IBNS Journal 57-2

IBNS Journal Volume 57 Issue 2 will be posted to members shortly. Articles include: Ireland Currency Commission Essays, Banco Nacional Ultramarina Notes for Portuguese India in Goa, Moire Patterns. Login to download your copy.

Banknote of 2018 Nominations

Do you know of a Bank Note Issued in 2018 that should be nominated for the Banknote of the Year? Send your nominations to


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2018 Programme of Events

Saturday 3rd February @ 13:30

The Banknotes of Italy

Saturday 31st March @ 13:30

Indian Government Anti-Forgery Collaboration 1913-14

Saturday 26th May @ 13:30

First Treasury Notes & The Dardanelles

Saturday 28th July @ 13:30

To Be Confirmed

Saturday 29th September @ 13:30

Currency of Germany 1915 - 1923

Saturday 25th November @ 13:30

To Be Confirmed