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Russia's 100 Rouble Note Bolivia's 20 Bolivianos Note Norway's 500 Kroner Note Mauritania's 50 ouguiya Note Venezuela's 100 Bolivares Note

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Missing Notes Register

The following is a list of notes that have been reported as "Missing". Some of the notes have been lost in the postal system between sender and receipient, others have been stolen. If some of your notes have been lost in transit or stolen please send the details the IBNS Webmaster - to get them added to this list.

IBNS Journal 57-3

is avaialble to download: Arcticles cover the work of John White, Suriname 25 Gulden Anton de Kom, Three ABNC Greek Banknotes, Italian WWII Prisoner's Coupons and PoW Cheques of WW1. Login to download your copy.


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2018 Programme of Events

Saturday 3rd February @ 13:30

The Banknotes of Italy

Saturday 31st March @ 13:30

Indian Government Anti-Forgery Collaboration 1913-14

Saturday 26th May @ 13:30

First Treasury Notes & The Dardanelles

Saturday 28th July @ 13:30

To Be Confirmed

Saturday 29th September @ 13:30

Currency of Germany 1915 - 1923

Saturday 25th November @ 13:30

To Be Confirmed