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 The catalogue for IBNS Auction No. 72 2015 containing almost 3500 lots is now available.

IBNS Journal 54-3

is available to download and will soon be arriving by post.  Transition Town Currencies in the UK, Mexican Revolutionary Paper Money, Printers Test Notes, and Nepalese Paper Money are all covered, along with many others.  Login to download your copy.

Banknote of 2015 - Nominations

Gambia's 100 Dalasi, Burundi's 2000 Franc and Argentina's 50 Peso note are the latest nominations for the IBNS Banknote of 2015

IBNS Elections

Nominations for the IBNS Board of Directors are now being sought, for elections to be held in 2016.  Do you want to take part in running the IBNS, guiding its future, or implementing ideas you have for its improvement or do you know another member who does then please nominate them. Read More



IBNS Books for Sale

The following publications are for sale from the IBNS. If you decide you'd like to order any of the publications, see the details on how to order at the bottom of the page.

Paper Money of Fiji

K. A. Rodgers and Carol Cantrell

After spending several years researching material in the Fiji Museum and the National Archives collections, the authors put together this important study of the early paper money of Fiji. Printed in black & white, the book covers numerous issues in Fiji, including those relative to:

  • Kingdom of Bau
  • Bank of Tonga
  • Kingdom of Fiji
  • Treasury Notes
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Government of Fiji
  • Currency Tokens
  • World War II Issues
  • Reece Brothers
  • Fiji Currency Co.
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Currency Tokens
  • Central Monetary Authority
  • Bank of New South Wales
  • Brewer & Joske, Suva
  • Loma Loma, Windward Island
  • Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji
  • Fiji Currency Company
  • Vakacavacava Fractional Notes
  • Cakabau Regime
  • Fiji Banking and Commercial Company

Covering all early issues of paper money in the Fiji islands, this is a scholarly yet entertaining study of the issue of paper money in a remote British colony. Issued as a fine hard-bound book, it is well worth the investment of USD22.50.

Local Paper Money issued during the Spanish Civil War

Kenneth Graeber

This is a good quality, unbound photocopy of the original 1977 edition of Kenneth Graeber’s pioneering work on local currencies issued during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1938). Containing historical data, statistics and illustrations, this work will appeal to anyone with an interest in the Spanish Civil War. The photocopy, on standard 3-hole punched paper, is USD19.50.

Paper Money of the 20th Century, Volume Four, Section Two

Yoshirori Ogawa, Hitoshi Kozoho and Joseph E. Boling

This publication addresses the paper money of Japan, explaining vignettes, translating characters and identifying the printers. This Section covers:

  • Japanese Military Notes
  • Japanese Invasion Money (JIM)
  • Prisoner of War Issues
  • Allied Military Notes
  • Allied Military Propaganda Notes
  • Yokohama Specie Notes

This volume was a companion edition to Section One and was intended to be housed in the folder sold with Section One. Unfortunately, Section One is sold out and Section Two is supplied without a binder. While research on Japanese notes has been published since this work first appeared, this volume remains important because:

  • The Prisoner of War (POW) listings are the most complete anywhere in any language
  • There is a list of US military club chits in Japan that appears in no other publication
  • The Yokohama Specie Bank data is presented in its original form, unadulterated by those who have copied it.

Therefore, this remains a worthwhile volume for those collectors who have an interest in Japan and in military currencies. The price of this publication is USD22.50.


To order any of these publications please send the details below to:

Alfred Hortmann
IBNS Publications
7110 Kingsbury Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63130

Alternatively send an email with the details to Alfred Hortmann.

Details to accompany the order should include:

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Send ___ copies of Paper Money of Fiji by K.A. Rogers & Carol Cantrell ($22.50)
Send ___ copies of Local Paper Money issued during the Spanish Civil War ($19.50)
Send ___ copies of Paper Money of the 20th Cent. Vol. Four, Section Two ($22.50)

Enclosed is $_____________ (in US funds)

Postage to US addresses is included.

Postage to addresses outside the US is as follows: $12.00 for 1 book. $16.00 for 2 books.  Delivery will be by International Priority Mail and should take around 6-10 days.

For those who prefer to pay by PayPal, please send payment to this email address: and send your contact details and advice of purchase to Alfred Hortmann (as above). If you have any questions relating to the publications, these can also be addressed to Alfred Hortmann.