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The Latest Nominations for the Banknote of 2021 are: Peru's 100 Sol Note & Sao Tome and Principe 200 Dobra Note

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IBNS Journal 60-3

Articles include: The Meinertzhagen Counterfiet,British Treasury Dardanelles Overprints 1915, G&D Counterfeited Dollars & Pounds,An Unburned Spanish 100 Pesata Note and Promotional Notes. Login to download your copy.


IBNS Auction No. 81 - Introduction

Dear Members,

The International Banknote Society is pleased to announce the publication of IBNS Auction 81, this Auction differs from previous Auctions in so much the catalogue will be available on line only via the IBNS Website, the Auction catalogue will not be printed for general distribution as in previous years. Where a member specifically requests a hard copy of the Auction catalogue, then such a request should be forwarded to The Auctioneer for fulfilment, however be aware that such a process will be chargeable.

The other major change has been brought about by the demise of Krause Publications, who published The Standard catalogue of World Paper Money (Pick) which were used as a reference module to enable the identification of lots. Further to a Board Meeting held in London in 2019 where a directive was issued to The Auctioneer to adopt the numbering system used in the Banknote Book as an alternative reference module for identification of lots offered for Auction. Bearing this directive in mind there are two sets of reference numbers used in this catalogue, namely, The Pick numbers contained in the SWCPM and the Banknote Book Numbers. To this end and to try and simplify matters and hopefully make the catalogue easier to read and understand, all pick numbers have been prefixed by the letter “P” and all Banknote Book numbers have been prefixed by the letter “B”.

Grading and pricing of lots has been carefully checked and all lots should be as described, however, please be informed that I am human and mistakes do occur sometimes. There may be instances whereas some Vendors do not agree with my interpretation of their grading or pricing, I have used the definitions of Grading as published on The IBNS Website, in all such cases, I have attempted to be fair and reasonable in all circumstances where such a situation arises. Scans of particular individual lots are available by contacting The Auctioneer.

Participation in The Auction is limited to members of The Society who are in good standing as defined in the Rules and By Laws of The Society and to those who abide by the official Auction Rules as and where applicable.

Please remember that The Auction is conducted in US Dollars and all prices listed are minimum bid prices. Should you wish to pay for your Auction lots by Credit Card, please be aware that your credit Card will, be processed in the United States by Pay Pal using Pay Pal US Dollar. Pay Pal payments in Sterling can no longer be accepted.

Auction 81 contains over 5000 Lots, it is a cumulation of lots offered by Members, it is you the Members have made this particular service what it is, and you have also expressed an interest in in keeping this feature of The IBNS going over the years. I hope that the Auction contains a sample of everyone’s collecting interests and that there is something of interest to all.

All Lots entered in this Auction have been generally assessed using the following catalogues:-

Volume 1 Specialised Issues 12th Edition
Volume 2 General Issues 16th Edition
Volume 3 Modern Issues 25th Edition
The Banknote Book Current Edition 30th June 2021


1. Bidding Forms can be downloaded using the links to the right >>>>
    and can also be found within the auction catalogue.
2. To bid on a lot, record the Lot Number, Description and your MAXIMUM Bid
3. Send the completed bidding form to the Auctioneer before the closing date.


Within the UK

Outside the UK

P.O. Box 412,
West Yorkshire.
United Kingdom

Download Word
Bidding Form
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Bidding Form


All bids for lots in Auction 81 must reach the Auctioneer by
23:59 GMT Sunday 7th November 2021

Everyone who submits a bid in the Auction will be contacted by the Auctioneer once the Auction had closed with the outcome of their bids. Each successful bidder will receive an Invoice from the Auctioneer itemising their bids and whether they were successful or not.

The IBNS Auctions are conducted in US Dollars; however payment can be made in Sterling. Once the Auction has closed, an invoice will be forwarded to you for payment, including a conversion rate. Payment can be made using Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or PayPal in either US Dollars or Sterling. All US Dollar payments made directly to the Auctioneer by Pay Pal must be in US Dollars and not Sterling.

Prompt Payment Is Requested

If you encounter difficulties in meeting your Auction obligations please contact the Auctioneer, by making no response you are not helping anyone and causing someone more work.

On a sour note, once again there are members who have reneged on their bids; these bids waste both my time and the time of other Officers of the Society in addition to causing the Society further unnecessary expenditure.

If you have any question regarding auction payments please contact the Auctioneer

There are a number of lots contained within Auction 80 highlighted in bold print and have D suffix.  These lots have been donated by members in order to assist the society’s finances. 

The following members have donated lots:

7154 Mr. D. Hunt 8187 Mrs. A.M. Ahmed  8182 Mr. A.F. Pasternak
HDL-04  Col. J.E. Boling  4045 Mr. M. J. M. Westwood 1048 Mr. J. McCullough
2067 Mr. A. Sealey 4309 Mr. G. Desmarais  
2152 Mr. D. Mihov LM-018 Mr. M. Blackburn  

On behalf of the Society, I wish to express our gratitude for your kindness, also last but not least I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to the following members who have unselfishly given up their leisure time in order to help me with producing this Auction, and without whose help and dedication it would not have been possible.

8405 Dr. D. Frank 9686 Mr. R. Hill 11111 Mrs. S. Hunt

Finally I hope that by reading this catalogue you get some of the enjoyment that I have had compiling it, good luck to you all and happy hunting, enjoy the hobby.

IBNS logo color

David Hunt
IBNS Auctioneer