IBNS Journal 57-2

IBNS Journal Volume 57 Issue 2 will be posted to members shortly. Articles include: Ireland Currency Commission Essays, Banco Nacional Ultramarina Notes for Portuguese India in Goa, Moire Patterns. Login to download your copy.

Banknote of 2018 Nominations

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Ed Carney (Member 856)

Lost and Stolen Banknotes

A Belize $10 banknote 1st July 1983, QEII Serial No. P/4 775259 has gone missing in the mails.  It was mailed from the main post office in St. Petersburg, Florida on May 27, 2014 by regular international air mail and sent to Dammam, Eastern, Saudi Arabia.  The buyer had purchased this banknote from me in an ebay auction and said that he never received it. If you are offered this banknote with the serial numbers given above, please contact me at

Best regards,
(Ed) Edward M. Carney, IBNS No. 0856-R