IBNS Journal 54-2

is available to download.  Articles include a look at Greek Notes before the Euro, Food Tickets during the Mafeking Siege, Symbols of Islam on Banknotes as well as looking at notes from Spain, Latin America and the Chatham Islands.  Login to download your copy.

Stolen Banknotes

The following notes were stolen en route to Valkenburg on the 24th April 2015.  If you come across the, please inform David Hunt and your local police.

Banknote of 2014 Announced

Trinidad & Tobago's 50 Dollar Note has been announced as the Banknote of 2014 following a vote of the IBNS Membership. Read More

Revised Membership Fees

From 1st April 2014 Regular Membership Fees paid in Sterling or Euros will increase to £22.00 and €30.00 respectively.  This has been necessary due to the significant changes in the exchange rate between these currencies and the U.S. Dollar.

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Lost and Stolen Banknotes

1 Ed Carney (Member 856) 06 Jul 2014
2 Stojan Blazanovic (Member 6853) 02 May 2012
3 Roy Gill (Member 10082) 19 Feb 2012
4 Farouk El-Manzalaoui (Member 9817) 25 Jul 2011
5 David Hayes (Member 4123) 01 Jul 2011
6 Andrew Roberts (Member 7792) 20 Mar 2011
7 Russell Waller (Member 10249) 08 Oct 2010
8 Allan Tohv (Member 9998) 12 Oct 2009
9 Audrius Tomonis (Life Member LM-189) 07 Oct 2009
10 Dave Mills (Member 9960) 22 Aug 2009
11 William Kanowsky (Member 1914) 15 Feb 2009