle East
133_043Schwan, C FrederickShow News and Military Chits34-3 p43ColumnMilitary
133_044Reedy, Clyde MMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, Valkenburg, 2 April 199534-3 p44I.B.N.S. Minutes
133_044Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 17 June 1995, Memphis34-3 p44I.B.N.S. Minutes
133_045Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the General Membership Meeting, 17 June 1995, Memphis34-3 p45I.B.N.S. Minutes
133_0461994 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards34-3 p46Literary Awards
133_046I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award34-3 p46Book of the YearIsle of Man
133_046Quarmby, ErnestBanknotes and Banking in the Isle of Man (2nd Edition)34-3 p46Book of the YearIsle of Man
133_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Another Wish34-3 p48Column
132_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message34-4 p01Column
132_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column34-4 p02Column
132_002Society Officers34-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
132_005Letters to the Editor34-4 p05Correspondence
132_012Hussein, Mohamad HMaps on World Paper Money34-4 p12ArticleThematic Collecting
132_017Kiener, OlafThe Bank Notes of the Swiss National Bank - Part 234-4 p17ArticleSwitzerlandWorld War I; Emergency Issues
132_023Did You Know?34-4 p23Quiz
132_024Menting, Ruth APresidents for Life: Africa - Part 234-4 p24ArticleAfricaPortraits
132_032Elseroui, Eng AhmedThe Establishment and Objectives of Banks in Egypt from 1850 to 1950 - Part 134-4 p32ArticleEgypt
132_039Ellery, RickAutomatic Money! True or False?34-4 p39ArticleForgeries
132_041Early American Paper Added to New Edition of Vol. I of Pick Book34-4 p41News ReleaseUnited States
132_041Pick, AlbertStandard Catalog of World Paper Money, Vol.1, Specialized Issues34-4 p41News ReleaseUnited States
132_042Schwan, C FrederickTrials, Tribulations, Tragedy, and an Occasional Triumph34-4 p42Column
132_048Remick, JeromeBook Review34-4 p48Book ReviewHong KongCatalogue
132_048Wo, Ma TakIllustrated Catalog of Hong Kong Currency34-4 p48Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
132_049Slabaugh, Arlie RThe International Emergency Money Club34-4 p49ArticleEmergency Issues
132_052Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The 1995 ANA Convention in Anaheim34-4 p52Column
131_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message35-1 p01Column
131_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column35-1 p02Column
131_002Society Officers35-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
131_005Letters to the Editor35-1 p05Correspondence
131_010Poleske, Lee EAlexander von Humboldt - from Berlin to Winnemucca35-1 p10ArticlePortraits
131_014Marinov, RumenThe Latest Bulgarian Bank Notes35-1 p14ArticleBulgaria
131_015Professional Currency Dealers Association35-1 p15News Release
131_016Fisher, Jack HNine-Year-Old Princess Elizabeth (Later Queen Elizabeth II) Portrayed on $20 1935 Bank of Canada Notes35-1 p16ArticleCanadaQEII
131_019Kiener, OlafThe Bank Notes of the Swiss National Bank - Part 335-1 p19ArticleSwitzerland
131_029Elseroui, Eng AhmedThe Establishment and Objectives of Banks in Egypt from 1850 to 1950 - Part 235-1 p29ArticleEgypt
131_036Riel, Duane CThe Joys of Collecting35-1 p36ArticleCollecting Advice
131_040Salem, FaridInflation and World Paper Money35-1 p40ArticleInflation Issues
131_044Harmon, William RTwo Interesting Numismatic Museums in the Caribbean35-1 p44ArticleCaribbeanMuseums
131_045Istomin, MikhailNyzhny Novgorod 1992 Locals35-1 p45ArticleRussia
131_047Persson, SuneThe Establishment of the Bank of Namibia and the Printing of its First Bank Notes35-1 p47ArticleNamibia
131_048Schwan, C FrederickRandom Ramblings35-1 p48Column
131_050Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Please Sir, I Want Some More35-1 p50Column
131_052Thowney, SallyI.B.N.S. Executive Board Meeting Held at The Great Western Royal Hotel On 7th/8th October 199535-1 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
130_001Campbell, Lance KPresident's Message35-2 p01Column
130_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column35-2 p02Column
130_002Society Officers35-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
130_005Letters to the Editor35-2 p05Correspondence
130_010Paatela, HannuThe Ruling Generals of Mexico on Bank Notes from the 16th through the 19th Centuries35-2 p10ArticleMexicoPortraits
130_014Montgomery, Ernest JBank Notes of Peru - "Soles de Oro 1933 through 1950"35-2 p14ArticlePeru
130_019Garno, Albert JBicentennial $2.00 (1976 Federal Reserve Notes)35-2 p19ArticleUnited States
130_020Salem, FaridBank Notes of the Kingdom of Belgium35-2 p20ArticleBelgium
130_026Kiener, OlafCorrections and Update: The Bank Notes of the Swiss National Bank and of the Issue Authorities of Emergency Notes During World War I35-2 p26ArticleSwitzerlandWorld War I
130_030MacKenzie, Kenneth MBanque Imperiale Ottomane and the Sultan's Concession Agreement35-2 p30ArticleTurkey
130_038Bengio, IzikJerusalem in World Bank Notes35-2 p38ArticlePalestine; Israel
130_043Schwan, C FrederickWhat is it Worth?35-2 p43Column
130_045Feller, SteveBook Review35-2 p45Book Review
130_045Hewitt, VirginiaThe Banker's Art: Studies in Paper Money35-2 p45Book (Reviewed)
130_046Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Where Money Can Bring You and the Memories You Can Bring Home35-2 p46Column
129_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message35-3 p01Column
129_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column35-3 p02Column
129_002Society Officers35-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
129_004Letters to the Editor35-3 p04Correspondence
129_010Rey, ClémentA Tentative Review of Mauritius Bank Notes Issued After 1810 - Part 1: 1811-187635-3 p10ArticleMauritius
129_019Kharitonov, DmitriThe Paper Money in Soviet OGPU Concentration Camps in 1929-193235-3 p19ArticleRussiaPOW
129_023Hussein, Mohamad HEducation on Bank Notes35-3 p23ArticleThematic Collecting
129_029Salem, FaridBank of England: The Latest Issue of Bank Notes and the Men Depicted on Them35-3 p29ArticleUnited KingdomPortraits
129_037Fisher, Jack HAre the Anglo-Palestine Bank, Ltd. Notes "Anglo," "Palestine" or Neither?35-3 p37ArticleJewish
129_040Remick, JeromeSix 1996 Souvenir Notes for Antarctica35-3 p40ArticleAntarctica
129_043Schwan, C FrederickContemporary Counterfeits35-3 p43ColumnForgeries
129_045Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Something to Look Forward To35-3 p45Column
129_048Bartel, HelmutBook Review35-3 p48Book ReviewGermany
129_048Deutshe BundesbankVon der Baumwolle zum Geldschein 35-3 p48Book (Reviewed)Germany
129_049Remick, JeromeNew Catalog on Paper Money of Yugoslavia35-3 p49Book ReviewYugoslaviaCatalogue
129_049Stojanovic, ZeljkoPaper Money of Yugoslavia 1929-199435-3 p49Book (Reviewed)YugoslaviaCatalogue
129_049Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Canadian Government Paper Money Catalog35-3 p49Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
129_049The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money (8th Edition)35-3 p49Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
129_049Remick, JeromeCatalog of General Issues of World Bank Notes35-3 p49Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
129_049Pick, AlbertStandard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues, Volume II (7th Edition)35-3 p49Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
129_050Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 22 June 1996, Memphis35-3 p50I.B.N.S. Minutes
129_051Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 23 June 1996, Memphis35-3 p51I.B.N.S. Minutes
129_051Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the General Membership Meeting, 22 June 1996, Memphis35-3 p51I.B.N.S. Minutes
129_052Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Financial Statement35-3 p52Financial Report
129_0521995 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards35-3 p52Literary Awards
129_052I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award35-3 p52Book of the Year
129_052Schwan, C Frederick; Boling, Joseph EWorld War II remembered: History in Your Hands35-3 p52Book of the Year
128_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message35-4 p01Column
128_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column35-4 p02Column
128_002Society Officers35-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
128_004Letters to the Editor35-4 p04Correspondence
128_008Rodgers, Kerry AFiji's Colonial Issues of Queen Elizabeth II35-4 p08ArticleFijiQEII
128_015Hussein, Mohamad HPaper Money Depicting Flags35-4 p15ArticleThematic Collecting
128_020Bennett, PeterCollective Thoughts35-4 p20Article
128_022Salem, FaridQueen Elizabeth II and the Commonwealth Countries35-4 p22ArticleQEII
128_029Del Monte, SMusical Representation on Bank Notes - Part 135-4 p29ArticleThematic Collecting
128_035Meyer, Charlton EWhen Shreveport Issued its Own Currency35-4 p35ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
128_039Glynn, JohnMoney Used in County Limerick Ireland35-4 p39ArticleIreland
128_045Remick, JeromeNew Edition of The Canadian Government Paper Money Catalog35-4 p45Book ReviewCanadaCatalogue
128_045Allan, Walter DThe Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Government Paper Money (9th Edition)35-4 p45Book (Reviewed)CanadaCatalogue
128_046Schwan, C FrederickMurphy's Law of Publishing35-4 p46Column
128_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The Definition of Talent35-4 p48Column
128_050Awards to I.B.N.S. Journal and to Rachel Feller for Literary Excellence35-4 p50Literary Awards
128_051Savage, ErnieMilitary Payment Certificates Subject of New Reference35-4 p51News ReleaseWorld War II; Military
128_051Schwan, C FrederickThe Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates35-4 p51News ReleaseWorld War II; Military
127_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message36-1 p01Column
127_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column36-1 p02Column
127_002Society Officers36-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
127_004Letters to the Editor36-1 p04Correspondence
127_008Levius, Harold PPaper Money Reflections of the Rothschild Dynasty - Part 1: From Rags to Riches36-1 p08Article
127_015Istomin, MikhailTragic Destiny of P235 and P236 Note36-1 p15ArticleRussia
127_016Remick, Jerome20th Edition of Catalog of Current Circulating World Bank Notes36-1 p16Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
127_016Efron, ArnoldoMRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency (20th Edition)36-1 p16Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
127_017James, TonyRubber Coupons of Malaya and the Straits Settlements 1922 to 192836-1 p17ArticleMalaysia
127_022Del Monte, SMusical Representation on Bank Notes - Part 236-1 p22ArticleThematic Collecting
127_031Istomin, MikhailPaper Money Catalogs Used by Russian Collectors36-1 p31ArticleRussiaCatalogue
127_032Remick, JeromeCollecting One Bank Note from Each Country Currently Issuing Them36-1 p32ArticleThematic Collecting
127_037James, Benjamin DCrossword BN136-1 p37Quiz
127_038Fisher, Jack HKing George V and Queen Mary Rightfully Honored on Canadian Notes36-1 p38ArticleCanadaPortraits
127_042Hussein, Mohamad HWorld Paper Money Depicting Dams36-1 p42ArticleThematic Collecting
127_046Schwan, C FrederickFred the Knife36-1 p46Column
127_047Finnish Markkaa honoring United Nations 50th anniversary is named Coin of the Year36-1 p47News Release
127_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: A New Error?36-1 p48Column
127_050Savage, ErnieHessler Catalog Brings in the New Year36-1 p50Book ReviewUnited StatesEngravers; Catalogue
127_050Hessler, GeneThe Comprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money (6th Edition)36-1 p50Book (Reviewed)United StatesEngravers; Catalogue
126_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message36-2 p01Column
126_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column36-2 p02Column
126_002Society Officers36-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
126_004Letters to the Editor36-2 p04Correspondence
126_006Levius, Harold PJimmie Lawrence: An Appreciation36-2 p06Obituary
126_008Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Attaining from One's Gift36-2 p08ColumnFrance
126_010Rey, ClémentA Tentative Review of Mauritius Bank Notes Issued After 1810 - Part 2: 1876 to Nowadays36-2 p10ArticleMauritius
126_017West, PamBibliography of Banking Histories, Volume 1: Domestic Banks by Fred Wellings and Alistair Gibb36-2 p17Book ReviewUnited Kingdom
126_017Wellings, Fred; Gibb, AlistairBibliography of Banking Histories Volume 1: Domestic Banks36-2 p17Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
126_018Levius, Harold PPaper Money Reflections of the Rothschild Dynasty - Part 2: The Grandsons Take Over36-2 p18ArticleUnited States
126_023Griffiths, OwenBlack Light Features and Varieties in Mauritian Bank Notes36-2 p23ArticleMauritiusSecurity
126_024Michaelis, Anthony RBerlin Museum Acquires Private Scientific Bank Note Collection36-2 p24ArticleGermanyMuseums
126_026Musser, Dwight LLooking Back36-2 p26Article
126_031Istomin, Mikhail"Wild" Capitalism in Russia36-2 p31ArticleRussiaPrivate Issues
126_033Rodgers, Kerry AFiji's World War II Currencies: the Official Records - Part 136-2 p33ArticleFijiWorld War II
126_042Rosenman, RichardAn Angel in Your Pocketbook36-2 p42ArticleThematic Collecting
126_045Sluszkiewicz, Tomasz"English" Counterfeit Bank Note 500 zloty 1940 Issued by Bank Emisyjny, Commonly Nicknamed "Mountaineer"36-2 p45ArticlePolandForgeries
126_047Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Malaysia-Area Coins and Bank Notes36-2 p47Book ReviewMalaysiaCatalogue
126_047Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money (13th Edition)36-2 p47Book (Reviewed)MalaysiaCatalogue
126_047Remick, JeromeA Checklist of Countries Currently Issuing Their Own Paper Money 36-2 p47Book Review
126_048Remick, Jerome1996 Edition of Hong Kong Coin & Paper Money Catalogue36-2 p48Book ReviewHong KongCatalogue
126_048Tan, StevenHong Kong Coin & Paper Money Catalogue (4th Edition)36-2 p48Book (Reviewed)Hong KongCatalogue
126_048New Research May Help Bring Drug Dealers to Justice36-2 p48News Release
126_050Schwan, C FrederickThe I.B.N.S. of the Future36-2 p50Column
126_0521996 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards36-2 p52Literary Awards
126_052I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award36-2 p52Book of the YearSerbia; Yugoslavia
126_052Stojanovic, ZeljkoPaper Money of Serbia and Yugoslavia 1876-199636-2 p52Book of the YearSerbia; Yugoslavia
125_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message36-3 p01Column
125_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column36-3 p02Column
125_002Society Officers36-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
125_004Letters to the Editor36-3 p04Correspondence
125_008Schneider, ChristophSimon Bolivar (1783-1830)36-3 p08ArticleSouth AmericaPortraits
125_010Rodgers, Kerry AFiji's World War II Currencies: the Official Records - Part 236-3 p10ArticleFijiWorld War II
125_018Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of the Qatar and Dubai Currency Board36-3 p18ArticleQatar and Dubai
125_023Zellweger, ChristofHistory on the Back of the Syrian 500 Pound Note36-3 p23ArticleSyria
125_024Levius, Harold PPaper Money Reflections of the Rothschild Dynasty - Part 3: The World Wars36-3 p24ArticleWorld War I; World War II
125_029Musser, Dwight L"Trillion" Mark German Notgeld of 192336-3 p29Book ReviewGermanyInflation Issues
125_030Fisher, Jack HMonarchy Notes Reveal Iraq before Saddam Hussein36-3 p30ArticleIraq
125_037Bartel, HelmutNew Bank Note Series from Macedonia36-3 p37ArticleMacedonia
125_039Goncharuck, William DGryvna: a Handbook of Ukrainian History36-3 p39ArticleUkraine
125_044Schwan, C FrederickBook Is Champion36-3 p44Book Review
125_044Reed, FredCivil War Encased Stamps: The Issues and Their Times36-3 p44Book (Reviewed)
125_045Sluszkiewicz, TomaszHistory of Warsaw's Contributions Levied by the German Occupation Authority During World War II36-3 p45ArticlePoland; GermanyWorld War II
125_048Schwan, C FrederickQuestions, Questions, Questions36-3 p48Column
125_049Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The Results of Thought36-3 p49Column
125_052Alusic, MilanMinutes of the Board Meeting, 21 June 1997, Memphis36-3 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
124_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message36-4 p01Column
124_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column36-4 p02Column
124_002Society Officers36-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
124_004Letters to the Editor36-4 p04Correspondence
124_008Dodds, WilliamColonial and Revolutionary War Paper Money36-4 p08ArticleUnited StatesWar
124_017Fisher, Jack HDominion of Canada Notes of 1900 and 1902 Intrigue Canadians and Americans36-4 p17ArticleCanada; United States
124_020Rodgers, Kerry AFiji's World War II Currencies: the Official Records - Part 336-4 p20ArticleFijiWorld War II
124_027Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Biafra36-4 p27ArticleBiafraSecessionist
124_036Sluszkiewicz, TomaszThe Bank of Camp IID (Gross Born, Poland)36-4 p36ArticlePolandPOW
124_038Wirz, Heinz PThe Democratic South African Paper Money36-4 p38ArticleSouth Africa
124_043Symes, PeterThe Ballindalloch Note Issues of 183036-4 p43ArticleScotlandPrivate Issues
124_047Remick, JeromeNew Edition of World Paper Money Catalog36-4 p47Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
124_047Pick, AlbertStandard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues, Volume II (8th Edition)36-4 p47Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
124_047Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Notes Issued by Private Canadian Banks36-4 p47Book ReviewCanadaPrivate Issues; Catalogue
124_047Allan, Walter DThe Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Banknotes (3rd Edition)36-4 p47Book (Reviewed)CanadaPrivate Issues; Catalogue
124_048Schwan, C FrederickRevolution36-4 p48Column
124_050Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The Immortality of the Phoenix36-4 p50Column
123_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message37-1 p01Column
123_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column37-1 p02Column
123_002Society Officers37-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
123_004Letters to the Editor37-1 p04Correspondence
123_008George, Bola; Corrah, TumenaThe Gambia: A New Era Marked by New Money37-1 p08ArticleGambia
123_010Paatela, HannuPersonalities on Mexican Bank Notes (1853-1910)37-1 p10ArticleMexicoPortraits
123_013Klaus, LadislavForger's Heyday37-1 p13ArticleCzechoslovakiaForgeries
123_015Koutsobois, IoannisGreek Bank Notes 1978-199637-1 p15ArticleGreece
123_020Symes, PeterJames Alexander Stewart Mackenzie - Portrait of a private note issuer37-1 p20ArticleScotlandPrivate Issues
123_024Fisher, Jack HBahrain and the First Notes Issued by the Bahrain Currency Board37-1 p24ArticleBahrain
123_029Monteiro, AntonioThe Paper Money Museum of the Dr. Antonio Cupertino de Miranda Foundation (Oporto, Portugal)37-1 p29ArticlePortugalMuseums
123_031Brock, Eric JThe Hamilton & Company Advertising "Bank Note"37-1 p31ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
123_035Levius, Harold PThe Gaspee Bonfire of 1772 and its Aftermath37-1 p35ArticleUnited StatesWar
123_043Walters, Paul DIt's Always Better in the Bahamas37-1 p43ArticleBahamas
123_046Schwan, C FrederickA Great Collector37-1 p46Column
123_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: King Louis XVI of France37-1 p48ColumnFrance
122_001Eijsermans, Jos F MPresident's Message37-2 p01Column
122_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column37-2 p02Column
122_002Society Officers37-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
122_004Letters to the Editor37-2 p04Correspondence
122_008Heath, Henry BSpanish Royalty on Bank Notes37-2 p08ArticleSpainPortraits
122_013Heath, Henry BPortuguese Royalty on Bank Notes37-2 p13ArticlePortugalPortraits
122_017Smith, David Spencer; Khabibullaev, AkramPaper Money of the Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkistan - Part 1: Issues of Kashgar37-2 p17ArticleTurkistan
122_022James, Benjamin DTechnomoney - The Future of the Bank Note?37-2 p22Article
122_024Symes, PeterHansard and His Typographic Note37-2 p24ArticleUnited KingdomSecurity
122_028Klaus, LadislavCurrency Reflecting the Communist Coup of Czechoslovakia37-2 p28ArticleCzechoslovakia
122_032Tomita, MasahiroVariety of China's Low Denomination Currency37-2 p32ArticleChina
122_034Bartel, HelmutFrom Cotton to the Bank Note37-2 p34Book Review
122_034Deutshe BundesbankVon der Baumwolle zum Geldschein 37-2 p34Book (Reviewed)
122_035Feller, SteveIce Coupons of the Young Coal Company of Waterloo, Iowa37-2 p35ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
122_037Griffiths, OwenA Rare Mauritian Bank Note Comes to Light37-2 p37ArticleMauritius
122_038Augustsson, ThomasThe Bank Notes of the Republika Srpska (Bosnia & Herzegovina)37-2 p38ArticleBosnia and Herzegovina
122_040Chirinos, MiguelGrand Marshall Antonio Jose de Sucre37-2 p40ArticleSouth AmericaPortraits
122_042Rodgers, Kerry ABook Review37-2 p42Book ReviewJapan; SingaporeOccupation Issues
122_042Sum, Wong HonThe Japanese Occupation of Malaya (Singapore) and its Currency37-2 p42Book (Reviewed)Japan; SingaporeOccupation Issues
122_043Musser, Dwight LGerman Notgeld Collector's Guide37-2 p43Book ReviewGermanyNotgeld
122_044Schwan, C FrederickWhy I Collect Independent Tunisia37-2 p44ColumnTunisia
122_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The Cabinet37-2 p48Column
121_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message37-3 p01Column
121_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column37-3 p02Column
121_002Society Officers37-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
121_004Letters to the Editor37-3 p04Correspondence
121_006Tomasko, Mark DPlease bear in mind when engraving that the Duchess is a blond...37-3 p06ArticleLuxembourgEngravers
121_011Heath, Henry BThe Grand Duchy of Luxembourg37-3 p11ArticleLuxembourg
121_013Symes, PeterThe Exchange and Deposit Banks of John Maberly37-3 p13ArticleScotlandPrivate Issues
121_019Heath, Henry BThe Swedish Monarchy on Bank Notes37-3 p19ArticleSwedenPortraits
121_023Khabibullaev, Akram; Smith, David SpencerPaper Money of the Islamic Republic of Eastern Turkistan - Part 2: Issues of Khotan37-3 p23ArticleTurkistan
121_026Bermuda Triangle themed coin issue is named 1998 Coin of the Year37-3 p26News Release
121_027Carlson, K C CPaper Money of Sardinia37-3 p27ArticleItaly
121_034Tomita, MasahiroForeign Exchange Scrip of Albania, "Buona Lek" the Earliest Example in the World37-3 p34ArticleAlbania
121_037Zellweger, ChristofMinutes of the Meeting of the Swiss Federal Council of Friday, 27th May 193837-3 p37ArticleSwitzerland
121_039Shelhamer, JasonThe Nature of Money37-3 p39Article
121_040Augustsson, ThomasThe Story of Somalia 20 and 50 N.Shilin 199137-3 p40ArticleSomalia
121_042Lawler, JamesAlgeria: Bank Notes Reflecting a Changing Society37-3 p42ArticleAlgeria
121_044Schwan, C FrederickCollecting MPC and Some Craziness37-3 p44ArticleMilitary
121_046Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Treasurer's Report37-3 p46Financial Report
121_047Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Right Beneath Your Nose37-3 p47Column
121_049International Bank Note Society News37-3 p49Report
121_0491997 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards37-3 p49Literary Awards
121_049I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award37-3 p49Book of the Year
121_049Symes, Peter; Hanewich, Murray; Street, KeithThe Bank Notes of Yemen37-3 p49Book of the Year
120_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message37-4 p01Column
120_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column37-4 p02Column
120_002Society Officers37-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
120_004Letters to the Editor37-4 p04Correspondence
120_006Rudich, Juri; Kulo, AntsPaper Money of the Republic of Estonia37-4 p06ArticleEstonia
120_017Fisher, Jack HRomana Acosta Banuelos - Trail Blazer and Role Model37-4 p17ArticleUnited States
120_019Symes, PeterThe 1967 £20 Issue of the National Commercial Bank of Scotland37-4 p19ArticleScotland
120_021Augustsson, ThomasBank Notes of PMR - The Transdiestr Moldavian Republic37-4 p21ArticleMoldavian Republic
120_026Taylor, BryanThe Eurodollar37-4 p26ArticleEuropean Union
120_032Heath, Henry BThe Kings of Thailand on Bank Notes37-4 p32ArticleThailand
120_038Benavides, JaimeMexican Bank Note Treasure Found37-4 p38ArticleMexico
120_040Schwan, C FrederickA Visit to Coe College37-4 p40ColumnUnited States
120_042Feller, RachelRachel Notes: More Fun And Exciting than Carrying Chickens Around With You37-4 p42Column
120_044Hanewich, MurrayMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, Valkenburg, 25 April 199837-4 p44I.B.N.S. Minutes
120_046Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 20 June 1998, Memphis37-4 p46I.B.N.S. Minutes
120_048Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the General Membership Meeting, 20 June 1998, Memphis37-4 p48I.B.N.S. Minutes
120_048Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 21 June 1998, Memphis37-4 p48I.B.N.S. Minutes
120_049Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 3 October 1998, London37-4 p49I.B.N.S. Minutes
119_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message38-1 p01Column
119_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column38-1 p02Column
119_002Society Officers38-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
119_004Letters to the Editor38-1 p04Correspondence
119_006Levius, Harold PPaper Money Reflections of Winston Churchill's Miracle in the Desert - Part 1: The Neglected Outposts of the Turkish Empire38-1 p06ArticlePalestine
119_013Symes, PeterGulf Rupees38-1 p13ArticleIndia
119_018Feller, Steve; Hammarsten, EricA Numismatic Adventure on the Isle of Man38-1 p18ArticleIsle of Man
119_025Geis, GilbertA Note on 13th Century Paper Money in Southern China38-1 p25ArticleChina
119_026Major Ukrainian Sale in April 199938-1 p26News ReleaseUkraine
119_026Brock, Eric JThe Mysterious Building on the $100 Shreveport Note38-1 p26ArticleUnited States
119_028Allen, Harold DonFifty-Year Reflection: A "Good Time" is Now38-1 p28Article
119_033Hansen, Flemming LyngbeckAmong Graces and Storks: Notes on Denmark P42, 43 and 4438-1 p33ArticleDenmark
119_039Schwan, C FrederickMore on Fiji World War II Currency38-1 p39ColumnFijiWorld War II
119_041Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Grey to Green38-1 p41ColumnIsrael
119_047Jellum, WaltReview of Nordisk Seddelpris-Arbok, by Morten Eske Mortensen38-1 p47Book Review
119_047Mortenson, Morten ENordic Banknote Price Yearbook38-1 p47Book (Reviewed)
118_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message38-2 p01Column
118_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column38-2 p02Column
118_002Society Officers38-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
118_004Letters to the Editor38-2 p04Correspondence
118_006Heath, Henry BPortraits of Polish Rulers on Bank Notes38-2 p06ArticlePolandPortraits
118_010Levius, Harold PPaper Money Reflections of Winston Churchill's Miracle in the Desert - Part 2: Making the Desert Green38-2 p10ArticlePalestine
118_016Buckley, BrianYour Wallet Will Find You Out38-2 p16ArticleChina
118_019Coffing, Courtney LBook Review38-2 p19Book ReviewGermanyNotgeld
118_019Mehl, ManfredDeutsche Serienscheine von 1918-1922 38-2 p19Book (Reviewed)GermanyNotgeld
118_020Smith, David Spencer; Fu, JenniferPaper Money of the Warlord Ma Hu-Shan in Khotan, Sinkiang, 1934-193738-2 p20ArticleChina
118_024Griffiths, OwenThe Old New Notes of Mauritius or Why You Don't Mess with Tradition38-2 p24ArticleMauritius
118_026Montgomery, Ernest JThe Bank Notes of Peru - "Soles de Oro 1933 through 1950" Ley 7137: Part 3 - Transitional SERIEs38-2 p26ArticlePeru
118_035Coffing, Courtney LEmergency Money38-2 p35ArticleEmergency Issues
118_037Fisher, Jack HPrime Minister Laurier and Canada 1935 and 1937 $1,000 Notes38-2 p37ArticleCanada
118_041Heath, Henry BThe Netherlands Monarchy on Bank Notes38-2 p41ArticleNetherlandsPortraits
118_044Feller, Steve; Hammarsten, EricSome New Numismatic Finds at the Archives of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem38-2 p44ArticlePalestine; IsraelJewish
118_046Schwan, C FrederickA Great Collector38-2 p46Column
118_049Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The Blind Determining the Blind38-2 p49Column
118_051New Edition Reflects Increased Values of Washingtonia38-2 p51Book Review
118_051Rulau, Russell; Fuld, GeorgeMedallic Portraits of Washington (2nd Edition)38-2 p51Book (Reviewed)Medals
118_0511998 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards38-2 p51Literary Awards
118_051I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award38-2 p51Book of the YearSurinamCatalogue
118_051van Elmpt, TFASurinam Paper Currency, Volume 1 - 1760-195738-2 p51Book of the YearSurinamCatalogue
117_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message38-3 p01Column
117_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column38-3 p02Column
117_002Society Officers38-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
117_004Letters to the Editor38-3 p04Correspondence
117_006Hessler, GeneThe Paper Money (and Coins) of Zanzibar38-3 p06ArticleZanzibar
117_016Raicopol, MirceaRomanian Personalities on Bank Notes (1991-1998)38-3 p16ArticleRomaniaPortraits
117_018MacDevitt, MartanIrish World War Two Bank Note Issues 1940-194438-3 p18ArticleIrelandWorld War II
117_024Symes, PeterThe Haj Notes of Pakistan38-3 p24ArticlePakistan
117_030Tang, FredA Numismatic Tour38-3 p30Article
117_034Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Malaysia-Area Coins, Tokens and Bank Notes38-3 p34Book ReviewMalaysiaCatalogue
117_034Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins and Paper Money (14th Edition)38-3 p34Book (Reviewed)MalaysiaCatalogue
117_035Zellweger, ChristofThe Central Bank of Oman38-3 p35ArticleOman
117_040Walters, Paul DBermuda... Paradise Found38-3 p40ArticleBermuda
117_044Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Quite a Perk38-3 p44Column
117_048Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 19 June 1999, Memphis38-3 p48I.B.N.S. Minutes
117_049Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the General Membership Meeting, 19 June 1999, Memphis38-3 p49I.B.N.S. Minutes
117_049Boling, Joseph ECombined Accounts, May 199938-3 p49Financial Report
116_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message38-4 p01Column
116_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column38-4 p02Column
116_002Society Officers38-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
116_004Letters to the Editor38-4 p04Correspondence
116_006Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Pakistan - 1947 to 197238-4 p06ArticlePakistan
116_017Cacciamani, RobertoStrange Case, Isn't It? Two or Three Considerations About the Italian 20,000 Lire Note38-4 p17ArticleItaly
116_018Dodds, WilliamFinnish Bank Notes38-4 p18ArticleFinland
116_023Smith, David Spencer; Fu, Jennifer; Khabibullaev, AkramThe South Sinkiang Border Defence Notes of 193338-4 p23ArticleChina
116_025U.S. Currency Reference Updates Listings, Adds Web Press Notes by Block38-4 p25Book ReviewUnited States
116_025Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money (18th Edition)38-4 p25Book (Reviewed)United States
116_026Chirinos, MiguelIndian Chiefs on Latin American Notes38-4 p26ArticleCentral America; South AmericaPortraits
116_029Heath, Henry BBritish Royalty on Bank Notes38-4 p29ArticleBritish CommonwealthPortraits
116_035Latest Revision Makes Warman's Coins & Paper Money Even Easier to Use38-4 p35Book Review
116_035Berman, Allen CWarman's Coins & Paper Money (3rd Edition)38-4 p35Book (Reviewed)
116_036Clark, Andrew MWorld War II German occupation of the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and North Russia by Ants Kulo and Juri Rudich38-4 p36Book ReviewRussia; Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; BelorussiaWorld War II
116_036Kulo, Ants; Rudich, JuriWorld War II German occupation of the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and North Russia 38-4 p36Book (Reviewed)Russia; Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; BelorussiaWorld War II
116_036Coffing, Courtney LA new paper Notgeld Book has been Enthusiastically Received by American Collectors, the Latest Work of Manfred Mehl, written in German38-4 p36Book ReviewGermanyNotgeld
116_036Mehl, ManfredDeutsche Serienscheine von 1918-1922 38-4 p36Book (Reviewed)GermanyNotgeld
116_037Jellum, WaltReview of Nordisk Seddelprise-Arbok, by Morten Eske Mortensen38-4 p37Book ReviewScandinavia
116_037Mortenson, Morten ENordic Banknote Price Yearbook38-4 p37Book (Reviewed)Scandinavia
116_038Klaus, LadislavCatalog of Czechoslovakian Emergency and WWI POW Issues released38-4 p38Book ReviewCzechoslovakiaPOW; World War I; Catalogue
116_038Danek, JiriCeskoslovenska nouzova a taborova papirova platidla vydana v letech 1914-1945 (Catalog of Czechoslovakain Emergency and POW camp currencies issued between 1914-1945)38-4 p38Book (Reviewed)CzechoslovakiaPOW; World War I; Catalogue
116_038Remick, JeromeNew Edition of Catalog on Malaysia-Area Coins, Tokens and Bank Notes38-4 p38Book ReviewMalaysiaCatalogue
116_038Tan, StevenStandard Catalogue of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Coins & Paper Money (14th Edition)38-4 p38Book (Reviewed)MalaysiaCatalogue
116_039Tomita, MasahiroThe First Commemorative Bank Notes of China, Taiwan and Japan38-4 p39ArticleJapan; China
116_042Chambliss, CarlsonPaper Money Yearbook 200038-4 p42Book ReviewUnited States
116_043Schwan, C FrederickPursuit of a Note38-4 p43Column
116_046Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Einer Interessanter Man38-4 p46ColumnAustriaPortraits
116_049Hunt, DavidMinutes of Board Meeting Held at I.B.N.S. London Congress, 2nd October 199938-4 p49I.B.N.S. Minutes
115_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message39-1 p01Column
115_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column39-1 p02Column
115_002Society Officers39-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
115_004Letters to the Editor39-1 p04Correspondence
115_006Casey, LarryA Reborn Collector39-1 p06ArticleCuba
115_009Straus, StaneBank Notes of the Republic of Slovenia (1991 to date)39-1 p09ArticleSlovenia
115_015Augustsson, ThomasThe Bank Notes of the Republic of Serbian Krajina39-1 p15ArticleSerbia
115_018Carlson, Charles RAustrian Notgeld 1848-186739-1 p18ArticleAustriaNotgeld
115_025Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Guinea-Bissau39-1 p25ArticleGuinea-Bissau
115_034Michaelis, Anthony RBook Review39-1 p34Book ReviewSwitzerland
115_034de Rivaz, MichelThe Swiss Banknote 1907-1997 39-1 p34Book (Reviewed)Switzerland
115_036Fisher, Jack H1935 Bank of Canada Notes Portray Four British Monarchs39-1 p36ArticleCanadaPortraits
115_043New $20 and $50 Notes Make their Debut in New Edition of Oakes-Schwartz39-1 p43Book ReviewUnited States
115_043Oakes, Dean; Schwartz, JohnStandard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money (3rd Edition)39-1 p43Book (Reviewed)United States
115_044Schwan, C FrederickMPC Fest I39-1 p44ColumnMilitary
115_047Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Placing Honor on a Different Sort of Citizen39-1 p47Column
114_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message39-2 p01Column
114_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column39-2 p02Column
114_002Society Officers39-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
114_004Letters to the Editor39-2 p04Correspondence
114_0071999 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards39-2 p07Literary Awards
114_007I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award39-2 p07Book of the Year
114_007Yih-Tzong, HsuTaiwan Coins and Banknotes 1624-199839-2 p07Book of the Year
114_008Feller, SteveTwo Vignettes on Greek Notes39-2 p08ArticleGreece
114_010Heath, Henry BThe Kings of Bhutan on Bank Notes39-2 p10ArticleBhutanPortraits
114_013Judd, William MFirst Emissions of The Central Bank Of Ecuador 1928-199939-2 p13ArticleEcuador
114_018Raicopol, MirceaA History of the Romanians by their Bank Notes (Peoples, Things, Scenes, Symbols)39-2 p18ArticleRomania
114_022Singh, AjaySecurity Features of Currency Notes39-2 p22ArticleSecurity
114_026Remick, Jerome34th Edition of Catalog on Current Circulating World Bank Notes39-2 p26Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
114_026Efron, ArnoldoMRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency (34th Edition)39-2 p26Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
114_027Taylor, BryanIf I'm a Millionaire, Then Why Can't I Afford to Buy Anything? - Part 139-2 p27ArticleInflation Issues
114_032Kulo, Ants; Rudich, JuriOstland Der Reichskommissar Fur Ostland Reichskommissar Fur Das Ostland & Wehrwirtschaftliche In Nord Chefgruppe39-2 p32ArticleGermanyWorld War II
114_036Chirinos, MiguelWomen in Latin American Notes39-2 p36ArticleLatin AmericaThematic Collecting
114_039Aspen, Nelson PageThe Thrill of Discovery39-2 p39ArticleBermuda
114_040Remick, JeromeA Second Edition of the Book - "A History of Bermuda and its Paper Money"39-2 p40Book ReviewBermuda
114_040Aspen, Nelson PageA History of Bermuda and its Paper Money (2nd Edition)39-2 p40Book (Reviewed)Bermuda
114_041Stay abreast of modern paper money market with new SC of World Paper Money, Vol. III39-2 p41Book ReviewWorld Notes
114_041Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Volume III, Modern Issues (6th Edition)39-2 p41Book (Reviewed)World Notes
114_041Schwan, C Frederick691 and 701 MPC39-2 p41ColumnMilitary
114_043Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Reflections on Being a Collector39-2 p43Column
114_046Hunt, DavidMinutes of Board Meeting Held At Valkenberg The Netherlands, Saturday April 29, 200039-2 p46I.B.N.S. Minutes
114_047Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 17 June 2000, Memphis39-2 p47I.B.N.S. Minutes
114_049Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the General Membership Meeting, 17 June 2000, Memphis39-2 p49I.B.N.S. Minutes
114_049Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 18 June 2000, Memphis39-2 p49I.B.N.S. Minutes
113_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message39-3 p01Column
113_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column39-3 p02Column
113_002Society Officers39-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
113_004Letters to the Editor39-3 p04Correspondence
113_006Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Qatar39-3 p06ArticleQatar
113_011Taylor, BryanIf I'm a Millionaire, Then Why Can't I Afford to Buy Anything? - Part 239-3 p11ArticleInflation Issues
113_014Symes, PeterThe Pakistan Overprints of Bangladesh39-3 p14ArticlePakistan; Bangladesh
113_016Allen, Harold DonCentral Bank Visits Extend Horizons At Times of Monetary Change39-3 p16Article
113_025Fisher, Jack HRomana Acosta Banuelos - Trial Blazer and Role Model39-3 p25ArticleUnited States
113_028Heath, Henry BLesotho and Its Bank Notes39-3 p28ArticleLesotho
113_032Walters, Paul DAruba - One Happy Island39-3 p32ArticleAruba; Caribbean
113_036Brock, Eric JThe Bank Notes of Theresienstadt39-3 p36ArticleCzechoslovakiaJewish
113_039Heath, Henry BPersonalities on the Bank Notes of Korea39-3 p39ArticleKoreaPortraits
113_044Chinese Cash covers 3,000 years of Imperial Chinese money forms39-3 p44Book ReviewChina
113_044Jen, DavidChinese Cash39-3 p44Book (Reviewed)China
113_045Remick, JeromeA Second Edition of the Book - "A History of Bermuda and its Paper Money"39-3 p45Book ReviewBermuda
113_045Aspen, Nelson PageA History of Bermuda and its Paper Money (2nd Edition)39-3 p45Book (Reviewed)Bermuda
113_045Korzeniowski, JanBook Review39-3 p45Book ReviewPoland
113_045Parchimowicz, P; Borkowski, TKatalog Banknotow Polskich I Z Polska Zwiazanych 2000 39-3 p45Book (Reviewed)Poland
113_046Remick, Jerome34th Edition of Catalog on Current Circulating World Bank Notes39-3 p46Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
113_046Efron, ArnoldoMRI Bankers' Guide to Foreign Currency (34th Edition)39-3 p46Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
113_046Remick, JeromeSpecialized Issues of World Bank Notes Catalogued39-3 p46Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
113_046Bruce, Colin, II; Shafer, NeilStandard Catalog of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues, Volume 1 (8th Edition)39-3 p46Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
113_047Schwan, C FrederickHow I Began Collecting39-3 p47Column
113_049Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Looking Toward a Hopeful Future39-3 p49Column
112_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message39-4 p01Column
112_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column39-4 p02Column
112_002Society Officers39-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
112_004Letters to the Editor39-4 p04Correspondence
112_006Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Pakistan - 1972 to 200039-4 p06ArticlePakistan
112_015Tang, FredA Numismatic Tour II39-4 p15Article
112_021Zellweger, ChristofThe Ace, King and Queen of Albanian Bank Notes39-4 p21ArticleAlbania
112_024Karstrøm Vagning, PeterNiels Holgersen's Strange Journey Through Sweden39-4 p24ArticleSweden
112_025Heath, Henry BThailand - The 50 Baht Golden Anniversary Issue39-4 p25ArticleThailand
112_027August, David BBank Notes in the Belgian Congo - Part 139-4 p27ArticleBelgian Congo
112_036Feller, SteveFrom the Vault39-4 p36Article
112_041Brock, Eric JThe Bank Notes of Revolutionary Cuba39-4 p41ArticleCuba
112_044General issues gain in value, new book provides up-to-date prices39-4 p44Book Review
112_044Shafer, Neil; Bruce, Colin, IIStandard Catalog of World Paper Money, Vol.II, General Issues (9th Edition)39-4 p44Book (Reviewed)
112_045Schwan, C FrederickFancy Serial Numbers on MPC39-4 p45ColumnMilitary
112_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Treasuring a Treasure39-4 p48Column
111_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message40-1 p01Column
111_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column40-1 p02Column
111_002Society Officers40-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
111_004Letters to the Editor40-1 p04Correspondence
111_006MacKenzie, Kenneth MBanque Imperiale Ottomane, Redux40-1 p06ArticleTurkey
111_012Burson, Weldon DBook Review40-1 p12Book ReviewWest Africa
111_012Leclerc, Roger; Kolsky, MauriceLes Billets Africains de la Zone Franc 40-1 p12Book (Reviewed)West Africa
111_013Zellweger, ChristofHungarian Millennium Commemorative Notes40-1 p13ArticleHungary
111_016Prigg, EddieInteresting Notes on Hansatsu & Non Hansatsu of Japan40-1 p16ArticleJapan
111_019Walters, Paul DTreasures from the Caribbean40-1 p19ArticleCaribbean
111_026August, David BBank Notes in the Belgian Congo - Part 240-1 p26ArticleBelgian Congo
111_033Friedman, Herbert ASome New Propaganda Bank Notes40-1 p33ArticlePropaganda Notes
111_037Crime of 1873: The Comstock Connection: What really led to the change to a Gold Standard40-1 p37Book ReviewUnited States
111_037Van Ryzin, Robert RCrime of 1873: The Comstock Connection40-1 p37Book (Reviewed)United States
111_038Schwan, C FrederickForty Years!40-1 p38Column
111_039Robinson, GordonWilliam Edward Benson (1923-2001)40-1 p39Obituary
111_040Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Acquiring a Piece - Part 140-1 p40Column
111_044Crapanzano, GuidoI.B.N.S. 40th Anniversary Awards and Celebration Meeting40-1 p44Report
111_0462000 London Board Minutes40-1 p46I.B.N.S. Minutes
111_048Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 3 March 2001, Chicago40-1 p48I.B.N.S. Minutes
110_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message40-2 p01Column
110_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column40-2 p02Column
110_002Society Officers40-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
110_004Letters to the Editor40-2 p04Correspondence
110_008Hessler, GeneSukeichi Oyama, Security Engraver: His Work for Japan and the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing40-2 p08ArticleJapanEngravers
110_014Tomasko, Mark DA Review Of The Work of Sukeichi Oyama For The American Bank Note Company, 1891-189940-2 p14ArticleJapanEngravers
110_028August, David BBank Notes in the Belgian Congo - Part 340-2 p28ArticleBelgian Congo
110_039Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Acquiring a Piece - Part 240-2 p39Column
110_048Zellweger, ChristofMy First Talk on a Bank Note40-2 p48Article
110_0492000 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards40-2 p49Literary Awards
110_049I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award40-2 p49Book of the YearBermuda
110_049Aspen, Nelson PageA History of Bermuda and its Paper Money (2nd Edition 2000)40-2 p49Book of the YearBermuda
110_049Hanewich, MurrayMinutes of Board Meeting, 7 April 2001, Valkenburg40-2 p49I.B.N.S. Minutes
110_050Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 15 June 2001, Memphis40-2 p50I.B.N.S. Minutes
110_052Report of the 40th anniversary breakfast celebration, 16 June 2001 Memphis40-2 p52Report
110_053Minutes of the General Membership Meeting 16 June 2001 Memphis40-2 p53I.B.N.S. Minutes
109_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message40-3 p01Column
109_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column40-3 p02Column
109_002Society Officers40-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
109_004Letters to the Editor40-3 p04Correspondence
109_008Schwan, C FrederickSpectacular I.B.N.S. Celebrations40-3 p08Report
109_012Symes, PeterSudan's First Bank Notes40-3 p12ArticleSudan
109_020Heath, Henry BPersonalities on Syrian Bank Notes40-3 p20ArticleSyria
109_023Ohannessian, JeanThe Historical Development of the Lebanese Pound40-3 p23ArticleLebanon
109_024Friedman, Herbert ABank Notes of the Azad Hind (Free India) Movement40-3 p24ArticleIndia
109_029Symes, Peter; Hanewich, Murray; Al-Muderis, LaythThe Bank Notes of the Iraq Currency Board40-3 p29ArticleIraq
109_038Italian 5,000-lire coin chosen Coin of the Year40-3 p38News Release
109_039Taylor, BryanEncyclopedia of Russian Paper Money, Volume 1, Government Issues 1769-199540-3 p39Book ReviewRussia
109_039Kats, Leonid Z; Malyshev, Valery PEncyclopedia of Russian Paper Money, Volume 140-3 p39Book (Reviewed)Russia
109_040August, David BBank Notes in the Belgian Congo - Part 440-3 p40ArticleBelgian Congo
109_051Cole, Alan MProud New Polish Edition40-3 p51Book ReviewPoland
109_051Milczak, CzeslawCatalogue of Polish Banknotes 1916-199440-3 p51Book (Reviewed)Poland
109_052Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Making "Money" in Hollywood40-3 p52Column
108_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message40-4 p01Column
108_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column40-4 p02Column
108_002Society Officers40-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
108_004Letters to the Editor40-4 p04Correspondence
108_006Ramkema, H; van Weeren, Hans PInflation in Paradise - The inflation-stamps of South Sumatra40-4 p06ArticleIndonesiaInflation Issues
108_010Klaus, LadislavCzechoslovakian Gasoline Scripts40-4 p10ArticleCzechoslovakia
108_014Friedman, Herbert AUnited Nations Counterfeits of the North Korean 100 Won Bank Note40-4 p14ArticleKoreaForgeries
108_017Salem, FaridCroatia: What's in a Name?40-4 p17ArticleCroatia
108_023Heath, Henry BChristopher Columbus on Bank Notes40-4 p23ArticlePortraits
108_030Standard Catalog of World Coins40-4 p30Book ReviewCoins; Catalogue
108_0302002 Standard Catalog of World Coins40-4 p30Book (Reviewed)Coins; Catalogue
108_031Boling, Joseph EThe I.B.N.S. Convention and Exhibition in Melbourne, Australia40-4 p31Chapter NewsAustralia
108_034Musser, Dwight LOn the Short Snorter: The Archives of My Memory40-4 p34Article
108_037Costa Rica Social Mortgaging Banks40-4 p37ArticleCosta Rica
108_041Friedman, Herbert AAnother German WWII Propaganda Bank Note?40-4 p41ArticleGermanyPropaganda Notes
108_042Let the good times roll with new edition of Hard Times tokens catalog40-4 p42Book ReviewCatalogue
108_042Rulau, RussellStandard Catalog of Hard Times Tokens 1832-184440-4 p42Book (Reviewed)Catalogue
108_043Salem, FaridThe Second Issue of Bahrain Dinars40-4 p43ArticleBahrain
108_045Latest Prices for Collectible U.S. Paper Money40-4 p45Book ReviewUnited States
108_045Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money (20th Edition)40-4 p45Book (Reviewed)United States
108_046Aspen, Nelson PageThe Series of Bermuda Notes for 200040-4 p46ArticleBermuda
108_047Announcement: Works by Tim Prusmack40-4 p47ArticleUnited States
108_048Schwan, C FrederickThe ANA Summer Seminar40-4 p48Column
108_049Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Money Making Its Way Around the Country and the Internet40-4 p49Column
108_051Comprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates40-4 p51Book ReviewWorld War II; Military; Catalogue
108_051Schwan, C FrederickComprehensive Catalog of Military Payment Certificates40-4 p51Book (Reviewed)World War II; Military; Catalogue
107_001Crapanzano, GuidoPresident's Message41-1 p01Column
107_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column41-1 p02Column
107_002Society Officers41-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
107_004Letters to the Editor41-1 p04Correspondence
107_005William H. Stickles (1915-2001)41-1 p05Obituary
107_006Friedman, Herbert ABank Note Propaganda - WWII to Afganistan41-1 p06ArticlePropaganda Notes
107_009Salem, FaridA Brief History of Money in Japan41-1 p09ArticleJapan
107_020Heath, Henry BAll Change in European Currency41-1 p20ArticleEuropean Union
107_035Curran, Patrick J225 Years Of United States Paper Money41-1 p35ArticleUnited States
107_037The numismatic world's wait is over41-1 p37Book Review
107_037Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins (4th Edition)41-1 p37Book (Reviewed)
107_038Chirinos, MiguelWho's Who on Venezuelan Notes - Part 141-1 p38ArticleVenezuelaPortraits
107_042Adapon, Renato AThe Fractional Notes or Baryang Papel Issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines41-1 p42ArticlePhilippines
107_043Outing, RogerBeyond Rarity41-1 p43ArticlePersia; Guernsey; Falkland Islands
107_045More than Four Centuries of Circulating Coins from Spain, Portugal, New World41-1 p45Book ReviewPortugal; SpainCoins; Catalogue
107_045Krause, Chester L; Mishler, Clifford L; Bruce, Colin, IIStandard Catalog of World Coins, Spain, Portugal and the New World41-1 p45Book (Reviewed)Portugal; SpainCoins; Catalogue
107_046Aspen, Nelson PageLove Affair41-1 p46ArticleBermuda
107_048Schwan, C FrederickInternational Use of Military Payment Certificates41-1 p48ColumnMilitary
107_050Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Take Notes: People and Places on Banknotes of Israel41-1 p50ColumnIsraelPortraits
107_050Arkin, YigalTake notes: People and Places on Banknotes of Israel 41-1 p50ColumnIsraelPortraits
107_052Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 1 March 2002, Chicago41-1 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
107_053Boling, Joseph ETreasurer's Report41-1 p53Financial Report
106_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message41-2 p01Column
106_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column41-2 p02Column
106_002Society Officers41-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
106_004Letters to the Editor41-2 p04Correspondence
106_006Smith, David Spencer; Fu, JenniferA Bank Note of the Very Last Emperor of China41-2 p06ArticleChina
106_010Fraser, IanThe National Bank Of Scotland Ltd.41-2 p10ArticleScotland
106_018Salem, FaridTrinidad and Tobago from the Currency Board to the Central Bank41-2 p18ArticleTrinidad and Tobago; Caribbean
106_023Salem, FaridTest your Bank Note Knowledge41-2 p23Quiz
106_024Outing, Roger19th Century Bank of England Forgeries41-2 p24ArticleUnited KingdomForgeries
106_029Symes, Peter; Hanewich, MurrayThe Bank Notes of the Maldives41-2 p29ArticleMaldives
106_038Taylor, BryanThe Bank Notes of Bukhara41-2 p38ArticleBukhara
106_047Schwan, C FrederickANA Summer Seminar 200241-2 p47Column
106_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Adolphe Sax, a Star from Belgium and an Inventor for the World.41-2 p48ColumnBelgium
106_052Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 15 June 2002, Memphis41-2 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
106_053Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Annual General Meeting, 15 June 2002, Memphis41-2 p53I.B.N.S. Minutes
106_054Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 16 June 2002, Memphis41-2 p54I.B.N.S. Minutes
105_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message41-3 p01Column
105_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column41-3 p02Column
105_002Society Officers41-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
105_004Letters to the Editor41-3 p04Correspondence
105_006Bellan, DanThe Early Bank Notes of Guinee (Guinea-Conakry): Independence to 197241-3 p06ArticleGuinea
105_011Stiblar, StanislavA Brief Note of the Beginning of Slovenian Numismatics41-3 p11ArticleSlovenia
105_013Feller, SteveThe Sylvan Beach Amusement Park Scrip41-3 p13ArticleUnited StatesPrivate Issues
105_015Friedman, Herbert AMore Department of Justice Bank Note Reward Leaflets41-3 p15ArticleUnited States
105_019World Coin Standard Marks 30 Years41-3 p19Book ReviewCoins; Catalogue
105_0192003 Standard Catalog of World Coins (30th Edition)41-3 p19Book (Reviewed)Coins; Catalogue
105_020Bertsch, WolfgangBank Notes from Western China with Legends in Tibetan Scrip41-3 p20ArticleChina; Tibet
105_033Hoogendoorn, Hans AHappy Notes from a Happy Island41-3 p33ArticleAruba
105_034Rodgers, Kerry AFijian Rarities41-3 p34ArticleFiji
105_036Heath, Henry BThe Kings of Swaziland on Bank Notes41-3 p36ArticleSwazilandPortraits
105_040Symes, PeterThe Notes of the Rif Revolt41-3 p40ArticleMoroccoWar
105_048Schwan, C FrederickThe Fragility of Modern Technology41-3 p48Column
105_049Hessler, GeneThe Engraver's Line by Gene Hessler41-3 p49Book ReviewEngravers
105_050Feller, RachelRachel Notes: A Brief Lesson in Educators41-3 p50Column
104_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message41-4 p01Column
104_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column41-4 p02Column
104_002Society Officers41-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
104_004Letters to the Editor41-4 p04Correspondence
104_006Smith, David Spencer; Khabibullaev, AkramThe Second Republic of Eastern Turkistan: Violence and Treachery41-4 p06ArticleTurkistan
104_009New edition welcomes new coin, paper money collectors41-4 p09Book Review
104_009Warman's Coins & Paper Money (2nd Edition)41-4 p09Book (Reviewed)
104_010Heath, Henry BThe Kings of Morocco on Bank Notes41-4 p10ArticleMoroccoPortraits
104_012New standard catalog on U.S. paper money issues41-4 p12Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
104_012Krause, Chester L; Lemke, Robert FStandard Catalog of United States Paper Money (17th Edition)41-4 p12Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
104_013Cole, Alan MJoy For Poland Specialists41-4 p13Book ReviewPoland
104_013Milczak, CzeslawKatalog Polskich Pieniedzy Papierowych od 179441-4 p13Book (Reviewed)Poland
104_014Tomita, MasahiroDestiny of the North Korean Won41-4 p14ArticleNorth Korea
104_020Wiseman, AndrewAllied Military Currency in Danmark41-4 p20ArticleDenmarkMilitary
104_022Outing, RogerEnglish Paper Money by Vincent Duggleby, 6th Edition, 200241-4 p22Book ReviewUnited Kingdom
104_022Duggleby, VincentEnglish Paper Money (6th Edition)41-4 p22Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
104_023Salem, FaridBank Notes of Israel - Part 141-4 p23ArticleIsrael
104_044Adapon, Renato AThe History of 200 Peso Note of the Philippines41-4 p44ArticlePhilippines
104_046Stein, HerbertCyprus Banknote Issues, 1979-200141-4 p46ArticleCyprus
104_047Award-winning token title adds Civil War cardboard to new edition41-4 p47Book ReviewUnited States
104_047Rulau, RussellStandard Catalog of United States Tokens, 1700-1900 (3rd Edition)41-4 p47Book (Reviewed)United States
104_048Schwan, C FrederickEverything's a Project41-4 p48Column
104_050Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Beyond Being Just a Genius: Isaac Newton's Contributions to Politics and Coinage41-4 p50Column
103_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message42-1 p01Column
103_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column42-1 p02Column
103_002Society Officers42-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
103_004Letters to the Editor42-1 p04Correspondence
103_006Chirinos, MiguelDiscoverers and Explorers on Latin American Notes42-1 p06ArticleLatin AmericaPortraits
103_012Symes, PeterThe Notes of the Rif Revolt42-1 p12ArticleMoroccoWar
103_020Heath, Henry BAll Change in European Currency - an Addendum42-1 p20ArticleEuropean Union
103_023Outing, RogerBook Review42-1 p23Book ReviewIreland
103_023MacDevitt, MartanIrish Bank Notes — Irish Paper Money 1783 to 200142-1 p23Book (Reviewed)Ireland
103_024Steelman, Jimmie CThe Counterstamped Notes of Leyte, Philippines42-1 p24ArticlePhilippines
103_036Salem, FaridBank Notes of Israel - Part 242-1 p36ArticleIsrael
103_044van Weeren, Hans P"Camps in Paradise" Camp money in the Netherlands Indies42-1 p44ArticleNetherlands Indies
103_049Schwan, C FrederickAncillary Items for a Bank Note Collector42-1 p49Column
103_051Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Some of the Many Ways to Make $15,14042-1 p51Column
103_054Hanewich, MurrayMinutes of the Board Meeting - Hotel Lobelia, Neerham 17, Valkenburg, The Netherlands Sunday April 6, 200342-1 p54I.B.N.S. Minutes
102_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message42-2 p01Column
102_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column42-2 p02Column
102_002Society Officers42-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
102_004Letters to the Editor42-2 p04Correspondence
102_0052002 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards42-2 p05Literary Awards
102_005I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award42-2 p05Book of the YearUnited Kingdom
102_005Duggleby, VincentEnglish Paper Money: Treasury and Bank of England Notes 1694-200242-2 p05Book of the YearUnited Kingdom
102_006Feller, SteveComprehensive Collection of World War II Camp Money on Exhibit: Part 1: Ghettos42-2 p06ArticlePOW
102_018Fujita, KazuyaJapanese Military Currency (1937 -1945): Quantities Printed And Issued42-2 p18ArticleJapanMilitary
102_042Heath, Henry BThe Bank Notes Of Tunisia42-2 p42ArticleTunisia
102_048Schwan, C FrederickThe 2003 ANA Seminar42-2 p48Column
102_050Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Once Upon a Time, There was a Bank Note42-2 p50Column
102_054Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, June 14 2003, Memphis 42-2 p54I.B.N.S. Minutes
102_055Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Annual General Meeting, June 14 2003, Memphis 42-2 p55I.B.N.S. Minutes
101_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message42-3 p01Column
101_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column42-3 p02Column
101_002Society Officers42-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
101_004Letters to the Editor42-3 p04Correspondence
101_004Beresiner, Yasha LStanley Furman (1936-2003)42-3 p04Obituary
101_006Hussein, Mohamad HThe Wonderful World of Topical Paper Money Collecting42-3 p06ArticleThematic Collecting
101_015Heath, Henry BRastafarianism and Bank Notes42-3 p15ArticlePortraits
101_019Smith, David Spencer; Fu, JenniferYet another Sinkiang Warlord: Bank Notes of Ma Chung-ying42-3 p19ArticleChina
101_024Zellweger, ChristofThe First European Commemorative Bank Note42-3 p24ArticleAlbania
101_027Feller, SteveComprehensive Collection of World War II Camp Money on Exhibit: Part 2: The Allied Camps42-3 p27ArticlePOW
101_034Outing, RogerBook Reviews42-3 p34Book ReviewCongo; Belgian Congo; Burundi; Rwanda; Katanga
101_034August, David B; Selvais, ChristianEtat Independent du Congo; Congo Belge; Congo Belge et Ruanda Urundi; Rwanda-Burundi and Katanga, 1896 to 196242-3 p34Book (Reviewed)Congo; Belgian Congo; Burundi; Rwanda; Katanga
101_035Omejtov, O FA Story of State Wide Crime in Czar's Russia42-3 p35ArticleRussiaMuseums
101_037Chirinos, MiguelGen. Francisco de Miranda: A Latin American in the Revolutions42-3 p37ArticlePortraits
101_041Feller, SteveThe Criswell Type 64 Confederate States of America $500 Note42-3 p41ArticleUnited States
101_043Salem, FaridPortraits and Engraving - Part 142-3 p43ArticleEngravers
101_045Cole, Alan MSmall Change for Russian Jews: Review of new catalogue42-3 p45Book ReviewRussiaJewish; Catalogue
101_045Kharitonov, DmitriJewish Paper Money in Russia42-3 p45Book (Reviewed)RussiaJewish; Catalogue
101_046Schwan, C FrederickA New Horizon in Research42-3 p46ColumnMilitary
101_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Oranienburg42-3 p48ColumnGermany
101_052Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, October 5, 2002, London42-3 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
100_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message42-4 p01Column
100_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column42-4 p02Column
100_002Society Officers42-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
100_004Letters to the Editor42-4 p04Correspondence
100_006Eriksen, Preben; Hansen, Flemming Lyngbeck (Translator)BRIGS42-4 p06ArticleDenmarkMilitary
100_017Announcement: Milt Blackburn Retires42-4 p17ArticleCanada
100_018Rodgers, Kerry AHow Till Eulenspiegel Did Take a Kiwi for a Greenhorn42-4 p18ArticleGermanyNotgeld
100_025Yalçinkaya, ÖmerThe Meaning of World Currencies42-4 p25ArticleCurrency Units
100_027Salem, FaridPortraits and Engraving - Part 242-4 p27ArticleEngravers
100_031Saint, GarryBrewer & Joske Sugar Mills Private Issues Ca. 1871-7542-4 p31ArticleFijiPrivate Issues
100_033Chirinos, MiguelWho's Who on Venezuelan Notes - Part 242-4 p33ArticleVenezuelaPortraits
100_036Announcement: The Bank of Canada Unveils New $100 Bank Note42-4 p36New Note IssueCanada
100_037Smith, David SpencerCapt. Teague-Jones and the 1918 British Military Note from Russian Turkistan42-4 p37ArticleTurkistan
100_041Tepper, ShlomoNews about the Palestine Currency Notes42-4 p41ArticlePalestine
100_044Chirinos, MiguelThe Andean Condor: Symbol of Power42-4 p44ArticleSouth America
100_047Schwan, C FrederickChits42-4 p47ColumnMilitary
100_049Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Westerbork42-4 p49ColumnMilitary
100_051Seven centuries of world paper money cataloged in updated edition42-4 p51Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
100_051Shafer, Neil (Editor); Cuhaj, George S (Editor)Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues, Volume II (10th Edition)42-4 p51Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
100_052Hunt, DavidMinutes of Board Meeting, Bonnington Hotel, Southampton Row, London, Sunday 5th October 200342-4 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
099_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message43-1 p01Column
099_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column43-1 p02Column
099_002Society Officers43-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
099_004Letters to the Editor43-1 p04Correspondence
099_0042003 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards43-1 p04Literary Awards
099_0042003 I.B.N.S. Book of the Year43-1 p04Book of the YearUnited KingdomWorld War II; Military
099_004van Elmpt, TFABritish Military Authority Occupation Currency 1942-1956: Europe and North Africa43-1 p04Book of the YearUnited KingdomWorld War II; Military
099_006Graf, UrsThe Paper Money of Switzerland in the 20th Century - Part 143-1 p06ArticleSwitzerland
099_018Tepper, ShlomoPinchas Rotenberg and the New Currencies in Palestine43-1 p18ArticlePalestine
099_020Akerman, CliveThe ABNC Order Books: Guatemala and Nicaragua, 1862 -195643-1 p20ArticleNicaragua; Guatemala
099_026Smith, David SpencerThe Swedish Mission in Kashgar: Enforced Bank Note Printers43-1 p26ArticleChina
099_032Tomasko, Mark DThe Vignettes on the German Postwar Occupation Currency of 1948-194943-1 p32ArticleGermanyOccupation Issues
099_042Saint, GarryBernard Kock: King of Cow Island43-1 p42ArticleHaiti
099_046Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Far Better than the Colorado Springs Sewer Tour43-1 p46ColumnNumismatic Seminars
099_049Zellweger, ChristofBook Review43-1 p49Book ReviewSwitzerland
099_049Richter, Juerg; Kunzmann, RuediDie Banknoten der Schweiz43-1 p49Book (Reviewed)Switzerland
099_04922nd edition of Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money43-1 p49Book ReviewUnited StatesCatalogue
099_049Krause, Chester L; Lemke, Robert FStandard Catalog of United States Paper Money (22nd Edition)43-1 p49Book (Reviewed)United StatesCatalogue
099_050Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the Executive Board, 28 February 2004, Chicago43-1 p50I.B.N.S. Minutes
099_053Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 12 June 2004, Memphis43-1 p53I.B.N.S. Minutes
099_054Boling, Joseph EInternational Bank Note Society Financial Statement43-1 p54Financial Report
099_055Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Annual General Meeting, 12 June 2004, Memphis43-1 p55I.B.N.S. Minutes
098_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column43-2 p02Column
098_002Society Officers43-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
098_004Letters to the Editor43-2 p04Correspondence
098_006Rodgers, Kerry A; Wise, RonThe Amazing Turtle Ships of Admiral Yi Soon-shin43-2 p06ArticleKoreaPortraits
098_012Hessler, GeneJoseph Lawrence Keen: British Engraver - 1919-200443-2 p12ArticleUnited KingdomEngravers
098_018Graf, UrsThe Paper Money of Switzerland in the 20th Century - Part 243-2 p18ArticleSwitzerland
098_031Intricate Austrian Design Captures 2004 Coin of the Year Award43-2 p31News ReleaseAustria
098_032Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Bahrain43-2 p32ArticleBahrain
098_045Symes, PeterAnnouncement: I.B.N.S. Book of the Year43-2 p45Book of the YearUnited KingdomWorld War II; Military
098_045van Elmpt, TFABritish Military Authority Occupation Currency 1942-1956: Europe and North Africa43-2 p45Book of the YearUnited KingdomWorld War II; Military
098_046James, TonyAlien and Enemy in Australia43-2 p46ArticleAustraliaPOW
098_051Feller, RachelRachel Notes: The $1.35 Book43-2 p51Column
098_054Feller, SteveThe Criswell Type 64 Confederate States of America $500 Note: A Statistical Update43-2 p54Article UpdateUnited States
098_056Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 13 June 2004, Memphis43-2 p56I.B.N.S. Minutes
097_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message43-3 p01Column
097_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column43-3 p02Column
097_002Society Officers43-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
097_004Letters to the Editor43-3 p04Correspondence
097_006Lorenzoli, GiovanniNepali Artistic Buildings as Seen on Nepali Notes43-3 p06ArticleNepal
097_015Rosenman, RichardBolivian Proofs - The Arduous Road to Final Approvals43-3 p15ArticleBoliviaProofs
097_018Feller, SteveU.S. Essay, Proof and Specimen Notes, 2nd edition by Gene Hessler43-3 p18Book Review
097_018Hessler, GeneUS Essay, Proof and Specimen Notes (2nd Edition)43-3 p18Book (Reviewed)
097_019James, TonyIn for a Pound43-3 p19ArticleIreland
097_023Symes, PeterMMM Corporation43-3 p23ArticleRussiaPrivate Issues
097_030Sharplin, NikA Numismatic Fix43-3 p30ArticleNumismatic Seminars
097_031Zhoukov, AlexeyChinese Eastern Railway Bonds Russian Asian Bank Bonds43-3 p31ArticleRussia; China
097_035Schneider, FrankAn Introduction to Faroese Bank Notes43-3 p35ArticleFaeroe Islands
097_038Callaway, Jonathan; Murphy, DaveThe Early History and Note Issues of the Union Bank of Scotland43-3 p38ArticleScotland
097_049Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Alexander Hamilton, American43-3 p49ColumnUnited States
097_053Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 2 October 2004, London43-3 p53I.B.N.S. Minutes
096_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column43-4 p02Column
096_002Society Officers43-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
096_004Letters to the Editor43-4 p04Correspondence
096_005Logan, Norman; Narbeth, Colin; West, PamRoy Spick (1943-2005)43-4 p05Obituary
096_006Graf, UrsThe Paper Money of Switzerland in the 20th Century - Part 343-4 p06ArticleSwitzerland
096_019Symes, PeterHusbands and Fathers43-4 p19ArticlePortraits
096_024Griffiths, Owen; Hauchler, JourgVarifitoventy, Kirobo and Ariary or the story of Madagascar's old new currency43-4 p24ArticleMadagascar
096_034Heath, Henry BNotabilities Portrayed on Bank Notes - Part 1: National Heroes43-4 p34ArticlePortraits
096_042Smith, David SpencerCapt. Teague-Jones' Note: A Postscript43-4 p42ArticleTurkistan
096_044Symes, PeterThe Libyan Currency Commission43-4 p44ArticleLibya
096_052Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Playing Card Money43-4 p52ColumnCard Money
096_053I.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year43-4 p53Bank Note of the Year
095_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message44-1 p01Column
095_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column44-1 p02Column
095_002Society Officers44-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
095_004Letters to the Editor44-1 p04Correspondence
095_004Rodgers, Kerry AJerome H. Remick III, I.B.N.S. #0366, (1928-2005)44-1 p04Obituary
095_006Heath, Henry BNotabilities Portrayed on Bank Notes - Part 2: Sportsmen44-1 p06ArticlePortraits
095_010Rosenman, RichardBank Notes "That Might Have Been" - Three Case Studies44-1 p10ArticleVenezuela
095_015Feller, SteveFred's Amazing MPC FEST44-1 p15ArticleMilitary
095_021Hessler, GeneStanley Doubtfire, British Engraver44-1 p21ArticleUnited KingdomEngravers
095_024Boling, Joseph EBook Review44-1 p24Book ReviewCatalogue
095_024Reed, FredShow Me the Money! The Standard Catalog of Motion Picture, Television, Stage and Advertising Prop Money44-1 p24Book (Reviewed)Catalogue
095_025Schneider, D JeffreyOh Those Beautiful Scotties44-1 p25ArticleScotland
095_032Symes, PeterBangladesh Overprints - An Update44-1 p32ArticleBangladesh
095_036Symes, PeterHabib Lotfallah and the Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz44-1 p36ArticleHejaz
095_043Zhoukov, AlexeyVladikavkazskaya Rail Way Bonds44-1 p43ArticleRussia
095_046Symes, PeterBank Note of the Year44-1 p46Bank Note of the YearCanada
095_047Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Nigeria44-1 p47ColumnNigeria
095_050Symes, PeterMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, Valkenburg, 10 April 200544-1 p50I.B.N.S. Minutes
095_053The I.B.N.S. Privacy Policy44-1 p53I.B.N.S.
094_001Brooks, BobPresident's Message44-2 p01Column
094_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column44-2 p02Column
094_002Society Officers44-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
094_004Letters to the Editor44-2 p04Correspondence
094_0042004 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards44-2 p04Literary Awards
094_0042004 I.B.N.S. Book of the Year44-2 p04Book of the Year
094_004Hanafy, Eng Magdy; Mehilba, Ali (Translator)The Egyptian Banknote - Encyclopaedia & Catalogue of Egyptian Paper Money44-2 p04Book of the Year
094_008Symes, PeterThe Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on World Bank Notes44-2 p08ArticleQEII; Portraits
094_021Yalçinkaya, ÖmerThe Meaning of World Currencies44-2 p21ArticleCurrency Units
094_027Heath, Henry BNotabilities Portrayed on Bank Notes - Part 3: Educationalists44-2 p27ArticlePortraits
094_032Graf, UrsThe Paper Money of Switzerland in the 20th Century - Part 444-2 p32ArticleSwitzerland
094_047Hessler, GeneThe International Engraver's Line44-2 p47Book ReviewEngravers
094_048Feller, RachelRachel Notes: A Tale Told by a "Trifle"44-2 p48Column
094_050Feller, SteveThe Short Snorter of President Herbert Hoover44-2 p50ArticleUnited States
094_052Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 18 June 2005, Memphis 44-2 p52I.B.N.S. Minutes
093_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message44-3 p01Column
093_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column44-3 p02Column
093_002Society Officers44-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
093_004Letters to the Editor44-3 p04Correspondence
093_006Symes, PeterHabib Lotfallah and the Arabian National Bank of Hedjaz44-3 p06ArticleHejaz
093_021Zhoukov, AlexeyDalnevostochny Sovnarkom Bank Notes44-3 p21ArticleRussia
093_024Greene, RonaldWho is Who on the Recent Issues of The Bank of Japan44-3 p24ArticleJapanPortraits
093_028Cole, Alan MAnother Cataloguing Masterpiece! Catalogue of Polish Currency from 179444-3 p28Book ReviewPolandCatalogue
093_028Milczak, CzeslawCatalogue of Polish Currency from 1794 (3rd Edition 2005)44-3 p28Book (Reviewed)PolandCatalogue
093_028Feller, SteveUkrainian Paper Money 1917-2005 Catalogue44-3 p28Book ReviewUkraineCatalogue
093_028Kharitonov, DmitriUkrainian Paper Money 1917-200544-3 p28Book (Reviewed)UkraineCatalogue
093_029Feller, SteveMichael Schone's Two Latest Gems 44-3 p29Book ReviewGermanyPapiergeld
093_029Schone, MichaelDas Papiergeld in Der Frien Stadt Danzig 1920 bis 1939' and 'Die Varianten Der Deutschen Reichsbanknoten 1924 bis 1948'44-3 p29Book (Reviewed)GermanyPapiergeld
093_030Heath, Henry BNotabilities Portrayed on Bank Notes - Part 4: Philanthropists44-3 p30ArticlePortraits
093_034Symes, PeterBook Review44-3 p34Book ReviewPalestine
093_034Dabbah, RaphaelCurrency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board 44-3 p34Book (Reviewed)Palestine
093_035Rosenman, RichardVenezuela - The First 1000 Bolivars Notes44-3 p35ArticleVenezuela
093_040Feller, RachelRachel Notes: A Souvenir from France44-3 p40ColumnFrance
093_042Mihov, D (Dr)New book about Bulgarian Paper Money44-3 p42Book ReviewBulgaria
093_042Hristov, KostadinHistory of Bulgarian Paper Money44-3 p42Book (Reviewed)Bulgaria
093_045Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the I.B.N.S. General Membership Meeting, 18 June 2005, Memphis44-3 p45I.B.N.S. Minutes
092_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message44-4 p01Column
092_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column44-4 p02Column
092_002Society Officers44-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
092_004Letters to the Editor44-4 p04Correspondence
092_006Walters, Paul DI Told You it was Better in the Bahamas44-4 p06ArticleBahamas
092_011Tomasko, Mark DNaming Names: Vignette Titles in the Standard Catalogs44-4 p11ArticleEngravers
092_019Symes, PeterLady Lavery44-4 p19ArticleIrelandPortraits
092_021Heath, Henry BNotabilities Portrayed on Bank Notes - Part 5: The Saints44-4 p21ArticlePortraits
092_029Feller, SteveBook Review44-4 p29Book ReviewUnited States
092_029Fricke, PierreCollecting Confederate Paper Money: A Complete and Fully Illustrated Guide to All Confederate Note Types and Varieties44-4 p29Book (Reviewed)United States
092_031Feller, SteveIs This the Last Issued Confederate States Note?44-4 p31ArticleUnited States
092_033Symes, PeterThe First Bank Notes of Republican Iraq44-4 p33ArticleIraq
092_039Cole, Alan MBrilliant Listing of Ukrainian Notes44-4 p39Book ReviewUkraine
092_039Kharitonov, DmitriUkrainian Paper Money44-4 p39Book (Reviewed)Ukraine
092_040Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Remembering Leo May44-4 p40Obituary
092_042Reedy, Clyde MMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 01 October 2005, London44-4 p42I.B.N.S. Minutes
091_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message45-1 p01Column
091_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column45-1 p02Column
091_002Society Officers45-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
091_004Letters to the Editor45-1 p04Correspondence
091_006Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Somalia - Part 145-1 p06ArticleSomalia
091_030Tomita, MasahiroChina's Counterfeit Currency and Why It Is Rising45-1 p30ArticleChinaForgeries
091_034Feller, SteveOccupied Jersey and Guernsey45-1 p34ArticleJersey; Guernsey
091_039Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Sir Henry Parkes: Father of Federation45-1 p39ColumnAustraliaPortraits
090_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message45-2 p01Column
090_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column45-2 p02Column
090_002Society Officers45-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
090_004Symes, PeterInternational Bank Note Society - Book of the Year45-2 p04Book of the YearSyria
090_004Djaroueh, Adnan GEncyclopedia of Syrian Paper Money45-2 p04Book of the YearSyria
090_006Graf, UrsThe Paper Money of Switzerland in the 20th Century - Part 545-2 p06ArticleSwitzerland
090_020Symes, PeterThe Bank Notes of Somalia - Part 245-2 p20ArticleSomalia
090_026Tomasko, Mark DThe International Engraver's Line by Gene Hessler45-2 p26Book ReviewEngravers
090_026Hessler, GeneThe International Engraver's Line45-2 p26Book (Reviewed)Engravers
090_028Noll, JimAn Introduction to Collecting International Casino TITO's (Ticket In, Ticket Out) Machine Readable Slot Machine Cashout Tickets45-2 p28ArticleTickets
090_031Tomasko, Mark DCorrection: Naming Names: Vignette Titles in the Standard Catalogs45-2 p31ArticleEngravers
090_032Symes, PeterShinplasters of Outback Australia45-2 p32ArticleAustraliaPrivate Issues
090_037Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Playing at the Edge of Adulthood45-2 p37ColumnCanada
090_040van Weeren, Hans PMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 2 April 2006, Valkenburg45-2 p40I.B.N.S. Minutes
089_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message45-3 p01Column
089_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column45-3 p02Column
089_002Society Officers45-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
089_004Feller, SteveLetter from the Editor45-3 p04Column
089_006Djaroueh, Adnan GStudy and Comparison Between Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (Syrian Paper Money Section) and Encyclopedia of Syrian Paper Money45-3 p06ArticleSyria
089_015Cleveland, Donald RRight on the Money45-3 p15ArticleMexico
089_016Outing, Roger"English Paper Money" by Vincent Duggleby, 7th Edition45-3 p16Book ReviewUnited Kingdom
089_016Duggleby, VincentEnglish Paper Money (7th Edition) 45-3 p16Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
089_017Kreilkamp, GüntherDuisenberg Euro Notes - A Summary45-3 p17ArticleEuropean Union
089_023Hessler, GeneAlan Banks, British Security Engraver45-3 p23ArticleUnited KingdomEngravers
089_027Callaway, JonathanCollecting Isle of Man Bank Notes45-3 p27ArticleIsle of Man
089_033Griffiths, OwenBank Notes of Israel: The Levin Epstein Proof Notes45-3 p33ArticleIsraelProofs
089_035Wilson, John; Wilson, NancyObsolete Paper Money 1782-186645-3 p35Book ReviewUnited States
089_035Bowers, Q DavidObsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States 1782-186645-3 p35Book (Reviewed)United States
089_037Feller, SteveBook Review45-3 p37Book ReviewGreece
089_037Notaras, GerassimosGreek Banknotes: A Journey 1822-200245-3 p37Book (Reviewed)Greece
089_041Feller, RachelRachel Notes: A New Story About Old Charlie45-3 p41Column
089_043van Weeren, Hans PMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board Meeting, London, September 30, 200645-3 p43I.B.N.S. Minutes
088_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message45-4 p01Column
088_002Feller, SteveEditor's Column45-4 p02Column
088_002Society Officers45-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
088_004Letters to the Editor45-4 p04Correspondence
088_006Feller, SteveA Confederate Melodrama: The Manouvrier Notes and the Thian Records45-4 p06ArticleUnited States
088_012Kreilkamp, GüntherThe Euro: Remarkable Serial Numbers - Some Observations45-4 p12ArticleEuropean UnionSerial Numbers
088_020Glynn, JohnAlbanian's National Hero Depicted on Bank Notes45-4 p20ArticleAlbaniaPortraits
088_024Rodgers, Kerry AFiji's Debentures of 1871-3: currency or no?45-4 p24ArticleFiji
088_027Cleveland, Donald RRight on the Money45-4 p27ArticleAustralia
088_028Symes, PeterThe Notes of New Australia45-4 p28ArticleAustralia; Paraguay
088_035Rodgers, Kerry AComprehensive New Zealand Trading Bank Note Catalogue Published45-4 p35Book (Reviewed)New ZealandCatalogue
088_035Robb, AlistairCatalogue of the Trading Bank Notes of New Zealand45-4 p35Book (Reviewed)New ZealandCatalogue
088_036Feller, SteveFeller and Feller complete World War II Camp Book45-4 p36Book ReviewWorld War II
088_036Feller, Ray; Feller, SteveSilent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of World War II45-4 p36Book (Reviewed)World War II
088_038Chirinos, MiguelFirsts in Flight - Centennial Celebration of the First Flight45-4 p38ArticleThematic Collecting
088_044Feller, RachelRachel Notes: Goodbye, Hello, and Appreciation45-4 p44Column
087_001Linzmayer, Owen WEditor's Column46-1 p01Column
087_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message46-1 p01Column
087_002Society Officers and Directors46-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
087_004Letters46-1 p04Correspondence
087_007Chapter News46-1 p07Chapter News
087_012New Members46-1 p12I.B.N.S.
087_014Banknote News46-1 p14Column
087_015Note of the Year46-1 p15Bank Note of the Year
087_016Linzmayer, Owen WNew Notes46-1 p16New Note Issue
087_028Heath, Henry BNotabilities: Mongolia46-1 p28ArticleMongoliaPortraits
087_030Bonkowski, RichardBook Review46-1 p30Book ReviewPrinters
087_030Bender, Klaus WMoneymakers: The Secret World of Banknote Printing46-1 p30Book (Reviewed)Printers
087_031Burson, Weldon DThe Varieties of West African States Banknotes46-1 p31ArticleWest Africa
087_040Dabbah, RaphaelJordanian Proof Notes of 1994-9546-1 p40ArticleJordanProofs
087_043Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Cape Verde after Independence46-1 p43ArticleCape Verde
087_051Symes, PeterSudan's Camel Postman46-1 p51ArticleSudan
087_052Walters, Paul DSir Stafford Sands: Racist?46-1 p52ArticleBahamasPortraits
087_054Symes, PeterFrance's Little Prince46-1 p54ArticleFrance
087_056Cleveland, Donald RRight on the Money - The story behind the banknote: Trinidad and Tobago's $10046-1 p56ArticleTrinidad and Tobago
087_057Boling, Joseph EAnnual Financial Statement for 200646-1 p57Financial Report
086_001Linzmayer, Owen WEditor's Column46-2 p01Column
086_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message46-2 p01Column
086_002Society Officers and Directors46-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
086_004Letters46-2 p04Correspondence
086_006Levenite, ArtChapter News46-2 p06Chapter News
086_010New Members46-2 p10I.B.N.S.
086_011Pope, LaurenceCruising With Our Hobby46-2 p11Article
086_014Banknote News46-2 p14Column
086_015Linzmayer, Owen WNew Notes46-2 p15New Note Issue
086_025Rosenman, RichardColombian Castoffs46-2 p25ArticleColombiaPrinters
086_028Heath, Henry BNobel Laureates on Notes46-2 p28ArticlePortraits
086_043Symes, PeterBook Reviews46-2 p43Book ReviewUnited Kingdom
086_043Duggleby, VincentEnglish Paper Money (7th edition)46-2 p43Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
086_043Mackay, James; Mussell, John WBanknote Yearbook (5th edition)46-2 p43Book (Reviewed)United Kingdom
086_044Linzmayer, Owen WBook Review46-2 p44Book ReviewWorldPolymer Notes
086_044Eu, Peter; Chiew, Ben; Straus, StaneWorld Polymer Banknotes (2nd Edition)46-2 p44Book (Reviewed)WorldPolymer Notes
086_046Doty, Richard GEchoes of a Long-Forgotten War - French emergency currency from 1870 to 187146-2 p46ArticleFranceWar
086_052Symes, PeterThe Colonial Paper Money of Sierra Leone46-2 p52ArticleSierra Leone
086_061Cleveland, Donald RPapua New Guinea's 20-Kina Note46-2 p61ArticlePapua New GuineaPrimitive money
086_062van Weeren, Hans PMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, Valkenburg, April 14, 200746-2 p62I.B.N.S. Minutes
086_0632006 Literary Awards46-2 p63Literary Awards
086_064Book of the Year46-2 p64Book of the YearNorway
086_064Saethre, Karl; Eldorsen, Hans-GunnarNorske Pengesedler med Svalbard og Bjoroya 1695-2005 (Norwegian Banknotes with Spitsbergen and Bear Island)46-2 p64Book of the YearNorway
086_064Sydney Banknote Convention46-2 p64Chapter News
085_001Linzmayer, Owen WEditor's Column46-3 p01Column
085_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message46-3 p01Column
085_002Society Officers and Directors46-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
085_004Letters46-3 p04Correspondence
085_006Banknote News46-3 p06Column
085_007Linzmayer, Owen WNew Notes46-3 p07New Note Issue
085_010Nominate a Note of the Year46-3 p10Bank Note of the Year
085_012Callaway, JonathanIrish Private Banks and Their Notes46-3 p12ArticleIrelandPrivate Issues
085_028Symes, PeterThe Ever-Changing I.B.N.S. Publications46-3 p28Article
085_036Outing, RogerIntroduction to Travellers Cheques46-3 p36ArticleTraveller's Cheques
085_042Linzmayer, Owen WThe Banknotes of Aruba46-3 p42ArticleAruba
085_048Deprêtre, VincentThe 1917 Kinshasa 20-Franc Note46-3 p48ArticleBelgian Congo
085_052Symes, PeterThe Secrets of the Señoritas Revealed46-3 p52ArticleMexico
085_054Ray, Mark TBook Review46-3 p54Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
085_054Cuhaj, George S (Editor)Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, General Issues (11th Edition)46-3 p54Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
085_055Linzmayer, Owen WBook Review46-3 p55Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
085_055Cuhaj, George S (Editor)Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues (13th Edition)46-3 p55Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
085_056Levenite, ArtChapter News46-3 p56Chapter News
085_062New Members46-3 p62I.B.N.S.
085_063Boling, Joseph EMinutes of Recent I.B.N.S. Meetings46-3 p63I.B.N.S. Minutes
085_063Boling, Joseph EExecutive Board Meeting, July 7 2007, Memphis46-3 p63I.B.N.S. Minutes
085_063Boling, Joseph EAnnual General Meeting, July 7 2007, Memphis46-3 p63I.B.N.S. Minutes
085_065Call For Nominations46-3 p65I.B.N.S.
084_001Linzmayer, Owen WEditor's Column46-4 p01Column
084_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message46-4 p01Column
084_002Society Officers and Directors46-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
084_004Letters46-4 p04Correspondence
084_005Linzmayer, Owen WBanknote News46-4 p05Column
084_007Linzmayer, Owen WNew Notes46-4 p07New Note Issue
084_014Graf, UrsThe Paper Money of Switzerland in the 20th Century - Part 646-4 p14ArticleSwitzerland
084_028Meikle, Colin14 George Street, Edinburgh - The history of the head office of the Commercial Bank of Scotland46-4 p28ArticleScotland
084_040Tschan, RetoMuseum on the Mound - The numismatic treasures of Scotland have a new home in Edinburgh 46-4 p40ArticleScotlandMuseums
084_044Cleveland, Donald REgypt's Queen Nefertiti46-4 p44ArticleEgypt
084_050Linzmayer, Owen WBurma's Bizarre Banknotes46-4 p50ArticleBurma
084_056Flint, AlanA Licence to Destroy Money46-4 p56ArticleAustraliaPrinters
084_060Linzmayer, Owen WQueen Elizabeth II (1st Edition)46-4 p60Book ReviewQEII
084_060Eu, Peter; Chiew, BenQueen Elizabeth II 46-4 p60Book (Reviewed)QEII
084_062White, DavidAustralian Convention46-4 p62Chapter NewsAustralia
084_065Walters, Paul DLondon Board Meeting, October 6, 200746-4 p65I.B.N.S. Minutes
084_066August, David BI.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year 200746-4 p66Bank Note of the YearComoros
084_067Levenite, ArtChapter News46-4 p67Chapter News
084_074New Members46-4 p74I.B.N.S.
083_001Linzmayer, Owen WEditor's Column47-1 p01Column
083_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message47-1 p01Column
083_002Society Officers and Directors47-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
083_004Letters47-1 p04Correspondence
083_006Linzmayer, Owen WBanknote News47-1 p06Column
083_008Linzmayer, Owen WNew Notes47-1 p08New Note Issue
083_019Bohora, Anil RVietnamese Bearer Checks47-1 p19ArticleVietnam
083_033Sandrock, John EBanknotes of the French Revolution - Part 1: The Royal Assignats47-1 p33ArticleFrance
083_043Symes, PeterBonds of the Transcaucasian Commissariat47-1 p43ArticleRussia; Transcaucasia
083_050Ravnsborg-Gjertsen, Peter; Spontstoyl, Jens OlavNorges Bank's Printing Works47-1 p50ArticleNorwayPrinters
083_056Outing, RogerEnglish Banknote Indemnity Forms47-1 p56ArticleEngland
083_060Linzmayer, Owen WNote Security: varifeye47-1 p60ArticleSecurity
083_062Rollins, RolandAn Introduction to ATM Test Notes47-1 p62ArticleThematic Collecting
083_065Levenite, ArtChapter News47-1 p65Chapter News
083_072Boling, Joseph EClyde Reedy47-1 p72Obituary
083_074New Members47-1 p74I.B.N.S.
082_001Linzmayer, Owen WEditor's Column47-2 p01Column
082_001Turner, MarcusPresident's Message47-2 p01Column
082_002Society Officers and Directors47-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
082_004Letters47-2 p04Correspondence
082_005Linzmayer, Owen WBanknote News47-2 p05Column
082_006Linzmayer, Owen WNew Notes47-2 p06New Note Issue
082_016Ray, Mark TBank of England White Notes47-2 p16ArticleEngland
082_030Sandrock, John EBanknotes of the French Revolution - Part 2: The Assignats of the First Republic47-2 p30ArticleFrance
082_039Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Azerbaijan - Part 1: The Baku Issues47-2 p39ArticleAzerbaijan
082_047Zimmer, Brian; Chirinos, MiguelVenezuela’s New Bolivar Fuerte Notes47-2 p47ArticleVenezuela
082_053Huisman, RobNetherlands Indies 10-Cent Proof Note47-2 p53ArticleNetherlands Indies
082_056Linzmayer, Owen WNote Security: Motion47-2 p56ArticleSecurity
082_058Linzmayer, Owen WBook Reviews47-2 p58Book Review
082_058Tazcakin, Mehmet S; Kayral, GucluBanknotes of Ottoman Empire47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Turkey
082_058Pank, EestiBanknotes and Coins of the Republic of Estonia47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Estonia
082_058Linzmayer, Owen WThe Banknote Update47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)World
082_058Outing, RogerThe Cheques of Barclays Bank: A Guide for Collectors47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)EnglandBankers
082_058al-Ibrahim, BasemHistory of Banknotes in Kuwait47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Kuwait
082_058de Leeuw, Karl; Bergstra, JanThe History of Information Security47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Security
082_058Van Renesse, Rudolf LOptical Document Security47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Security
082_058Stojanovic, ZeljkoStandard Reference Guide to Serbian and Yugoslav Paper Money47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Serbia; Yugoslavia
082_058Outing, RogerThe Standard Catalogue of English Travellers Cheques47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)EnglandTraveller's Cheques; Catalogue
082_058Take Note: A History of Scottish Banknotes47-2 p58Book (Reviewed)Scotland
082_060Callaway, JonathanI.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year 200847-2 p60Bank Note of the YearScotland
082_062Levenite, ArtChapter News47-2 p62Chapter News
082_069Vort-Ronald, Michael PGraeme Hall Bamford47-2 p69Obituary
082_070New Members47-2 p70I.B.N.S.
082_071Boling, Joseph EAnnual Financial Statement for 200747-2 p71Financial Report
082_073I.B.N.S. Announcements47-2 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
081_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column47-3 p01Column
081_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message47-3 p01Column
081_002Society Officers and Directors47-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
081_004In Memoriam: Bob Brooks47-3 p04Obituary
081_004Letters47-3 p04Correspondence
081_005Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News47-3 p05Column
081_008Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues47-3 p08New Note Issue
081_021Linzmayer, Owen WCentral Bank of Myanmar Notes47-3 p21ArticleMyanmar
081_029Carlson, Charles RKaiserslauten Notgeld of the Franco-Prussian War47-3 p29ArticleGermanyNotgeld
081_030Sanz, JaimeIs Banknote Grading a Subjective Art or an Objective Science?47-3 p30ArticleGrading
081_034Coats, WarrenOne Currency for Bosnia47-3 p34ArticleBosnia
081_041Underwood, RichardInsect Images On Banknotes - Part 1: As Representatives of a Country's Fauna47-3 p41ArticleThematic Collecting
081_049Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Azerbaijan - Part 2: The Azerbaijan Republic Issues (1919-1920)47-3 p49ArticleAzerbaijan
081_058I.B.N.S. Announcements47-3 p58I.B.N.S. Announcements
081_062Richardson, RonThe I.B.N.S. Book of the Year47-3 p62Book of the YearKuwait
081_062al-Ibrahim, BasemHistory of Banknotes in Kuwait47-3 p62Book of the YearKuwait
081_063Linzmayer, Owen WStandard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues (14th Edition)47-3 p63Book ReviewWorld Notes; Catalogue
081_063Cuhaj, George S (Editor)Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Modern Issues (14th Edition)47-3 p63Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
081_064Symes, PeterDevelopments with the I.B.N.S. Web Site47-3 p64I.B.N.S.
081_065Levenite, ArtChapter News47-3 p65Chapter News
081_070Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes47-3 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
081_070Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 28 June 2008, Memphis47-3 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
081_071Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Annual General Meeting, 28 June 2008, Memphis47-3 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
081_072Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 29 June 2008, Memphis47-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
081_073New Members47-3 p73I.B.N.S.
080_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column47-4 p01Column
080_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message47-4 p01Column
080_002Society Officers and Directors47-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
080_004Letters47-4 p04Correspondence
080_005Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News47-4 p05Column
080_006Symes, PeterI.B.N.S. Internet Auctions47-4 p06I.B.N.S.
080_008Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues47-4 p08New Note Issue
080_023Underwood, RichardInsect Images on Banknotes - Part 2: Art and Literature; Agriculture and Medicine47-4 p23ArticleThematic Collecting
080_029Poddi, StefanoThe Devil’s Workshop - Operation Bernhard - the Story of the Biggest Banknote Counterfeiting Scheme Ever Devised47-4 p29ArticleGermanyForgeries
080_037West, PamSerial Numbers of Operations Bernhard and Andrew47-4 p37ArticleGermanyForgeries
080_043Sandrock, John EThe Foreign Banks in China - Part 1: Early Imperial Issues (1850-1900)47-4 p43ArticleChina
080_053Kudlik, VladimirVariants of the Hungarian 1,000 Pengö Banknote Dated 1 July 192747-4 p53ArticleHungary
080_056Linzmayer, Owen WNote Security: Optiks47-4 p56ArticleSecurity
080_059Pakistan's Prize Bonds at Last47-4 p59Book ReviewPakistan
080_059Kasbati, Rafiq; Qureshi, YahyaPrize Bonds Catalogue of Pakistan47-4 p59Book (Reviewed)Pakistan
080_061Symes, PeterThe Receipts of the Mohammed Ali Jinnah Memorial Fund47-4 p61ArticlePakistan
080_062Levenite, ArtChapter News47-4 p62Chapter News
080_073I.B.N.S. Announcements47-4 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
080_075New Members47-4 p75I.B.N.S.
080_076I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes47-4 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
080_076Walters, Paul DMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, London, Friday 3 October, 200847-4 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
080_077Symes, PeterMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, Perth, 2 November 200847-4 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
079_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column48-1 p01Column
079_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message48-1 p01Column
079_002Society Officers and Directors48-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
079_005Letters48-1 p05Correspondence
079_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News48-1 p08Column
079_010Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues48-1 p10New Note Issue
079_028Sandrock, John EThe Foreign Banks in China - Part 2: Imperial Chinese Issues (1900-1911)48-1 p28ArticleChina
079_037Bohora, Anil RLanguages Used on the Banknotes of India48-1 p37ArticleIndia
079_042Dufour, MichelSignature Chart for French Pacific Territories48-1 p42ArticleFrench PacificSignatures
079_044Underwood, RichardInsect Images on Banknotes - Part 3: Security Devices48-1 p44ArticleThematic Collecting
079_052Lorenzoli, GiovanniErrors Happen: Errors on Nepalese notes48-1 p52ArticleNepalErrors
079_064Linzmayer, Owen WNote Security: MicroPerf48-1 p64ArticleSecurity
079_066Yalçinkaya, ÖmerNew Issue of Turkish Banknotes without "New"48-1 p66ArticleTurkey
079_069Levenite, ArtChapter News48-1 p69Chapter News
079_073Callaway, JonathanBob Blake48-1 p73Obituary
079_074A Classic Banknote48-1 p74ArticleJamaica
079_076I.B.N.S. Announcements48-1 p76I.B.N.S. Announcements
079_077White, DavidI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes48-1 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
079_077White, DavidMinutes of the I.B.N.S. On-line Board Meeting and Vote, November and December 200848-1 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
079_078New Members48-1 p78I.B.N.S.
078_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column48-2 p01Column
078_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message48-2 p01Column
078_002Society Officers and Directors48-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
078_006Letters48-2 p06Correspondence
078_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News48-2 p08Column
078_009Classic Note48-2 p09ArticleScotland
078_011Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues48-2 p11New Note Issue
078_028Burson, Weldon DBanknotes of Mali48-2 p28ArticleMali
078_033Sandrock, John EForeign Banks in China - Part 3: Republic of China Issues (1912-1945)48-2 p33ArticleChina
078_045Tomasko, Mark DWhat Might Have Been48-2 p45ArticleEngravers
078_052Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Iranian Azerbaijan48-2 p52ArticleIran
078_058Yalçinkaya, ÖmerWho is Who on Turkmenistan's New Banknotes48-2 p58ArticleTurkmenistan
078_061Cleveland, Donald RRight on the Money - The Beginning and the End48-2 p61ArticleMexico
078_063Bank Note of the Year48-2 p63Bank Note of the YearSamoa
078_064Zellweger, ChristofDas Geld des Terrors (Money of the Terror)48-2 p64Book ReviewGermanyWorld War II
078_064Grabowski, Hans-LudwigDas Geld des Terrors48-2 p64Book (Reviewed)GermanyWorld War II
078_064Symes, PeterBook Reviews48-2 p64Book ReviewBhutan
078_064Bohora, Anil R; Snorrason, Gylfi KBanknotes of Bhutan48-2 p64Book (Reviewed)Bhutan
078_065InterCrim-PressBanknotes of the World: Currency Circulation 200848-2 p65Book (Reviewed)World Notes
078_066Masich, AlexeyU.S. Dollars: Genuine or Counterfeit?48-2 p66Book (Reviewed)United StatesForgeries
078_067Levenite, ArtChapter News48-2 p67Chapter News
078_072Test Your Knowledge48-2 p72Quiz
078_073I.B.N.S. Announcements48-2 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
078_075Boling, Joseph EAnnual Financial Statement for 200848-2 p75Financial Report
078_076Symes, PeterI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes48-2 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
078_076Symes, PeterMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, Valkenburg, 4 April 200948-2 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
078_078New Members48-2 p78I.B.N.S.
078_079Where do we come from?48-2 p79I.B.N.S.
077_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column48-3 p01Column
077_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message48-3 p01Column
077_002Society Officers and Directors48-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
077_006Letters48-3 p06Correspondence
077_010Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News48-3 p10Column
077_013Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues48-3 p13New Note Issue
077_026Hanewich, MurrayClassic Note48-3 p26ArticleEast Africa
077_029Huisman, RobSecret codes on Indonesian Revolution Money - ORI (Oeang Republik Indonesia) 1945-194848-3 p29ArticleIndonesiaSerial Numbers
077_039Bertsch, WolfgangThe Legends on the Banknotes of Nepal48-3 p39ArticleNepal
077_045Bohora, Anil RIndian Banknotes Signed by Dr. Reddy48-3 p45ArticleIndia
077_049Chirinos, MiguelWho's Who on Plastic Notes in Latin America48-3 p49ArticleLatin AmericaPortraits; Polymer Notes
077_054Spiegel, Sam HThe "Four Freedoms" on Allied Military Currency48-3 p54ArticleItalyMilitary
077_056Cole, Alan MNote Evaluation: Progress in the Last Forty Years48-3 p56ArticleEastern Europe
077_059Test Your Knowledge48-3 p59Quiz
077_061Tylicki, JacekKatalog papierowych pieniędzy zastępczych z ziem polskich [Catalogue of emergency paper money from Polish territories], volumes I-V, by Andrzej Podczaski, Lublin-Warszawa 2004-200848-3 p61Book ReviewPolandEmergency Issues; Catalogue
077_061Podczaski, AndrzejCatalogue of Emergency Paper Money from Polish Territories, volumes I-V48-3 p61Book (Reviewed)PolandEmergency Issues; Catalogue
077_062Wilkin, TrevorInside Mafeking "A Monument to British Pluck" - The Diary of Captain Herbert Greener Edited by Robin Droogleever48-3 p62Book ReviewSouth AfricaSiege Issues
077_062Droogleever, Robin (Editor)Inside Mafeking "A Monument to British Pluck": The Diary of Captain Hubert Greener48-3 p62Book (Reviewed)South AfricaSiege Issues
077_063Book of the Year48-3 p63Book of the YearParaguay
077_063Pratt-Mayans, Miguel Angel; Pusineri-Scala, Carlos AlbertoBilletes del Paraguay48-3 p63Book of the YearParaguay
077_065Symes, PeterNew Varieties for Old Saudi Notes48-3 p65ArticleSaudi Arabia
077_066Welo, TimDealer Profile: Educational Coin Company48-3 p66Dealer Profile
077_068Levenite, ArtChapter News48-3 p68Chapter News
077_073I.B.N.S. Announcements48-3 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
077_076Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes48-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
077_076Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 27 June 2009, Memphis48-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
077_076Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the I.B.N.S. Annual General Meeting, 27 June 2009, Memphis48-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
077_077The I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Award48-3 p77Book of the Year
077_078New Members48-3 p78I.B.N.S.
076_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column48-4 p01Column
076_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message48-4 p01Column
076_002Society Officers and Directors48-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
076_006Letters48-4 p06Correspondence
076_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News48-4 p08Column
076_011Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues48-4 p11New Note Issue
076_025Callaway, JonathanClassic Note48-4 p25ArticleTibet
076_027Bonine, Michael EJerusalem and the Dome of the Rock: Banknotes of Piety, Politics and National Identity48-4 p27ArticleMiddle East
076_043Bohora, Anil RThe Indian Rupee: Used Around the World48-4 p43ArticleIndia
076_049Cleveland, Donald RThe 70 Communes of Northern France - 1914 Emergency Issue48-4 p49ArticleFranceWorld War I; Emergency Issues
076_051Kenney, DaveThe Lewes Pound48-4 p51ArticleEnglandPrivate Issues
076_053Test Your Knowledge48-4 p53Quiz
076_055Nielsen, Niels; Eriksen, Preben; Hansen, Flemming Lyngbeck (Translator)Three Unknown Concentration Camp Notes from Dora-Mittelbau48-4 p55ArticleGermanyPOW
076_060Rodgers, Kerry AOf Fiji, y2k and the Meaning of Money48-4 p60ArticleFiji
076_063Levenite, ArtChapter News48-4 p63Chapter News
076_069I.B.N.S. Announcements48-4 p69I.B.N.S. Announcements
076_071du Toit, AndreMember Profile - Andre du Toit48-4 p71Member Profile
076_071Woods, NickMember Profile - Nick Woods48-4 p71Member Profile
076_071Bohora, Anil RMember Profile - Anil Bohara48-4 p71Member Profile
076_072I.B.N.S. Expert Panel48-4 p72I.B.N.S.
076_073White, DavidI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes48-4 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
076_073White, DavidMinutes of the Online Board Meeting and Votes, September 200948-4 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
076_074New Members48-4 p74I.B.N.S.
075_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column49-1 p01Column
075_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message49-1 p01Column
075_002Society Officers and Directors49-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
075_006Letters49-1 p06Correspondence
075_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News49-1 p08Column
075_009Test Your Knowledge49-1 p09Quiz
075_011Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues49-1 p11New Note Issue
075_027Sandrock, John EImperial Chinese Currency of The Tai'ping Rebellion - Part 1: Copper Currencies of The Rebellion ("Big Cash" Coins and Copper Cash Notes)49-1 p27ArticleChina
075_043de Young, ScottFifty-Pound Banknotes of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand49-1 p43ArticleNew Zealand
075_048Neldner, ThomasThe Cancelled and Re-issued Banknotes of Greece P112 - P115A49-1 p48ArticleGreece
075_053Perez, Patrick IanThe Notes of Banco de Chaco and Colonia Ocampo, Argentina49-1 p53ArticleArgentina
075_057Wood, AlexA History of the Currency of the Cayman Islands49-1 p57ArticleCayman Islands
075_063Cleveland, Donald RA Political Statement - Right on the Money49-1 p63ArticleBolivia
075_065Crossword49-1 p65Quiz
075_066Outing, RogerBook Review49-1 p66Book ReviewIreland
075_066Blake, Bob; Callaway, JonathanPaper Money of Ireland49-1 p66Book (Reviewed)Ireland
075_066Symes, PeterBook Review49-1 p66Book ReviewEstonia
075_066Tohov, AllanEesti Vabariigi Paberraha 1919-1940 + 1991-2008 (Paper Money of the Republic of Estonia 1919-1940 + 1991-2008)49-1 p66Book (Reviewed)Estonia
075_067Long, RichardBook Review49-1 p67Book ReviewMexico
075_067Frampton, Cory (Editor); Douglas, Duane D (Editor); Hidalgo, Alberto (Editor); Powell, Elmer (Editor)Mexican Paper Money - 2010 Edition49-1 p67Book (Reviewed)Mexico
075_068Hanewich, MurrayClassic Note49-1 p68ArticleMalaya
075_069Levenite, ArtChapter News49-1 p69Chapter News
075_074I.B.N.S. Announcements49-1 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
075_076Leslie, Dale FMember Profile - Dale F. Leslie49-1 p76Member Profile
075_076Lefèvre, Jean-YvesMember Profile - Jean-Yves Lefèvre49-1 p76Member Profile
075_076Kleven, Jan ErikMember Profile - Jan Erik Kleven49-1 p76Member Profile
075_077White, DavidI.B.N.S Board Meeting Minutes49-1 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
075_077White, DavidMinutes of the Online Board Meeting and Votes, January 201049-1 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
075_078New Members49-1 p78I.B.N.S.
074_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column49-2 p01Column
074_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message49-2 p01Column
074_002Society Officers and Directors49-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
074_006Letters49-2 p06Correspondence
074_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News49-2 p07Column
074_011Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues49-2 p11New Note Issue
074_020Huisman, RobDe Javasche Bank Note Issues - January 1864 - April 1895, printed by Joh. Enschedé en Zonen49-2 p20ArticleNetherlands Indies
074_033Moallem, EliThe Banknotes of the Pathet Lao - The Laotian Anti-Royal Communist Guerrilla Movement 49-2 p33ArticleLaos
074_038Test Your Knowledge49-2 p38Quiz
074_040Razack, RezwanThe Currency Note Press, Nasik - The Beginning49-2 p40ArticleIndia
074_046Sandrock, John EImperial Chinese Currency of The Tai'ping Rebellion - Part 2: Ch'ing Dynasty Silver Tael Notes49-2 p46ArticleChina
074_055Mitchell, AstridGlobal Currencies Continue to Bank on the Benefits of Holography49-2 p55ArticleHolography
074_058Khechumov, Ctefan; Chokhonelidze, DmitryEarly Paper Money in Georgia49-2 p58ArticleGeorgia
074_059Are You Following the I.B.N.S. Code of Ethics?49-2 p59I.B.N.S.
074_060Symes, PeterBook Reviews49-2 p60Book ReviewCatalogue; Printers
074_060Istomin, MikhailCatalog of Banknotes of the Civil War in Russia, Vol. 3, Southeastern Region, Crimea, North Caucasus (1917-1920)49-2 p60Book (Reviewed)Catalogue
074_060White, DavidBook Review49-2 p60Book ReviewPalestine; Israel
074_060Tepper, ShlomoThe Unissued Banknotes of Palestine and Israel49-2 p60Book (Reviewed)Palestine; Israel
074_061Jungman-Stadler, Franziska; Devrient, LudwigGiesecke & Devrient - Banknote Printing 1854-194349-2 p61Book (Reviewed)Printers
074_062Zellweger, ChristofBook Review49-2 p62Book ReviewGermany
074_062Rosenberg, Holgers; Grabowski, Hans-LudwigDie Deutschen Banknoten ab 1871 (German Banknotes after 1871), 17th Edition49-2 p62Book (Reviewed)Germany
074_063Richardson, RonI.B.N.S. Hall of Fame49-2 p63I.B.N.S.
074_067Bank Note of the Year49-2 p67Bank Note of the YearBermuda
074_069Levenite, ArtChapter News49-2 p69Chapter News
074_074I.B.N.S. Announcements49-2 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
074_075Symes, PeterVale George Conrad49-2 p75Obituary
074_076Platt, Herbert AMember Profile - Herbert A. Platt49-2 p76Member Profile
074_076Onder, AdilMember Profile - Adil Onder49-2 p76Member Profile
074_076Yu, Jian HuaMember Profile - Yu Jian Hua49-2 p76Member Profile
074_077Richardson, RonI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes49-2 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
074_077Richardson, RonMunites of the I.B.N.S. Board Meeting, Valkenburg, 10 April 201049-2 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
074_078New Members49-2 p78I.B.N.S.
073_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column49-3 p01Column
073_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message49-3 p01Column
073_002Society Officers and Directors49-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
073_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame49-3 p04I.B.N.S.
073_006Letters49-3 p06Correspondence
073_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News49-3 p07Column
073_011Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues49-3 p11New Note Issue
073_024Hanewich, MurrayClassic Note49-3 p24ArticleMauritius
073_024Test Your Knowledge49-3 p24Quiz
073_026Razack, RezwanBank Notes of Portuguese India49-3 p26ArticlePortugal; India
073_039Symes, PeterThe Bank of Sudan's Second Series49-3 p39ArticleSudan
073_044Linzmayer, Owen WBook Review49-3 p44Book ReviewErrors
073_044Fischer, Morland CWorld Paper Money Errors49-3 p44Book (Reviewed)Errors
073_045Callaway, JonathanBook Review49-3 p45Book ReviewEngland; WalesProvincial; Catalogue
073_045Outing, RogerThe Standard Catalogue of the Provincial Banknotes of England & Wales49-3 p45Book (Reviewed)England; WalesProvincial; Catalogue
073_047Yalçinkaya, ÖmerA Curious Story of Albanian Banknote Printing49-3 p47ArticleAlbania
073_051West, PamNot Actually a Banknote?49-3 p51ArticleBanknote Design
073_054Kenney, DaveThe Brixton Pound49-3 p54ArticleEnglandPrivate Issues
073_059Lobel, RichardThe Day I Bought a Treasure Ship49-3 p59ArticleIndiaBanknote Paper
073_063Welo, TimDealer Profile: Coincraft49-3 p63Dealer Profile
073_067Levenite, ArtChapter News49-3 p67Chapter News
073_072I.B.N.S. Announcements49-3 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
073_073I.B.N.S. Book of the Year49-3 p73Book of the YearIreland
073_073Blake, Bob; Callaway, JonathanPaper Money of Ireland49-3 p73Book of the YearIreland
073_075Underwood, RichardMember Profile - Richard Underwood49-3 p75Member Profile
073_075Poddi, StefanoMember Profile - Stefano Poddi49-3 p75Member Profile
073_076I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes49-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
073_076Minutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 19 June 2010, Memphis49-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
073_077Report of the Annual General Meeting, 19 June 2010, Memphis49-3 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
073_077Minutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 20 June 2010 Memphis49-3 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
073_078New Members49-3 p78I.B.N.S.
072_001Symes, PeterEditor's Column49-4 p01Column
072_001Symes, PeterPresident's Message49-4 p01Column
072_002Society Officers and Directors49-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
072_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame49-4 p04I.B.N.S.
072_006Letters49-4 p06Correspondence
072_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News49-4 p07Column
072_009Shafer, JoelDr. Mel Steinberg (1935-2010)49-4 p09Obituary
072_009Onyshkevych, SevKees Schuddeboom (1950-2010)49-4 p09Obituary
072_011Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues49-4 p11New Note Issue
072_023Outing, RogerPaper Currency in Eighteenth-Century London49-4 p23ArticleEngland
072_030Test Your Knowledge49-4 p30Quiz
072_031Razack, RezwanIndia's King George V, One Rupee - 1917 Issue49-4 p31ArticleIndia
072_035Symes, PeterBook Review49-4 p35Book ReviewRussiaCatalogue
072_035Istomin, MikhailCatalog of Banknotes of the Civil War in Russia, Volume V, Turkestan Provinces, Bukhara, Khiva (Khorezm) (1917-1923)49-4 p35Book (Reviewed)RussiaCatalogue
072_037Platt, Herbert AUnderstanding the Advent of Paper Money and Its Sociology49-4 p37ArticleChina
072_042Chirinos, MiguelLighthouses on World Paper Money49-4 p42ArticleThematic Collecting
072_046Bohora, Anil RInteresting Uses of Banknotes and Banknotes as Works of Art49-4 p46ArticleUses of Banknotes
072_053Cowlin, JohnBorder Scouts of Upington - The Great Boer War 1899-190249-4 p53ArticleSouth AfricaWar
072_055Cleveland, Donald RQueen Elissa, Founder of Carthage - Right on the Money49-4 p55ArticleTunisia
072_057Hosch, Charles RBank Note Printing Companies and Other Entities49-4 p57ArticlePrinters
072_068Levenite, ArtChapter News49-4 p68Chapter News
072_074I.B.N.S. Announcements49-4 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
072_075Jain, Anil KumarMember Profile - Anil Kumar Jain49-4 p75Member Profile
072_075Tynan, DarrenMember Profile - Darren Tynan49-4 p75Member Profile
072_075Hill, RobinI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes49-4 p75I.B.N.S. Minutes
072_075Hill, RobinBoard Meeting, 1st October 2010, London49-4 p75I.B.N.S. Minutes
072_078New Members49-4 p78I.B.N.S.
071_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column50-1 p01Column
071_002Society Officers and Directors50-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
071_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame50-1 p04I.B.N.S.
071_006Symes, PeterPresident's Message50-1 p06Column
071_008Letters50-1 p08Correspondence
071_012Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News50-1 p12Column
071_014Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues50-1 p14New Note Issue
071_027Symes, PeterThe Elusive Unofficial Banknotes of New Sudan50-1 p27ArticleSudan
071_030Test Your Knowledge50-1 p30Quiz
071_032Sandrock, John EThe World War II Philippine Guerrilla Notes of Mindanao Island50-1 p32ArticlePhilippinesWorld War II; Emergency Issues
071_042IBNS Russian Chapter membersExchange Receipts from Soviet Special Camps - OGPU money, 1929-193250-1 p42ArticleSoviet UnionPrison Camps
071_044Poddi, StefanoThe Banknotes of Hyderabad and the Salvage of the S.S. Egypt50-1 p44ArticleIndia
071_049Bohora, Anil R"Banknotes" of Khalistan - Scrip of the Indian Punjab Independence Movement50-1 p49ArticleIndiaSecessionist
071_054Symes, PeterAustralian Circular Notes and Circular Letters of Credit50-1 p54ArticleAustralia
071_061Brook, MarkA Guide to Collecting Isle of Man Government Issue Banknotes, 1961 to Present Day50-1 p61ArticleIsle of Man
071_069Bohora, Anil RIconic Banknote - British India, Two Rupees Eight Annas Issued in Rangoon50-1 p69ArticleIndia; Burma
071_070Levenite, ArtChapter News50-1 p70Chapter News
071_074I.B.N.S. Announcements50-1 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
071_076White, DavidMinutes of the Online Board Meeting, November 201050-1 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
071_076White, DavidMinutes of the Online Board Meeting, December 2010 50-1 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
071_078New Members50-1 p78I.B.N.S.
070_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column50-2 p01Column
070_002Society Officers and Directors50-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
070_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame50-2 p04I.B.N.S.
070_006Symes, PeterPresident's Message50-2 p06Column
070_006Hansen, Flemming LyngbeckPeter Flensborg (1938-2011)50-2 p06Obituary
070_008Letters to the Editor50-2 p08Correspondence
070_009Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News50-2 p09Column
070_011Test Your Knowledge50-2 p11Quiz
070_012Linzmayer, Owen WEritrean Banknotes - The Birth of the Nakfa 50-2 p12ArticleEritrea
070_023Lok, David BCandido Rondon: From the Amazon Jungle to the Face on a Banknote50-2 p23ArticleBrazilPortraits
070_026Hessler, GeneRevealing the Hidden Secrets of Canadian Banknote Engraver Yves Baril50-2 p26ArticleCanadaEngravers
070_030Symes, PeterThe Symbols of the I.B.N.S. through 50 Years 50-2 p30ArticleIBNS
070_032Uslu, Kaan; Yalçinkaya, ÖmerBombs and Banknotes: The Tragic Tale of Three Turkish Notes 50-2 p32ArticleTurkey
070_034Kaplan, NeilThe Finance and Currency of Manchuria, 1932-1950 50-2 p34ArticleChina
070_044Callaway, Jonathan; Murphy, DaveThe Leith Banking Company, One of Scotland’s Forgotten Banks 50-2 p44ArticleScotland
070_049Cleveland, Donald RThe American Civil War Could Not Turn Thread into Gold 50-2 p49ArticleUnited States
070_050Hick, Ronny; Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues50-2 p50New Note Issue
070_063Symes, PeterGedenkbanknoten der Welt - Commemorative Banknotes of the World 50-2 p63Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
070_063Grabowski, Hans-Ludwig; Gerber, JosefCommemorative Banknotes of the World50-2 p63Book (Reviewed)World Notes; Catalogue
070_064Wilkin, TrevorBook Review50-2 p64Book ReviewLibya
070_064Mehilba, AliEncyclopedia of the Libyan Banknotes50-2 p64Book (Reviewed)Libya
070_065Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters50-2 p65Chapter News
070_072I.B.N.S. Announcements50-2 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
070_073Richardson, RonNew Inductees to the I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame; Hessler, Gene; Steinberg, Mel; West, Pam50-2 p73I.B.N.S.
070_074du Toit, AndreMinutes of I.B.N.S. Board Meeting held on April 9, 2011 at the Maastricht Paper Money Show50-2 p74I.B.N.S. Minutes
070_076New Members50-2 p76I.B.N.S.
069_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column50-3 p01Column
069_002Society Officers and Directors50-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
069_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame50-3 p04I.B.N.S.
069_006Symes, PeterPresident's Message50-3 p06Column
069_008Letters to the Editor50-3 p08Correspondence
069_009Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News50-3 p09Column
069_012Chirinos, Miguel200th Anniversary of the First Republican Paper Money in Spanish America50-3 p12ArticleVenezuela; Colombia
069_016Lok, David BThe Mystery Behind the Ancient Maiden Tower on Independent Azerbaijan’s Early Banknotes50-3 p16ArticleAzerbaijan
069_017Test Your Knowledge50-3 p17Quiz
069_018Griffiths, OwenThe Paul Chatel/Alix Lebot Collection of Rare Reunion Banknotes50-3 p18ArticleReunion
069_022Litvak, Dmitriy; Kuznetsov, AlexanderThe Last Emir of Noble Bukhara and His Money50-3 p22ArticleBukhara
069_026Book of the Year and Literary Awards50-3 p26Book of the YearEngland; WalesPrivate issues
069_026Outing, RogerThe Standard Catalogue of the Provincial Banknotes of England and Wales50-3 p26Book of the YearEngland; WalesPrivate issues
069_028Tepper, Shlomo; Kuritzky, Simcha (translator)The Ancient Baram Synagogue on Israeli Pattern Banknotes50-3 p28ArticleIsrael
069_030Symes, PeterThe Long and Diverse History of Bank Post-Bills and Post Notes50-3 p30ArticlePost-bills; Post Notes
069_039Expert Member Panel50-3 p39I.B.N.S.
069_040Bokhari, Jamal; Bohora, Anil RBanknotes of Early Pakistan: Payment Refused in India50-3 p40ArticlePakistan
069_046Chirinos, MiguelWho’s Who on the Fractional Currency of Latin America50-3 p46ArticleLatin America
069_052Müller, Hans-DieterBook Review50-3 p52Book ReviewPolymer Notes; Catalogue; World Notes
069_052Bauer, Peter; Krause, ThomasSpecialized Catalogue of World Plastic Money50-3 p52Book (Reviewed)Polymer Notes; Catalogue; World Notes
069_052Augustsson, ThomasBook Review50-3 p52Book ReviewRussiaCatalogue
069_052Istomin, MikhailCatalog of Banknotes of the Civil War in Russia, Volume IV, Transcaucasia (1918-1924)50-3 p52Book (Reviewed)RussiaCatalogue
069_053Linzmayer, Owen WBook Review50-3 p53Book ReviewAustria
069_053Kodnar, Johann; Künstner, NorbertKatalog der Österreichischen Banknoten ab 1759 (Austrian Papermoney after 1759)50-3 p53Book (Reviewed)Austria
069_054Augustsson, ThomasBook Reviews50-3 p54Book ReviewDenmark; Sweden
069_054Flensborg, Peter; Bendix, JanSiegs Seddelkatalog Danmark 1695-200950-3 p54Book (Reviewed)Denmark
069_054Rosenqvist, MartinSwedish Coloured Banknotes Issued by The Bank of Sweden - Sveriges Färgsedlar utgivna av Riksbanken 1835-200850-3 p54Book (Reviewed)Sweden
069_055Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues50-3 p55New Note Issue
069_068Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters50-3 p68Chapter News
069_072I.B.N.S. Announcements50-3 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
069_074Boling, Joseph EAnnual Report of I.B.N.S. For 201050-3 p74Financial Report
069_076Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Meeting Minutes50-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
069_076Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, June 11, 2011, in Memphis50-3 p76I.B.N.S. Minutes
069_077Boling, Joseph EReport of the Annual General Meeting, June 11, 2011, Memphis50-3 p77I.B.N.S. Minutes
069_078New Members50-3 p78I.B.N.S.
068_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column50-4 p01Column
068_002Society Officers and Directors50-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
068_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame50-4 p04I.B.N.S.
068_006Symes, PeterPresident's Message50-4 p06Column
068_008Letters to the Editor50-4 p08Correspondence
068_009Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News50-4 p09Column
068_012Charter Members of the I.B.N.S.50-4 p12I.B.N.S.
068_014Tepper, ShlomoThe History of the 1955 Series Israeli One Lira Banknote50-4 p14ArticleIsrael
068_018Sandrock, John EJohn Law's Banque Royale and the Mississippi Bubble50-4 p18ArticleUnited StatesLouisiana; Mississippi
068_023Test Your Knowledge50-4 p23Quiz
068_025Rao, Musham DamodharIndia's Bank of Salem and its "Free" 1 Rupee Note for the Poor50-4 p25ArticleIndia
068_026Cowlin, JohnThe Great Boer War - Soup and Meat Tickets from the Siege of Kimberley50-4 p26ArticleSouth AfricaSeige Tickets
068_028Litvak, Dmitriy; Kuznetsov, AlexanderContinuing the Story of Bukhara - The Paper Money of the Soviet Era50-4 p28ArticleBukhara
068_034Cole, Alan MOut of Troubled Latvia - Remembering Viktor Marcilger50-4 p34ArticleLatvia
068_036Cleveland, Donald RWe Three Kings - Right on the Money50-4 p36ArticleUnited KingdomPortraits
068_037Blackburn, MiltClassic Note50-4 p37ArticleTrinidad and Tobago
068_038Sui, SimonA Commemorative Note Marking 70 Years of the Shanghai Banknote Printing Co.50-4 p38ArticleShanghaiPrinters; Commemoratives
068_039Symes, PeterThe Warrants of Alexander Humphrys and His Bid to Claim North America50-4 p39ArticleNorth AmericaWarrants
068_042Shneydor, N AThe "2-1/2" Value and Scales of Denominations on Banknotes50-4 p42ArticleIndia
068_044Mills, DaveSolving a Micro-Puzzle on Some Modern French Banknotes50-4 p44ArticleFranceSecurity
068_046Sandrock, John EA Unique Note from China's Troubled Past Comes to Light50-4 p46ArticleChina
068_047Platt, Herbert A"Too Much of a Good Thing" - The Continuing Development of Paper Money50-4 p47ArticlePaper Money
068_051Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues50-4 p51New Note Issue
068_066Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters50-4 p66Chapter News
068_071I.B.N.S. Announcements50-4 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
068_073Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Meeting Minutes50-4 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
068_073Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, October 1, 2011, London50-4 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
068_074New Members50-4 p74I.B.N.S.
067_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column51-1 p01Column
067_002Society Officers and Directors51-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
067_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame51-1 p04I.B.N.S.
067_006Symes, PeterPresident's Message51-1 p06Column
067_008Letters to the Editor51-1 p08Correspondence
067_010Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News51-1 p10Column
067_012James, TonyResearch Unearths Evidence of Wartime Australian Copies of Indonesian JIM51-1 p12ArticleAustralia; Japan; IndonesiaJIM
067_015Test your knowledge51-1 p15Quiz
067_016Grabowski, Hans-LudwigDemand for Chinese Paper Money is Booming - but Beware of Copies51-1 p16ArticleChinaForgeries
067_020Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Bangladesh - The First Ten Years (Part 1)51-1 p20ArticleBangladesh
067_034Shneydor, N ATranslating the Different Islamic Dates Used on Banknotes and Coins51-1 p34ArticleHejira Dates; Islamic Dates
067_038Callaway, JonathanRobert Owen and the National Equitable Labour Exchange "Labour Notes"51-1 p38ArticleEnglandPrivate issues
067_043Chirinos, MiguelThe Andean Condor, a Symbol of Strength and Power51-1 p43ArticleChile; Columbia; Equador; South America; Bolivia; South AmericaThematic Collecting
067_047Riquier, MarcThe History of Plastic Banknotes: It All Started in Belgium!51-1 p47ArticleBelgiumPolymer Notes
067_049Laureijsen, JohnBanknotes from the Occupation of Greece in World War II51-1 p49ArticleGreeceOccupation issues
067_053Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues51-1 p53New Note Issue
067_068Expert Member Panel51-1 p68I.B.N.S.
067_070Linzmayer, Owen WBook Review51-1 p70Book ReviewYugoslavia; Slovenia; Croatia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Serbia; Montenegro and Macedonia
067_070Viscevic, ZlatkoCoins and Banknotes of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia51-1 p70Book (Reviewed)Yugoslavia; Slovenia; Croatia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Serbia; Montenegro and Macedonia
067_071Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters51-1 p71Chapter News
067_076Symes, PeterI.B.N.S. Announcements51-1 p76I.B.N.S. Announcements
067_076Meikle, Colin2011 Australian I.B.N.S. Convention51-1 p76Chapter NewsAustralia
067_078New Members51-1 p78I.B.N.S.
060_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column51-2 p01Column
060_002Society Officers and Directors51-2 p02I.B.N.S. Board
060_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame51-2 p04I.B.N.S.
060_006Symes, PeterPresident's Message51-2 p06Column
060_008Letters to the Editor51-2 p08Correspondence
060_008Test your knowledge51-2 p08Quiz
060_010Hanewich, MurrayBanknote news51-2 p10Column
060_012Sandrock, John E150 Years of Banknotes of Malta in War and Peace under British Rule51-2 p12ArticleMalta
060_020Bohora, Anil R; Bohora, KarinaCurrency Symbols Used Around the World on Banknotes51-2 p20ArticleWorldCurrency Units
060_024Litvak, Dmitriy; Kuznetsov, AlexanderThe Short-lived currency of Revolutionary Commander Jacob Tryapitzyn51-2 p24ArticleRussia
060_026Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Bangladesh - The First Ten Years (Part 2)51-2 p26ArticleBangladesh
060_035Besas, VirginiaMemorabilia of the First Transatlantic Cable shown at the Wall Street Bourse51-2 p35ArticleUnited StatesCommunications
060_037Kazakhstan 10,000 Chosen the I.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year51-2 p37Bank Note of the YearKazakhstan
060_038Kallman, John K; Boling, Joseph EAllied Military Club Chits used during the Occupation of Japan and Okinawa51-2 p38ArticleJapan; OkinawaMilitary
060_051Linzmayer, Owen WThe Short-Lived Emergency Issues of the Principality of Monaco51-2 p51ArticleMonacoEmergency Issues
060_052James, TonyThe Confused Currencies of the Netherlands East Indies at the End fo World War II51-2 p52ArticleNetherlands East IndiesWorld War II
060_056Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues51-2 p56New Note Issue
060_067Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes51-2 p67I.B.N.S. Minutes
060_067Urce, RogerMinutes of the I.B.N.S Board Meeting held at Valkenburg, The Netherlands, on April 21, 201251-2 p67I.B.N.S. Minutes
060_069Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters51-2 p69Chapter News
060_072I.B.N.S. Announcements51-2 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
060_073New Members51-2 p73I.B.N.S.
059_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column51-3 p01Column
059_002Society Officers and Directors51-3 p02I.B.N.S. Board
059_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame51-3 p04I.B.N.S.
059_006Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message51-3 p06Column
059_007Letters to the Editor51-3 p07Correspondence
059_009Test your knowledge51-3 p09Quiz
059_010Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News51-3 p10Column
059_012Bither, Barbara ADesigning the 1903 Silver Certificates, the First US Issue in its Philippine Territory51-3 p12ArticlePhilippines; United StatesSilver Certificates
059_018Sandrock, John EItalian Paper Money Before Unification, Part I - the Fall of Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna51-3 p18ArticleItalyNapoleon
059_026I.B.N.S. Book of the Year and Literary Awards51-3 p26I.B.N.S.
059_028Laureijsen, JohnRecycled Designs on the Banknotes of the Former Countries of Yugoslavia51-3 p28ArticleYugoslavia; Slovenia; Croatia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Serbia; Montenegro and MacedoniaDesign
059_030Chirinos, MiguelImages of Coffee on the Banknotes of Latin America51-3 p30ArticleBrazil; Colombia; Costa Rica; El Salvador; Guatamala; Haiti; Nicaragua; Latin AmericaThematic collecting
059_036Joiya, Malik A MThe Special Notes of Pakistan Since 1947 - Overprints Both Official and Private51-3 p36ArticlePakistanOverprints
059_050Anderson, Mark BA Numismatic Link to Cuba’s Abortive Bid for Independence in 186851-3 p50ArticleCuba
059_052Razack, RezwanMember Profile - Rezwan Razack51-3 p52Member Profile
059_053Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues51-3 p53New Note Issue
059_067Shafer, NeilBook Review51-3 p67Book ReviewTurkey
059_067Gaciroglu, MehmetDevlet-I Aliyye-I Osmaniyye (Banknotes of the Ottoman Empire)51-3 p67Book (Reviewed)Turkey
059_067Denis, DanielBook Review51-3 p67Book ReviewEuropeEuro
059_067Sohier, GuyLes Eurobillets 2002-201151-3 p67Book (Reviewed)EuropeEuro
059_069Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters51-3 p69Chapter News
059_073I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes51-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
059_073Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, June 9, 2012 at Memphis51-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
059_073Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Annual General Meeting of the I.B.N.S., June 9, 2012, at Memphis51-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
059_074Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, June 10, 2012, Memphis51-3 p74I.B.N.S. Minutes
059_074Urce, RogerMinutes On-Line Board Meeting, July 16 through August 1, 201251-3 p74I.B.N.S. Minutes
059_076Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Announcements51-3 p76I.B.N.S. Announcements
059_076Boling, Joseph EAnnual Financial Report of I.B.N.S. for 201151-3 p76Financial Report
059_077New Members51-3 p77I.B.N.S.
058_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column51-4 p01Column
058_002Society Officers and Directors51-4 p02I.B.N.S. Board
058_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame51-4 p04I.B.N.S.
058_006Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message51-4 p06Column
058_006Letters to the Editor51-4 p06Correspondence
058_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News51-4 p08Column
058_010Heinonen, AnttiResearch Finds Second Reserve Banknote Put into Circulation in Finland in 193951-4 p10ArticleFinlandWorld War II; Emergency issues
058_013Dabbah, RaphaelCurrency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board - an Unknown 1939 £P50 Variety51-4 p13ArticlePalestine
058_015Sandrock, John EItalian Paper Money Prior to Unification, Part II - Napoleon Invades Italy51-4 p15ArticleItalyNapoleon
058_025Razack, RezwanVarieties of Portrait Notes in India’s King George VI 100 Rupee Series51-4 p25ArticleIndiaPortraits
058_032Shneydor, N ASources of the Denomination 'Piastre' and 'P.T.' on Egyptian Paper Money51-4 p32ArticleEgyptCurrency Units
058_034Laureijsen, JohnThe History and Symbolism of the Banknotes of Mongolia51-4 p34ArticleMongolia
058_037Test Your Knowledge51-4 p37Quiz
058_039James, TonyAustralian Army Claimed JIM Replicas as Proof of Invasion Plan51-4 p39ArticleAustralia; JapanJIM
058_043Walczak, KrzysztofThe Stories Behind the Cancelled "Cities" Series of Polish Banknotes51-4 p43ArticlePolandArchitecture
058_049Urce, Roger; Daniel, Howard A, IIIThe Coupons of the Vietnam War’s Ho Chi Minh Trail51-4 p49ArticleVietnamCoupons
058_051Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues51-4 p51New Note Issue
058_064Expert Panel Members51-4 p64I.B.N.S.
058_067Litvak, DmitriyBook Review51-4 p67Book ReviewCIS; Baltic CountriesCatalogue
058_067Zagorenko, Dmitry N; Banknote Register - CIS and Baltic Countries 1991-201251-4 p67Book (Reviewed)CIS; Baltic CountriesCatalogue
058_069Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters51-4 p69Chapter News
058_074I.B.N.S. Announcements51-4 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
058_075Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes51-4 p75I.B.N.S. Minutes
058_075Urce, RogerMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board on October 6, 2012 in London51-4 p75I.B.N.S. Minutes
058_078New Members51-4 p78I.B.N.S.
056_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column52-1 p01Column
056_002Society Officers and Directors52-1 p02I.B.N.S. Board
056_004I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame52-1 p04I.B.N.S.
056_005Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message52-1 p05Column
056_006Letters to the Editor52-1 p06Correspondence
056_007Müller, Hans-DieterRonny Hick52-1 p07Obituary
056_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News52-1 p08Column
056_010Funke, ChristianEmbodying the State: Iranian Banknotes During the Pahlavi Era52-1 p10ArticleIran
056_015Heinonen, AnttiReplacement Banknotes in Finland: the Quest for More Efficiency in Note Printing52-1 p15ArticleFinlandReplacement Notes
056_024Bronnert, Uwe; Müller, Hans-Dieter (Translator)Where are the Millions of Rosenberg Rubles Made for Wartime Use by Germany?52-1 p24ArticleGermanyWorld War II
056_030Kallman, John K; Yarwood, John FLeave Centers of the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan52-1 p30ArticleBritish Commonwealth; JapanMilitary
056_034Chirinos, MiguelCoins and Medals Depicted on the Paper Money of Latin America52-1 p34ArticleLatin AmericaCoins; Medals; Thematic Collecting
056_040Lok, David BThe Bad and the Good in the Long Reign of Omar Bongo over Independent Gabon52-1 p40ArticleGabonPortraits
056_041Test Your Knowledge52-1 p41Quiz
056_042Shneydor, N AThe Evolution of Bank Names on the Banknotes of the Near East52-1 p42ArticleNear East
056_046Litvak, Dmitriy; Chokhonelidze, Dmitry; Khechumov, Stefan; Sobolev, PavelPaper Money Issues of the Short-lived Democratic Republic of Georgia52-1 p46ArticleDemocratic Republic of Georgia
056_051Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues52-1 p51New Note Issue
056_063Karimjee, Murtaza AbdealiMember Profile - Murtaza Abdeali Karimjee52-1 p63Member Profile
056_063Sarosiek, JacekBanknoty Getta Lodzkiego 1940-194452-1 p63Book (Reviewed)PolandLodz Ghetto; Prison Camps
056_064Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters52-1 p64Chapter News
056_069I.B.N.S. Meeting Reports52-1 p69I.B.N.S. Minutes
056_069White, David2012 Australian Convention52-1 p69Chapter NewsAustralia
056_070Daniel, Howard A, IIII.B.N.S. Meeting at 2012 ANA Convention52-1 p70I.B.N.S. MinutesUnited States
056_071Ortega, BrandonANA Seminar to Teach How to Detect Counterfeit World Paper Money52-1 p71ArticleUnited StatesCounterfeit Detection
056_072I.B.N.S. Announcements52-1 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
056_073New Members52-1 p73I.B.N.S.
052_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column52-2 p01Column
052_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message52-2 p02Column
052_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame52-2 p02I.B.N.S.
052_004Shafer, JoelMike Payton (1945-2013)52-2 p04Obituary
052_004Symes, PeterJohn Glynn (1927-2013)52-2 p04Obituary
052_006Letters to the Editor52-2 p06Correspondence
052_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote news52-2 p08Column
052_010Bseiso, MahdiA glimpse into Jordan's Currency Through its 500 fils and 1/2 dinar notes52-2 p10ArticleJordan
052_018Martin, JohnRBS Diamond Jubilee Commemoratives: The Greatest Modern Banknote Rarities?52-2 p18ArticleScotlandCommemorative notes
052_020Bohora, Anil RThe New Series of Reserve Bank of India Star Replacement Banknotes52-2 p20ArticleIndiaReplacement notes
052_024Symes, PeterThe Sixth and Seventh Issues of the Banknotes of Bangladesh52-2 p24ArticleBangladesh
052_041Milner, SteveA Tale of Three Cities - the Story of Rhodesian Banknotes from 1965 to 196752-2 p41ArticleRhodesia
052_047Litvak, DmitriyBanknotes and Butterflies - the Story of Pioneer Russian Collector Nikolai Kardakov52-2 p47ArticleRussiaButterflies
052_049Test Your Knowledge52-2 p49Quiz
052_050Shneydor, N AThe Role of France in the Proliferation of Warnings on Banknotes52-2 p50ArticleFrance
052_055Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues52-2 p55New Note Issue
052_066Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters52-2 p66Chapter News
052_072Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes52-2 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
052_072Urce, RogerMinutes of the meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board on April 6 2013 in Valkenberg, the Netherlands52-2 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
052_074Lutz, Dennis JI.B.N.S. Announcements52-2 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
052_074Lutz, Dennis JKazakhstan repeats with 5,000 tenge as I.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year winner for 201252-2 p74Bank Note of the YearKazakhstan
052_075Society Officers and Directors52-2 p75I.B.N.S. Board
052_077New Members52-2 p77I.B.N.S.
048_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column52-3 p01Column
048_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message52-3 p02Column
048_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame52-3 p02I.B.N.S.
048_004Letters to the Editor52-3 p04Correspondence
048_006Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News52-3 p06Column
048_010Joiya, Malik AMImages of the World's Holy Sites Found on Paper Money52-3 p10ArticleReligious structures on banknotes
048_028Herzog, JohnFast Ships and Carrier Pigeons Helped Make N. M. Rothschild the Richest Man in Europe52-3 p28ArticleEntrepreneurs
048_030Karapinar, Ahmet CanSerbian Stamped Bulgarian Levas in the Aftermath of World War I52-3 p30ArticleBulgariaWorld War I
048_032Test your knowledge52-3 p32Quiz
048_034Lok, David BSouth Sudan's Banknotes Honor a Hero of its Struggle for Independence52-3 p34ArticleSouth Sudan
048_036Chirinos, MiguelImages of central banks on the paper money of Latin America52-3 p36ArticleLatin AmericaBank buildings
048_049Bhandare, ShailendraThe revised Standard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money52-3 p49Book (Reviewed)IndiaCatalogue
048_049Jhunjhunwalla, Kishore; Razack, RezwanStandard Reference Guide to Indian Paper Money, revised Edition52-3 p49Book (Reviewed)IndiaCatalogue
048_050Cole, Alan MBook Review52-3 p50Book reviewPoland
048_050Milczak, CzeslawBanknoty Polskie i Wzory (Vols I, II)52-3 p50Book (Reviewed)Poland
048_051Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues52-3 p51New Note Issue
048_065Levenite, ArtNews from the Chapters52-3 p65Chapter News
048_070Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes52-3 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
048_070Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board on June 15, 2013, in Memphis52-3 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
048_071Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the I.B.N.S. General Membership Meeting on 15 June 2013, in Memphis52-3 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
048_071I.B.N.S. Book of the Year and Literary Awards52-3 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
048_072I.B.N.S. Announcements52-3 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
048_075Society Officers and Directors52-3 p75I.B.N.S. Board
048_077New Members52-3 p77I.B.N.S.
047_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column52-4 p01Column
047_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message52-4 p02Column
047_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame52-4 p02I.B.N.S.
047_004Letters to the Editor52-4 p04Correspondence
047_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News52-4 p07Column
047_011Symes, PeterBanknotes in Abyssinia and Ethiopia: A Story of Birtish and American Interests52-4 p11ArticleAbyssinia; Ethiopia
047_031Poddi, StefanoCoupons from Italian POW Camps in British India a Reminder of a Harsh Era52-4 p31ArticleIndiaItalian POW
047_036Test your knowledge52-4 p36Quiz
047_038Funke, ChristianTokens of Transformation and Contesting Power: Iranian Banknotes in Revolution and Turmoil52-4 p38ArticleIran
047_050Daniel, Howard A, IIIOne Collector's Long Journey to Find The Banknote Book - A Review52-4 p50ArticleCatalogues
047_052Boling, Joseph EBook Review52-4 p52Book ReviewKazakhstan
047_052Yalçinkaya, ÖmerThe Banknotes of Kazakhstan52-4 p52Book (Reviewed)Kazakhstan
047_054Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues52-4 p54New Note Issue
047_066Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters52-4 p66Chapter News
047_071Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes52-4 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
047_071Urce, RogerMinutes of the meeting of the Executive Board held on-line starting on August 28, 201352-4 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
047_071Urce, RogerMinutes of the meeting of the Executive Board on October 5, 2013 in London52-4 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
047_072I.B.N.S. Announcements52-4 p72I.B.N.S. Announcements
047_074Society Officers and Directors52-4 p74I.B.N.S. Board
047_077New Members52-4 p77I.B.N.S.
046_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column53-1 p01Column
046_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message53-1 p02Column
046_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame53-1 p02I.B.N.S.
046_004Letters to the Editor53-1 p04Correspondence
046_006Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News53-1 p06Column
046_009Paatela, HannuMexican Revolutionary Paper Money of Oaxaca State - 1915-191653-1 p09ArticleMexico
046_012Callaway, JonathanInterview with The Bank of England Chief Cashier, Chris Salmon53-1 p12ArticleUnited KingdomBank of England
046_017Islam, Mohammed; Denkin, NathanUsing Prefixes to Identify the Source of Bangladesh Banknote Variations53-1 p17ArticleBangladesh
046_034Tepper, Shlomo; Fabian, Amos (Translator)New Information on the History of the 50 Pound Banknotes of Palestine53-1 p34ArticlePalestine
046_037Depretre, Vincent; Depretre, Charlotte (Translator)A Quest to Find the Origin of the Belgian Congo "Ababwa" Banknote53-1 p37ArticleBelgian Congo
046_040Hutchison, FergusThe Private Issue of Coupons from the Tiny Channel Island of Herm53-1 p40ArticleHerm; United KingdomCoupons
046_044Kallman, John KCorrections and Updates to Allied Military Chits of Japan and Okinawa53-1 p44ArticleJapan; OkinawaMilitary
046_050Vasilita, StefanBook Review53-1 p50Book ReviewRussia; USSR
046_050Bugrov, A V; Viciugdjanin, A L; Ivankin, F F; Kalmikov S VPaper rubles in Russia and the USSR 1843-193453-1 p50Book (Reviewed)Russia; USSR
046_051Seems, JMJMBook Review53-1 p51Book ReviewReplacement notes
046_051Mehilba, AliMWR - Mehilba World Replacement53-1 p51Book (Reviewed)Replacement notes
046_051Test your knowledge53-1 p51Quiz
046_053Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues53-1 p53New Note Issue
046_065White, DavidAustralian I.B.N.S. Chapters Hold Successful 15th Annual Convention53-1 p65Chapter NewsAustralia
046_067Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters53-1 p67Chapter News
046_071Expert Panel Members53-1 p71I.B.N.S.
046_074Society Officers and Directors53-1 p74I.B.N.S. Board
046_075I.B.N.S. Announcements53-1 p75I.B.N.S. Announcements
046_076New Members53-1 p76I.B.N.S.
042_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column53-2 p01Column
042_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message53-2 p02Column
042_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame53-2 p02I.B.N.S.
042_004Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News53-2 p04Column
042_006Bseiso, MahdiAziz Al-Sati (1938-2014)53-2 p06Obituary
042_009Shneydor, N AEvolving Policies in the Dating of Banknotes of the Near-East53-2 p09ArticleNear East
042_016Symes, PeterThe Little-known Private Notes of the Cornish Stannary Parliament53-2 p16ArticleUnited Kingdom; CornwallPrivate issues
042_021Islam, Mohammed; Denkin, NathanPrefixes and Bangladesh Banknote Variations - Part 253-2 p21ArticleBangladesh
042_032Vasilita, Stefan; Alionte, MarianRomanian Banknote Issues of World War II: the 5000 lei, 1943-194553-2 p32ArticleRomaniaWorld War II
042_035Test your knowledge53-2 p35Quiz
042_037Chirinos, MiguelNaval Battles Depicted on the Paper Money of Latin America53-2 p37ArticleLatin AmericaMilitary
042_042Lok, David BRebellion against British Rule Brings Recognition on Ghana Banknote53-2 p42ArticleGhana
042_045Bohora, Anil RA Complete Listing of Indian Banknotes signed by Dr. Duvvuri Subbarao53-2 p45ArticleIndia
042_050Griffiths, OwenBook Review53-2 p50Book ReviewMauritius
042_050Teelock, Adi (for the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd)Un pays; un people; une banque - 175 ans d'histoire economique (A country; a people; a bank - 175 years of economic history)53-2 p50Book (Reviewed)Mauritius
042_052Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues53-2 p52New Note Issue
042_066Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters53-2 p66Chapter News
042_071Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes53-2 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
042_071Urce, RogerMinutes of the meeting of the Executive Board on April 12, 2014 in Valkenburg, the Netherlands53-2 p71I.B.N.S. Minutes
042_074I.B.N.S. Announcements53-2 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
042_076Society Officers and Directors53-2 p76I.B.N.S. Board
042_078New Members53-2 p78I.B.N.S.
040_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column53-3 p01Column
040_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message53-3 p02Column
040_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame53-3 p02I.B.N.S.
040_004Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News53-3 p04Column
040_009Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Mozambique: Independence Issues - 1975 to 198953-3 p09ArticleMozambique
040_020Test your knowledge53-3 p20Quiz
040_024Paatela, HannuGeneral Joaquin Téllez and Issues by Huerista Generals in the Mexican Revolution53-3 p24ArticleMexico
040_031Lok, David BAfrican Independence Leader Amilcar Cabral Honored on the Notes of Two Countries 53-3 p31ArticleGuinea-Bissau; Cape Verde
040_035Bronnert, Uwe; Müller, Hans-Dieter (Translator)The Auxiliary Payment Currency of the German Wehrmacht53-3 p35ArticleRomania; GermanyCoupons; War
040_045Lorenzoli, GiovanniEmblems and Symbols on the Banknotes of Nepal53-3 p45ArticleNepal
040_051Richardson, RonBook Review [The Ecuador Register - Part 1: 5 sucres]53-3 p51Book ReviewEcuador
040_051Holden, Victor SThe Ecuador Register - Part 1: 5 sucres53-3 p51Book (Reviewed)Ecuador
040_051Bseiso, MahdiBook Review [Printed in Palestine: The Second World War Emergency Notes of Syria, Lebanon and Djibouti Printed by The Government Printer Palestine]53-3 p51Book reviewSyria; Lebanon; DjiboutiWorld War II; Emergency Issues
040_051Dabbah, RaphaelPrinted in Palestine: The Second World War Emergency Notes of Syria, Lebanon and Djibouti Printed by The Government Printer Palestine53-3 p51Book (Reviewed)Syria; Lebanon; DjiboutiWorld War II; Emergency Issues
040_054Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues53-3 p54New Note Issue
040_064Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters53-3 p64Chapter News
040_072Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes53-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
040_072Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the meeting of the Executvie Board on June 14, 2014 in Memphis53-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
040_072Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the I.B.N.S. General Membership meeting on June 14, 2014 in Memphis53-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
040_073Urce, RogerMinutes of the meeting of the new Executive Board on June 14 2014 in Memphis53-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
040_073I.B.N.S. Announcements53-3 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
040_073Shafer, Joel; Lutz, Dennis J2013 I.B.N.S. Book and Literary Awards53-3 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
040_073Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Executive Board election results53-3 p73I.B.N.S. Announcements
040_074Boling, Joseph EI.B.N.S. Annual Report for 201353-3 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
040_076Society Officers and Directors53-3 p76I.B.N.S. Board
040_078New Members53-3 p78I.B.N.S.
039_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column53-4 p01Column
039_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message53-4 p02Column
039_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame53-4 p02I.B.N.S.
039_004Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News53-4 p04Column
039_009Razack, RezwanThe Banknotes of India for Burma Before and After Separation53-4 p09ArticleIndia; Burma
039_014Test Your Knowledge53-4 p14Quiz
039_015Tepper, Shlomo; Fabian, Amos (Translator)Mysteries surrounding the issue of the World War I ANZAC banknotes53-4 p15ArticleAustralia; New Zealand; Great BritainWorld War I; Emergency issues
039_019Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Mozambique: independence issues 1991-200453-4 p19ArticleMozambique
039_029Fysikas, EvangelosThe tourist island of Corfu houses a fine museum of Greek paper money53-4 p29ArticleGreeceMuseums
039_032Funke, ChristianAn obselete Lebanese 10 livres as a protest and a vehicle of yearning53-4 p32ArticleLebanon
039_035Chirinos, MiguelThe Stories Behind the Maps Depicted on Latin American Paper Money53-4 p35ArticleLatin AmericaMaps
039_047Van De Ven, MartienCollecting Notes and Materials from Banknote Printers and Suppliers53-4 p47ArticlePrinters
039_050Irwin, MarkBook Reviews53-4 p50Book Review
039_050Bseiso, MahdiBook Review [The Feel of Steel: The Art and History of Bank-Note Engraving in the United States]53-4 p50Book ReviewUnited StatesEngravers
039_050Tomasko, Mark DThe Feel of Steel: The Art and History of Bank-Note Engraving in the United States53-4 p50Book (Reviewed)United StatesEngravers
039_050Callaway, JonathanBook Review [The Numismatourist]53-4 p50Book ReviewMuseums
039_050Berlin, Howard MThe Numismatourist53-4 p50Book (Reviewed)Museums
039_052Levenite, ArtNews from the Chapters53-4 p52Chapter News
039_056Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues53-4 p56New Note Issue
039_070Hill, RobinI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes53-4 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
039_070Hill, RobinMinutes of the meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board on October 4, 2014 in London53-4 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
039_071I.B.N.S. Announcements53-4 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
039_071I.B.N.S. Banknote Forum, London, Friday May 1, 2015 at Spink, Southampton Row, London53-4 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
039_072Society Officers and Directors53-4 p72I.B.N.S. Board
039_074New Members53-4 p74I.B.N.S.
035_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column54-1 p01Column
035_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message54-1 p02Column
035_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame54-1 p02I.B.N.S.
035_004Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News54-1 p04Column
035_007White, DavidThe Fascinating History of Monroe Palace, and a Minor Banknote Mystery Solved54-1 p07ArticleBrazil
035_013Symes, PeterThe Secret Marks on the Revolutionary-period Banknotes of Rostov-on-Don54-1 p13ArticleRussia
035_015Callaway, JonathanHow It All Began and Other Stories - An Interview with Colin Narbeth, I.B.N.S. LM-0154-1 p15Article
035_020Bohora, Anil RIndian Banknotes Used In Gulf Countries: "Payment Refused" in India54-1 p20ArticleIndia; Gulf Countries
035_021Test your knowledge54-1 p21Quiz
035_022Anderson, Mark BSwedish Private Bank Issues 1831-1906 Mirror the U.S. Banks of the Era54-1 p22ArticleSweden; United States
035_025Symes, PeterA History of the Banknotes of the National Bank of Iraq54-1 p25ArticleIraq
035_030Bronnert, Uwe; Müller, Hans-Dieter (Translator)The Clearing Notes of the German Armed Forces Issues Late in World War II54-1 p30ArticleGermanyWorld War II
035_035Paatela, HannuThe First Mexican Revolutionary Paper Money of Generals Carranza and Villa54-1 p35ArticleMexico
035_043West, PamI.B.N.S. 2013 Bank Note of the Year Award Presented for Kazakhstan 1000 Tenge Note54-1 p43I.B.N.S. AnnouncementsKazakhstan
035_045Meikle, ColinThree Australian I.B.N.S. Chapters hold successful 16th Convention in Perth54-1 p45Chapter NewsAustralia
035_047Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues54-1 p47New Note Issue
035_061Irwin, MarkBook Reviews54-1 p61Book Review
035_061Bronnert, Uwe; Müller, Hans-Dieter (Translator)Book Review [World War II Paper Money and Financial Instruments of Nazi Germany]54-1 p61Book ReviewGermanyWorld War II
035_061Kroll, HaroldWorld War II Paper Money and Financial Instruments of Nazi Germany54-1 p61Book (Reviewed)GermanyWorld War II
035_062Augustsson, ThomasBook Review [The Banknote Book, Volume 1, 2 and 3]54-1 p62Book ReviewWorldCatalogue
035_062Linzmayer, Owen W (Editor)The Banknote Book, Volume 1 - Abbyssinia to French Sudan54-1 p62Book (Reviewed)WorldCatalogue
035_062Linzmayer, Owen W (Editor)The Banknote Book, Volume 2 - Gabon to Nicaragua54-1 p62Book (Reviewed)WorldCatalogue
035_062Linzmayer, Owen W (Editor)The Banknote Book, Volume 3 - Nigeria to Zimbabwe54-1 p62Book (Reviewed)WorldCatalogue
035_063Symes, PeterBook Review [Russian Related Currency Notes In China]54-1 p63Book ReviewRussia; China
035_063Istomin, MikhailRussian Related Currency Notes In China54-1 p63Book (Reviewed)Russia; China
035_065Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters54-1 p65Chapter News
035_070I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes54-1 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
035_070Urce, RogerMinutes of the Online Board Meeting, November 201454-1 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
035_070I.B.N.S. Announcements54-1 p70I.B.N.S. Announcements
035_070Hall of Fame Inductees; Burson, Weldon "Burt"; Carter, Amon G., Jr.; Matz, Arthur C. "Art"54-1 p70I.B.N.S. Announcements
035_071Hall of Fame Pioneer Inductee; Philipson, Fred54-1 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
035_071I.B.N.S. at the 2015 FUN Show, Orlando, Florida54-1 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
035_073Society Officers and Directors54-1 p73I.B.N.S. Board
035_075New Members54-1 p75I.B.N.S.
034_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column54-2 p01Column
034_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message54-2 p02Column
034_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame54-2 p02I.B.N.S.
034_004Letters to the Editor54-2 p04Correspondence
034_006Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News54-2 p06Column
034_008Fysikas, EvangelosThe Last Five Issues of the Greek Drachma Before the Adoption of the Euro54-2 p08ArticleGreece
034_017Cowlin, JohnFood Tickets Issued During the Mafeking Siege of 1899-190054-2 p17ArticleMafeking
034_018Test Your Knowledge54-2 p18Quiz
034_021Bohora, Anil RThe Use of Barcodes and Quick Response Codes on Banknotes54-2 p21Article
034_025Shneydor, N ASymbols and Other References to Islam on Banknotes54-2 p25ArticleIslam
034_032Chirinos, Miguel'Gauchos' and 'Llaneros' on the Paper Money of Latin America54-2 p32ArticleLatin America
034_038Lutz, Dennis J; Hill, RobinTrinidad and Tobago $50 Wins 2014 I.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year Award54-2 p38I.B.N.S. MinutesTrinidad and Tobago
034_040Xtreme, DMThe Story of Two Types of Fradulent Manipulation of Spanish Banknotes54-2 p40ArticleSpain
034_043Irwin, MarkBook Reviews54-2 p43Book Review
034_043Hill, RobinBook Review [Isle of Man Paper Money]54-2 p43Book ReviewIsle of Man Catalogue
034_043West, Pam; Kelly, AlanIsle of Man Paper Money54-2 p43Book (Reviewed)Isle of Man Catalogue
034_044Irwin, MarkBook Review [Japanese Invasion Money]54-2 p44Book ReviewJIM
034_044Hale, GregoryJapanese Invasion Money54-2 p44Book (Reviewed)JIM
034_046Symes, PeterThe Saga of the Millennium Notes Issued for the Chatham Islands54-2 p46ArticleChatham Islands
034_051Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues54-2 p51New Note Issue
034_063Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters54-2 p63Chapter News
034_068Expert Panel Members54-2 p68I.B.N.S.
034_070I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes54-2 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
034_070Hill, RobinMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, April 25, 2015, Valkenburg54-2 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
034_071I.B.N.S. News and Annoucements54-2 p71I.B.N.S. Announcements
034_073Society Officers and Directors54-2 p73I.B.N.S. Board
034_075New Members54-2 p75I.B.N.S.
033_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column54-3 p01Column
033_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message54-3 p02Column
033_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame54-3 p02I.B.N.S.
033_004Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News54-3 p04Column
033_008Hill, RobinU.K. Transition Town Notes of 2015 - Exeter, Brixton, Bristol (and Stonehouse)54-3 p08ArticleUnited Kingdom; Exeter; Brixton; Bristol; Stonehouse; Stroud; Lewes; TotnesLocal Currencies
033_011Paatela, HannuThe Mexican Revolutionary Paper Money Issues of Chihuahua in 191454-3 p11ArticleMexico
033_016Bohora, Anil RThe Facts on High Denomination British India Banknotes with Burma Overstamps54-3 p16ArticleIndia; Burma
033_019Rollins, RolandPrinters' Test Notes - A Primer and Answers to the Questions You Never Asked54-3 p19ArticlePrinters Notes
033_024Symes, PeterUnderstanding the Serial Number Sequences on the Banknotes of Arab Countries54-3 p24ArticleOman; Kuwait; Arabia; United Arab Emirates; Middle EastSerial Numbers
033_027Urce, Roger; Boling, Joseph EChina's Post-war Currency for Indochina Featuring Chinese Custom Gold Units54-3 p27ArticleChina; Indochina
033_029Test your knowledge54-3 p29Quiz
033_031Boling, Joseph EGreen Point Track POW notes from the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-190254-3 p31ArticleEngland; South AfricaPOW Notes; Anglo-Boer War
033_037Jha, Jaya HariIssues in Nepalese Paper Money: Will Nepal Rastra Bank Ever Address Them?54-3 p37ArticleNepal
033_042Irwin, MarkBook Reviews54-3 p42Book Review
033_042Jha, Jaya HariBook Review [Glimpses of Nepalese Paper Currency]54-3 p42Book ReviewNepal
033_042Khatiwada, ShyamGlimpses of Nepalese Paper Currency54-3 p42Book (Reviewed)Nepal
033_043Bohora, Anil RBook Review [Viet-Nam - Coins & Papermoney - 2015 Reprint]54-3 p43Book ReviewVietnam
033_043Valota, MassimilianoViet-Nam - Coins & Papermoney - 2015 Reprint54-3 p43Book (Reviewed)Vietnam
033_044Dagnall, HarryUnderstanding Paper - the Basis of Almost All Banknotes54-3 p44ArticlePaper; Printing
033_051Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues54-3 p51New Note Issue
033_062Levenite, ArtNews from the Chapters54-3 p62Chapter News
033_069Expert Panel Members54-3 p69I.B.N.S.
033_072I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes54-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
033_072Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, June 20, 2015, Memphis54-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
033_073Boling, Joseph EMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Annual General Meeting, June 20, 2015, Memphis54-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
033_074I.B.N.S. News and Annoucements54-3 p74I.B.N.S. Announcements
033_075Shafer, Joel; Lutz, Dennis J2014 Literary Awards54-3 p75Literary Awards
033_075Shafer, Joel; Lutz, Dennis J2014 I.B.N.S. Book of the Year Awards54-3 p75Book of the Year
033_076Society Officers and Directors54-3 p76I.B.N.S. Board
033_078New Members54-3 p78I.B.N.S.
027_001Richardson, RonEditor's Column54-4 p01Column
027_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message54-4 p02Column
027_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame54-4 p02I.B.N.S.
027_004Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News54-4 p04Column
027_008Letters to the Editor54-4 p08Correspondence
027_012Chirinos, MiguelWho's Who on the Multi-face banknotes in Latin America54-4 p12ArticlePortraits
027_016Test Your Knowledge54-4 p16Quiz
027_018Van De Ven, MartienPromotional Notes of Security Printers Offer a Look into the Future of Banknote Design54-4 p18ArticlePrinter's Notes; Bankote Design
027_021Bronnert, Uwe; Müller, Hans-Dieter (Translator)1 and 2 Pfennig Emergency Banknotes of the German Reichsbank Branch Offices54-4 p21ArticleGermanyEmergency Issues
027_025Zigler, Michael M SGeorge Wellington Hyndman and the Crisis in Canada's Finance Department54-4 p25ArticleCanada
027_032Paatela, HannuPaper Money Issues of the Provisional Governments of Mexico 1914-1554-4 p32ArticleMexico
027_042Bohora, Anil RIndia Reintroduces One Rupee Notes After a 20-Year Absence54-4 p42ArticleIndia
027_045Karapinar, Ahmet Can"Ottomanist" Banknote Symbolizes the Failed Bid to Reform Ottoman Empire54-4 p45ArticleTurkey
027_047Symes, PeterThomas Horton James and the Saga of the Stillborn Sydney Bank54-4 p47ArticleAustralia
027_051Irwin, MarkBook Reviews54-4 p51Book Review
027_051Chew, WinstonBook Review [The Frank Goon Collection of Banknotes of British Malaya (2nd Edition)]54-4 p51Book ReviewMalaya
027_051Goon, Frank; Richardson, D A; Soon, Lim JitThe Frank Goon Collection of Banknotes of British Malaya (2nd Edition)54-4 p51Book (Reviewed)Malaya
027_052Lutz, Dennis JBook Review [Belgium's Monetary History of the Great War 1914-1918: Catalogue/Belgian Emergency Issues]54-4 p52Book ReviewBelgium
027_052Debelder, AlainBelgium's Monetary History of the Great War 1914-1918: Catalogue/Belgian Emergency Issues54-4 p52Book (Reviewed)Belgium
027_054Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues54-4 p54New Note Issue
027_067Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters54-4 p67Chapter News
027_072I.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes54-4 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
027_072Urce, RogerMinutes of the on-line meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, July/August 201554-4 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
027_072Hill, RobinMinutes of the meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, October 3, 2015, London54-4 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
027_073Society Officers and Directors54-4 p73I.B.N.S. Board
027_075New Members54-4 p75I.B.N.S.
026_001Albert Pick55-1 p01ObituaryWorld Collecting
026_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message55-1 p02Column
026_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame55-1 p02I.B.N.S.
026_003Shafer, Joel; Lutz, Dennis JThree Inductees for 2015 added to I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame; Blackburn, Milt; Lawrence, Jimmie; Sandrock, John55-1 p03Article
026_004Letters to the Editor55-1 p04Correspondence
026_006Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News55-1 p06Column
026_011Symes, PeterThe Banknotes of Mozambique: The New Metical Issues - 2006 and 201155-1 p11ArticleMozambique
026_019Test Your Knowledge55-1 p19Quiz
026_020Campos e Matos, ParcidioFractional Notes Issued By The "Banco Nacional Ultramario" (BNU) For Portuguese Colonies55-1 p20ArticlePortugeuse Colonies
026_026Kreilkamp, GüntherThe Euro Banknotes of the First Series - 200255-1 p26ArticleEurope
026_037Jirka, BeckyBook Review [United States Paper Money Errors: A Comprehensive Catalog And Price Guide, 4th Edition]55-1 p37Book ReviewUnited StatesErrors; Catalogue
026_037Bart, FrederickUnited States Paper Money Errors: A Comprehensive Catalog And Price Guide, 4th Edition55-1 p37Book (Reviewed)United StatesErrors; Catalogue
026_038van Weeren, Hans PBook Review [Dutch Paper Money 1573-2002]55-1 p38Book ReviewNetherlands; HollandCatalogue
026_038Plomp, PatrickCatalogus Nederlands Papiergeld 1573-2002 (Dutch Paper Money 1573-2002)55-1 p38Book (Reviewed)Netherlands; HollandCatalogue
026_042Müller, Hans-Dieter; Denis, DanielNew Issues55-1 p42New Note Issue
026_060Levenite, ArtNews from the Chapters55-1 p60Chapter News
026_065I.B.N.S. Melbourne Convention 2015 Report55-1 p65Chapter News
026_069Society Officers55-1 p69I.B.N.S.
026_071New Members55-1 p71I.B.N.S.
022_001Lutz, Dennis J; Hill, RobinNew Zealand Wins 2015 I.B.N.S. Bank Note of Year Award55-2 p01Bank Note of the YearNew Zealand
022_002Augustsson, ThomasPresident's Message55-2 p02Column
022_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame55-2 p02I.B.N.S.
022_004Kort, AlexanderFrom the Editor55-2 p04Column
022_005Letters to the Editor55-2 p05Correspondence
022_008Campos e Matos, ParcidioFractional Notes Issued By The "Banco Nacional Ultramario" (BNU) For Portuguese Colonies55-2 p08Article UpdatePortugeuse Colonies
022_017Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News55-2 p17Column
022_022Alionte, Marian; Vasilita,StefanRomanian 20 Lei 1947-1950: A Rather Confusing and Unknown Issue55-2 p22ArticleRomania
022_026Test your knowledge55-2 p26Quiz
022_028Fysikas, EvangelosTreasury Notes Of Greek Islands Cephalonia And Ithaca, 194455-2 p28ArticleGreece
022_031Chirinos, MiguelDual Denominations on Latin American Paper Money55-2 p31ArticleLatin America
022_037Razack, RezwanCurrency Importation to India in the Late 1990s55-2 p37ArticleIndia
022_040Funke, ChristianAesthetics and Politics of Redesigning Iranian Banknotes: Arab Wind, the Persian Gulf and the Absence of Nuclear Energy55-2 p40ArticleIran
022_046Irwin, MarkBook Reviews55-2 p46Book Review
022_046Neldner, ThomasBook Review [Greek Paper Money 1822-2002]55-2 p46Book ReviewGreece
022_046Angelopoulos, NikosGreek Paper Money 1822-200255-2 p46Book (Reviewed)Greece
022_047Vasilita, StefanBook Review [Lubos Lambert, Soupis cizich papirovych platidel obihajicich na uzemi pripojenem k Ceskovensku v letech 1918-1924]55-2 p47Book ReviewCzechoslovakia
022_047Bajer, Jan (Editor)Lubos Lambert, Soupis cizich papirovych platidel obihajicich na uzemi pripojenem k Ceskovensku v letech 1918-192455-2 p47Book (Reviewed)Czechoslovakia
022_050Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues55-2 p50New Note Issue
022_063Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters55-2 p63Chapter News
022_068Thantry, MuraliFor the Love of Money - Exhibition Series 1: I.B.N.S. India Banknote Collectors' Chapter Event55-2 p68Chapter NewsIndia
022_070Urce, RogerMinutes of the Meeting of the I.B.N.S. Executive Board, 9 April 2016, Valkenburg55-2 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
022_072Society Officers55-2 p72I.B.N.S.
022_074New Members55-2 p74I.B.N.S.
021_001Lutz, Dennis JPresident's Message55-3 p01Column
021_002Kort, AlexanderFrom the Editor55-3 p02Column
021_002I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame55-3 p02I.B.N.S.
021_005Lutz, Dennis J; Shafer, Joel2015 I.B.N.S. Literary Awards55-3 p05I.B.N.S. Announcements
021_006Letters to the Editor55-3 p06Correspondence
021_015Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News55-3 p15Column
021_021Vasiliță, StefanThe painter Nicolae Grigorescu and his influence on Romanian Banknotes55-3 p21ArticleRomania
021_028Jorgji, Kristaq; Demeti, Julian (Translator)Local Banknotes Of the Municipality Of Elbasan55-3 p28ArticleElbasan
021_030Mäkitie, IlkkaBritish Circular Notes - a listing with illustrations55-3 p30ArticleUnited KingdomCircular Notes; Traveller's Cheques
021_040Chang, GilbertEnding the B. L. & P. Conundrum55-3 p40ArticleMalaysia; SingaporeExport Coupons
021_044Urce, Roger; Daniel, Howard A, III; Smith, BruceSun Yat Sen - Revolutionary Bonds55-3 p44ArticleChinaBonds
021_047Shneydor, N AOn Number Systems used for Banknotes55-3 p47ArticleNumbering
021_051Test Your Knowledge55-3 p51Quiz
021_052Irwin, MarkBook Reviews55-3 p52Book Review
021_052Bohora, Anil RBook Review [Democratic Republic of Viet Nam Coins & Currency – 2nd Edition]55-3 p52Book ReviewVietnam
021_052Daniel, Howard A, IIIDemocratic Republic of Viet Nam Coins & Currency – 2nd Edition55-3 p52Book (Reviewed)Vietnam
021_053Irwin, MarkBook Review [Catalogue of Austrian Notgeld 1916-1921]55-3 p53Book ReviewAustriaNotgeld
021_053Scholz, FriedrichKatalog des Österreichischen Notgeldes 1916–1921 : Normalausgaben, Privatausgaben und Sonderausgaben in alphabetischer Reihenfolge mit farbigen Abbildungen55-3 p53Book (Reviewed)AustriaNotgeld
021_053Scholz, FriedrichCatalogue of Austrian Notgeld 1916-1921 : normal, private and special issues in alphabetical order with colour illustrations55-3 p53Book (Reviewed)AustriaNotgeld
021_053Lutz, Dennis JBook Review [MRI Bankers’ Guide to Foreign Currency 85th Edition III 2016]55-3 p53Book ReviewWorldCatalogue
021_053Efron, Arnoldo (Editor)MRI Bankers’ Guide to Foreign Currency 85th Edition III 201655-3 p53Book (Reviewed)WorldCatalogue
021_056Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues55-3 p56New Note Issue
021_069Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters55-3 p69Chapter News
021_072Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes55-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
021_072Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting at Memphis, Saturday 4 June 201655-3 p72I.B.N.S. Minutes
021_073Urce, RogerMinutes of the General Membership Meeting at Memphis, Saturday 4 June 201655-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
021_074Society Officers55-3 p74I.B.N.S.
021_076Expert Panel Members55-3 p76I.B.N.S.
021_079New Members55-3 p79I.B.N.S.
016_001Lutz, Dennis JPresident's Message55-4 p01Column
016_002Lutz, Dennis J; Shafer, Joel2016 I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame Inductees; Alusic, Milan; Wilkin, Trevor; Smith, Ward D55-4 p02I.B.N.S.
016_003Kort, AlexanderFrom the Editor55-4 p03Column
016_003I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame55-4 p03I.B.N.S.
016_005Letters to the Editor55-4 p05I.B.N.S.
016_009This Just In55-4 p09Column
016_015Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News55-4 p15Column
016_019Sanz, JamiePrinters Proofs Show Efforts to Define a National Identify in Post-Independence Cyprus55-4 p19ArticleCyprus
016_024Van De Ven, MartienWhy every collector should collect test notes55-4 p24ArticlePrinters; Test Notes
016_027Test Your Knowledge55-4 p27Quiz
016_028Bohora, Anil RA Complete Listing of Indian Banknotes signed by Dr. Raghuram Rajan (Signature 91)55-4 p28ArticleIndia
016_032Morel, Richard ScottWorld Paper Money Resources at the British Library: The Crown Agents' Philatelic and Security Printing Archive55-4 p32ArticleBahamas; Barbados; Belize; Bermuda; Botswana; British Caribbean Territories; British Guiana; British Honduras; British Solomon Islands; Brunei; Cayman Islands; Ceylon; Cyprus; East African Currency Authority; East African Currency Board; East African Protectorate; East Caribbean Currency Authority; Falkland Islands; Fiji; Ghana; Gibraltar; Grenada; Guyana; Hong Kong; Iraq; Jamaica; Kenya; Leeward Islands; Malawi; Malaya; Malaya and British Borneo; Malaysia; Malta; Mauritius; Palestine; Saint Helena; Saint Lucia; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Solomon Islands; South Arabia; Straits Settlements; Tonga; Trinidad and Tobago; Turks and Caicos Islands; Uganda; Zambia; Zanzibar;
016_037Fysikas, EvangelosAlexander the Great on Greek Banknotes55-4 p37ArticleGreece
016_043Siganporia, PercyZanzibar "10 Rupees" - A Study55-4 p43ArticleZanzibar
016_045Contursi, JamesTaiwan's Economic Stimulus Coupons55-4 p45ArticleTaiwanCoupons
016_049Aljibory, Mohammed S.The Fourth Issue of the Central Bank of Iraq (The Frame Issue)55-4 p49ArticleIraq
016_051Irwin, MarkBook Reviews55-4 p51Book Review
016_051Bseiso, MahdiBook Review [Banknotes of Destiny: Fame… Fortune… Fatality…]55-4 p51Book Review
016_051Salem, IbrahimBanknotes of Destiny: Fame… Fortune… Fatality…55-4 p51Book (Reviewed)World
016_052Vasilita, StefanBook Review [Standard Catalogue of Bulgarian Paper Money 2016]55-4 p52Book Review
016_052Krapchev, AndreiStandard Catalogue of Bulgarian Paper Money 201655-4 p52Book (Reviewed)Bulgaria
016_052Krapchev, AndreiСтандарен каталог на Българските книжни пари55-4 p52Book (Reviewed)Bulgaria
016_053Sadri, AfshinBook Review [The Banknotes of the Imperial Bank of Persia: An Analysis of a Complex System with Catalogue]55-4 p53Book Review
016_053Bonine, Michael EThe Banknotes of the Imperial Bank of Persia: An Analysis of a Complex System with Catalogue55-4 p53Book (Reviewed)
016_056Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues55-4 p56New Note Issue
016_066Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters55-4 p66Chapter News
016_070Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes55-4 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
016_070Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting at London, Saturday 1 October 201655-4 p70I.B.N.S. Minutes
016_072Society Officers55-4 p72I.B.N.S.
016_075New Members55-4 p75I.B.N.S
012_001Lutz, Dennis JPresident's Message56-1 p01Column
012_003Kort, AlexanderFrom the Editor56-1 p03Column
012_003I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame56-1 p03I.B.N.S.
012_005Biddlestone, SimonMargaret Spick56-1 p05Obituary
012_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News56-1 p07Column
012_011Lindberg, KellyPreserving the Smithsonian Institution's Numismatic Collection's International Banknotes56-1 p11ArticleWorldMuseums
012_013Lok, David BTamar (1166-1213): The Lady King56-1 p13ArticleGeorgia
012_015Nilaish, NilaishSignatures on Presidency Banknotes of India56-1 p15ArticleIndiaSignatures
012_019Sanz, JamieBradbury in the Belgian Congo: an Early Story of Unrequited Love in 10 Archive Photo Proofs56-1 p19ArticleBelgian CongoPrinters Notes
012_023Shneydor, N ALanguage Hierarchy on Banknotes56-1 p23ArticleLanguages
012_032Callaway, JonathanInterview with Victoria Cleland: Chief Cashier of the Bank of England56-1 p32ArticleUnited KingdomBank of England
012_037Mäkitie, IlkkaCircular Letters of Credit. Part 1: America56-1 p37ArticleUnited StatesLetters of credit
012_044Graf, UrsMultilingual Banknotes Around the World56-1 p44ArticleWorldLanguages
012_049Irwin, MarkBook Reviews56-1 p49Book Review
012_049Dutto, AlejandroBook Review [Billetes Argentinos 1884-2016]56-1 p49Book ReviewArgentina
012_049Colantonio, EduardoBilletes Argentinos 1884-201656-1 p49Book (Reviewed)Argentina
012_050Onyshkevych, SevBook Review [Handstamps and Banknotes with the Handstamps of the Notaphily of Serbia 1916-1921]56-1 p50Book ReviewSerbia
012_050Glišić, BrankoPečati i Pečaćene Novčanice Notafilije Srbije 1916-192156-1 p50Book (Reviewed)Serbia
012_050Glišić, BrankoHandstamps and Banknotes with the Handstamps of the Notaphily of Serbia 1916-192156-1 p50Book (Reviewed)Serbia
012_051Symes, PeterBook Review [Special Currency Issues of the USSR]56-1 p51Book ReviewSoviet Union
012_051Istomin, MikhailBeдomctbehhЫe BЫпүckи ДeheҖhЫx Зhakob b CCCP56-1 p51Book (Reviewed)Soviet Union
012_051Istomin, MikhailSpecial Currency Issues of the USSR56-1 p51Book (Reviewed)Soviet Union
012_052Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues56-1 p52New Note Issue
012_066Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters56-1 p66Chapter News
012_074Society Officers56-1 p74I.B.N.S.
012_075New Members56-1 p75I.B.N.S.
011_001Lutz, Dennis JFrom the President56-2 p01Column
011_003Kort, AlexanderFrom the Editor56-2 p03Column
011_003I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame56-2 p03I.B.N.S.
011_004Callaway, JonathanProfessor Iain Stevenson (1950-2017)56-2 p04Obituary
011_004Announcement: Invitation to Australian Banknote Convention and Exhibition56-2 p04I.B.N.S. Announcements
011_007Switzerland Lands 2016 I.B.N.S. Bank Note of the Year Award56-2 p07Bank Note of the YearSwitzerland
011_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News56-2 p07Column
011_015Poddi, StefanoPietro Augusto Adami: A Coherent Man56-2 p15ArticleItaly
011_021Fysikas, EvangelosSix Unknown Greek ABNC Proofs From 192256-2 p21ArticleGreeceProofs
011_025Sarangapani, RamkumarBank of Madras: a Detailed Study After 175 Years56-2 p25ArticleIndia
011_030Mäkitie, IlkkaCircular Letters of Credit. Part 2: Continental Europe56-2 p30ArticleFrance; Germany; Netherlands; Italy; Spain; Switzerland; FinlandLetters of credit
011_038Bohora, Anil RA Story of a WWII Soldier, Told Through Short Snorter Banknotes56-2 p38ArticleShort snorters; World War II
011_044Irwin, MarkBook Reviews56-2 p44Book Review
011_044Hansen, Flemming LyngbeckBook Review [Ukrainian Paper Money 1917-2017]56-2 p44Book ReviewUkraine
011_044Kharitonov, DmitriUkrainian Paper Money 1917-201756-2 p44Book (Reviewed)Ukraine
011_045Funke, ChristianBook Review [The Banknotes of Iran: Qajar, Pahlavi, Islamic Republic of Iran 2017]56-2 p45Book ReviewIran
011_045Novin, Feridun; Farahbakhsh, Mas'ud NovinThe Banknotes of Iran: Qajar, Pahlavi, Islamic Republic of Iran 201756-2 p45Book (Reviewed)Iran
011_046Elvisto, Arvo-MartBook Review [Eesti Raha 100 Money of Estonia]56-2 p46Book ReviewEstonia
011_046Tohv, AllanEesti Raha 100 Money of Estonia56-2 p46Book (Reviewed)Estonia
011_047Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues56-2 p47New Note Issue
011_059Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters56-2 p59Chapter News
011_066Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes56-2 p66I.B.N.S. Minutes
011_066Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting at Valkenburg, April 22 201756-2 p66I.B.N.S. Minutes
011_068Frank, DaveI.B.N.S. Bank Accounts as of March 31 201756-2 p68Financial Report
011_069Frank, DaveI.B.N.S. Profit & Loss January Through December 201656-2 p69Financial Report
011_070Frank, DaveI.B.N.S. Profit & Loss January 1 Through April 16 201756-2 p70Financial Report
011_071Expert Panel Members56-2 p71I.B.N.S.
011_074Society Officers56-2 p74I.B.N.S.
011_075New Members56-2 p75I.B.N.S.
010_001Lutz, Dennis JFrom the President56-3 p01Column
010_003Honorary Director for Life - Peter Symes56-3 p03I.B.N.S.
010_003I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame56-3 p03I.B.N.S.
010_004Letter to the Editor56-3 p04Column
010_004Nominating Committee56-3 p04I.B.N.S.
010_005Lutz, Dennis J; Shafer, Joel2016 I.B.N.S. Book and Literary Awards56-3 p05I.B.N.S. Announcements
010_006Announcements56-3 p06I.B.N.S. Announcements
010_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News56-3 p08Column
010_014Sarangapani, RamkumarEvolution of Qatar Banknotes56-3 p14ArticleQatar
010_021Galatariotis, AlexisThe Currency Notes of Cyprus during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952-196056-3 p21ArticleCyprusQueen Elizabeth II
010_026Rollins, RolandThe Perfect Pair - Test Notes and Currency Conferences56-3 p26ArticleTest Notes
010_030Fysikas, Evangelos1831 - Phoenixes: The First Greek Banknotes56-3 p30ArticleGreece
010_035Mäkitie, IlkkaCircular Letters of Credit. Part 3: Great Britain56-3 p35ArticleGreat BritainLetters of credit
010_044Bohora, Anil RBanknotes of Different Denominations56-3 p44ArticleWorld
010_048Desouza, SteveCrazy World of Fancy Number - A glimpse into British India Fancies56-3 p48ArticleBritish IndiaNumbering
010_053Irwin, MarkBook Reviews56-3 p53Book Review
010_053Onyshkevych, SevBook Review [Latvian Banknotes 1919-1940 and 1991-2013]56-3 p53Book Review
010_053Gordon, LeeLatvian Banknotes 1919-1940 and 1991-201356-3 p53Book (Reviewed)Latvia
010_054Bseiso, MahdiBook Review [Paper Money Collectors' Guide]56-3 p54Book ReviewCollecting
010_054Dayekh, AymanPaper Money Collectors' Guide56-3 p54Book (Reviewed)
010_055Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues56-3 p55New Note Issue
010_068Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters56-3 p68Chapter News
010_073Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes56-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
010_073Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting at Kansas City, Missouri, June 10 201756-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
010_073Urce, RogerMinutes of the Online Board Meeting, July 201756-3 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
010_076Society Officers56-3 p76I.B.N.S.
010_077New Members56-3 p77I.B.N.S.
006_001Lutz, Dennis JFrom the President56-4 p01Column
006_0032017 I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame Inductees; Daniel III, Howard; Vort-Ronald, Mick; Sten, George J56-4 p03I.B.N.S.
006_005I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame56-4 p05I.B.N.S.
006_006Announcements56-4 p06I.B.N.S. Announcements
006_008Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News56-4 p08Column
006_013Morel, Richard ScottAustralian Paper Money In The British Library's Collections c. 1850-191356-4 p13ArticleAustralia
006_022Nilaish, NilaishEngravers And Printers Of Early Indian Paper Money56-4 p22ArticleIndia
006_025Heinonen, AnttiThe Money Of War And Peace: Finnish Markka Banknotes In 191856-4 p25ArticleFinland
006_033Vendemia, GerardoThe Paper Money You Have Never Seen56-4 p33ArticleItalyWorld War II
006_036Lazarus, MarkAviation And The Bank Note - Part 1: The Concorde56-4 p36ArticleSingaporeAviation; Concorde
006_038Sanz, Jamie"Sex" And "Hate" In Seychelles 1968 QEII Series56-4 p38ArticleSeychellesQueen Elizabeth II
006_042Sarangapani, RamkumarProposed Bank Notes For Southern Nigeria, An Unlisted Country56-4 p42ArticleSouthern Nigeria
006_049Irwin, MarkBook Reviews56-4 p49Book Review
006_049Boling, Joseph EBook Review [Counterfeiting And Technology: A History Of The Long Struggle Between Paper-Money Counterfeiters And Security Printing]56-4 p49Book Review
006_049McCabe, BobCounterfeiting And Technology: A History Of The Long Struggle Between Paper-Money Counterfeiters And Security Printing56-4 p49Book (Reviewed)Security Printing; Forgery
006_050Onyshkevych, SevBook Review [Images Of Value: The Artwork Behind US Security Engraving 1830s to 1980s]56-4 p50Book Review
006_050Tomasko, Mark DImages Of Value: The Artwork Behind US Security Engraving 1830s to 1980s56-4 p50Book (Reviewed)Engraving
006_051Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues56-4 p51New Note Issue
006_067Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters56-4 p67Chapter News
006_073Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes56-4 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
006_073Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting at London, Saturday 30th September 201756-4 p73I.B.N.S. Minutes
006_075Society Officers56-4 p75I.B.N.S.
006_076New Members56-4 p76I.B.N.S.
005_001Lutz, Dennis JFrom the President57-1 p01Column
005_0022017 Australian Convention and Exhibition57-1 p02I.B.N.S. Announcements
005_005Letter to the Editor57-1 p05Column
005_005I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame57-1 p05I.B.N.S.
005_006Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News57-1 p06Column
005_009Eric P. Newman57-1 p09Obituary
005_011Sarangapani, RamkumarGuinness World Records and Banknotes57-1 p11Article
005_017Lok, David BBelgium: Adolphe Sax 1814-189457-1 p17ArticleBelgiumMusical Intrument
005_022Morel, Richard ScottResearch Resources for Perkins Bacon and Company Paper Money at the British Library57-1 p22ArticleArgentina; Australia; Brazil; Canada; Ceylon; England; Greece; Guernsey; India; Ireland; Jamaica; Jersey; Mauritius; New Zealand; Penang; Peru; Scotland; Singapore; South Africa; TehranPrinters
005_037Erni, RolandThe 10 Swiss-Franc Note of the Eighth and the Ninth Banknote Series57-1 p37ArticleSwitzerland
005_042Lazarus, MarkAviation And The Bank Note - Part 2: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry57-1 p42ArticleFranceAviation
005_046Contursi, JamesSerial Number Nuances on Republic of China Banknotes57-1 p46ArticleRepublic of China
005_048Van De Ven, MartienSample Notes of Kurz are Worth Collecting57-1 p48ArticlePrinters; Test Notes
005_053Irwin, MarkBook Reviews57-1 p53Book Review
005_053Onyshkevych, SevBook Review [The Banknote Register: CIS and Baltic Countries (1991-2016 General Issues) 2nd Edition]57-1 p53Book Review
005_053Zagorenko, Dmitry N; Litvak, Dmitry (Editor)The Banknote Register: CIS and Baltic Countries (1991-2016 General Issues) 2nd Edition57-1 p53Book (Reviewed)CIS; Baltic CountriesCatalogue
005_054Raponi, FabrizioBook Review [Singapore Banknotes: Complete Prefix Reference]57-1 p54Book Review
005_054Tan, Vincent; Jie, Tan WeiSingapore Banknotes: Complete Prefix Reference57-1 p54Book (Reviewed)SingaporeCatalogue; Prefix
005_055Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues57-1 p55New Note Issue
005_069Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters57-1 p69Chapter News
005_075Society Officers57-1 p75I.B.N.S.
005_076New Members57-1 p76I.B.N.S.
001_001Lutz, Dennis JFrom the President57-2 p01Column
001_002Letter to the Editor57-2 p02Column
001_005Lutz, Dennis J; Hill, RobinSwitzerland Repeat Winner of IBNS 2017 Bank Note Of Year Award57-2 p05Bank Note of the YearSwitzerland
001_006Weldon "Burt" Burson57-2 p06Obituary
001_006Allan Tohv57-2 p06Obituary
001_006I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame57-2 p06I.B.N.S.
001_007Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News57-2 p07Column
001_013Fysikas, Evangelos1944, The Energency Banknotes of Nafplio in Greece57-2 p13ArticleGreeceMilitary; Emergency Issue
001_022Callaway, JonathanUnique Bradbury Wilkinson Essays Prepared For Ireland's Currency Commission in November 192757-2 p22ArticleIrelandTrials; Essays
001_026Razack, RezwanBanco Nacional Ultramarino Banknotes of 1906 for Portuguese India in Goa57-2 p26ArticleGoa; Portuguese India
001_035Rollins, RolandDetecting Moire Patterns on Bank Notes57-2 p35ArticleSecurity Design; Moire
001_043Hamdani, S. HakimBook Reviews57-2 p43Book Review
001_043Irwin, MarkBook Review [Die Deutschen Bankoten AB 1871 (German Banknotes Since 1871)]57-2 p43Book ReviewGermany
001_043Grabowski, Hans-LudwigDie Deutschen Bankoten AB 1871 (German Banknotes Since 1871)57-2 p43Book (Reviewed)Germany
001_044Hamdani, S. HakimBook Review [Katalog Popularny Banknotów Polskich 2017 (Popular Catalogue of Polish Banknotes 2017)]57-2 p44Book ReviewPoland
001_044Fischer, AndzrejKatalog Popularny Banknotów Polskich 2017 (Popular Catalogue of Polish Banknotes 2017)57-2 p44Book (Reviewed)Poland
001_045Onyshkevych, SevBook Review [Indian Paper Money Guide Book 2017-18]57-2 p45Book ReviewIndia
001_045Jain, ManikIndian Paper Money Guide Book 2017-1857-2 p45Book (Reviewed)India
001_047Hamdani, S. HakimHello, Thank You and Goodbye57-2 p47Article
001_048Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues57-2 p48New Note Issue
001_060Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters57-2 p60Chapter News
001_067Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes57-2 p67I.B.N.S. Minutes
001_067Urce, RogerMinutes of the Online Board Meeting, December 201757-2 p67I.B.N.S. Minutes
001_067Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting at Valkenburg, April 7 201857-2 p67I.B.N.S. Minutes
001_071Society Officers57-2 p71I.B.N.S.
001_071New Members57-2 p71I.B.N.S.
000_001Lutz, Dennis JFrom the President57-3 p01Column
000_002Letter to the Editor57-3 p02Column
000_005Boling, Joseph EAngus Bruce (1920-2018)57-3 p05Obituary
000_005Cole, Alan MNorman Logan (1935-2018)57-3 p05Obituary
000_006Announcements57-3 p06I.B.N.S.
000_006I.B.N.S. Hall of Fame57-3 p06I.B.N.S.
000_008Lutz, Dennis J; Shafer, Joel2017 I.B.N.S. Book and Literary Awards57-3 p08I.B.N.S.
000_009Hanewich, MurrayBanknote News57-3 p09Column
000_015Tomasko, Mark DPostwar Bank Note Design: The Work of John White57-3 p15ArticleDesigner
000_035Lok, David BSuriname 25 Gulden ; Anton De Kom February 22nd 1898 - April 24th 194557-3 p35ArticleSuriname
000_039Fysikas, EvangelosThree ABNC Greek Banknotes With Handwritten Corrected Serial Numbers57-3 p39ArticleGreece
000_042Poddi, StefanoItalian World War II Prisoners' Coupons57-3 p42ArticleItalyWorld War II; PoW; Coupons
000_045Outing, RogerP.O.W. Cheques of WW157-3 p45ArticleEnglandWorld War I; PoW; Cheques
000_047Hamdani, S. HakimBook Reviews57-3 p47Book Review
000_047Onyshkevych, SevStandard Catalogue of World Paper Money Volume III: Modern Issues (1961-Present) (24th Edition)57-3 p47Book Review
000_047Schmidt, Tracey (Editor)Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money Volume III: Modern Issues (1961-Present) (24th Edition)57-3 p47Book (Reviewed)
000_050Müller, Hans-DieterNew Issues57-3 p50New Note Issue
000_060Levenite, ArtNews From The Chapters57-3 p60Chapter News
000_066Data Protection and the I.B.N.S.57-3 p66I.B.N.S.
000_067Privacy Policy57-3 p67I.B.N.S.
000_069Urce, RogerI.B.N.S. Board Meeting Minutes57-3 p69I.B.N.S.
000_069Urce, RogerMinutes of the Board Meeting, Kansas City, June 10 201857-3 p69I.B.N.S.
000_074Frank, DaveI.B.N.S. Financial Report57-3 p74I.B.N.S.
000_076Society Officers57-3 p76I.B.N.S.
000_076New Members57-3 p76I.B.N.S.
000_078Expert Panel Members57-3 p78I.B.N.S.