IBNS Journal 63-1

includes articles on Script of Jammu, Kashmir and Tibet, Time and Timekeeping on Banknotes, E. Chiossone: The Father of the Japanese Banknotes, Spanish Colonial Issues in Cuba and Post Office Exchange Tokens of the Amur Region.

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Bylaws of the International Bank Note Society


Article Index
Bylaws of the International Bank Note Society
Article I. Name and purpose
Article II. Membership and dues or subscription
Article III. Chapters
Article IV. Officers and Executive Board
Article V. Elections
Article VI. Duties of Officers
Article VII. Meetings
Article VIII. General
Expulsion and Disciplinary Procedures
Reinstatement Procedures

Reinstatement Procedures

Procedures to be followed in implementation of Article II, Section 7 (reinstatement) of the bylaws of the International Bank Note Society.


  1. An application for reinstatement will be delivered to the General Secretary and will be accompanied by a cashier’s check or other irrevocable instrument in an amount equivalent to:
    1. the dues necessary for reinstatement under the provisions of Article II, Section 5 (second case); plus,
    2. a deposit of one (1) year’s annual dues to be used by the General Secretary for the expenses of processing the application. If the deposit exceeds expenses, the excess will be refunded to the applicant not more than thirty (30) days after disposition of the application; if the deposit is insufficient, the General Secretary will collect such additional deposit as he deems adequate as soon as the funds are required and before the application is sent to the Executive Board for consideration. The date of the application will be the date it is received in proper form by the General Secretary.
  2. Based on information contained in records available to him or contained in the former member’s application, the General Secretary will solicit written testimony from persons whose grievances or complaints against the former member were material to the suspension/expulsion. This testimony should address in specific detail those actions taken by the applicant to rectify or redress the acts, causes, and conditions leading to the grievance or complaint.
  3. The General Secretary will also notify the Editor of the IBNS Journal, who will publish in the next practicable issue of the publication a notice of the former member’s application for reinstatement, and a solicitation of IBNS member comments thereon. The notice will request that members send their comments directly to the General Secretary. If the first notice of the application is published less than ninety (90) days before the next Annual General Meeting, consideration of the application will be deferred until the first Executive Board Meeting occurring ninety (90) or more days after publication.
  4. Copies of the application for reinstatement and a summary of supporting documentation submitted therewith, and a summary of all written testimony received from persons whose grievances or complaints were material to the suspension/expulsion will be sent by the General Secretary to each member of the Executive Board no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Executive Board Meeting at which the application for reinstatement is to be considered. The manner of delivery will be at the discretion of the General Secretary but will be such that the delivery is documented by written or electronic receipt. The means of documentation of receipt notwithstanding, each member of the Executive Board will, within seventy-two (72) hours, submit to the President an independent acknowledgment of receipt.
  5. The President will notify the applicant as to the time and place of the Executive Board Meeting at which his application will be considered. The applicant may appear in person to testify on his own behalf provided he informs the President of his intent to do so prior to the start of the meeting. If the applicant does appear, and in the opinion of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present, has offered significant additional material evidence, not available to the applicant at the time he submitted his original application and for that sole reason was not contained therein, which could affect the outcome of the final vote, the Board may defer disposition pending referral of the additional evidence to those Board Members not present.
  6. The Executive Board will meet in closed session and vote by secret ballot. Members of the Board who cannot attend the meeting but who desire to cast a vote may do so by delivering to the President, prior to the meeting, by secure and confidential electronic means, their ballot marked either “REINSTATE” or “DO NOT REINSTATE”. The President will announce the names of the Board Members who have submitted absentee votes, will set them aside for counting after those cast in person. After the vote is tallied, the President will announce the result, with the only record made being that the application for reinstatement was Approved or Denied. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of those voting will be required for reinstatement.
  7. The General Secretary shall notify the applicant in writing of the Executive Board’s decision. He shall also notify the Editor of the IBNS Journal, who in turn shall publish an announcement of the fact in the next practicable issue of the publication.
  8. Copies of all documentation pertaining to the application and the decision of the Executive Board thereon shall be retained in the permanent files of both the General Secretary and Historian/Archivist.